Lina and Gourry stayed with Sylphiel until the after the Replanting of Flagoon. They had very little time to themselves, because as soon as Sylphiel mentioned to the Head Priest of Lyzeille that the current Swordsman of Light was going to be present at the ceremony, along with the (in-)famous Sorceress Lina Inverse, both were quickly given roles: Gourry, as a point of honor; Lina, really, to keep her under control and to make sure that the Dra-Mata did not do something destructive and unpropitious. There was one member of the imperial court who was less than pleased to find out that Lina was going to participate in the ceremony. A certain messenger went out of his way to switch duties to ensure that he would be anywhere but Sairaag on that day.

During those days, Lina came to realize that her worries about things changing between her and Gourry had been groundless. In general, Gourry was happy to let her plan their next quest for ancient magical treasures, and they still fought over food. The only obvious difference in their relationship was that they touched each other more frequently. Gourry loved to reach over and brush Lina's hair out of her face. Lina, for her part, would place her hand briefly on Gourry's arm whenever she came up to stand next to him. These touches reminded them both of what they had started that night in the ruins of Old Sairaag, and in some ways, Lina enjoyed them more. As much as she had enjoyed that night, she was still a bit nervous about how out of control she had been. Gourry reveled in the fact that he no longer felt like he had to keep his feelings under tight control and that Lina was accepting his gestures of affection.

There was another who was relieved that Lina and Gourry were restrained in their displays. Sylphiel knew that they were together. If she had suspected it when she went out to find them in the ruins of Old Sairaag, she was sure when she saw them standing next to each other, holding hands. She was happy for them, and she tried to convince herself that it was for the best. The fact that they were pretty much acting like normal, instead of like giddy young lovers, made things a lot easier for her.

Lina was surprised that Seyruun sent a delegation to the ceremony, but she was disappointed that neither Amelia nor Phil showed up. The Seyruun ambassador to Lyzeille explained that they were deep in negotiations with the other kingdoms about mounting an expedition down the coast. Lina was a bit miffed that Amelia had not mentioned this in her most recent letter.

After the ceremony, Lina was torn between wanting to chase down the Essence of Burundi and heading off to the coast to see the launching of the Seyruun fleet. Gourry had no opinion, either way. Most of the magical artifacts Lina wanted to find tended to be bogus, or more effort than they were worth. On the other hand, when they went into towns, they always seemed to end up taking jobs that got them into trouble. Lina finally decided when she received a letter from someone who was offering her a very lucrative job. By some coincidence, the potential employer suggested meeting in the coastal town where Phil and Amelia were hosting the pre-launch festivities.

The trip to the coast was relatively uneventful, with the occasional foray into bandit strongholds to calm Lina's nerves and replenish their traveling funds. A couple of times, Lina and Gourry had gotten cozy by the campfire, with one thing leading to another, but Gourry adamantly refused to allow things to progress too far. He did not like the idea of them being so vulnerable out-of-doors, no matter how secluded their camping spot. Lina pouted a bit, and she privately thought that Gourry took the "protector" business too far, but she couldn't be angry when he told her that he wanted to be able to focus on her, and not have to worry about their surroundings.

After one such incident, they lay on either side of the fire, both too keyed up to sleep, so they just talked. Or rather, Lina talked while Gourry listened, her words more or less sinking in. Lina got his full attention when she asked him if he still thought of her as a little girl. At first, Gourry wasn't sure how to answer. It turned out that what was really bothering her was the fact that he teased her about her size. When Gourry pointed out that it was no different than her calling him Jellyfish all the time, Lina just stared at him. Both learned something important that night. Lina knew that things like "Yogurt Brains" didn't really bother him, although she often used them as barbs, particularly when she was annoyed. Gourry knew he wasn't the sharpest tool in the toolbox, but he was a good swordsman. He played to his strengths and accepted his weaknesses. He certainly couldn't do anything to change them. Gourry thought Lina was the same way, and he had not realized how much his comments about her small stature and even smaller attributes upset her. He had known that she didn't like it when he teased her, but he hadn't realized how insecure she was about her body. Gourry was partly angry that she felt that way about herself, and partly amazed and happy that she felt comfortable enough to confide in him. He tried to make Lina promise to tell him these kinds of things in the future and stop trying to be the "Sorceress Supreme" all the time. Lina compromised by agreeing not to hide things from him when they were alone.

By the time Lina and Gourry arrived at the coast, both had settled into a comfortable routine. Although "the right time" had not come about during their travels, for one reason or another, neither were in a rush. They knew that they would wait for, well, the right time.