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*Breath in* Breath out* Breath in* Breath out*

Mako was in the middle of a road, he was sweating and panting…hard.

*Breath in* Breath out*

A car was coming; full speed there was no stopping it.

*In out, in out*

He was panting faster now, Mako tried to move out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. But he found that his limb's refused to move, they were limp and Mako was paralysed yet still standing, this revelation only made Mako try harder to move out of the way, franticly try to pump his limbs into action, but it couldn't be done. The more Mako tried the more his limbs straightened and grew rigid.

*in out in out in out*

The passenger's in the vehicle where now visible and Mako wanted to be sick, driving the speeding car was his father. With a maniacal look in his eye, Mako's father speed towards his son, cackling insanely the whole way as his car smashed into Mako.

*Beep* Beep* Beep*

Mako woke up screaming, he surveyed his room to look for the non-evident people who may have witnessed his nightmare. Mako reached to turn off the alarm clock that had woken him from his nightmare, as he extended his hand, Mako noticed his hand was shaking, and that there was a coating of sweat covering his body. Mako took several deep steadying breaths before he decided to get out of bed. His first steps are shaky; Mako cursed himself when his legs continued to spasm from his nightmare.

Mako made his way to the window, and leaned against it, taking several deeper and more steadying breaths. He opened the window to let the fresh, cool, morning air fill his lungs. But it didn't help, something that used to be so reliable, as efficient means to calm him down, suddenly wasn't.

Mako looked around his bed room to find something to calm his frightened bones; his eyes eventually spotted his jacket from last night's party, knowing full well that there was the packet of cigarettes Tahno had given him. Mako made a bee-line for his jacket, fumbling through the pocket's, like an over eager child trying to find a toy.

Mako finally pulled out the packet and wasted no time in lighting a cigarette and taking a drag. Mako stuck the cigarette out the window so no smoke would leak into his room, and then exhaled his drag out the window as-well.

"You know that'll kill you right?" Came a thoroughly un-enthused voice from the door

Mako froze, knowing full well his Aunt Mai was standing at the door, glaring holes into the back of his head. Mako surreptitiously flicked the lit cigarette out of the open window and spun around to meet his Aunt's gaze.

"I don't know what you mean?" Mako put on his best innocent look, a hard task to pull off, when Mako felt eternally weighted by the events of his recent past.

"Don't bullshit, a bullshit-er, it doesn't work" Mai spoke in her monotone voice, not giving away emotion, if there was ever any emotion in his Aunt's voice. "I know what you're going through Mako; it isn't easy, I smoked once to calm myself, but it isn't worth it, really it isn't."

Mako bypassed the whole heartfelt speech, which was very uncharacteristic of his Aunt, and went straight to attacking her, maybe if he did that his aunt would skip the feeling's and the issues part.

"Look don't you dare tell Bolin or so help me…" Mako trailed off

"I'm not going to tell anyone, but you need to get your life in the right spot okay? Play some basketball for Christ's sake, it used to make you so happy to play, and now you don't and you've taken up smoking, it's not a good trade Mako, I thought you would be smart enough to tell yourself that." Dammit plan A hadn't worked for Mako, now it was time to just get out and get ready for the long school day ahead.

Mako barged out the door, refusing to talk to his Aunt any longer, and headed straight for a shower, he didn't want to face his Aunt, her sudden enveloping of feelings and understanding was frankly unsettling.

Mako quickly turned the hot water on, stripped down and stepped into the shower, he let the warm, no hot, wait very hot water run over his body while soothing his muscles, the effect of the water on his muscles mirrored what was happening in his mind, soothing it, calming it and clearing it. He was going to need a clear mind for today, if the morning was anything to go on.


The trio stood in line, patiently waiting to get their food and eat. Iroh was having a tough day, from Asami ignoring him all through English class, to waking Bolin up every ten minutes in Chemistry, and finally even trying to get Mako out of his funk every waking second of the day, it was just too stressful. He needed a coffee and not to think at all for at least five minutes, so that he could rest his aching mind.

Iroh was now at the front of the line, serving himself his food and promptly moving on to the coffee. Iroh sighed; coffee it always made life seem less terrible. Iroh had to have at least two coffees in a day, one in the morning to wake him up, and another at lunch to help keep him awake for the rest of the day.

Iroh made his way to the coffee machine placed his cup under, and waited irritably for the coffee to be made, the machine rattled and made the most horrible scraping noise as it belched out the below par coffee.

Iroh took his coffee and went to sit at the nearest table, where Mako and Bolin where already sitting comfortably, Iroh headed toward the table at full speed…well about as full speed as one can go while carrying hot coffee and a tray full of food, and in Iroh's extreme rush to sit, he did not notice a certain Sato heiress, who was accompanied by Korra, and promptly barrelled into the pair.

Great, of all the people he didn't want to piss of at this school; it had to be these two he did piss off. This was not good. Asami was franticly wiping the hot coffee from her designer blouse; an enraged look began to bubble up in her eyes. Not good at all.

"Oh my God, Asami I-I am so sorry, I didn't mean it, I-I didn't see you…" Iroh trailed off, while attempting to help Asami to her feet.

"Get. Off. Me!" Asami screamed at the unsuspecting boy, pulling her hand from him.

"Are you retarded?" yelled an angry Korra who quickly shoved him aside with surprising strength and subsequently landed on his ass, earning a few laughs from onlookers. Iroh scrabbled to his feet.

Asami didn't give him enough time to answer fully to Korra's question, only getting a whimper of a response from Iroh. "Are you fucked in the head? How stupid are you?"

"Um, I, ah, a-are you okay? I'm sorry Asami" Iroh apologized sheepishly, looking at his feet; his feet couldn't give him a death stare that could melt stone, and heart's. Whoa where did that come from? Iroh thought to himself. Well she always has been a pretty one Iroh conceded, pretty was an understatement, even in a flustered, angry and generally less than acceptable state, Asami still drew in every eye with her beauty, she was breath taking.

"Look asshole" Asami's voice snapped Iroh out of his thoughts, "Word's cannot describe how pissed off I am at you," she paused to leave but then turned back around, "and by the way, tell your cousin he was a total jerk to Korra last night," Asami now turned her fiery rage towards Mako "he should apologize to her, now!" with that Asami and Korra promptly left, while the mumbled something about families and ass holes.

But Iroh wasn't even listening he was still staring at his feet as he timidly made his way to the table.

"Who was that?" Mako questioned obviously offended by Asami's attack on him.

"Asami Sato" Iroh sighed, thinking of how the potent she-wolf of a woman had absolutely snapped at him, Asami intrigued him, while she looked like she could be a very loving person or girlfriend-Hey, hey , hey no girlfriend speaking here, she isn't your girlfriend and probably won't be. Okay then, but Iroh thought that she was more than capable of tearing off someone's head.

"Who do they think they are to just….. Piss on you, because of a mistake" Mako argued to no one in particular. "And who the fuck does Korra think she is doing by getting involved," Mako continued Iroh raised a questioning eyebrow at the mention of Korra, not even twenty four hours ago Mako had been in full frontal rage at the her, why did he seem to talk when it came to Korra.

"And why do I have to apologize to Korra?" Mako queried.

Iroh shot Bolin a look, "you don't remember?" Bolin asked.

"Only after the fifth shot, after that its patchy, and how many shot's did I take?"

"Oh well, um you see Mako, you had somewhere between, let's say eight to twelve shot's"

"Eight to twelve!" Mako exclaimed.

"Well more like eight of vodka and then you moved on to tequila for a few more, we don't know how many more though, twelve is an educated guess" Bolin clarified

"Then you kind of went on an angry drunken rant" Iroh put in. "At Korra"

Mako mouth hit the table as his eyes showed pure horror, in the short time his cousins had been at Republic City High School, Iroh had filled them in on the gossip of Junior year, who was with who and certain, reputations of people around the school. Asami was known to take your heart and break it into a million tiny pieces; Korra was known to do the same, but with your neck, leg, or other bodily appendage.

"Oh no"

"Oh yes" Bolin put in with deep hearty chuckle.

"Not helping!" Mako snapped at his brother. Mako stared at the table at played with his food, obviously deep in thought. "What exactly did I say?" Mako asked finally.

"oh, um, well" Iroh delayed, trying to think of the right words, not wanting to remind Mako of the dead family part of his argument, this would only bring his demeanour down and put once again in the state of mind Iroh was trying so hard to get rid of. This had been the most animated Mako had been while sober and Iroh wanted to prolong his cousin's uncharacteristic outburst of talking, Mako seemed to be talking lots when Korra was the subject or was somehow involved, Iroh took a mental note of that.

"Never mind" Mako sighed, he got the picture, he had said some unacceptable things and he needed to apologize, Mako got up and started to head toward where Korra and Asami were seated.

Iroh already knew that Korra could disembowel anyone at any point in time without warning or mercy. He feared for Mako's safety. He was headed right into the heart of the beast.

Poor bastard!

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