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Kingdom Keepers, aren't you surprised?

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'Ere we go.

Charlene POV

"YOU GUYS HAVE IT! GIVE ME THE LOCKET!" the green fairy screamed.

Oh god. Oh good god, please let us live through this.

"CHAR!" Finn screamed. I yelped as I felt a fireball hit me on me heels. I fell to the ground.

"CHARLENE!" Willa yelled, grabbing my arm and helping me up. Maleficent threw another fireball, hitting me on the back of the leg. I screamed in pain and fell again.

"Someone, help!" Willa said, trying to help me up.

"GO, Willa!"

"No Keeper left behind!" she countered.

"Maybeck!" Philby screamed, pointing at me.

"On it!" he nodded, running over and lifting me, bridal-style, him being the strongest out of all of us.

"Please, Maybeck, I'm fine," I said as he started running.

"Cut the crap, Char," he hissed, focused on his running. I bit my lip, holding back tears.

"Maybeck, my leg hurts," I whispered.

"Sh. Doc Philby will look over it. If we ever get out of this mess."

"We will."

"I'm just being realistic."

Maybeck fell to his knees, screaming. The back of his shirt was on fire! Maleficent cackled, producing another fireball and preparing to throw it at Maybeck again. I crumpled to the ground, slipping out of Maybeck's arms. He slipped his shirt off and threw it into the Epcot lake.

"Maybeck!" I yelled, and he ducked, a fireball flying past his head. He lifted me up and stood up again. His chest sparkled with sweat.

"Maybeck, put me down, I'm slowing you down," I said.

"No," he grunted.

"Maybeck!" Philby, grabbing Willa, jumped into a bush. Maybeck leaped and landed behind the bush. Everyone was already there.

Finn held the fob up in his hand. I tried to catch my breath, still holding onto Maybeck.

"Can't...breath!" he gasped. I realized, my hands were on his chest...he wasn't wearing a shirt...UGH! I pulled away quickly, grabbing his and Willa's hand. Finn pressed the fob quickly, and the world went black, Maleficent's angry screams echoing into the darkness.

I jerked forward, gasping for breath. I looked around. My room. I'm back. I ran a finger down my right leg and winced as it hit the burn. I stood up, leaning against the wall for support. I limped down the stairs and opened the freezer for an ice pack.

Finn POV

I woke up in my bed, rubbing my eyes. Gosh. How were we supposed to know Maleficent was going to be there?!

I grabbed my phone and quickly pulled up a group texting session.

Finn: evry1 good?

Maybeck: Im alive

Philby: bettr thn evr

Willa: we mde it!

Amanda: Jess nd i r here.

Charlene: srry 4 the lte repli. gttin ice pck. Maybeck, hows ur back?

Maybeck: ill live.

Willa: ne1 else get injurd?

Philby: nope.

Finn: im good.

Amanda: jess nd i r good.

Finn: excitng nite, huh guyz?

Maybeck: Im redy 4 a nap rite bout now.

Charlene: i cant beleve dis, but i agree w/ Maydork.

Willa: redy 2 hit da hay

Finn: we all desrve a good nites sleep. nite ery1!

I closed my phone and let my head sink into the pillow. I sighed and closed my eyes.


Philby POV

Oh, weekend! You are finally here! Most people think that, since I'm the nerd, I like school days, but trust me, I respect the weekend.

I stuffed my hands into my pockets and walked along the sidewalk to the Frozen Marble to meet the Keepers. I felt something under my foot, and I lifted my foot. Under my heel, glinting in the sunlight, was a necklace. I picked it up. A locket.

I opened it slowly and blinked in surprise. A blue swirl of gas floated in and started to fly out. I quickly closed it so the gas won't escape and read the tag on the chain.

For the Keepers. Enjoy. -M+P

"Who's M and P?" Amanda asked, rubbing her finger on the necklace. I shrugged.

"I just found it. Open it, let everyone see, then close it quickly," I answered. Amanda looked at me strangely, then opened it. The Keepers sucked in a breath, looking at the blue swirls. Amanda closed it before it could escape.

"What is it?" Willa asked me, taking the locket from Amanda.

"I have no idea. But do you guys think this is the locket Maleficent mentioned last night? The one we didn't know about?" I asked, remember last night. Before Charlene fell, Maleficent was chasing us over some locket.

"I think this is it," Maybeck nodded.

"Here, let me see," Charlene stood up to take the locket from Willa, but winced.

"Your leg still hurt?" willa asked. Charlene nodded, blinking back tears. Willa handed her the locket, and Charlene's eyes widened.

"Charlie? You okay?" Finn asked, noticing her expression. Charlene slowly nodded, her eyes moving to the locket in her palm.

"Maydork. Stand up."



Surprised at her tone, Maybeck stood up. She walked behind him and lifted his shirt.

"WOAH! We are in PUBLIC, Char!" he gasped, trying to move his shirt back down.

"Shut UP and stand still!" Charlene yelled, and Maybeck froze. She touched the locket to his back, the wind blowing her hair around her face.

What? There's no wind in here! I thought.

Charlene gasped.

"What? WHAT?!" Maybeck yelled, turning to her, exposing his bare back to us. We all gasped.

"What?" he asked, spinning around to us.

"Your back is...glowing. Just in your burn, though. From the fireball," Charlene explained, and I realized the back of her leg was glowing too.

The glowing faded, blinked, then disappeared.

"It's gone!" Jess pointed. We looked at Maybeck's back and Charlene's leg. She was right. Their injuries were gone.

"It doesn't hurt..." Charlene poked her leg.

Maybeck groaned. "I wish I could see my back," he said, slipping his shirt back on.

"The locket did it..." I mumbled.

"What?" Amanda asked, and I looked up.

"The locket did it. The blue swirls. It must be magic," I said. Maybeck snorted.

"Really, dude?"

"Maybeck, consider all that has happened to us this year. Does magic being contained in a locket make sense now?"

Maybeck groaned. "I guess."

"But how?" Charlene asked, handing me the locket.

I yelped. Water sprayed at my face, coming from the locket. I dropped the locket on the table quickly.

"What the heck?!" Maybeck said. Only...not heck. You know Maybeck's vocabulary.

"What was that?" I asked, poking the locket. It shuddered.

"Imagine all the power that little necklace has..." Jess whispered. I pushed it to the middle of the table and we all stared at it.

A man handed us an ice cream sundae, and I thanked him.

"Uhhhh, guys?" Willa asked.

"Hmm?" I muttered.

"Who ordered the ice cream?"

The table was silent.

"No one?!" Willa said.

"I didn't," Maybeck said.

"Nope," Char.

"Uh-uh." Finn.

"Not that I remember." Me.

"I don't like that flavor." Jess.

"No one ordered it?" Amanda asked. I pulled the sundae towards me and drew in a quick breath.

"What?" Willa asked, leaning over my shoulder. "No way!"

"What is it, you two?" Jess asked.

"There's a...pattern in the chocolate syrup," Willa said.

"A pattern?" Maybeck looked at us as if we were crazy. I nodded.

"What kind of pattern?" Finn asked.

"A sentence."

The syrup on our sundae swirled into words.

The power of the world is now in your hands.

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