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The Fenrir had been roaring underneath him carrying him over the wasteland as he had been on his way to deliver yet another package – really, apparently his credit, success rate and name were making his demand go even higher - and then the oddest feeling had struck him. Cloud had suddenly felt uneasy, disoriented and weak, his eyesight beginning to grow lighter and he could remember the motorcycle toppling over before he had been encased with white and for a few fleeting moments, he had been waiting for Aerith's voice, to hear her comforting words but instead.. all he saw and almost heard was white. Silence reigned over his senses, when just a few moments ago the sound of rushing wind and the large motor had been loud in his ears. In a sense, it was calming and soothing, for once all he knew were his own thoughts, his own fears and his own feelings. It was almost deliberating and the man could not help but smile slightly. Or at the least, he felt like he was smiling.

Not fully aware of his own body, the man floated, not quite knowing what to make of the situation he was in, in face he was beyond puzzled as silence in the Lifestream – it was the only thing it could be! - was something he was not used to. There were no whispers, no hushed voices, no feeling that Aerith or Zack were anywhere near and that was in itself quite disconcerting but somehow, he could not bring himself to feel all that concerned about it. Fleeting thoughts ran through his head, starting from the slight annoyance of him having just managed to put all of his and Zack's thoughts in chronological order, to the slight elation that the thought of him finally getting out of all of the triviality of living. That of course made him berate himself, forcing himself to think about Denzel. That sweet, sweet boy that had gotten through Geostigma and who truly wanted him to be part of the small haphazard family that consisted of him, Marlene and Tifa.

Tifa. He did not know just what to make of her, not when surrounded by all this white, with his guilt only distant pangs somewhere in the back of his mind. He had always known that she was important to him but as she wanted more, he had found himself distancing himself and now.. well, it seemed now he would not have to worry about that anymore, not with the way things were advancing in this white void.

Disturbing the serenity was a slow, aching pain, as if everything in him was shifting, as if his entire being was altering. It felt odd, yet he couldn't find it in himself to be in the slightest bothered, instead the man simply wondered what on earth it was that was wanted of him this time. Just when everything had settled into order he was thrown out of the loop again, not knowing just what was happening but at the least, this wasn't painful. All in all, he was annoyed to have things constantly pushed onto him, especially since he had supposedly saved the Planet so many times, yet she kept on asking, demanding of him and so, he succumbed. Who was he to resist her charm, her voice? After all, her voice was much better than the memory of those of Jenova's. Those hadn't exactly been fun times.

The alterations stopped and with some amusement he almost thought of himself as shorter, but then again he still could not see even himself. But what did finally get him roused from his serenity, was the fact that he felt like he was falling and falling all too fast. Trying to grasp onto something and failing to do so, he found himself remotely terrified, a shrill sound going through his consciousness, making him remember awful times of when he wasn't completely alone in his body, and he couldn't help but wonder if that calamity had yet again gotten hold of him but as he finally shot up, opened his eyes, he found himself gasping as he sat, his eyes wide.

And in a bunk bed that was smaller than the bed he was used to.

With a younger boy looking at him like he had an extra head – and also mildly pissed off since he had apparently woken him up.

Blinking his eyes, Cloud got his breathing into control, looking at his hands and to his shock, he found them smooth, without the scars and callouses of the countless battles he had been. He knew the boy was talking to him but he wasn't paying attention, instead he was far too busy trying to figure out where he was, especially when turning his head his blonde hair brushed against his jaw. Eyes widened, his jaw dropped and for a moment, he could only stay very still, his poor brain hurting from being put through such a blender. To add to his confusion, he realised he remembered everything with almost blinding clarity, which aided in him remembering just where he was and what was happening.

He was back to being 16.