a/n: This will be all my Makorra week nonsense. I thought it obnoxious to make them all separate stories, seeing as how I'm posting these so late. ^^; Enjoy!

Mako smelled very human.

It was a hard scent to describe, but it was perfect, and she smelled it on him when he stood so close to her, close like he did now, when his face was inches from hers. They stood on the hill, their hill. It was where they always met when she couldn't resist temptation and she flew down from the heavens to see him before her, to see him real and breathing. She shouldn't have come, but she did. So she stared into his soul, saw his past yet again, saw all his fears and hopes and dreams swirling in the golden flecks of his eyes.

All humans fascinated Korra, but this one was special.

He was hers, but only half so.

Her hand rose up, hovering in the air. Her fingers were quivering for she had to be so very careful. Humans were fragile.

"I want to touch you," she whispered.

"I want you to touch me."

She bit her lip. "But I'll kill you if I touch you. You know this."

"It's killing me that you're not."

When she looked at him now, she did not see anything but pain, dark and cloudy. She felt his ache roll through her spirit, and she looked to the side. Why did she do this to herself? Why did she do it to him? She knew it was wrong; she knew what the other gods and goddesses said about her. She knew it was impossible, that loving him was a fantasy.

It should never have happened. She shouldn't have come down.

They could never be, and it hurt.

"Please, Korra," he begged.

"…I can't."

And she was off, flying back into the heavens. The stars dripped past her, and the darkness swallowed her tears.

She wiped her eyes and made her way to the Mirror Pool, because even though she was so very far, she still couldn't take her eyes off him. She kneeled down and touched the water with a gentle nudge of her finger, the ripples extended to the edges of the pool, and he appeared before her.

He was laying on their hill, staring up at the clouds.

He was looking for her.

"I loved a human once." Korra turned and saw Aang, who was walking towards the pool. He sat next to her. "It was my biggest regret."

She understood. The pain was too much; part of her wishes that she had never met Mako, that she had never gone down to Earth.

"You regret falling in love with her?" Korra asked, watching Mako reach up with one hand, reach to the sky.

"No. I regret not doing everything in my power to be with my soulmate."

Korra looked at her fellow god then, really looked at him. It had been there for years, decades, hadn't it? She was the youngest goddess, yes, but she was as strong as the rest. She still could perceive the sadness, pure and painful, that lingered with him, with this immortal god whose only love had long since passed.

"You have a choice," he said.

Korra stared at Mako's reflection in the pool then. She remembered the first time she'd seen him, when he'd spotted her interfering with some humans when they'd attacked a shopkeeper. She remembered the way he performed in a probending match, the one she'd snuck into without the gods knowing. She remembered how his eyes seemed to gravitate towards her after he'd won, how he'd run out and found her afterward, how he asked for her name and how she somehow asked him on a date, because even though she knew it was a bad idea, it felt right.

She remembered the night they'd spent on that beach, staring up at her home in the stars; he was very calm when she confessed who, what she really was.

She remembered when he told her that he loved her, goddess or not.

She remembered realizing that she loved him too, human or not.

And she remembered the pain when she'd left, crisp, sharp. But it wasn't leaving him that hurt her. It was watching him hurt, watching his pain. That's what hurt her more than anything.

She had a choice.

"I give it up," she said. "I give up immortality. I give up my godhood."

She saw the flash of Aang's smile, knowing and sure, and suddenly she was falling back to the earth, falling through the cosmos, through the clouds. She twisted her body so she could watch for her landing, and it felt different. Her body was heavy, now. There was an unfamiliar, foreign pounding deep in her chest. What was happening?

She arched her back and looked down. She was speeding up, gravity pulling her down to her fate. Mako was still there, waiting for her on the hill, on their hill.

He saw her break through the clouds. He saw her falling.


He ran.

"Mako, don't!" she screamed, because she was going to kill him. No, he couldn't… no!

But he ignored her, extending his arms, legs flying beneath him as he tried to meet her. Then, all the heaviness left, her descent slowed and she felt the gentle touch of a god on her spirit.

She sank into Mako's arms, and he set her down in front of him.

He stood firm, strong, alive.

"You caught me," she said, surprised.

"Of course I did."

Her hand reached out hesitantly to his face, fingers shaking. His eyes closed. If he was alive, that meant… that meant she wasn't a goddess anymore… she wasn't immortal… she could touch him. She could touch him!

She reached for him softly, stroking his cheek, fingers tracing the line of his jaw from his ear to his chin. His skin was smooth. He opened his eyes and inhaled sharply.

"Mako…" she said, and his lips were on hers, warm and wonderful. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her off the ground, held her close to him. She didn't want him to ever let go. Her lips opened up instinctively, and she drank him in.

He was hers now, fully hers.

She'd felt many things in her life, many amazing things. She'd felt stars tremble before their lights snuffed out. She'd felt rainbows explode in the sky. But she'd never felt a kiss before, a kiss from her love, her human soulmate.

It took her mortal breath away.