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Something is going on. The princess and Glitch won't make eye contact. Every time one of them looks at the other, they blush and look away right as the other looks at them. It just keeps going back and forth. DG might win the bet on those two getting together. Never in my life would I have been as glad as I will be to pay off that bet. Also, maybe that couple will finally prove to my dad that a princess can be with whoever she wants. Ozma knows why he would think that DG, of all princesses, would defer to tradition or even what her parents think on the matter. She will always go with her own instincts about matters of the heart. Truth be told, I am a little surprised that she let dad off the hook so easily. Maybe she does not think that he loves her. Well, I'm going to correct that if he does not. They both deserve to be happy. Mom would want dad to move on with his life.

The princess is working on the travel storm. It's basically a tornado that will suck us to the Other Side. Seriously. Who came up with that? I bet it was someone really sadistic. What was wrong with the way the ancients traveled? By bubble? That seems like a much better option in my opinion. By better, of course I mean resulting in significantly fewer travel injuries. You would think that people would care about that. But what do I know?

"First time?" Kalm asks while tugging on my sleeve.

"Yeah, this is my first travel storm experience," I answer.

"Oh." The kid sounds disappointed. He looks so nervous.

"I'm sure that everything will be fine." I hope that sounds as encouraging as I mean it to be. Guess it worked, he beams up at me.

I cast a glance at my father. He is glaring at my letters from DG. I knew he would be this way, but I offered them to him on the way to the palace. At least it gives him something to do…other than stare everyone down and generally make people uncomfortable that is. The letters only reference him in terms of our relationship. DG carefully avoided anything else. I think she took dad's lack of communication pretty hard. But she always asked how he and I were doing. She's just caring that way.


When Jeb offered to let me read his letters from DG, I was not sure that I really wanted to know what was in them. He's kept them all, just like I'm sure she has. They are just alike that way. She wrote me a couple of times, but my lack of response made her stop trying. At least my son had the sense not to cut her off. I was so focused on our respective stations that I pushed her away. Well, no more. I love her. It's different this time around, but it is just as strong.

To her credit, DG does not say a single word against me. She has the right. Ozma knows Jeb would have been a sympathetic ear. But she only talks about me in terms of my relationship with my son. She doesn't even mention me when she discusses the progress of rebuilding the defense of the OZ. I'm not sure how to take that. What did she mean by doing things that way? I'll add that to the ever growing list of things I need to talk to her about when we find her…well, after I kiss her breathless and tell her that I love her…


The travel storm is ready. We all enter.

Twists…turns…jerking suddenly in another direction…Oh, Ozma…I may get sick…THUMP!

We land hard. I should have bent my knees to ease the impact. Travel storms are a horrible idea. When we get back, I am sequestering myself in the library until I find the bubble travel spell. I don't even care if it has been lost for centuries.

"We're here," Glitch announces as he helps me to stand.

"Now what?" Wyatt growls. That poor man has been in a foul mood since DG went missing…maybe longer.

"I have an idea," I respond, far more confidently than I feel about my idea. Here goes nothing, ready or not.

Concentrating, I extend my hands. Magic tingles through my body and crackles in the air. The others huddle defensively on instinct alone. A translucent and completely silent travel storm appears. We see the effects play out, but can't feel any of it. A shadow of DG exits the storm far more gracefully than any of us did. The shadow looks around. She holds her hand out and something flies to her grasp. There is the glance at the remains of a mirror. That part is exactly like my dream playing out for all to see.

The shadow fiddles with the small object…cell phone…whatever that is. She holds it up to her ear. I focus more energy to try and add sound to the scene.

"Hey, it's me…yeah, I'm all in one piece. That's more than I can say for our house…No, they are out of town, fortunately…Can I crash with you for…I just need a couple of days…Yes, I am sure that is all I need…I don't want to put you out…Fine, fine…I won't set a time limit if it will make you happy…Where are you these days?...Texas? Why on Earth…you know what, we can discuss your sanity when I get there. I have a long ride ahead of me…Yeah, my bike made it without a scratch, miracle of miracles…See you when I get there."

At least we got her side of the conversation. The shadow goes to a large out building that could be a barn or a shed. I'm not really familiar with farms. She rides off on some sort of two wheeled machine. That must be her 'bike' that she talked about.

"Well, we have a starting point now," Glitch comments.

"Neat trick." Kalm boisterously compliments me.

"Where or what is Texas?" Wyatt grumbles.

"We are going to need a map and a mode of transportation as I suspect the Other Side has a different currency than the OZ." Jeb takes the reigns.

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