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Kopa stopped when he saw that Hasani had stopped running and was now observing the young prince from atop a hill. Kopa took a few seconds to regain his breath before giving his former friend a cold glare.

"Why, Kopa, you have no reason to be so angry at me" smiled Hasani.

"Yes I do. You hurt one of my friends. You used me like a puppet. And you tried to kill the lioness I love" said Kopa angrily.

"…I was truly hoping that you would join me on my quest for unity. But I now see that you are blind to the evils of your family and your heritage. It is clear that you are just like those fools" said Hasani coldly.

"No Hasani, my family, my people, none of them are evil. The only evil on these lands is you!" growled Kopa.

"You really are blind aren't you? I should've let you fall into the crocodile pit."

"Why did you save me then? Why didn't you let me fall?"

"It's like I said, you could've been a useful ally."

"I would never fall to the same level as you."

"Fine…I have much bigger plans right now anyway…Until next we meet."

With that, Hasani turned on his heels and sped off. Kopa growled and was about to set off in hot pursuit of the lion when Vitani jumped in front of him, putting a halt to his plans.

"Vitani, what are you doing? Get out of the way!" ordered Kopa.

"Stop it!" shouted Vitani making him stare back at her in shock. "Kopa, don't let your rage shroud your better judgment. If you do then you really will become blind like Hasani said. I've seen dark rage ruin the lives of many. Especially to those I care about. Even my mother…She wasn't the best one in the world but she was the only one I had. I watched her fall to her own death just because she was too full pride to take the paw of a lioness she hated. I don't want the same to happen to you."

"What are you saying?" asked Kopa.

"Are you really that blind? Just look and see what's in front of you Kopa" said Vitani.

Kopa stopped and realized a fissure a few inches from where Vitani was standing. It wasn't very wide, just enough for him to fall through, but since Hasani was standing atop of the hill; he would've run to him looking up and therefore not had seen the crack. And by then it would be too late for him.

"If I had kept running…" said Kopa.

"You could've died. And this time…And this time there would've been no way to save you" sobbed Vitani.

"Oh 'Tani…I am so sorry…" said Kopa softly as he pulled her into a close embrace. He felt her tears roll down onto his mane and held her protectively. They stood like that for a long time until Vitani had finally stopped crying.

He pulled away from her and gave her a loving lick on her cheek. She blushed under her fur and nuzzled him.

"Kopa…Could you follow me for a sec?" asked Vitani.

"With you, I could go anywhere" smiled Kopa.

Vitani nodded and smiled, she began to lead him in another direction. They kept walking until they reached the very cliff they had learned about the Great Kings of the Past. It was finally nightfall when they reached it and the sky was now clear of clouds.

"It's such a beautiful night…" said Vitani softly.

"It is…Vitani…I am so sorry for hurting you earlier" said Kopa.

"I told you already…You don't have to apologize" said Vitani.

"But I-."

"Kopa, look at me. What do you see?"

Kopa turned and looked her right in the eye. "I see the most beautiful lioness I've ever seen."

"But do you see any scratches or any sign that showed you hurt me?"

"No, but just because there isn't one doesn't mean I didn't hurt you."

"No claws Kopa."


"You showed restraint, if you really wanted to hurt me then you would've used your claws. But you didn't."

"I still hurt you..."

"And I forgive you because I love you Kopa."

Kopa smiled and nuzzled her. "I love you too…More than anything in the world. But...What about Hasani?"

"It's true that he needs to pay for his crimes but I think we should let him go. Something tells me he's just a little lost at the moment. One day he'll be able to see the truth of this world, just like you and I did" smiled Vitani.

"There's one last thing I have to ask you" said Kopa.

"Then go ahead" urged Vitani.

Kopa took a deep breath and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. The ones he loved so much. "Vitani, would you make me the happiest lion in the world by saying you will be my mate?" asked Kopa softly.

Vitani was caught completely off guard but then she smiled and she looked as if she wanted to cry out with tears of pure joy. "That would make me the happiest lioness in the world" she smiled.


The sun was just rising, signaling the start of a new day. Sierra weakly opened her eyes to have the light of the sun blind her. She moaned a little as her vision readjusted to this new lighting. Once they did, she saw a lion silhouette coming towards her.

She smiled softly and closed her eyes. She looked as if she was in complete state of peace. "Well…It looks like I'm dead. And here's the angel that's here to take me to see the Great Kings of the Past" she whispered to no one in particular. "I just hope 'Tani made it to Kopa in time."

"It sounds as if you are hallucinating. Strange, I am fairly certain he sucked all the poison out of you" muttered a familiar voice.

Without even opening her eyes she replied back to the voice. "Rafiki, you're dead too? I guess not even you can live forever" she muttered back.

"What are you talking about?" asked another familiar voice although it sounded a little muffled.

This time she really did open her eyes and saw Rafiki and Afua looking down at with very concerned and confused expressions. Afua had a zebra leg in his mouth which explains why he sounded a bit muffled.

She pulled her head out of her paws and looked around. She realized soon enough that she was not above the clouds and in reality, just in Rafiki's tree. "I-I'm alive? I'm alive!" cheered Sierra happily.

"Okay Sierra, I think you need some more rest" said Rafiki.

"No, I'm fine. I was just, well, I just thought that I was - never mind!" said the lioness sheepishly.

"You must be hungry, I caught this myself" said Afua as he gave her the zebra leg.

"Thanks Afua, I appreciate it" smiled Sierra.

"You might be a little woozy so I'll be right back with some herbs to help you a bit" said Rafiki as he hobbled off.

"I'm so glad you're awake. I was worried we were too late" smiled Afua once Rafiki was out of earshot.

"Yeah, I thought I was going to die too" Sierra chuckled.

"Rafiki said you would've if I hadn't sucked some of the poison out of you" said Afua nervously.

"You sucked the poison out of me?" questioned Sierra.

"Yeah…I was just really worried and Tamina told us that a good way to help would be too suck the poison out of your bloodstream. So I volunteered" said Afua.

"That was very sweet of you...Strange, but still very sweet" smiled Sierra. Then her smile faltered. "What about Vitani? And Kopa, did they come back?"

"Yeah, they did, the sun just rose and I'm sure everyone's still asleep after last night. None of them will be awake yet" informed Afua.

"I'm glad…"Sierra sighed. Once again her smile became an expression of sadness and she laid her head in her paws. Her mind kept replaying the scene when Hasani had called her a waste of time. She knew that she shouldn't let it get to her but it hurt her so bad.

"You okay? You don't look so good" commented Afua.

"Oh Afua…I was such an idiot to have believed in him. It was so stupid of me, I mean what lion could actually fall in love with a lioness like me?" sniffled Sierra.

"What are you talking about? You're one of the most beautiful, talented, and greatest lionesses I've ever met. And if it's unnatural for a lion to fall in love with you then I guess I'm proud to say I'm different" said Afua. "Now look at me."

Sierra sniffed and looked into his eyes. "You are not an idiot. And the only reason why you would be is because you never realized how much I care about you. I love you so much, more than anything" he said.

Sierra smiled and buried her head into his mane. "Thank you Afua…I don't know if I'll be able to return your feelings but I hope that one day I will. And I hope you will accept me to be your mate on that day" said Sierra.

"Even if you asked me thousands of years later, the answer will be the same as it's always been, yes" smiled Afua.


Around midday, things were already starting to return to normal. Both Timon and Ma mourned for Max along with all the other animals. Pumbaa and Tamina, both of whom knew a thing or two about healing were helping Kovu recover from his wounds. Vitani and Kopa both helped Sierra up the steps of Pride Rock with Afua and Rafiki following closely behind.

After all the formal greetings, they had a feast that had been gathered by the hunting party in celebration for the real return of Kopa as well for a new time of peace. It was also in preparation for the ceremony that would officially make Kopa and Vitani mates.

"Before the ritual begins, there is something very important that I have to talk to you about" said Simba. There was only minor concern etched into his face.

"What is it dad?" asked Kiara.

"Well, there's a little issue of who's going to be the next king. It may be Kopa's rightful birthright but Kovu has worked very hard to take my place. I need you guys to resolve this since I don't trust myself with a decision like this" said Simba.

"Kovu, I think you should succeed the throne. You've worked really hard after all, I don't want those efforts to be thrown to waste" Kopa remarked.

"I can't do that. It's your birthright, if I succeed the throne then it'll feel as if I've taken something that should belong to you" declined Kovu.

"But you deserve it. You were so much more level-headed than me during our fight and you snapped me back to reality. There's a hidden darkness in my heart that I have to drive out before I can ever hope to be ready to be king" said Kopa.

"Kopa, everyone has a hidden darkness inside them. It doesn't matter how large or how powerful it is, as long as you have a light that's even stronger than that" said Kovu. "For me that light is Kiara, she showed me the right path to take and now the darkness in me has trouble resurfacing."

"But I hurt you so much and you did nothing to me, it's clear who should be king" countered Kopa.

"To be honest, it took everything I had to keep myself from knocking off your head" Kovu chuckled.

"All this back and forth is making my head spin, just choose already" laughed Tamina.

"…Kiara, what do you think? Simba told me that I should take the advice of others" said Kovu.

"Well…I never wanted to be queen in the first place but I do know that it's my responsibility if you are next in line. And I also know that I would happily take it as long as you are by my side but now that I have a choice...I'm not so sure" replied Kiara.

"What about you Vitani, do you want to be queen?" asked Kopa.

"Being queen has never even crossed my mind before, at least, not until now. I'm not so sure I can handle all that responsibility" said Vitani.

It was now silent until Pumbaa got an idea. "If I could butt in…What if the two of you ruled together?" suggested the warthog.

"Together? Isn't that a bit unheard of?" inquired Tamina.

"No, actually it was suggestion a from a long time ago. I for one think it's a great idea" smiled Kiara.

"Same here, I told you the story of Taka, right Kopa?" said Vitani.

"Yeah and I think it's a great idea and all but…Are you okay with this arrangement dad?" asked Kopa.

Simba smiled. "Why wouldn't I be? My father and my uncle made a promise to one day rule together. To me, I think that promise should've been kept. It's not like I see my father's decision to be wrong, he was right, at the time, Taka was not ready. I see much of my father in you Kopa and I already said once that Taka is a part of Kovu. It will be like that promise really had been kept."

"Then I guess it's settled…When the time comes, Kopa and I will take our place as kings of the Pride Lands" smiled Kovu.

"You don't have any problems with this, do you Zazu?" asked Nala.

"Usually I would…But I think it might be a good thing for two kings to share the responsibilities of a kingdom. You two are both obviously still new to these vast lands and could use some assistance from each other" said Zazu.

"But there's been so much lost time. I don't think I really know anything about taking care of a kingdom" noted Kopa.

"No worries, I'll re-teach you everything you had learned once before" said Simba.

"And I could help teach you some of the other stuff when he's busy" offered Kovu.

"The rest of us will support you the rest of the way" added Vitani with a loving smile.

"Thank you everyone…For everything…" said Kopa. "Oh, before I forget! Dad, is it okay if we let Tamina come and go from here as she pleases? She's my best friend and I don't think I'd be willing to stay here without her."

"I don't see why not, besides, I'd like to hear about your cub hood from the one who raised you" nodded Simba.

"Thank you so much your highness. I promise you won't regret it. And boy do I have some stories about your son to tell you" grinned Tamina. "Like this one time, we were out hunting for zebras, and then this huge rhino comes in-."

"Not that story!" interrupted Kopa.

The rest of them began to laugh at Kopa's abrupt way of stopping his friend. Kopa felt the blood rushing to his face with embarrassment but he couldn't help laughing along with them. It was so hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, he was living near the Western Kingdom, but now he was here, with his family.


"Do you have feelings of regret when you left your old home?" asked Hasani when he noticed Thimba looking in the direction of the Pride Lands.

They had made it to the outskirts of a jungle. But they were still close enough that they could see the tiny image of Pride Rock in the distance. Thimba only glanced at the older lion for a second.

"Yes, I do" admitted Thimba. "But I know in my heart that this is for the best. I will follow you to achieve your righteous goal."

"Good…It's only natural for you to feel bad about leaving…But don't worry, soon those feelings will change and empower you. Now let's go."

"To where are we going exactly?" asked a mole that popped his head out of the ground. This mole was the traitorous Ashon, the one that had led Max to his untimely demise.

"We're going to that female meerkat's homeland, the Western Kingdom. I have some unfinished business there to attend to. As a matter of fact, my main plot should've already been placed into action. By the time we get there, everything will have been prepared to perfection" smiled Hasani sinisterly.

"I'm tired…I didn't get any sleep last night. Is it okay if I rest a bit?" asked Thimba.

"I understand, a lion needs his rest. But tomorrow we will be on our way. After all, tomorrow's a brand new day" said Hasani.

Behind the lion, through the foliage, stood hundreds of different animals and each had a special mark on them. They were all there, predator, prey, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore; they all stood with a certain glint in their eyes. They were Hasani's followers and they were ready to go to the ends of the Earth to accomplish their goal.


Ma's special escort finally made it back to the oasis. She didn't want to stay in the Pride Lands much longer but she did send her congratulations to the two heirs. She jumped off of the lioness with her back facing her.

"Thank you Kula, but I can get back on my own from here" smiled Ma sadly.

"Alright, I am so sorry for the loss of your uncle Max by the way. I guess I'll see you next time you visit" said Kula as she turned and sped off back to the Pride Lands.

Ma walked into the oasis to be greeted by the entire colony. They were all welcoming her back and cheering for her return but all went silent when they noticed that she was completely alone. She also seemed very sad.

"Ma…What happened?" asked Twitch as he pushed himself to the front of the crowd.

"Max…He…He…" Ma was unable to finish her sentence so instead she just broke down crying. She had lost two of her loved ones already; it hurt too much to even speak. She felt so alone even though she still had many others that loved her.

Twitch looked at her with a sad expression. It quickly turned to one of determination as he turned to face the rest of the colony. "Give her a little space! Go back to your dwellings, there's nothing to see here!"

Once the colony had retreated, Twitch kneeled down in front of Ma and patted her back soothingly. "Don't cry Ma…Everything will be just fine…He meant a lot to all of us" said Twitch.

"You don't understand Twitch…No one will ever be able to understand" sobbed Ma.

"But I do understand, completely. You know why everyone called me Twitch. It was because my entire family was killed by a hyena pack. I'm the only one left of them…And after all that, I gained a twitch because I kept flinching at every sound. I feared that one day I would leave this world the same way they all did" said Twitch.

"…Oh Twitch, I am so sorry…I never knew that…" whispered Ma.

"It's fine…But hey, cheer up! You're going to be colony chief!" said Twitch.

Ma smiled and closed her eyes but she shook her head. "No I won't Twitch…I can't replace my uncle."

"Well then I guess it'll be Timon, you should be proud of him right?"

"I already asked him, but you know him, the Hakuna Matata life and all. He declined as I had expected."

"Well someone has to take Max's place and you two are his only relatives that live here."

"Timon and I talked about it…And we think you should be chief."

Twitch gaped at Ma, he was in complete shock. "W-What me? But why me of all meerkats?"

"Because everyone trusts and respects you. I believe in you, Timon believes in you, and we all knew Max believed in you. Whenever he was gone, he always left you in charge. Out of every meerkat here…You're the most capable of leading us" explained Ma with a sad smile.

"I don't know what to say…" uttered Twitch after a long moment of silence.

"Why don't you just say yes?" smiled Ma.

"…Yes…I'll do it" nodded Twitch finally.

"I'm happy for you" said Ma softly.

"I won't let you down" promised Twitch.

"I know…"


Rafiki smiled as he wedded the new couple. Both Kopa and Vitani looked so happy together. In the background, Timon and Pumbaa were in tears at this most joyous occasion. Zazu rolled his eyes; Tamina did the same but with a smile on her face.

With each pride member Kopa and Vitani passed, they bowed their heads down to them in respect. Kovu and Kiara followed close behind with the king and queen bringing up the rear. Once they had passed, the pride members ran down to join the crowd of animals.

Every animal that lived in the Eastern Kingdom were all cheering happily when the royal family reached the top of Pride Rock. Just like how it was when the Outsiders and Pridelanders joined togather, they were all smiles and cheers.

First, Kopa roared, declaring that he was back and was now the co-heir to the throne. Soon after, the other heir and the king joined in. And finally, together all six lions, king, queen, princes, and princesses roared as one. Along with them came the roars of the rest of the pride as well as the many different noises the animals made.

After the unified roar had ended, each male lion nuzzled their respective mates. Then Kovu noticed something in the sky, he nudged his father-in-law and pointed his chin upwards. Simba looked up and smiled. There he saw his father smiling down on them, radiant as the sun. But from behind the clouds stepped out another lion. This one was darker and had green eyes.

Simba almost didn't recognize him without the scar. He smiled once more and looked at his vast kingdom. It was truly a glorious day for the Pride Lands. The promise of two kings has been fulfilled.


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