Chapter 2: Vivienne

When I got myself to break up with Warner and I felt this way, I knew I had to tell someone. I just didn't know anyone who could handle it! Then I thought of Enid, and how she was tough and already was a lesbian. I decided to tell her, but now she was passed out on my lap. I admit, I thought it would go better than this. As she lay on my lap, I shifted slightly and managed to make it so I was lying beside her. Her face was close to mine and I could feel her breath coming slowly. Her dark hair fell over her eyes and she had beautiful full lips. I didn't WANT to be a lesbian, but it just happened! I'm not sure how in the world it happened that fast, but it did. I swear I'm not lying. I curled my body as small as I could and lay my head on her chest, hoping she would wake up soon so she could help me deal with this.

I waited an hour for her to wake up and when she finally did, I hugged her tightly. It felt lie forever since I had talked to her! She hugged back a little stiffly but she did hug back, and I could feel tars roll down my cheeks. I let go of her and I realiz she's a little unhappy looking. I play a little with my fingers but her hand lands on my cheek. I look up at her then break down crying. I can't take this pressure. I cry on her chest and she holds me close, then forces me to look into her eyes. As I do, she strokes my cheek and slowly our faces move closer together until our lips touch. I feel her tongue on my lips and I let it in gladly, our tongues battle for dominance. I win, and she's suprisingly soft skinned. I run my hand througb her hair and slip her shirt over her head, deepening the kiss. Soon our cloths are discarded on the floor and we're rolling around kissing when w hear footsteps. We quickly hide under the table, the footsteps pass. We spent the entire night there, kissing each other more passionately than I had dreamed of kissing Warner. All I knew was, this was what I was meant for.

I was a lesbian.

And I was proud.