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Today is the day Shin had been waiting for.. it was their 6th monthsary...

If he thinks about it.. it's been 3 months since the incident.. Yankumi returned to school after a week of her miraculous recovery.. her present students already graduated with pride..

they celebrated the day with the 3D gang.. everyone congratulated them..especially the Principal.. although he doesn't seem like it.. have already taken a liking on the 3D guys.. they are like the other from Shirokin, Kurogin and Akadou [former 3D]..

although they are all delinquents, handful and troublemakers.. they have their hearts on the right place..

Shin smiled as he looked on his watch and saw the time

"7:00.." he smirked..

then he counted 5,4,3,2,1.. right then Yankumi dash out of the Oedo house.. then looked at him standing while leaning on his car..

She was wearing an off-shoulder black dress that's fit on her petite body.. she was indeed hot and alluring..

She beamed at him.. he grinned and flicks her forehead..

she frowned.. "hey! what was that for?" she said as she touches her forehead with her two heads...and looked at him with puppy dog eyes.

Shin smiled at her being so childish.. He removes her hand and kiss her forehead..

She pinch his cheeks before she beamed at him..

"Happy 6th monthsary Shin" she said before she cupped his face and kissed him..

he kissed her back.. but pull away after a short time.. "I Love you.."

she smiled.. "I-love-you-more!" she replied with a playful voice..

Shin held her on her shoulders.. "Shall we go now?" he asked..

"Where are we going?" she replied..

He rolled his eyes as he guided her inside the car.. after some time..

they arrived at a familiar face.. it's Shirokin Academy..

Yankumi looked at him wondering why did he brought him here...

"Come on" he held her hands to drag her inside..but she pulled him..

"Hey wait..it's closed already.. look" she asked him and point on a sign saying "Private Property..trespassers not allowed!.."..

Shin smirked.. "it's a private property.. coz it's mine.."

"EHHH?" she looked at him with disbelief..

he smirked once again.. "I bought this place as soon as I came back in Japan.." he explained..

"But why?" she asked..

"Coz there's something here that I treasure.. I can't let anybody ruin it.." he explained..

"Something that you treasure? what is it?" Yankumi asked..

"You'll know" he entered as he gently dragged her inside..

They both arrive at Shirokin's gymnasium.. Yankumi was surprised to see that the place hadn't change a bit.. it was neat as if it's cleaned every single day..

"Nothing much changes in here.." she said as she looks happily around.. 'this place brings back many memories'

Shin smirked.. he pointed to the stage.. "there is where I first saw you.. you were standing there wearing you're dorky outfit.. my classmates and the rest of the school were telling you to go home.."

"You can still remember that?" she asked..

"Of course.. I can't forget that day..." he smiled.. which makes Yankumi's heart melt..

"Hmp first time I saw you.. you came late on the gym then all of they guys' attention are focused on you.. and as you made your way they guys clear the way so that you could walk freely.. seriously Shin.. what are you? even after seven years you were still able to do that.."

Shin rolled his eyes.. he motioned to the whole place..

"This is where you wear that damn stupid sailor moon uniform of yours.. while cheering our volleyball team" he teased her..

She went into the corner and mumbled something like 'don't make me remember that.. any other memories you can think aside from that?'

Shin grinned as he went to her and hug her from the back.. he motion his head on the main door of the gym..

"there is where we enter.. full of rage, full of hope.. we are desperate at the time when we almost lose you.. when you almost get fired.." he and she smiled at the memories..

"and also.. that is where we.. walk.." he smirked.. "no we run.. we run together just to make it up to the graduation ceremony.. and there.." he points to the stage where he held his valedictorian speech.. Yankumi looked on the place as well..

"that place is where I promise on behalf of the whole 3D class. that from the day we graduate, with pride of being graduates of Shirokin academy, we will look and live straight from that day forward..." he spoke..

Yankumi looked at him..

"Yankumi.. Kumiko.. that is the treasure I was talking about before.." he held her on her shoulders..

"That is the memories that I treasure.. and those were the reasons why I don't want this place to be destroyed.." he looked at her..

"Shin" Yankumi replied to him..

'Shin although he always look though.. he always looks and acts cool.. he has a soft spot too.. especially when it comes to the people he loved and he cherish.. that's what's make him..that's what's making him so special' she thought while looking at him..

Shin smiled.. as he held her hands once again.. and drag her somewhere.. when they arrive..

Yankumi suddenly stop him as SHin was about to open the door to the 3D room.. SHin looked at her...

She walked and touches the door of the room..

"Shin.. I've been in here when I was dreaming.. back when you said I was in coma.." she stated.. SHin didn't say anything but he was attentively listening to her..

"When I was here.. I keep on hearing your voice.. that's why I thought.. that maybe you're inside.. when I opened the door.." she said as she motioned and open the door of the room she hadn't seen for almost six years..

She entered and went to the table in front of the class..then touch it softly.. there was no dust.. everything was clean.. nothing changes on the room.. it still looks dirty just like when her first 3D was still there.. Shin looked at her..

"I saw my parents here.. they were beaming happily at me.. they hugged me.. the hug I've been longing to feel once again after 23 years.." she said.. her tears were close to dropping.. she faced him..

"They say they know you.. they say that how much to love me and how much you cared for me..." she said her tears were rolling on her cheeks.. Shin pulled her and give her a tight hug..

"You're parents love you so much.. and I thank them for bringing you back..to me.." he said in a soft voice..

Shin breathe deeply before he held Yankumi's hands and kissed it..

"Kumiko..I know we've been just a couple for almost half a year.. and I know that maybe this would be sudden for you.. but.." he looked at her.. she wasn't saying anything... he wipe the tears on her eyes then he smiled..

"I made a promise..to God.. that if he save you.. I'll no longer waste a time on becoming a coward..." he continued..

"Promise?" she asked confuse on everything that he was saying...

"Kumiko" he shove his hands on his pocket and take a small red box.. when he opened it.. it was a diamond ring... it also shines perfectly with the blend of sunlight just like the necklace he gave to her after she woke up from that fairy tale as his present of their 3rd monthsary..

"Kumiko.. will you give me the chance to prove how much I love you..?" she was crying.. tears of joy were coming form her eyes.. she nodded..

Shin asked her another question.. "will you give me the honor of spending the rests of my life with you?" her emotions were now showing.. she held his hands tight.. as she nodded once again..

"Kumiko..will you marry me?" he asked.. Yankumi who was looking at him.. feeling both startled, emotional and happy at this moment.. her tears rolled on her cheeks once again.. then..she nodded..

It was more than enough for Shin.. he put the ring on her finger then pulled her off for a deep kiss..

he pulled for a while then hugged her tight.. "Thank you.. thank you Kumiko..." he said..

"Woooohhh!" loud cheers echoes around the room.. as the 3D guys stated popping out from every where..

"Huwah! my eyes.. what happened to my eyes?" others cried.. as they kept on teasing the couple..

Shin and Yankumi beamed at them..

"Yosha! let's celebrate for the soon-to-be married couple!" Uchiyama shouted as the guys started running and dragging the two into the gymnasium..

awhile ago it was plain but now.. it's decorated..with signs saying

"Welcome back Yankumi and congratulations to the soon-to-be husband and wife!"

Yankumi looked at them.. "How did you guys know?" she asked..

"stupid..Shin told us of course.." Hayato said.

"And how did you know I would say yes huh?" she looked at Shin..

"You can't say "no" to the prince" Shin answered with a smirk on his face..

Yankumi grinned.. "Moron" she said to him..

"OKAY! For the soon to be married couples.. and for our early condolences to Shin!" Uchiyama said..Yankumi glared at him..

the 3D gang and the special visitors such as the Oedo family, the school administration and Shin's family laughed..

"CHEERS!" they all raised their glasses with wine and tossed with everybody..

The night continued... it was an awesome day for all of them.. not only because of ShinKumi's grand wedding that Noda and Uchi planned.. but because of the fact and the idea.. that everyone..everyone who's close to their hearts are with them..

everyone..that they considered as their priceless treasures..


It's the day everyone was waiting for.. it was a magical moment..

Shin was patiently waiting in the altar..he was nervous.. it's the day he's been longing to see after almost eight years..

The most awaited moment began as the instrumental version of the song "Love so Sweet" was played..

"It would be a long one" His father whispered to Shin.. the guy smirked as he looks on the door of the church seeing familiar faces... many familiar faces.. and six of them were marching towards the altar..

"Well it's an official big reunion after all" Shin replied with a grin on his face..

Uchiyama is the best man while Ren,Yamato,Ryu,Hayato and Reita,Noda,Minami,Kuma,Takeda,Hikaru,Kamiya and Hongo were the groomsmen.. They all look good on their suits..

Shizuka,Kikuno,Shiratori,Takano,Ayukawa,Sayuri-sensei, Maki-chan & Natsumi, were chosen as the bridesmaids..

After all of them settled on their seats.. the guests' attention focused on the girl behind..

she was wearing a white wedding gown that falls perfectly on the ground.. it was fitted on her body and the color perfectly blends on her skin.. her hair was down and a bit curled at the end and her veil was a princess-like-tiara which perfectly added on her beauty... her make up was light but suits her face and skin perfectly.. her lips was painted with pinkish lipstick which makes her lips so kissable..

Shin cant explain the happiness he felt at that moment.. the girl he loved the most.. the girl he wanted to spend his life with..is now walking on the aisle towards him.. The 3D gang's jaw dropped to the ground.. they had seen Yankumi in a dress many times.. but seeing her in a wedding dress makes them feel different..

'Seesh she was indeed beautiful' they all thought..

Shin's smile couldn't get any bigger by now.. it was the happiest moment of his life..

When Yankumi reached the altar Shin paid his respect to her grand father..

As the ceremony started.. everyone was beaming happily..

Then, After almost an hour..

"I now pronounce you husband and wife" the priest called as the visitors clapped their hands and congratulated the newly weds..

The 3D gang were occupying eight long seats.. they were dramatically sniffing and sobbing as they think about her being married..The couple looked at the guys..they giggled seeing them so dramatic..

"Oi what's with the drama?" Yankumi said with a mocking voice..

"Shut up and kiss you two" Uchi said with a dramatic voice which makes everyone including the couple laughed..

"Then as the guy said.. you may now kiss the bride.." the priest announced..

At his words Shin leaned his forehead on hers, then stared at her eyes..

"May I Mrs. Sawada Kumiko?" he asked in a bit teasing tone..Yankumi smiled at him..then Shin kissed her gently on the lips.. Everyone clapped happily..

The 3D gang covered their eyes as the two kissed.. tHEY were happy for them..

After the whole ceremony ended.. knowing Yankumi,Shin and the guys.. this won't be a normal wedding..

When Yankumi was about to toss the bouquet instead of the girls gathering at her back it was the whole 3D gang..

"All the girls around are already married.. give us chance.. maybe it'll work on us too.." Hayato protested.. as the 3D gang [with exception of the ever-serious ringleaders of course!] nodded in agreement.. Shin couldn't held himself in giving a smile..

When Yankumi tossed the bouquet all the hands of the 3D guys were up on the air.. but when Okuma from Kurogin's class 3D bumped on them.. they ended up falling which makes the visitors laughed at them and causing the guys to argue with him..

"Oi where's the bouquet?" Minami shouted.. as all of the guys search for it..

Reita who just came back from outside bumped into a girl..

"Sorry" he said as the girl bowed..

When he went back he saw a bouquet of flowers lying on the ground.. when he returned beside Ryu...

"Hey what are they doing?" Reita asked..

"Looking for a bouquet..desperately hoping to be the next one to be married" Ryu Replied chuckling..

"Like this?" Reita showed the bouquet he had..

Yamato and Ryu nodded.."Yeah like that!" they answered as they both looked back at the stupid bunch..when the thoughts sink to their mind..they look back at Reita who was staring confusedly back at them..

"What?" he said..

"That's the bouquet!" the two shouted as the rest of the guys looked at Reita's direction..

"I picked it up back there.." he pointed to the place near the door of the church..

Shin and Yankumi laughed at scene.. "Oi Takasugi! too early for you to get married!" Yankumi shouted..

As the 3D gang walked to his direction..

"Hey punk.. give it to us.." Uchi said..

"Let us get the chance to married.." Ren said..

Reita chuckled.. As he tried to mess it up a little..

"No way!" he said.. As he began to move away from them.. the rest of the guys run and chased him around..

They were shouting something like "Oi! give it back!"

Yankumi and Shin with the rest of the visitors laughed at them..

Shin looked at his bride as he smile.. "Happy?" he asked..

Yankumi looked at his as he kissed him on the lips.. "Very very happy..." she replied..

"So I guess we should start making little Shin and Yankumi to join them.. what do you think?" he winked.. she blushed as she tried to capture him..

Then the whole marriage ended happily.. as everything began.. once upon a school year..and end.. no it never end.. as everyone lived happily ever after!


A new school year began..

"Shin...!" she screamed.. her voice were travelling on the hallway of the Oedo house..

"Ready to go?" he asked her as soon as she reached the dining area.. She smiled at him..then nodded..

Both of them leave the house after bidding their goodbyes to the old man..

When they arrived at school..

"Take care... I'll pick you up late for lunch dont be late 'kay? Shin asked before kissing her on her lips..

"'Kay.. take care.. love you.." she whispered before she kissed his cheeks..

Shin smiled.. "I love you too.. go now or you'll be late.. I don't want to see that principal monkey man scolding my beloved wife.." he said..

At his words Yankumi run towards school..

Today would be her first day of meeting her new batch of students.. which are none other than the ever-famous class 3D..

the bell rang..

Yankumi looked at the sign on the door saying "3D" she smiled..

"Yosh.. Fight-o Oh!" she did her seven years ritual.. this maybe bringing lucky charm to her.. oh who knows

When she opens the door.. the roaring 3D guys fell silent as they glared at her..

She smiled at them.. which makes the guy on the back with long blonde highlights kick the table in front of him, went to Yankumi and grab her collar..

"We home don't need teachers like you.. so get lost.." he said.. as the others doesn't give a damn about speaking.. for they know that their leader doesn't want people who talk when he was still speaking or provoking a teacher..

their jaws drop to the ground when Yankumi put her arms around her waist and make a proud pose..

"Get back to your seats and stop whatever you're doing and listen to me.. just for a moment.." she said with a goofy look on her face..

"Don't try to mess or meddle with our business.. you'll be sorry" he said before he removes his hands and move away from her but suddenly stopped when she stay something..

"Sorry but meddling with my student's businesses is my favorite hobby.. ask my former students if you want.." she said..the guy turned to glare at her..

"No matter happens.. I promise that I'll make sure every single one of you will graduate..so better prepare yourselves.." she said with a proud voice..


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