Chapter 1: Enid

As I walked through the dark library, I smiled at all the silence. Sure, it wasn't something that was an ovject, or the feeling you get when you win a case, butu it's nice to have some peace and quiet every now and then. I never got this, there was always something. It was either Callahan discussing Brooke's case, which Elle had won, or it was someone teasing me for being different. I didn't care, I was used to it and I knew how to deal with bullies. I mean, I was smart! Bullies were a problem. Now those kids have no jobs and look at me. I'm in one of the most famous schools in the world! I might be different, but I was still tough and a good person.

So, that's what's going on in my head right now. I grab a book that an old law student wrote and sit in one of the itchy library chairs. I spend a lot of time here. I wipe the hair out of my eyes and smile to myself as I open the cover. I was in after hours, so I had to be prepared for a janitor or something. What am I thinking?! A janitor? This is college, not high school! If anything I had to worry about a guy who couldn't hold onto a job for more than an hour or so. I smirk to myself and as I start reading I hear footsteps. Light footsteps. I duck down under the table and I see a pair of shoes that Elle would never wear, but they were a girls. Nylons would either be a girl or Nikos. Maybe even Carlos, if I was lucky. Carlos was nice, Nikos was just weird. I hear a small whisper and my heart stops.

"Enid? Is that you?" The voice asks softly, I immedietely know who it is. Vivienne. What's she doing up this late in the library and how would she know it's me? "I have to talk to you about something only you would understand." Viviene sounde desperate as she talked to me. My heart went out to her and I got out from under the table, making her gasp in relief.

"Vivienne, what are you doing here?" I ask slowly, she looks at the ground and fidgets a little, I feel a sharp pain in my chest but I push the pain aside.

"It's about Warner. I broke up with him." She said, barely audibly. My mouth fell open from shock. I sat down and motioned for her to sit next to me, she did.

"I know nothing about boys. I haven't liked them since I was 12. I'm really not the one to talk to." I said with a slight smirk, her face reddens and I wipe some hair from my eyes, only to have it fall into them again.

"That's just the thing. I feel like this is a sign that I don't want that type of person."

"Vivienne... I don't know much about Warner, but are you saying you don't want a lying, unfaithful jerk as a boyfriend?" We both giggle quietly and she nods slowly before talking again.

"Yes, but it's more than that, Enid. You have to promise not to tell anyone." I promise and she whispers those words I dreaded to hear in my ear:

"I don't want a boyfriend. I want a girlfriend."

Then I black out.