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Chapter 12:

I wake up much more relaxed then I did more so when I went to sleep and I see Derek sleeping peacefully while I get up and head downstairs. I go to the door and pick up the paper reading:

"Marilyn and Director to Wed!"

I skim through the page and actually what is said is true about the ring, our relationship but we have not said a date to the press. I also receive a package addressed to me from the RENT team it's the script along with a note.

Didn't mean to startle you last night here is something you will for sure love if you need any inspiration channel 17 at 10.

I smile and look at the clock that reads 10:03 and I immediately go to the T.V and smile when I see the credits role and they sing "Seasons of Love" as I go down on the couch and I feel a nudge on my shoulder. I look up and see Derek holding a box of tissue and smiling.

"You cry so much during the funeral." He says as we sit down and watch the movie.

I immediately blush whenever he looks at me while Mimi is on in the club and I study the character as much as I can. When it's the funeral I immediately start crying and I lightly sing "Oh lover I'll cover you." Once the movie is over I get a text from my parents and they want to meet us for lunch. Derek and I head to the restaurant with of course paparazzi following us every movement we make. Once we find my parents we notice someone else there.

"Hi my name is Sydney Carlton, wedding planner of Broadway and I got a call from Eileen and your mother telling me to meet you here. I have actually worked with your mother before Karen I remember when you were just a young one. Then we reunited at the party last night and here I am!" she says cheerfully and we both just stare at my mother who gestures us to sit down.

"Karen you remember Sydney my apprentice well she took it rather well and here she is." my mother says and me and Derek are still just in shock.

"Well Derek and I thank you but now this isn't a really good ti-"I'm cut off when she throws a binder on the table and she flips open to a color coded page.

"Here are some venues that are open May 14th and you can call the number and book an appointment any time but call me here first. I have to rush ta ta love birds!" Sydney says as she skips off and gives me a card.

"Derek I know she can be upbeat at some points but she a miracle worker!" My mom reassures Derek still in shock of what he has just seen and I repay the attention to my parents.

"Let's just settle this first you guys are getting married here right?"

Derek and I look at each other and just think to ourselves but he is the first to speak,

"The weather in May in New York is beautiful." Derek says with a smile.

"Then it's settled" I say as we smile at each other in engaged couple bliss, which is interrupted when I look over at the clock.

"Shoot I have a matinee today!" I say as I get up and kiss my parents goodbye but am stopped for a minute and I turn around when my father calls mine and Derek's name.

"Do you two want to come down to Iowa for Thanksgiving? Derek has never seen it during the fall." My father says.

"We would love to come." Derek says as we say our goodbyes and head to the theater.

"You will love Iowa in November the sweet colors and the light snows it's beautiful, plus my mother can cook up a storm."

"So I'm meeting the rest of the Cartwright clan am I?"

"Yes you are and you will love them."

"I already love you. So theirs is no doubt about that." Derek smirks as he kisses me not caring that we are on an open street.

" Ugh you engaged people and your affection!" We hear Bobby smirk behind us and break apart.

"I will see you in a little while love and I will see you 4 at the workshop tomorrow." Derek says as he heads around the corner onto another busy street.

"Seriously Iowa can I have him?" Jessica asks

"Ew shag the potential helperr?" Dennis laughs off

"Why not Karen's marrying him." Sue says as we walk into my dressing room.

"Oh yes we got you a little something." Bobby squeals as he hands me a little box and I open it and just stare at it in shock.

"Stripper glitter?" I ask

"Well since you are now becoming Mimi you need inspiration face it Iowa it's going to be a hard transition from movie icon to exotic dancer. Plus the heels are for the bachelorette." Dennis explains as we see Ivy come in with a stern look on her face and we all look at her.

"I'm not pregnant and Karen can I talk to you for a minute?" and I see her eye my ring. Crap! She doesn't know and she looks angry!

"Sure." I say and the others leave and I close the door behind me.

"You have got to be kidding me marrying Derek!"

"Yeah what's the big deal Ivy? Haven't you moved on? "

"That's not the point you always get everything Karen and I'm sick of it!" she shouts and begins to throw a tantrum.

"Ivy relax there's something else I need to tell you. January I'm gone! So please just respect that and don't ever speak of me and my relationship with Derek like that ever again!" I say and walk out and she looks at me with shock.

"Oh my god what happened? I heard her shouting and came over." Sam says to me

"I don't know what happened to her a minute she's nice then a raging queen I don't know what to do." I say and start to feel tears and Sam wipes them with his thumb.

"Just give her time as soon as she realizes about her being Marilyn you two will be okay. You are strong Karen that's why they picked you for the show, you have Mimi's strength and it shows."

"And you have Collins's heart." I say as we hug and embark on the matinee.

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