"What are you doing?" Sam asked as he walked into the kitchen, a dusty volume in his hands.

"I found some crayons in Bobby's attic," Dean responded from the table, running a green crayon across a picture of a frog.

"So, you're four?"

"I was bored," Dean snapped dropping the green crayon and grabbing a yellow one. "Bobby's T.V. is broken again, I can't sit and research anymore, and it's too cold to work on the car." Dean looked up, noticing the smile on Sam's face. "Shut up."

"I didn't say anything," Sam replied sitting across from Dean.

"You were thinking something," Dean muttered darkly before returning to his picture.

Sam snorted, opening his book. He actually had been thinking about something: Dean's attention span. His brother had to constantly be doing something. Even when they were kids Dean had to be kept entertained otherwise he got into trouble. Maybe coloring wasn't such a bad idea regardless of his age.

For a while they sat in silence, Dean steadily coloring his picture while Sam read up on Harpies. It was when Sam was halfway through his reading that he began to get bored with the book. He looked up, noticing that Dean had started a new picture, and suddenly wanted to color, too.

"Hey, can I have a page?" he asked carefully.

"Oh, now you want to color? I thought it was only for four year olds," Dean teased, but still tore out a picture and handed it to Sam. He dumped the box of crayons in the middle of the table and returned to his coloring.

The kitchen fell silent again. Sam started by coloring the bear, in his picture, brown, but he needed the black for the eyes. He looked up, intending to get it, but noticed it was sitting next to Dean's arm.

"Hey, can I have the black crayon?" he asked curiously.

"No, I'm using it," Dean replied without looking up from his picture, the purple crayon in his hand.

"No, you're not. It's right next to your arm," Sam retorted testily.

"I'm going to need it in a minute."

"And I'll only need it for a second."

Sam reached for the crayon, but Dean swatted his hand. "Leave it," the older Winchester snarled.

"Dean, it'll be for two seconds," Sam said reaching for the crayon again.

"Leave it," Dean repeated hitting his brother again.

"Bobby!" Sam called reaching for the crayon a third time.

"Oh my God, you are such a child," Dean snapped whipping the crayon at Sam. It rolled across the table and onto the floor. Dean then jumped to his feet and stalked out of the room. Shrugging his shoulders, Sam snatched the crayon off the floor and returned to his picture.


This is based off an episode of The King of Queens. The scene made me think of the times that Sam told on Dean during Supernatural (i.e. in The Devil You Know when Dean went off with Crowley and Sam called Bobby. Or Bloodlust when Dean went off with Gordon and he called Ellen(I'm sure there's more, but they've escaped me)) I sometimes notice, for some reason, regardless of age, the younger sibling feels the need to tell on the older one.

So, thanks for reading, I do not own these characters, and it's up to you when this one shot takes place (I didn't really specify).

So, drop a comment if you can and I should go.