A/N: COMPLETE! Short and sweet little onshot because i love the bond Derek and Issac have and bescause I love the best friend relationship between Stiles and Scott. No Allison because i didn't feel like writing about her nd Scott being cute. Anyway COMPLETE. Enjoy.

Alpha Watch Over You

It's been a long day and everyone is kind of just sprawled around the Hale house. Derek walks into the kitchen and Boyd is sleeping on the kitchen table. He's actually full out sprawled across the table, snoring. It's a sight to see and Derek laughs to himself.

He laughs. When has that happened for real in a while?

Derek Hale turns off the kitchen light and walks into the living room. Now there's a sight to see, Scott and Stiles asleep on the couch. Scott is slumped into the corner of the couch with a pillow. Stiles is squished into his side and head is resting comfortably on Scott's shoulder.

Derek takes the woolen blanket that was lying on the arm of the couch and drapes it over the idiots. Scott wakes up for a second but then adjusts himself and falls back to sleep. Derek chuckles once more and ruffles Scott's hair.

"You're a good kid." He whispers.

Stiles then makes some weird sound that sounds like a donkey. Derek scrunches his eyebrows and looks at sleeping Stiles, who is now drooling.

"You're…Stiles." Derek whispers and tugs at the blanket so Stiles has a bit more.

"Mefa." Stiles incoherently responds.

Derek laughs quietly once more and then walks over to the cot Jackson and Lydia have taken over.

The two are snuggled into each other like two puzzle pieces. Jackson has his arm wrapped around her to keep her warm and she is smiling in her sleep. It's a warm, small smile that was a rare beauty. Derek liked Lydia, she was scarier than Jackson and she pissed him off a lot but she had the kindest soul.

There was a loose strand of red hair lying against the tip of her nose. Derek, ever so lightly, pushed it back behind her ear. Of course she woke up at this and stared into his eyes.

"I'll have to tell Stiles in the morning that you are in fact not a robot."

Derek sighs, "Go back to sleep."

Lydia snuggles closer to Jackson, "You too, Alpha, you need it."

"Sssh just close your eyes." Derek orders and walks away and upstairs.

At the top of the stairs of all places he finds Erica, asleep. She's curled up in a ball on the hard wooden floor. It's a pathetic picture and for that Derek scoops her up into his arms. He takes her to Laura's old room. The majority of it is burnt to a crisp but Stiles forced a mattress up there because he said Derek was being a "sour wolf"

He lay's her down gently and drapes some blue and green blanket Stiles had brought up.

"M'what?" She muttered.

"Your fine." Derek said a little harshly, "Go back to sleep." He removes her shoes.

Erica obeys him and her heart beat slows and she drifts off to sleep a few seconds later. Derek stares at her for a moment before leaving and heading to his own room and it wasn't a shock when he found Issac, completely passed out, in his bed.

Issac always slept with or near Derek, just because. It was Derek who helped him look within himself and find control. It was Derek who calmed him during the nightmares. Derek was more than just his Alpha; he was his friend, his brother.

Derek adjusts Issac's blanket because he had his own. It's not like Derek didn't mind sharing with the young wolf but over time he learned Issac was a total blanket hog.

The Alpha adjusted his own blanket and turned to face Issac. He watched the young boy breathe in and out. He watched him sleep peacefully and with the final brother of his pack fine and asleep, Derek closed his eyes.