Thrown to the Dogs

Ahmose Inarus

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SLASH WARNING! Hotch/Reid pairing for the Let Me In Series

Chapter 10 - EPILOGUE

That evening, after the team left and Hotch and Reid were preparing for bed, Hotch approached his younger lover.

"… This came in the mail for you today." He said softly, and Reid looked down. Immediately, he took in the name on the return address. Donald Morton. Blinking, Reid accepted the envelope, tore it open and pulled out the paper inside, unfolding it.

Agent Reid-

I have to admit that I was furious when they told me that you were FBI, and that I'd been set up. But for some reason, I'm not angry anymore. They put me on some medication, and it's really helped me calm down and focus and I've had a chance to think things over. I fired my lawyer yesterday, and pleaded guilty. And I'm writing letters to the families of all the people who died because of me. And I wanted to write to you to apologize. I'm sorry that I hurt you, and I'm glad you're going to be okay.

I'm also glad that out of all the people who I've heard are adopting my dogs, Blitz went with you. I heard that you're going to be getting trained and certified to be his handler, and that he's going to be a real K-9 Unit for the FBI. And that makes me very happy. Blitz deserves to be doing what he was bred and trained to do. He will serve you well, Agent Reid. And while I never liked that damn cat, I am oddly pleased to know that he's in a good home too. Especially with Blitz. That cat came around as a kitten when Blitz was still just a pup. They always have been inseparable.

I also heard that Deputy Randy Malcolm adopted Angel, and hearing what you're doing with Blitz, he's decided to take her to get trained and certified so that the sherriff's department can have its own K-9 Unit. And Angel will be good for that. Sheriff Taylor has taken in Brandywine and the station itself is taking care of Hilda. Old girl is probably living through her last winter right now, but I know they'll make sure it's a good one.

My dogs are really the only thing I miss, but knowing that they're all being taken care of will make prison bearable. I can't thank you enough for seeing that I got to keep the pictures of my Gramma Charlotte. And I also don't have words to thank you with for laying Lily to rest with her. Gramma Charlotte is the one who taught me about the joy that comes from dogs. She was the most important person to me in my entire life, and Lily was important to her. You're a good man, and I wish you all the best.

In highest regards,

Don Morton

Reid looked up, and then passed Hotch the letter. The man read it, then nodded, smiling slightly at Reid.

"You did a good job." He said, and Reid smiled, and allowed the man to embrace him.

"… We have to go Christmas shopping tomorrow…" Reid murmured, and Hotch let out a groan. "You're the one who spent the last week saying 'let's do it tomorrow'." Reid reminded the man with a grin.

"Well… let's do it the day after tomorrow." Hotch chuckled, walking Reid backwards towards the bedroom, his hands on the youth's hips.

"No." Reid grinned, shaking his head.

"But I want to spend all day with you… in bed." Hotch 'reasoned', and Reid laughed.

"But the team is on call over Christmas, what if we get called out on a case? We might NEVER get the shopping done." Reid pointed out.

"… I can live with that." Hotch shrugged and Reid laughed, his legs hitting the bed. Reid sat down on it and smiled as Hotch wedged his hips between his knees, and kissed him. Reid sighed, curling his arms around the man's neck, slowly lying back and feeling his heart pounding as Hotch moved to follow him, hanging over his body.

"Mmmm… Jack will be disappointed…" Reid murmured, and Hotch let out a half groan, half whine. "You wouldn't let your son down on Christmas, would you?" Reid asked.

"You…" Hotch grumbled, kissing his lover. "Don't play fair."

"All's fair in Christmas shopping." Reid whispered and then surrendered to his lover, closing his eyes and savoring the depth of the kiss that they shared…

He moaned softly as he was stripped of his clothing, and then their bodies came together, warm, needy, and oh so tentative. The familiarity was there, but so was months and months of separation… months lacking in intimate contact… it felt alien. But Reid opened his mouth to accept the demanding tongue and he arched his body into his lover's, curling an arm around the man's neck. He let his head fall back with a pleased sigh as their erections touched, and when Hotch gently rolled his hips, testing the waters, he was pleased at Reid's response, pressing their hips together with a soft moan.

The pair began a gentle bump and grind, running their hands over one another's body and stroking the places that they knew the other liked. And then, Hotch moved to see how much Reid was ready for… he ran a hand up and down Reid's side, gripped his hip for a moment, and then rubbed lower, up and down his leg… and then his hand slowly slid to Reid's inner thigh, pressing against the soft expanse of warm skin. Hotch paused, giving Reid a chance to tell him to stop, but he didn't. Reid just kissed him again. And so Hotch began to gently stroke and massage Reid's inner thigh, slowly moving higher and higher… And then his fingers brushed over the boy's scrotum.

"Ohh…" Reid gasped, twitching at the contact. Hotch paused, and then lightly trailed his fingers over Reid's groin, teasing the skin around the base of Reid's erection, and then finally, his erection itself. Reid moaned into another kiss, lifting his hips into the touch and then beginning to roll them into the rhythmic stroking that Hotch took up. Reid broke the kiss then, letting his head fall back as he gasped and mewled, gripping his lover's shoulders tightly. Hotch smiled at the pleasure he saw in his lover's face and then bowed his head, kissing over the long neck and pronounced collar bones.

His hand moved lower, palming the lust-swollen sack and bringing a high whine from soft lips. Reid thrust his hips up as Hotch rolled his testicles in his hand, and he spread his legs a bit wider. And then, with a deep breath, Hotch moved his hand lower. Reid let out a cry of pleasure as Hotch pressed the pad of his middle finger against Reid's perineum in a firm stroking motion, and then, he was gently stroking the outside of a tight, quivering orifice. Reid grew still.

Hotch lifted his eyes and looked down into his lover's face. Reid was flushed and panting softly, and was looking slightly worried, but he didn't make a move or sound to indicate that he wanted the man to stop… he just lay there… waiting…

And Hotch made his decision. He leaned over and opened the drawer to the bedside table, and pulled out a small tube of lubrication, his finger never stopping its small caresses. He popped it open (Reid twitched when he heard it) and then he turned the tube upside down and let the lube squirt out over Reid's perineum. It trickled down until it reached where Hotch's finger was gently stroking, and the stroking began to spread it around.

Reid's breathing was coming in shallow breaths now, and he still was keeping his eyes tightly closed. And as the gentle stroking between his legs stilled, Reid drew in a breath and held it. For a long time, everything was silent. Time seemed to stop. There wasn't a sound.

But then, the gentle finger resting against the young agent's entrance began to increase the pressure. And then, it slipped in. It was quick and easy, thanks to the lubrication, and muscles fluttered and then contracted, testing the feel of the invading digit, and the digit slowly pressed in deeper.

Reid's eyes fluttered and his head fell back, lips parting as he let out a soft, quavery "Ohhhhh…"

Hotch looked up at him again, and he let out the breath that he hadn't even realized he had been holding. There was no fear on his lover's face. No pain. Just relief, and delight. Hotch slowly withdrew his finger, and then pressed it in again. He was rewarded with another moan, and a slight thrust of the hips. And as he continued the slow gentle pattern, Reid's moaning continued. Hotch lowered his head and claimed the parted lips, savoring each and every moan as he devoured them.

And then, he withdrew his finger. Reid let out a soft whimper at the loss and stared up at his mate, almost pouting. Hotch just smiled down at him and kissed him once more, and then, he pushed two fingers into his lover's tight entrance.

"Oh God! Aaron!" Reid cried, throwing his head back and bucking his hips. Hotch drew his fingers in and out, and then groaned as he felt long fingers curling around his erection. He buried his face into Reid's damp hair, nuzzling him and inhaling his scent.

"Come on, baby…" He whispered. "Cum for me… It's just you and me… and I love you, Spencer. I—"

But he was cut off…

"Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…" Hotch blinked and lifted his head. Reid also blinked his eyes open. Reid's hand had stilled on Hotch's erection, and Hotch's hand had frozen with his fingers still deep inside of his lover. The room was quiet. After a moment, Hotch snorted and kissed his little mate, curling his fingers and stroking his prostate.

"Ahhh!" Reid moaned.

"RRRRRRRRR…" Both men stopped again. They blinked at each other. After a bit, Reid smiled.

"Kiss me." He sighed, and Hotch did so, stroking Reid's prostate again.

"AAAH!" Reid cried out into his mouth. "Oh God… Aaron… G-Gonna cum… I… AARON! AAAAHNNNN!" And the younger man came hard.

"RAWRF!" Reid and Hotch both jumped and yelped, and whipped their heads to the side, and got an eyeful of a mouth of sharp teeth. "RRRRRRRRR!" Blitz growled, his eyes fixed on Hotch. "WOOF!" The dog barked and then LEAPT onto the bed.

"AAAH!" Hotch yelped, flinging himself away and then – THUD! He hit the floor.

"ACK! BLITZ!" Reid howled, and when Hotch managed to scramble to his feet, he found the dog standing over Reid, and growling furiously at Hotch. When Hotch stood, the dog barked a warning.

"… SERIOUSLY?" Hotch blurted.

"NEIN!" Reid shouted, and shoved the dog off. "Blitz! AUS!" The dog paused, and then looked at Reid. "Aus, aus, AUS!" Reid ordered, pointing at the door. The dog flattened his ears, tucked his tail, and fled the room. Then Reid turned.

"… Are you okay?" He asked.

"Fine." Hotch snapped, glowering after the dog. Reid gave him a sheepish smile.

"I'm sorry… I should have thought about how he would um…" Reid trailed off. Hotch sighed and shook his head.

"It's okay. It's not your fault." He mumbled, and crawled back into bed. Then, he looked down, and a grin split his face. Reid blinked and followed his gaze, and then his eyes widened and he flushed dark red. His stomach and chest was covered in semen.

"I love you." Hotch said suddenly, leaning down and gently caressing Reid's lips with his own. And then he slipped off of the bed. "Don't move." He disappeared into the bathroom and returned a moment later with a wash cloth soaked in warm water, and he lovingly cleaned his lover of his release, tossing the cloth in the direction of the bathroom as he kissed him again.

"Aaron…" Reid sighed, cuddling against the man. "Please… let me…" And fingers teased Hotch's length.

"I'm fine."

"But you didn't—"

"That dog scared me so bad, it'll be hours before I can get it up again." Hotch snorted, and a look of guilt and distress crossed Reid's face. "But I don't care." And Reid gasped as he was kissed again. This one was fierce and deep and full of passion. In fact, Reid swooned. Not that he would admit it, of course.

"You were okay with it?" Hotch gasped when they finally parted. Reid blinked up at him, and his eyes widened.

"Aaron, you're crying!"

"It was okay?" Hotch asked, sounding almost pleading. "You… enjoyed it? Being… touched like that?" Reid blinked, and then he made the connection. Tonight was the first time he had been penetrated since he had been raped, other than by his own fingers one time a few weeks ago…

Aaron's fingers had been inside of him for the first time in seven months.

"I… I liked it." Reid whispered with a little smile. "It… felt good."

"No flashbacks?" Hotch asked, hopefully. And this time, Reid felt tears coming to his own eyes as well.

"No. I was… happy." He confessed. Hotch just nodded, overjoyed. "I AM happy." Reid added, reaching up and running his hand over the man's face. "So happy…"

"I'm glad." Hotch whispered.

"… I don't want to wait." Reid suddenly announced, and Hotch blinked. Reid gave him a smile, running his fingers through the short, dark hair. "Let's get married in the spring. In April."

"Spencer… that's only four months away."

"I think that gives Garcia enough time to plan, doesn't it?" Reid asked with a grin, and Hotch mirrored it.

"She can do anything." He nodded.

"Let's do it here." Reid said.


"In our yard. We'll have the grass, and we can hear the water from the waterfall in the little pond out back and we have a BIG back yard!"

"Are you sure it's big enough?" Hotch asked, gathering Reid into his arms and holding him close.

"It's not going to be a big gathering." Reid shrugged. "Just our closest friends and family. Fifty people tops, I'd think."

"Well… We'll talk about it later." Hotch said, yawning. "Figure out who we want in attendance and then we'll decide when we know how many people we're inviting." Reid echoed his yawn, snuggling down into his arms as Hotch drew the blankets over them and flicked off the light.

"Mm-kay." Reid sighed, his eyes drifting closed. "I love you."

"I love you too, baby." Hotch whispered. And a moment later, the two men felt little paws on the bed around them as the three cats hopped up onto the bed. They waited while Artemis and Apollo hissed at Kamikaze, who hissed back, and then the three settled, Kaze curling up against Reid's waist, and Apollo and Artemis curled up together by Hotch's feet. And soon, all three cats were purring. Reid peeked open an eye as he heard the jingling of tags and the clicking of claws on the hardwood floor of the bedroom, and then he heard Blitz curl up on the rug at the foot of the bed and sigh.

Then, with a smile, Reid closed his eye again and nuzzled closer to his lover, and drifted to sleep, listening to the thrum of the man's heart, and the purring of the cats.

And outside, with Christmas a week away, the snow began to fall.


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