A/N: This is my first TLK story. I read these really good TLK fics but for some reason I can't find any of them anymore. They were about well, everyone actually. There were five parts in total but the last three in particular were the ones I read. I think they were something like Rafiki's tales, noon, evening, and night or something. Basically it was Rafiki's tales and some particular time of the day. I don't remember the author either but I'd like to thank him/her for giving me the inspiration to write this. Some things that might be a give away to whoever wrote them, the next shaman was Pumbaa, their enemy was a group known as the broken circle, Shenzi started the "Packlands", and Kiara was originally betrothed to some other lion. Do people actually read these things? Oh well, time for the story!


"I wonder if Scar's up there"

Rafiki paced back and forth in his tree. He appeared to be worried as he stopped pacing. He walked over to a hidden spot. He cleared the leaves that blocked the view of the trunk and under it was a picture of a young lion cub. It was smeared in red paint.

Rafiki sighed as he looked up into the night sky. "Oh, Mufasa, must I tell them?"

The only answer he received was a cool breeze.

Rafiki looked towards the silhouette of Pride Rock. From a distance it looked so peaceful. It was hard to believe that only one month ago the Outsiders wanted to take it over. Things have changed. But Rafiki knew that more was about to change than they had originally thought. He didn't know how, but he knew it would happen.


Kovu sighed as he sat under the shade of the acacia tree. It was pretty lonely when there was no kingly lesson from Simba or Kiara sitting next to him. He was happy to be with Kiara, but like every couple, they had their arguments.

"Hey big guy, you're looking down today" said a certain meerkat as he and his warthog friend approached the lion.

"Hey Timon, hey Pumbaa, how are you guys today?" asked Kovu.

"Pretty good. But forget what we're doing, what about you? Let me guess, you got into another fight with Kiara" said Timon while rolling his eyes.

"It wasn't a fight, it was just an argument" sighed Kovu.

"Same thing" mumbled Timon.

"Another one, geez that's like the fifth one in the whole month you two have been mates" said Pumbaa.

"So, lots of mates argue. Simba told me of the many arguments he's gotten into with Nala" said Kovu.

"Even so, how can you expect to maintain an entire kingdom if you can't maintain a simple relationship?" asked Timon.

"Right, and I'm supposed to take love advice from an old meerkat who's been single his whole life" said Kovu sarcastically as he made his way toward Pride Rock.

"Whoa there, that's merely my decision. The only reason I don't have a mate is because children are too much trouble. I learned that the hard way"

"Yeah, Simba told me about your snail slurping competition but that doesn't sound too bad"

"It wasn't just snail slurping"

"Crushed by a warthog, fell down a waterfall, and sleep deprivation" said Pumbaa.

"Let's not relive those sleepless nights. Anyway, Kovu, you don't plan on apologizing to Kiara, do you?" asked Timon.

"Of course, I can't stand being away from her for so long"

"Aw, that's so sweet" sniffed Pumbaa.

"Yeesh, it's like talking to a bunch of little girls" said Timon rolling his eyes. "Look kid, you're going to be a king, which means you'll be able to do whatever you want. You can't just be constantly listening to your mate. You need to take charge. After all, you, my boy, are a king!"

"Funny, last I checked I was a fuzzy maraca"

"Oh, you, uh, still remember that. Anyway, that doesn't matter, my point is, you always end up apologizing to Kiara, but I promise you that by tomorrow, she'll be the one apologizing to you. After all, a good king is one who follows the law of man!"

"Fine, if you say so Timon, but just so you know, if you're wrong, I'm going to have meerkat for dinner" said Kovu with a grin as he walked back towards Pride Rock.



The hunting party just finished catching today's lunch. Now a small group of three friends were walking towards the water hole. This group included the young princess, Kiara, the new leader of the hunting team, Vitani, and a golden colored lioness, Sierra.

"You two are in another argument? That's like the fifth one in a month" said Vitani.

"Well, it seems like your relationship with Kovu isn't going to work out. So is it okay if I take him off your paws?" asked Sierra.

"Sierra, we still love each other you know!" exclaimed Kiara.

"I was only kidding. It's just been a while since a rogue has come around and there are very few male lions in the pride that's around the same age as us. And let's not forget how handsome he is" said Sierra.

"Ignoring the fact that my brother is some sort of heartthrob here, Kiara you don't have to worry. Knowing Kovu, he's going to apologize to you by tomorrow" said Vitani.

"Even so, it's annoying having to fight about everything. I just wish I could spend one peaceful moment with him like we used to" sighed Kiara.

"Used to? You guys go stargazing every night!" exclaimed Sierra.

"Oh yeah, what are you guys in a fight about anyway?" asked Vitani.

"Oh…well…Last night I went out for a walk by myself and when I came back, Kovu had awoken. He had overreacted and said he was worried about me. He said that I shouldn't leave the den without telling him. It's like he's trying to control my life like my father did" said Kiara.

"Well it sounds as if he was just worried, you shouldn't blame him for that. It's a sign that he really likes you" said Sierra.

"True and he is a boy. It's in their nature to overreact" added Vitani. "I learned that from being around him, Nuka, and Kopa"

"Who's Kopa?" asked Kiara.

"Huh? You mean-"

Behind Kiara, Vitani could see Sierra trying to shush her. Sierra may have been Kiara's cub hood friend but she was closer to Vitani's age so she knew some secrets that Kiara didn't.

"I…didn't tell…you…about this rogue's son I met while I was still an Outsider? Wow, it was quite a story too. Well, I'll tell you some other time" covered up Vitani.

"Oh…okay then"

"I have one last question. Why'd you leave the den?" asked Sierra.

"Um…I wasn't feeling so well so I thought a walk might help" 'Actually there's more to that walk than I'm letting on. But I wish I could tell Kovu'

"Hm…It actually sounds as if it might've been a teensy bit of your fault Kiara. True, you shouldn't have to tell him where you are every second of your life but you shouldn't blame him for worrying about you. Considering everything we went through just a month ago" said Sierra.

"That is totally irrelevant. Besides, judging by their other fights, Kovu's going to apologize because he simply cannot live without his precious Kiara" said Vitani.

"You really think so?" asked Kiara.

"I know so; he's apologized to you like every time already"

"Gee, I guess that's true…"


Kovu woke up right before the sun rose. It was like an age old tradition for him now; he'd wake up early everyday to watch the sun rise with Simba. Kovu yawned tiredly. Usually he slept pretty well, but without Kiara next to him, it felt different. And it was too difficult to try and get to sleep without her by his side.

"Had a rough night?" asked Simba without turning to face him.

"A little bit" replied Kovu.

"Care to talk about it?"

"Well, it's just difficult for me to get to sleep without Kiara being there by my side"

"I used to have a similar problem. Only it was because I wasn't with my father" chuckled Simba. "Don't worry about it; if you two truly love each other then things will work out just fine"

"I do love her…Actually, Simba I have a question"

"Fire away"

"What does it take to be a good king?"

Simba chuckled in amusement. "I used to ask myself that numerous times. To be honest, I learned the answer to that question not too long ago"

"And what is the answer?" asked Kovu.

"A good king must listen to his followers"

"You mean like do everything his kingdom asks him to do?"

"No, of course not, I mean to make a decision after you have listened to your followers. If you don't, it may only lead to your own self-destruction"

Kovu suddenly looked down sadly. "You mean like Scar and Zira…Scar paid no heed to the lionesses' warnings or the hyenas. Thus, the pride and hyena pack ended up hungry and thirsty. In the end, the hyenas betrayed Scar and killed him. And as for Zira, she was willing to kill me, her own son, just to gain control of the Pridelands. And not just me, Vitani too"

"Not just them, I meant myself as well"

"What?" said Kovu looking up in surprise.

"When it came to your judgment, I didn't care what you or Kiara had to say. I just banished you. If Kiara hadn't found a way to find you, this pride might've fallen into Zira's claws. After all, it was you two who put an end to the war" said Simba wisely.

"A way to find me…Love will always find a way" whispered Kovu.

They both turned around as they heard the rest of the pride waking up. Kovu watched as Kiara made her way down the steps of Pride Rock and walked towards the main water hole.

"Uh, Simba?" started Kovu but Simba interrupted him.

"Go ahead and take the day off. I'll handle the morning patrol" said Simba as he took off.

Kovu sighed and whispered a quiet thank you as he followed Kiara.



Kiara turned around to find herself face to face with Kovu.


"Look, I am so sorry" they both said simultaneously. "Wait what? You're sorry? I'm sorry!"

"Okay, okay, okay, you first" said Kiara.

"Well I realized that maybe that night you left the den, I wasn't listening to you. I was just so worried about that I forgot to ask what you were even doing out there" said Kovu.

"I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have yelled at you for being worried. I should've calmly exclaimed to you what had happened" said Kiara with a small smile.

"Oh Kiara, I love you, and I don't want us to fight ever again. It was awful last night trying to sleep without you by my side"

"I love you too Kovu. And I agree, I don't want us to ever fight again either. Besides, what kind of rulers would we be if we fought all the time?"

"Really bad ones in my opinion"

"You're going to be a great king" said Kiara as she nuzzled necks with him. "…And a great father too"

"Wait what?" asked Kovu pulling back.

"That's why I left the den. I wasn't feeling well so I went to see Rafiki. He told me I was pregnant. And I wanted you to be the first one to know"

Kovu's initial expression of shock quickly changed to one of happiness. "That's great Kiara! We're going to be parents!"

"Yeah, I know. Now why don't we tell everyone else in the pride?"

"Then what are we waiting for?"

They both started laughing as they raced each other back to Pride Rock.


Vitani and Kiara made their way up Pride Rock talking about things like Kiara's pregnancy and the food they caught for today's dinner. They both ceased their conversation when they made it to the top.

Simba, Nala, Kovu, Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, and Rafiki appeared to have been waiting for them.

"What's this an intervention?" asked Vitani sarcastically.

"Hey, that's what I said!" said Timon.

"Vitani, could you bring some food for us. We need you two here because Rafiki wants to tell us something" said Nala.

"Oh, sure, but what about the rest of the pride?" asked Vitani.

"I'll tell them to eat dinner without us" said Simba.

"Kovu, what's this all about?" asked Kiara as she sat down next to Kovu.

"I'm not sure, all I know is that Rafiki wants to tell us something" answered Kovu.

Once Vitani came back and sat down, Rafiki spoke. "Mufasa believes that it is time you here the story of two of the dead. Taka and Kopa…"


That's the end of chapter 1, or at least, the prologue. I hope you guys liked it; I just wanted to catch you all up to speed to what's going on in the Pride Lands. Tell me what you think by reviewing. That's what that button below is for.