My Idea for a Story...

Merlin has washed upon the shores of the land that bares the defender of Camelot. The first person to appear before him, is Galahad. But he is just a boy. Of course the Lady of the Lake is not referring to this child. No, it must be the brave and mighty Lancelot. But then why does everything begin to fall apart henceforth? He had retrieved the correct champion, had he not?

What if Merlin had looked a little more closely and had judged a little more wisely? What if he had seen that the child that had first appeared before him was actually the true champion? But Galahad was just a child. How could a child defend the kingdom of Camelot while King Arthur was away on his quest for the Holy Grail? It was impossible, was it not? Yes, of course. Surely, it must be the boy's father. The brave and mighty Lancelot.

Alas, Merlin had made a mistake. A mistake which had dyer consequences. In the urgent call for a defender of Camelot, Lancelot was called forth. Galahad, the true champion, was not yet ready (or was so deemed) to take on such a task. And so he was over looked. And the kingdom fell into chaos.

Now, our champion is wise and of age and ready to take on the tasks set before him. The majesty of the knights has fallen. The kingdom has fallen from its former glory. It is up to Galahad to to repair his world which has so fallen from grace.