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Chapter 9

Friday, June 29th, 2012

"Thank you Daddy!" Amber said, hugging her dad. Her dad had just agreed to pay for Nina's entrance into the boarding school. She had told him that Nina was her best friend (Even though they never met), and that her parents didn't have enough money to send her, and she really wanted her to be at the school. And it worked after hours of begging.

She was just about to call Fabian when her phone went off, and she looked over, seeing it was Fabian himself. She picked up, and answered in a cheery voice.

"Hi! I solved your problem!" Amber squealed into the phone. Fabian put the phone away from his ear, and she kept squealing.

"EEP! Listen!" She squealed, and Fabian put the phone back to his ear hesitantly, hoping she would be able to help him. "Okay, so my dad said he would pay for Nina's stay here, I lied about her past and present, and just said her parents couldn't afford it and I'm her best friend and blah blah blah. And I know Nina won't just accept it, so tell her she made the scholarship!"

Fabian took everything in, and responded "But she knows it's impossible for her to get a scholarship there. She has no education under her name."

Amber rolled her eyes, even though Fabian couldn't see, and sighed. She swore he didn't think sometimes, even though he was like, super smart.

"Just, tell her you had some changes done to her file and made her new name on the old file, so it shows that Nina went to school, and you sent that in! Sheez." Amber huffed.

"Okay… I don't like taking money from your dad indirectly like this, but I don't want her to end up really sick. I hope this works. Thanks Amber." Fabian replied.

"No problem Fabian. But, do you like her?"

Fabian didn't hesitate.

"Yeah, and we've shared a kiss."

"EEP! Why didn't you tell me this sooner?!" Amber yelled into the phone, mad he didn't tell her earlier. If she was next to him, she would have probably hit him.

"Because, it's kind of personal. But I need to go, when should I tell Nina about the scholarship?"

"In a few days, now go away, I have to think of a pet name for you too!" And with that, Amber hung up, leaving Fabian a bit confused.

Since it was only ten in the morning, Fabian decided to go have breakfast, so he went and grabbed a bowl of cereal. He sat outside with it, looking at the other houses and such.

That's when he heard a loud-pitched scream that sounded very familiar.


He instantly put his bowl down, and ran to where he thought he heard the scream, which was by Nina's backdoor. She wasn't there, so he opened the door.

"Nina?!" He yelled into the house, hoping to hear an answer. Nothing. He left the house and closed the door.

When he went outside, he could hear somebody's soft crying, coming from the woodsy area behind Nina's house. There was a small ledge over there, he started wondering if maybe she had went a little too far, and slid. That made him run into the woods.

"Nina?! Are you here?!" Fabian yelled into the woods, looking down the ledge. He had been right. Nina was lying right below the ledge. The ledge wasn't too high, but it was a few feet or so. She was crying, and she didn't even look up.

Fabian carefully went around the ledge, and got to where she was.

"Nina, what happened?" Fabian asked, moving the few branches that had left her stuck.

"I-I heard something, s-so I came t-to look to see w-what it was, and I looked a-a bit too far and…" Nina didn't finish her sentence, and went back to crying.

When Fabian was able too, he picked her up, and walked back up. When they were at his house, he set her on the patio swing.

"What hurts?" Fabian asked her, kneeling next to the swing.

"A-Arm." Nina answered, crying.

Fabian touched her arm lightly, which made her scream in pain, and he quickly moved him hand away from her. He noticed a red spot under her hair, and moved her hair away gently with his hand. She had a cut that was pretty big.

"I should take you to the hospital." Fabian said, standing up.

"No, they'll question me." Nina whispered through tears. She was right, they would ask her who her parents were, and she couldn't just make them up.

"But Nina, your arm could be broken. And the cut on your forehead, it might need stiches…" Fabian said calmly, trying not to worry her.

Nina shook her head, sitting up, which made her wince and cry more.

"I-I can't." Nina said, shaking her head.

"At least let me try to help than." Fabian said, picking her up, taking her inside. Nina was silent, closing her eyes as Fabian put her on the couch. He hadn't noticed that Elise was there.

"Fabian, what's going on?" She asked, coming out from where she was hiding. "Is Nina okay?"

Fabian looked at Nina, who was completely silent, and then back at Elise, who had a scared expression on her face.

"She'll be okay, Elise. She just fell. I'm going to go get her some medicine and a bandage, could you stay with her?" Fabian asked, heading towards the stairs. Elise nodded, and ran over to the couch, sitting on the floor next to the couch.

"Fabian told me to watch you. How did you fall?" Elise said, looking up at her.

"I just was r-running, and wasn't paying attention, and I fell. Nothing too bad." Nina whispered, trying to hide her stutter, which always popped up when she was really worried or hurt.

Elise nodded.

"I fall a lot. And Fabian always makes me feel better, and gives me a lollipop! He wants to be a doctor when he grows up, you know. And he also talks about you a lot when you guys aren't together." Elise said, giggling. "I think Fabian likes you!"

Nina opened her eyes, and looked at Elise, who was smiling, and still giggling. She sat up carefully, thinking to herself. She smiled, she liked Fabian a lot.

"I didn't know he wanted to be a doctor. That's really cool." Nina said, keeping her arm still. "And he talks about me a lot?"

"Yeah! My mom gets annoyed sometimes, and tells him to be quiet! Then he is quiet, and then starts talking again! It's so funny!" Elise giggled.

Nina giggled too.

When Fabian walked back into room, both of them quieted down. But they both kept big grins on their faces.

"You seem better now, seeing that you were both giggling." Fabian said, offering a smile, opening his small first-aid kit. "That's good. Elise, why don't you go upstairs? 'My Little Pony' is on."

"Yay! I was waiting for that to come on!" Elise said, running out of the room, and into hers. She quickly turned the TV on, and turned it to the show. "Yes!"

"So, why were you two giggling?" Fabian asked curiously, taking out his alcoholic wipes. He opened one up, and dabbed it on Nina's forehead.

"No reas- Ow! That stings!" Nina said, pushing Fabian's hand away.

Fabian shook his head, and took out a small spray bottle.

"Forgot to warn you that it might sting. Sorry. And what kind of reasons?" Fabian asked, quickly spraying anti-infection spray on her forehead.

"Apparently you talk about me a lot." Nina said, smiling. Fabian blushed, and looked away to grab a bandage. "Elise also thinks you like me."

Fabian blushed more, and ignored Nina, who was still smiling. He placed a bandage carefully on her forehead, and ignored the words coming out her mouth.

"That's really interesting, that you like me." Nina said, still talking even though Fabian wasn't responding at all.

"Why is interesting?" Fabian said, looking at her, after putting everything back into his first-aid kit.

"Because I like you too." Nina whispered, blushing herself.

Fabian smiled, and sat next to her on the couch.

"So, why did you want to forget about this kiss?" Fabian asked, confused on why she would want to forget, when she liked him.

"Cause I wasn't sure if you meant the kiss, or if you just had an urge to kiss me or…" Nina wandered off, and then looked at him.

"I meant it Nina, I just figured you didn't like me back since you said to forget about it…" Fabian responded.

"So umm…" Nina whispered, and seconds later, she kissed him.

Fabian kissed back, putting his arms on her waist gently, as she put her good hand on his neck. They were snogging for a good five minutes, until Elise walked in.

"EWW!" Elise yelled, seeing the two kissing. When they heard her, Fabian quickly pulled away, and looked at his sister.

"Umm…" Fabian whispered, looking over at Nina, who was blushing like crazy, and yet was smiling. She let out a giggle, and Fabian smiled at her.

"EW! I'm telling Mom you guys were kissing on the couch!" Elise yelled, covering her eyes.

"Elise, please don't. Mum wouldn't let Nina come back… And we didn't expect you to walk in…" Fabian whispered, giving her a sad look.

"Okay, but you better not tell her that I broke the cookie jar earlier today." Elise said, skipping away.

"Cookie jar?" Nina asked, tilting her head in confusion as Elise skipped away.

"Yeah, earlier she was trying to grab a cookie when even though our Mum said no, and she accidentally broke the jar while sneaking one." Fabian said, watching her leave.

Nina nodded, unsure of what to say. She was tempted to kiss him again, but she decided against it, and looked around. There was a long period of silence before Fabian kissed her.

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