(An apartment on Earth)

?: So 'sup, Chib?

?: Not much, you?

?: I'm fine...for a Deadpool...

?: (Laughs) Yes, yes you are, Steven.

Steven: And remember that monster?

Chibipool: Oh yeah, that was AWESOME...uh, I mean, that was some fine er...acting, there, sonny boy.

Steven: You really need to grow through this phase soon.

Deadpool: S'up guys, I brought Weaz and Bob!

Steven: Sup.

Bob: Sup.

Chibipool: Sup.

Weasel: Sup.

Deadpool: Sup.

Weasel: ...I told you you shouldn't have messed with that device at the Baxter Building.

Deadpool: Why? I got two more mes! WAIT. (Narrows eyes) Are they trying to get to the Bea Arthur DVDs first? CAUSE I WILL KILL YOU BOTH! No wait! Even worse! YOU'LL BUY OUT ALL THE CHIMICHANGAS! Wait! LESS WORSE! You'll intimidate Bob so much that when I do he'll be bored! IS THAT IT?!

Chibipool: I'm awful sorry sir, but we won't be doing much of those things.

Deadpool: Good. Maybe I WON'T have to kill you in your sleep.

Steven: Say what?

Deadpool: Whaaaaat?

Chibi: Cool.


Spidey: Uh, you guys sure you wanna hang out on Earth? Well, I mean, this dimension? We're not Y7. The only Y7 thing we have in my dimension here is Super Hero Squad.

Gumball: Yea, we totally wanna hang out!

Darwin: Too bad Mr Robinson isn't here.

Spidey: Not even going to ask. Anyway, the Avengers will be over here soon to be giving you guys some friends, the only other Y7(Yet sometimes PG)show on CN from ULTIMATE CROSSOVER-

(Ding, Dong)

Spidey: Oh that's them. THROW THEM UP HERE, THEY'RE RATED Y7, THEY WONT DIE! (Flapjack and Knuckles fall from the ceiling)

Knuckles: We're still alive!

Spidey: See?


Iron Man: Glad those two are outta the way.

Panther: We can proceed with our heroic ways.

Cap: You think other people were protecting the Earth while we were gone?

Cage: Ummm...(Points to city in chaos)

Fist: ...Eh, I got eight minutes.

Cage: Think you were hangin' with Lego too long Fist. Hey, where is that rascal anyway?

[Aw, you're so sweet, calling me a little rascal. MEANWHILE! I like saying that]

Lego: You finished?

Beast: (Chuckles) Now hold on, this transporter is delicate so it may take a while, but once it's finished, it's sure to take you home.

Lego: Good. I can't imagine anything here, I'll die.

Beast: What, do you have imagine yourself alive?

Lego: Yeah.

Mordecai: Thanks for letting us stay here.

Wolverine: No problem, bub.

(Suddenly, a man with dark purple hair, with little blue hair at the right front side, wristbands, wears skinny jeans, rag at the back pocket, black tantop, black and white shoes, blue eyes and facial hair appears out of nowhere)

?: Is this X-Men Base?

Wolverine: (Snikt)Who's askin'?

?: I'm Joey Hardy. I belive you're...James Howlett? (Wolverine cringes at the sound of real name)

Wolverine: (Growls, then yet another snikt)What do you want, bub?

Joey: I'm sorry, but I heard of your heroics in the Lego84771 Dimension. Well my friends in a dimension called Aaa is in trouble too! Can you help me save them?

Wolverine: (Mumbles, then claws go back in) Fine. We'll gather everyone, except the New Warriors and that marshmallow.

Lego: You know, I AM allowed to imagine one thing in each dimension. If you'd like, I can summon a cast of fighters.

Wolverine: (Groans)Whatever, but it'll just make it more confusing!

Lego: We don't have to invite everyone neccesarily, plus you already said no marshmallows or New Warriors.

Wolverine: Fine. But I don't want no stinkin' kiddies slowin' us down!

Lego: Are you basically trying to get rid of Gumball, Knuckles, Flapjack, and Darwin?

Wolverine: Pretty much.

Lego: Done. (Claps twice, then the spoken of ones go back to their realms immediently)

Beast: Why can't you teleport yourself to your dimension?

Lego: Shut up, you'll ruin the plot.

Wolverine: Much better.

Joey: Umm..

Lego: Oh yeah, sorry. (Waves hand, then a bunch of odd-looking strangers appeared)

One of them: Mama Mia...

Different: The land looks strange.

Lego: It's me guys!

Someone else: Wha, yahs ood?

Lego: Sorry, Kirby, no food.

"Kirby": Aw, me ike ood, yum tum!

Lego: Yeah. Meet some of my new friends! (Points to X-Men and Regular Show)

?: Ah, how nice-a!

Lego: Can you guys introduce yourselves to them?

?: It'sa me, Mario!

?: I'm-a Leegi, none but-a-the one.

?: The name's Link.

Kirby: Meeeee Kirby!

?: Pika pika, pikaCHU!

Lego: You know what, I think we can settle this much easier if we just write down 'Everyone introduces themselves'.

[Everyone introduces themselves]

Lego: Yeah, like that.

Link: Why have you summoned us, Master Lego?

Lego: Because, Link, my friends need help to save a dimension by the name of Aaa.

Mario: Ah, a-mamma mia, I've-a been there, iz not so good-a, mesa met a Marie, a alternate-a gender of mesa.

Lego: Well the jokes on all of you cuz there ain't no way to turn Lego into a girl name.

Samus: None that you could think of anyway.

[Four hours. [Oh god, that's a lot, better make it smaller]Ten hours later[Ha]]

Deadpool: F*ck you.

Joey: ...And that's why we need all of you.

Deadpool: You didn't even say anything, you only said 'thats why we need all of you.

Joey: ...Good point.

(Another ten hours later[I'm sooooo evil])

Joey: And that's why we ne-You know what, you get the point.