He had come to her, finally. She'd been expecting this. Asami saw his little lumpy head and saw his gray eyes peeking out from outside her windowsill before she heard anything. He was an airbender after all. They were rather light on their feet. "Beautiful princess?"

"Hi there," she said, walking over and cracking open the window more. She leaned on her elbows and smiled down at him. "Can I help you, brave knight?" He had come to save her, hadn't he?

Meelo smirked shyly, swaying back and forth, his hands behind his back. "I brought you something," he said.

She laughed lightly. "Let me see then! Don't be shy!"

He thrust out a bundle of wilting flowers, full of white and yellow blossoms, tickling the bottom of her nose, and it nearly made her sneeze. "Thank you!" she choked out, taking the flowers and setting them aside. She'd have to find a vase somewhere so she could save them. "Come in, I have something for you too." She gestured, and her little knight floated up and into her room.

"…I'm in your room!" he said, looking around, his hands touching her bed and her clothes and her makeup as he scurried about.

"You sure are! Now come over here!"

He was energetic, that was for sure.

She sifted through her belongings and found a white handkerchief, which she pulled out and gave to Meelo. "Hold it out, just like that, okay?" He took it, and held it carefully in his outstretched palms. She reached back in her bag and dug around until her fingers touched the cool metal of a pair of scissors. She removed them, and Meelo's eyes grew wide.

She smiled and tugged on the very tip of her hair with one hand, and cut off a tiny bit with her other. She placed the lock of hair, curling just on the end, in the handkerchief and closed his hands around it. He grinned.

"A gift for my little knight."