Chapter 7.

The weeks went on dealing with Ciara's worry stares, the jerks of the school hating me,Stephanie's ignoring me, and my parents never around. It was the week of Christmas, the event of Thankgiving ended in chaos my parents argued about how I wasn't eating with the huge pile of food Sherry had made. She growled at me to eat something soI took one bite of the mashed potatos but that was it and it drove her over the edge. She screamed at me and made Jr. cry while my dad tried to calm her down but it wasn't helping. She yelled how my grades were dropping, I was bearly eating, and I was much quieter then I used to be. I just sat there looking at my dad who just stared without my attention on her my stepmother smacked my face, and I gasped. She took the plate the turkey was on and threw it out the window.

"If you're not going to eat then find it's garbage!" She yelled while I cupped m face. She picked up Jr. and walked out the room and i looked up at my dad.

"You wanna go get some pumpkin pie?" He said lowly and I nodded. I grabbed my hoodie and put on my sneakers and we went into the car. We arrived at our old favorite pie place and ordered one large pumpkin pie, and cut two pieces while my dad scarfed his while I took one long bite of mine. "You okay babygirl?"

I nodded and looked down at my pie in sickness.

I flashed back to reality when there was a knock at my door, "Bianca we're taking your brother sledding are you coming?"

"No Ima stay home Sherry." I hard her walk away and got out of bed Christmas eve we always went sledding and had fun but I just wasn't up for it. Putting on three pairs of pants, two sweat shirts, and four socks with my wool hat I walked out the door and to the woods in the back of my house. I laid in the snow for awhile and threw snowballs at trees thinking how much long can I go on like this. And I stayed there practically all day until I got cold and went home to find my family having hot coco and sugar cookies when they saw me.

"You want coco sissy." Jr. laughed and I nodded walking over to him taking a cup, stripping off my layers. We all sat back and sipped the coco while my stepmom made cookies for the 'oh so famous Santa' for Jr. sake. I sighed and went to my room sitting on my bed was a black box with blue ribbon, Ciara. I could tell just by the color it was from her, walked over to it and saw the tag.

"To Bee from CC." I read aloud I knew it was from her, I took off the top and almost laughed at what was in it a picture of us on the day of the Halloween party her mom had took. The one where we were side hugging, Ciara's bright smile, and my half smirk, and our crazy costumes. But what caught my attention was a little ribbon at our feet that said 'It gets better, for anyone is perfect.' she knows just how to make me happy. I lifted the frame on put it on my wall about my bed and felt a smile try and break free on my face when I went and turned off the light I went to bed happily.

"SISSY WAKE YOU DIT'S CWISTMAS!" Jr. yelled excitedly. I got out of bed picked him up and walked into the hall to see my parents down the stairs around the tree filled with preasent underneathe, me and Jr trudged down the stairs him on my hip and came to the livingrrom.

"Well hello you two and Merry Christmas." Said my dad happily.

"You too." We all sat down and had Jr. open his presents first which he got alot of kiddie toys.

"Here you go Bianca you got all these things from Santa you should be very thankful and be a better girl from now on to get alittle more next Christmas." Sherry flashed a fake smile and I stared, I slowly grabbed oneand ripped it to see a algebra textbook, "To help bring that math grade up."

The next eight were all clothes that I hated because they were to girly even before IT happened I was still a tomboy and Sherry was always trying to make me the girly daughter she always wanted. BUt three were from dad which were skinnies and a baseball and bat which made me feel alitttle better. I gave them the two I had bought for them Sherry opened hers' which was a joke (a pill bottle that had candy pills and on the lable said 'CHILL PILLS' it was Ciara's idea) when Sherry saw it her eyes raised to mine with anger while my dad laughed. When he opened his he smiled it was the complete set of the Boondocks a series he loved, I knew he would like it.

"Wait there is one more thing we have for you." My dad got up and went to the hall closet and pulled out a box and i walked over to it. I ripped the tape off and opened it and saw a keyboard, song book, and micrphone, "Your music teacher called and said you were really gettingback into the iano and singing so i thought it would be perfect."

I ran at him and hugged him, "Thanks dad."