Grr, I just wrote out half of my story and decided that I hated it in 1st person. So, now here I am, having to write it all over again. AHH! Hopefully it will be better, and not worse in 3rd person. If anybody wants to hear/read the story in 1st person, just ask, I did save it.

So, here we go, 3rd person of "One Secret You Have to Keep"!

Description: Like every summer, Fabian Rutter goes to America to stay with his Mum. But this year was different. He soon discovers that a girl, once around his age, is living in the vacant house next to his.

Prologue – 3rd Person

Life for the past few months was hard for Nina Martin. Her life had drastically changed. She had been living in a decent sized house with her Gran, and now, she was all alone, living in an abandoned house that nobody wanted. But she didn't have a choice.

Her Gran has passed away in a fire. A stack of papers had caught on fire, causing the house to erupt in flames. But Nina hadn't been home, she had snuck out that night, to go on a walk. And by the time she returned, the house was burned to the ground.

Nina knew if they found out she was alive, she would be sent to an orphanage. See, her Gran was her only family left. Her parents had died before she even turned three, in a fatal car accident. So, she had to make adjustments.

She had to change her appearance, and her name. She changed her usual black hair, to a light brown color. And instead of getting another tan, she let her tan fade, leaving her skin a bit pale. She didn't look like a whole other person, but she looked different enough to be someone else.

Since she has to change her name as well, she decided to call herself 'Nina Martin'. Her real name was Samantha Jenkins. Though she admits she never liked her name.

Even though they never found Nina (aka Samantha)'s body, they declared that her body had melted from the impact of the fire. She found it weird that they did that, that they didn't declare her missing instead, but it was better this way.

Samantha Jenkins was gone, according to the world.

But sadly, Nina didn't have enough money to buy a place to live. Plus, she was only fifteen at the time, they would never let her buy an apartment. So she had to find somewhere to live herself.

That's when she decided on the vacant house. It was all boarded up, and she would keep it looking that way, so nobody would ever know she lived there.

And that's exactly how it was, nobody knew she was there, and yet she was.

But things changed.

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