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Mako walked into his house as casually as he could, the rain was still pouring down. He looked over to Korra whose top was becoming slightly stuck to her body; he let out an unintentional groan of need. Mako flushed as he realised what he did. Korra could only laugh at his embarrassment.

"Sorry" he apologized meekly.

"Don't be sorry" She smiled, he blue eyes soft "at least I know you're still interested" she said through half lidded eyes and a seductive smile.

How could Mako have lost interest with Korra last words, "You, me, bed, now" still painstaking echoed through his head. He turned the door handle slowly, he had no idea why, it just added to the thrill of it. Also he wasn't sure if his Uncle and Aunt where even home. If they were then they wouldn't want to know what Mako and Korra were about to do.

Mako snuck inside when he figured the cost was clear with Korra in toe. Her hand entwined with his suddenly felt very hot and heavy. He didn't know what to do. He was way out of his depth.

The flight of step's leading to his room began to look like the final summit of Everest. Each step Korra kept giving him that incredulous look of bewilderment combined with raw need. It set Mako on edge. Not to say he didn't like the look. It just made him more nervous than should be allowed.

Korra squeezed his hand as the entered his room. Was it just Mako or had they stopped talking? Was Korra equally scared? No impossible he reasoned. But in his imagination this was supposed to be passionate, someone's first time, and the build-up was anything but passionate, they were quivering in anticipation and worry along with a bit fear.

Mako and Korra stood and looked at each other in a moment of shared horror. Mako swallowed, his Adams apple felt as big as an actual apple. Korra reached out and locked the door, without breaking eye contact. Mako gulped again.

Korra leaned up and kissed him softly, not rushing the action. Mako was too wound up to properly sink into the kiss. Korra's hands cupped his face lightly. Her hands were still damp. Mako let his hands wind up her back, Korra's clothes clung to her body. Mako finally returned the kiss after much deliberating.

Mako led Korra to his bed, but a pang of worry struck him. Korra sensed it and broke away.

"What?" she asked impatiently, waiting to return to the task that was at hand.

"I-I….I don't have a condom" Mako admitted

"You think I'm not on the pill?" Korra challenged, raising an eyebrow.

"Well I never wanted to ask, it seemed a bit personal" Mako said in a hushed tone, as if anyone was listening. Korra couldn't help but smile, in his own weird way, Mako was ever the gentleman.

"Well I'm on it so….you don't have to worry about it" Korra answered

How that suddenly re stoked Mako's fires of lust he never knew, they just did. And Korra didn't have to initiate the kiss, Mako was eager to do it for her.


Korra was slightly taken aback by Mako sudden interest, but she was more than happy for it. She kept her hands moving, circling patterns in his back. Mako's hands were slowly making their way to her stomach.

Korra laid him down on the bed, which seemed to be more difficult than she suspected, Mako weighed her down slightly. Korra had to strain to place him down without toppling on him.

After being placed down on the bed Mako barely had enough to register what was happening when Korra straddled him without much ceremony. She quickly took off her top and gazed down at him. Her chocolate hair hung loose, framing her face, while her surreal blue eyes gazed down at Mako with piercing beauty. Her toned and tanned body never looked better to him. Her black bra stood out against her skin in the most infatuating way.

Korra sensing the moment was right dropped the line she had been thinking over. She leaned down and nuzzled his neck for a moment then kissed her way from the nap of his neck to Mako's collar bone, then back up, along his jaw line then up to his ear, which she playfully bit. Mako moaned his approval and a wave of tingles shot down his spine. Causing him to shudder slightly, after his spell was done she leaned into his ear and whispered with a voice oozing in sensuality.

"I'm going to ride you until you beg for mercy" Korra meant every word of it.

"Oh really?" Mako attempted to counter but his voice caught and his rebuttal came out as a low squeak, not as the seductive response he wanted.

"Yea really" Korra replied, her voice on the fine line of seductive and blatantly sexual. Korra licked her lips after replying to emphasise her point. "Oh shit" was all Mako could reply, barely whispering.

"Oh shit is right, and when I ride you into the ground, you'll still be saying 'oh shit'" Korra crossed the line into blatantly sexual, her eyes had never left his. She was positively terrifying, though insanely sexual Korra was better than angry Korra by a long shot.

"Shirt off now" She demanded, though Mako picked up on the playful undertone. She tugged at his shirt while saying so.

"Yes Ma'am" Mako replied as he complied.

"And don't call me 'Ma'am' it's making feel old, or that I'm in the army" she pointed her finger at his face in another drill sergeant like order.

"You might as well be in the army, you're treating me like a piece of meat" Mako joked. Korra couldn't help but smile at him and laugh a little.

"You are a piece of meat" Now it was Mako's turn to laugh, though he mocked offense. "A very handsome piece of meat that I happen to love" Korra smiled as she kissed him. Mako was beaming through the kiss.


Bolin came into the house by himself; the door creaked slightly as he shit it behind him. "Hello?" Bolin called into the house though it was evident no one was home. It worried Bolin he hadn't seen his uncle and aunt, his brother or his cousin since the game had ended.

Bolin trundled up the stairs, they too made a creaking noise as he stepped on them. As he turned the corner to enter his room something stopped him. Was that a moan? Bolin stood perfectly still. He heard it again. From Mako's room? Realisation dawned on him and he suppressed a fit of laughter, this was the second time he had caught Mako and Korra.

To be sure he edged his way to Mako's door and pressed his ear to it.

"I'm going to ride you until you beg for mercy" Bolin almost birst into laughter again when he heard those words, uttered from Korra's mouth. Bolin scampered back from the door and into his room taking out his phone and dialling for Iroh.

"yea" Iroh answered lazily.

"Iroh man, you gotta get back home man, if I think what's about to go down will." Bolin practically said the entire sentence in one word he talked so fast.

"Bolin calm down, what's going on?" Iroh asked.

Bolin hesitated for a second, should he tell his cousin of his brother's impending action. He decided yes. For the sake of Mako's embarrassment. "Mako and Korra are about to do it" he said quickly and in a rather high pitch voice.

"Do what?"

"It bro…IT!" Bolin reaffirmed.

Iroh's gasp of realisation was heard through the phone. "Really, you mean like… It, it?" he questioned.

"Yea man, quote Korra, 'I'm going to ride you until you beg for mercy'" Bolin added.

"Oh shit, Mako's getting laid!" Iroh said with a mix of pride and fear for his cousins sake. "I'll be over in ten." Iroh finished as he hung up the phone.


Mako kept kissing every visible patch of Korra's skin, which happened to be quite a bit. He arched up and kissed just above her navel, to avoid her piercing there. It was entrancing in a strange way. Mako kept his fascination with it too himself, though he had been caught staring at it many times by Korra. She mercifully mentioned it, in truth he was more embarrassed by his wonder of it than anything.

Mako arched himself further up kissing her at the base of her rib cage. Korra felt up and down his back, supporting him while giving him better access to her skin. She looked down at Mako with fond eyes. Her hands now made their way to the back of his head, pressing his head further into her skin.

Mako's lips felt the strange contrast between the soft skin of her stomach and the firmer skin that surrounded the base of her rib cage. He loved the contrast he found himself alternating kisses between her softer skin of her belly and the firmer skin of her ribs. Korra lulled her head back and let out a hearty moan, giving Mako some encouragement to take further action.

Mako then kissed further up her body, until he met the fabric of her black bra. Mako took a moment to look up and stop his attentive kissing. His hands reached round the back to her bra clasp. Mako looked up for permission. "You don't need to ask for permission" Korra said as she read his mind.

Mako's hands fiddled with the clasp for a few seconds then the bra thankfully dropped off and joined the rest of their clothes on the floor. Mako gazed up at her breast for a moment, he swallowed the lump in his throat that had suddenly appeared. Mako resisted the urge to latch onto one with his mouth.

Korra sensed this from the strain of his features. Korra decided to 'show them off' so to speak, she arched her back more, so they were pushed right into his face. That was all it took for Mako to set off. He latched onto her nearest breast and sucked it with fervour. Korra let a smile creep onto her face as she lightly held his head in place with her hand.

Mako's tongue flicked her nipple and it hardened quickly under his coaxing actions. Korra moaned her approval holding his head in place harder. Korra's moans got progressively louder, along with her grip on Mako's head. Mako's tapped her back twice in an attempt to breath. Nothing. Another two taps and Korra finally released her hold on his head.

"I need to breath Korra" Mako chastised while gasping for breath, though his smile betrayed his demeanour.

"No you don't" Korra challenged "All you need to do is kiss right there" Korra finished and pressed his head back to her breast. Mako barely had enough time to take breath before he was back to suckling on her nipple, flicking its hardened tip.

Mako alternated to the other breast and paid it the equal amount of attention it deserved while Korra pulled her hands away to unzip her pants. It didn't go as smoothly as she wanted and Mako had to stop his attentions in order for her to get them off.

Mako stared hungrily at her black lace panties, they weren't that think after all. Her could sparely see the outline of her womanhood. Mako's pants were now tented in an almost comical manner and Korra noticed displaying the same hungry look on her face. "Off" one word that made Mako's entire body shiver with anticipation. Mako was all too eager to co-operate with Korra command and as took them off with relative ease but Korra had to tug them down because he was taking more than an eighth of a second to drop his pants.

Once he had dropped his pants he regretted it. Korra's look had him trapped like a lion would a lamb. He swallowed the now ever present lump in his throat. He felt several shades hotter and was sure he blushing. His boxers were even more tented than his pants.

"Those too" Korra commanded while straddling him, with hungry eyes, nodding towards his boxers.


"Are you sure?" Mako asked feebly. Sweet Spirits, he can be dense sometimes Korra sighed and nodded. "Yes I'm sure" She licked her bottom lip to emphasise the point. Mako swallowed again and began to shimmy down his boxers. Korra had to get off him so he could do so and once he was done Mako covered his 'parts' with his hands, embarrassed.

Korra sighed again. "We are going to get nowhere if you're shy about it."

"I'm not shy" he defended.

"Yes you are and it's kind of cute" She said while placing her hands over his, which where cupping his manhood. Mako froze for second then looked her in the eye. She gripped his hands and went to move them, but he held them in place. Mako broke eye contact and looked away finding something interesting to look at on the nearest wall.

Korra took her hands and placed them on his chin, turning him to face her. Korra planted a soft kiss on his lips before slowly moving her hands back to his. This time Mako's didn't flinch when Korra tried to move his hands, he simply let her move them.

Korra kept eye contact as she slipped out of her panties. Mako gulped again and looked down for a moment before reverting his eyes back to Korra's. they both were still for a moment. Completely naked, Korra straddling Mako with her hands one his thigh's and his hands were on the bed to scared to be holding a piece of her skin, regardless of how soft it was.

"We should probably do something" Mako said softly.

"Yea we should" Korra said as she gave him her seductive glare. Korra's hand moved up and cupped his manhood.


Iroh rushed up stairs as soon as he entered his house. Bolin was at the top with his ear pressed to the door. He had an ear to ear grin plastered on his face.

"Bolin!" Iroh whispered, loud enough for Bolin and Bolin alone to hear.

Bolin whipped his head around to see who it was. Bolin smiled when he saw his cousin and beckoned him upstairs.

"What stage is he at?" Iroh asked quietly, he didn't want to be found out. He enjoyed having his limbs attached to his body. And if Korra caught him being a peeping tom, well listening tom was more accurate, then she would sure he lost at least one.

"They are naked at least" Bolin speculated. He had no idea how correct he was.

"How would you know?" Iroh questioned, giving Bolin an incredulous look.

"I've heard at least five pieces of clothing hit the floor, they have to be naked at that rate." Bolin answered and Iroh nodded in agreement. Bolin pulled out his phone and turned on the voice record capabilities. Iroh snatched the phone from his hands quickly.

"Hey, what the fuck man?" Bolin accused.

"If we record them Korra will fucking kill us, like brutally kill us and plus we don't even know if they will do it." Iroh said, pointing at his cousin in an accusing manner. "Were just gonna listen if it develops further then we pull out the phone." Bolin huffed and snatched his phone back, placing it in his pocket.

"Fine" Bolin muttered before pressing his ear to the door again.


Mako was going to lose it soon, he was sweating from nervousness. It wasn't good, he was panicking, but he attempted to keep a straight face a Korra slowing gripped him and began to stroke him. Despite his overwhelming sense of worry he allowed himself to moan when she stroked more.

Mako tried to pry his mind away from his ridiculous sense of fear by moving one of his hands from the bed to Korra's waist. It didn't work. His eyes followed his hands, but they caught a glimpse of her womanhood and the fear came back. A thousand things questions came into his head What if I don't 'perform well enough' 'what if I cum too soon' 'what if she doesn't orgasm' they milled around in his head. He closed his eyes to get rid of the voices of doubt but he could. His eyes shot open when he accidently brushed her folds with his fingers.

Mako looked down in surprise and then he looked to Korra who only nodded in approval. Mako began to stroke her with the fervour she was stroking him with. He looked back into Korra's eyes. She was itching to kiss him but he didn't let her, he kept his lips just out of reach. This caused Korra to take her spare hand and place it roughly behind Mako's head and shove his head toward hers and she kissed him soundly, bursting her tongue into his mouth without as much as a warning.

Mako began to rub her harder and Korra moaned louder into his mouth. Korra began to grind against his hand, trying to coax him to slip a finger into her, but Mako held off. Mako rubbed harder still and that coupled his Korra grinding made Korra shudder above him. Mako grinned and tried to get her to orgasm.

Korra's breath hitched and she knew she was close, she grinded against Mako's hand with desperation. She kissed him and let out a large gasp of air into his mouth before throwing her head back and letting out a loud moan. Her limbs twitched slightly and her thigh's squeezed Mako. She was still twitching slightly after coming down from her orgasm. Korra leant down and kissed Mako soundly before smiling and raising herself off the bed and placing her entrance above Mako's stiffened manhood.

Mako stopped his glowering happiness when he saw when Korra was. His hands dropped back to his sides and his eyes bugged out of theirs sockets. Korra didn't have time to go through all of Mako's complaints and worries and she slid down. Moaning in pleasure as she sank the way don on his manhood.

Mako gripped the sheets like a vice and moaned long and loud. Korra smiled through her own pleasure coupled with slight pain. Mako suddenly remembered a very important part of the female anatomy that wasn't their.

"K-Korra" Mako stuttered as he spoke, whether it was because of the pleasure of being inside Korra of because of concern he didn't know.

"Yea baby?" Mako wasn't fond of pet names but he let it slide this time.

"There's no…um… ya know…..wall?" it came out more of a question than a statement. Korra didn't have a hymen and it didn't sit well with Mako, he was always told that for a girls first time, you have to 'top the cherry' so to speak.

"What?" Korra questioned with a look on her face.

"Have you had sex before?" Mako asked a bit more calmed down from the initial penetration.

"No, why do you ask?"

"Because there's no… hymen" Mako final pushed out the last words.

Korra sighed, she knew she would have to explain it sooner or later. Korra was shocked to when she came out of the Judo lesson with a bleeding crotch and a distinctly sore pelvis. "It broke during Judo" she explained "High kicks will do that" she finished.

Mako looked slightly less alarmed but not totally convinced. Korra sighed again and lent down, which was a hell of a lot more difficult than she expected. Her groin cut with pain when she leaned down to kiss him and caress his face.

"I love you Mako, and I'm all yours and your mine, that isn't going to change at all" Korra leaned back after her declaration of faith, mainly because her groin hurt like a bastard, but also to soften the mood. Mako understood noticeably, nodding his head with vigour. Only then did Korra start rocking her hips.

At first she was slow and unsteady; it still hurt her to move too much. None the less Mako was on cloud nine, moaning with every slight movement Korra made. Mako gripped her hips and urged her to quicken the pace.

Korra smiled and obliged rocking her hips more fiercely now. She bent down and kissed him soundly ignoring the pain the shot through her groin when bending. Their kisses where soft but full of the passion that burned inside the both of them, Korra caressed his face while moaning his name. Korra dragged her finger's over his chest and stomach, making them twitch slightly. Korra picked up the pace further driving Mako to hold on a little further for dear life. From nowhere Mako suddenly flipped them so he on top in the missionary position. It worked though they both nearly were off the bed and onto the floor.

Mako hovered above her for a second or two, letting Korra get ready for him. Korra gripped his shoulder and wrapped her legs around his waist. Mako drove into her, he assessed how she reacted and changed how he trust into her. Soon he had figured out just how she liked it. Changing between long deep slow thrust's and short shallow ones.

Mako was coming close to climax and so was Korra, her grip of his shoulder was so tight he felt her scratch him several times. Korra was kissing him lovingly as he picked up his pace determined not to finish before her. Korra started to twitch again and her legs began to squeeze him like a vice. Korra roughly grabbed his head and forced it to hers in a hard kiss.

Korra moaned loudly as she found her release her grip softened and she favoured him with soft kisses all over. Mako grunted unceremoniously as he came inside her. Mako collapsed on top of her and Korra could only smile. She softly stroked his hair and whispered praise for his virility and co-operation.

Mako chuckled into the pillow, which muffled the sound. "What, did you think I was going to say no?" he asked.

"You might have"

"I doubt that" Mako said before sighing into the pillow. Korra kept stroking the back of his neck and head until the two of them slept in each other's arms.


Bolin and Iroh had camped outside Mako's room for the night. Bolin was lightly snoring when he heard the door turn. Bolin surprised himself when he woke up he was a heavy sleeper by all means.

Bolin nudged his cousin when the door opened further to reveal Mako wearing a pair of boxers. The two teens jumped up and gave Mako a resounding applause. Mako who darkened several shades flipped them off before indicating to be quite by place a finger to his lips.

"Korra's sleeping" Mako whispered.

"Wouldn't want to wake the Mrs would we? Eh Mako" Iroh joked.

"No you wouldn't" Mako retorted hotly and Bolin and Iroh laughed, they stopped when a figure grumbled from bed and came over to the trio of teens. She stretched out her soreness in her thighs as she walked over.

"Little sore their Korra?" Bolin said with a little too much mirth in his voice.

"Yes" she replied absentmindedly. Korra walked over to Mako and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Mako blushed again. "I'm going to get some coffee, want some?" Korra offered. Mako nodded and Korra waltzed down the steps in her own good time, stretching out soreness every now and then.

When she was out of sight Bolin put his fist in the middle of the trio, the all complied. Through every bit of trepidation the may have faced the three boys would always have each other. Family stuck together, and Mako may have said it was Korra who helped him though his tough time or the therapy it was evident who it was. Bolin and Iroh, through all his actions it was family that was Mako's help.


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