He'd fallen so fast, so hard that he'd given up on it. He'd given up on everything. For weeks, he had roamed the city streets as a stranger, a loser, dragging himself through the shadows and waiting for the day when he could return, shining as brightly as ever.

He'd lost hope until he'd read the news, until he saw what Korra had done, what she could do. She'd gotten Amon.

Tahno had given up on her, on himself, but he'd been wrong. Very wrong.

With his eyes closed and her touch pressing gently on both his forehead and the base of his throat, he felt it all coming back, rushing like a wave into his veins, filling him, making him whole again. The water crashed through him, cool and inviting, and he was alive. His eyelids flicked open just in time to catch the eerie glow leaving her.

Her touch left him slowly, and she looked down at him with tired yet peaceful eyes. They were the eyes of one burdened, and he was grateful for that.

Tahno stood and took position, bending water over their heads. It sparkled in the sunlight, drips splashing down because he was quite out of practice. He swished his arms, and the bubble of liquid fell to their side, pooling into the ground. He crossed his arms then, looking down at her, looking into her eyes and her smile, now smug and satisfied.

He tilted his chin back. "I hope you're ready for next season, Uh-vatar."

She grinned. "Oh, I'm very ready to watch you lose, chump."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that."

He'd lost everything once.

It wouldn't happen again.