Hey guys, here is my new story! First off I want to say this tory was inspired by a magnificent piece of Fan Art, but I cannot remember for the life me where I found it, but I made it the profile picture for this Fan Fiction, if you know how it is, or if it is you, props in the highest form!

I want to make this one a little dark, it's gonna have some depression, substance abuse and most importantly MaKorra! So this fan fiction is gonna be set in modern day, Mako, Korra, Bolin, Asami, Iroh and Tahno as well as Jinora and Skoochy are all 17 in high school, Ikki is 16 and Meelo is 15.

There will be many more character's to come, this story will be from Mako's point of view for the majority of the story, but will jump to others too.

Once again this story is gonna be dark, and I mean DARK, there will be lots of depression and other themes, there will be use of illegal substances, eg Heroin, Methamphetamine (ice) and Marijuana also less potent drugs like Tobacco and Alcohol. This is rated M for a reason, little kiddies you better leave now!

Pairing will be as follows, MaKorra, Masami, Bosami, Bolinora, Jinoochy, Irohsami, yea there's a-lot of them! But doesn't that ad to the drama? Anyways on with the story, I hope you guys like it!

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Basketball always made Mako feel free, the court, the ball, everything, when he was on the court nothing else mattered, family troubles, school troubles they all disappeared, nothing could go wrong when he played basketball.

So it would seem ironic that his life was spun upside down and broken in two when he was coming home from basketball practice with his brother Bolin. The car had flown round the intersection as Mako's parents had driven round the corner, there was no time to react, and the grey hood of a Honda Civic smashed through the front of their car.

Mako and Bolin had been relatively unscarred, only some light scars and piece of glass stuck in their skin, it was their parents who bore the brunt of the impact. His parents were unrecognisable their bodies were a sprawling mess, limbs all over the place, the front of their car had crushed them were they were seated and the worst part was the blood, it was everywhere, the seats, the steering wheel even on each other.

Mako started to crawl out of the wreckage of the destroyed car, but stopped halfway out.

"Bolin?" his voice croaked out, it was full of desperation and fear.

"Bolin, Bo! C'mon bro say something" he repeated, his voice was now frantic as he turned to see his brother lying limply against the window, Mako shook him lightly.

"Bo please, please talks to me Bolin!" tears streamed down Mako's face as he now shook his brother fiercely

Bolin stirred slightly opening his eyes slowly, Mako froze, silently thanking however was listening, his brother was alive, but not unharmed, Bolin had a large gash over his left eye and blood was pouring down his face, his shoulder was dislocated.

"C'mon Bo we gotta get out of here" Mako said shakily.

"Okay" was all Bolin could muster to say, his voice was barely audible it was straining and weak.

Both brothers slowly climbed out of the destroyed sedan; after they were both safely out of the car they surveyed the damage. The front half of their car had crumpled inwards, while the back remained relatively unharmed.

The other car was in much worse shape the entire driver's side had been crushed, in the front a couple were checking each other for serious injuries, they seemed old enough to be parents. At that instant her remembered his parents, Mako rushed to the car, his father was covered in blood, and limbs were not supposed to be in the positions they were in.

"Dad, Mom?" Mako called out, his voice still fragile like a child's.

"Mako" a croaky voice whispered out.

"D-dad, o-oh thank god you're all right"

"Mako, I'm not alright" he told his son, " I need you to take care of Bolin for me and your mother," he paused to cough up blood, " I need you to be strong, because I know you're strong,"

"Dad" Mako interrupted, "d-don't say that,"

"Mako" his father continued, " I need you to stay with your brother, you two are inseparable, when everything seems wrong you will have each other," and with his final words Mako's father let out a deep sigh and his head went limp.

Mako took several deep breaths, he couldn't believe what he just saw, he refused to believe it, he wanted to collapse and cry until his eyes went dry, but he couldn't all he could do was gaze in despair at the lifeless bodies of his father and mother.

A hand on his back pulled Mako out of his trance; he didn't expect to see a strong looking adult with deep blue eyes, and chocolate skin to be the one grapping him and pulling him away from the destroyed vehicle, he had a stern look on his face; he had a large gash on his forehead and the blood that had been pouring down his face had dried but other than that he seem okay.

"W-who are you?" Mako asked shakily, he still hadn't composed himself.

"Tonraq," he said calmly "and that is Senna, my wife." Tonraq pointed to the woman currently helping Bolin to his feet, Tonraq helped Mako to his feet and sighed "I am so sorry" Tonraq said sincerely.

5 days later

The funeral was hell, there were tears from everyone, people had come from everywhere for the funeral, there were people Mako hadn't met in his life, yet they said that they remembered the brother's from when they were little boys or babies.

Mako and Bolin had been taken by the police to their next of kin, their uncle Zuko's and aunt Mai's their cousin Iroh's house. Mako hadn't shown any emotion, he was going to be blank, he had to be strong and he had to take care of his brother, for his father.

They held the funeral as quickly as it could be held; the brother's wanted it over and done with.

The guests were now coming towards the boy's offering their condolences, like they would make a difference. Words didn't bring back family Mako thought you'd think people weren't so stupid.

The last person to come toward Mako was a teenager, she was wearing a black dress, tears brimming in her eyes, and were they beautiful eyes, full of blue, the colour of a deep cerulean, they looked like the ocean calm and hypnotic.

"Who are you?" Mako said flatly, trying to hide the fact he was drawn towards the girl's eyes.

"Korra," she said through her tears "Tonraq and Senna are my parents,"

Tonraq and Senna were currently waiting by their car for Korra, they had both seen Mako after the service, but Mako would not, could not talk to them. Mako had never hated two names more in his life, so why was their daughter coming to see him?

Mako remained silent as she finished talking, "And I am so sorry" she said as her tears started to flow, she wrapped her arms around Mako, enveloping him in a hug, Korra held him tight as she sobbed into his shoulder. Mako didn't even return the hug, his arms stayed by his side.

Korra slowly pulled away from the hug, aware that Mako was frozen where he stood. "I hear you're coming to the same school as Iroh?" Mako nodded and she smiled, Korra had a beautiful smile Mako thought, but now wasn't the time to be thinking about girls and their charms. "Well I guess I'll see you their then?" she finished. As Korra walked off Mako went to his Cousin and Uncle.

"You ready to head off yet?" his Uncle asked

"Yea, but… can I talk to you?"

"Of course!" his Uncle reassured him, "What's on your mind?"

"Well, Tonraq and Senna's kid is going to the same school me and Bo were supposed to go" Mako began as his Uncle's expression changed; he was listening intently, wanting to make his nephew happy after the traumatic incidents of the past week. "And, well, I don't want to see her face ever again, please don't ask why, but I can't go to school with her, sorry" he finished solemnly.

Zuko thought long and hard, before answering, "I'm sorry too Mako," he started and Mako's heart dropped to the floor, "I've already enrolled you into the school, and it's far too complicated and lengthy to get you out, I'm genuinely sorry but it can't be done." Zuko sighed, placing a hand on his nephew's shoulder, "C'mon let's go home" Zuko said walking towards their car.

The Next Day

Mako stared intently at the moving van that was parked outside the house opposite theirs, their where people helping unpack the moving van carrying furniture, beds and a flat screen TV. From his bedroom window Mako had prime view of the entire operation that was going on.

Mako yawned; he hadn't slept last night, or all week for that matter, the large dark rings under his eyes were proof of that. All his thoughts were consumed by the funeral, his parents and Korra, she was a rare case and he didn't know what to think of her, was she being kind or acting because she had to? These questions had played in Mako's mind all through the night, he didn't mind though, it was better than sleeping and having nightmares.

Before going downstairs he checked on his brother, creeping into the next room, opening the door just a crack, to see his brother snoring and making some incoherent noise, with the knowledge his brother was safe made his way downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Hey Mako, how'd you sleep?" His cousin asked, his cousin Iroh looked strikingly similar to Mako, yet little or nothing like Bolin, people more often thought that him and Iroh were brother, no him and Bolin.

"Yea alright" Mako lied

"Well, there's breakfast waiting for you," Iroh said motioning towards the cereal and milk sitting on the counter, "I'm gonna go and say 'hey' to the new neighbour's, I'll see you 'round okay?"

"Yea, sure"

Iroh closed the door behind him as he left, and Mako ate his breakfast in silence, staring into the bowl as he finished his cereal, he put his bowl in the sink and went upstairs to have a shower, he stared into the mirror in silence, inspecting the thick stubble that now covered his face.

Fuck it he thought to himself no one gives a shit if I have stubble or not

He turned the water on, took off his clothes and stepped into the shower, he let the warm water run over his body, allowing for it to sooth his muscles and his mind, he slowly sank down onto the floor, sitting cross legged and let the water soak his hair and flow down his face and Mako slowly closed his eyes. The first thing he saw was the Civic, smashing into the hood of his car, next came the blood, covering his parents faces, next was their eyes, lifeless and still staring straight at him.

Mako awoke with a gasp, he quickly took in several shaky breaths, once he had calmed himself, he took in deeper breaths calming himself more, the water was still running, trickling down his body. Mako quickly turned it off and got out of the shower, he dressed quickly, putting on jeans a grey hoody and finally his old red scarf. He hated the scarf but he still wore it, it was the sentimental value in it that counted. His mom had made it for him one Christmas, and while he thought it was the lamest thing he would still wear it, and now he had to, it was piece of his parents, he would always carry it.

The doorbell rang and stirred him from his thoughts; he went downstairs to answer the door and gasped

No, no, no, no not her!

The girl reached out her hand and smiled warmly "Hey me and my parents are moving across form you guys I guess, I'm Korra"

"What are you doing here?" Mako replied

"Moving" she stated, in a matter of fact sort of tone, her hand still occupied the space between the two, Mako looked at her hand then at her face and then back to her hand.

This can't be happening

But it was, he could see Tonraq and Senna, unpacking boxes and moving them into the house, Iroh and his uncle were helping them too.

Not them, this is some kind of cruel joke or something, anyone but them, please, please anyone he was crying in his mind, and then he noticed a hot, wet droplet crawling down his face, Mako turned his head in embarrassment, trying to hide his emotions from her and failed miserably. Mako left her at the door and moved to the kitchen in a fast walk, he took several deep breaths to calm himself.

"Are you okay?" Korra asked she had followed him to the kitchen; a concerned look marred her face.

"What are you doing in here?" he practically yelled

"Well you left me at the door, you seemed really distressed, so yea" she reasoned

"Get out!" Mako was now yelling, he pointed to the door, "Just get out!"

Korra turned on her heel and left, he slammed the door behind her, but he still heard her voice mumble something incoherent about boys under her breath. Mako slumped against the door, his back to it, and took several more deep breaths.

"I just wanted to say you're invited to lunch" he heard Korra through the door still.

Lunch, lunch? They want to invite me to lunch? After they killed my parent's! Those twats can go fuck themselves before I have lunch with them! Mako thought to himself

"I'm not hungry" was all he said.

"Oh and by the way, I'll see you at school tomorrow" she said through the door.

Fuck was all Mako thought I still have to go to school tomorrow, and she's gonna be there too, God-damn-it

"Hey Mako, who was that chick?" Bolin asked sleepily, now awake in boxer shorts and half way down the stairs.

"New neighbour" was all Mako could muster as Bolin moved his way to kitchen.

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