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The loss of their child was hard on Rick, but losing Lori was even harder. She died a week after her dark haired child, her body weak from the infection that was raging war on her body. The infection killed her slower then the guilt that was eating her from the inside out. The guilt that her first born was not Rick's son. The guilt that Carl was Shane's.

The news came a shock to Rick, a shock that quickly turned to anger as he thought about it, putting two and two together. Lori had been cheating on him for a good fifteen years. Oh, she loved him, no one could deny that, but she had always loved Shane, her faithful fuck buddy.

Of course Lori was going to leave Rick. She couldn't stand the guilt she was feeling. If Rick hadn't been shot that day, she would have left. Their marriage was in tatters and every conversation ended in stinging comment sent his way every time they spoke to each other.

Their marriage was dying and there was no way to rekindle that fire.

"All hell broke loose the next day." Lori whispered hoarsely to her silent husband and child, tears streaming down Carl's face as he looked down at his mother. Why had she done this to him? He was living a lie. The man he had called father was not his father, instead, he had shot down his father.

"The broadcasts had said they were moving all patients to Atlanta, but then Shane told us you had died in the Hospital." Lori said weakly, her face pale as the infection continued to kill her. When Rick had returned from the dead, Lori tried desperately to push the man she loved away, hoping she could fix her marriage.

Lori honestly wanted to make it work. What had really sent Lori into a panic attack was when she had arrived Hershel's farm, tube sprouting from Rick's arm as he gave his own blood to her son. It took her a moment to realize he and Shane shared the same blood, as Shane had given his own blood to Rick when he had been shot that faithful day.

"Shane didn't know about Carl." Lori whispered, seconds before she died.

"I'm so sorry." Were her last words before the infection took her life.

Carol lay awake well after the others went to bed, just cradling Baby Rose in her arms. The moonlight filtered through the barred window, casting a faint shadow across Daryl's face as he slept. Carol smiled as she watched him. He needed the sleep badly. He and Rick took all the time clearing the prison out, along with picking up night watches and hunting. The man was exhausted.

Rose snuggled into Carol's chest, making a soft cooing sound as she did, her hands squeezing Carol's skin as she nuzzled her chest. Carol sighed, holding the baby close to her. Her heart pricked as she thought of her daughter. This time ten years ago, Carol was cuddling Sophia into her chest, breathing in her sweet scent as she slept. Carol listened to her surroundings, trying to push the sound of Carl's sobs away. They echoed throughout the prison, grief mingled in his tears as he cried.

Carl hadn't pushed away from Rick when he heard his mother. In fact, he embraced Rick. Maybe it was because Rick had been around him all this time, or because he had shot down Shane when he came back as a walker, Carol didn't know. After Lori died, they set out immediately to attend to her burial. She was shot, as he child, and placed to rest outside the prison. Daryl had taken watch as they buried her, watching for walkers in case they came out of the woods.

They hadn't yet cleared the courtyard, in fact they were no where near finished clearing the prison. A night didn't go by where you didn't hear the moan of a walker as it shuffled through the deserted hallways. Then the hurried footsteps of Glenn or T-Dog in pursuit of the walker, taking it down. =

Carol rested a hand on her belly, stroking it for a second. Her children often grew restless, but it seemed to her that now that she had settled down, they had too. Her heart burn hadn't gone away and Carol had never said a word about it to anybody. She could tough it out the old fashioned way.

Rose stirred a minute, stretching before huddling back against Carol's warm chest. The air was frosty now as fall began to retreat, letting winter envelope Georgia. The nights were getting colder and longer, which threw everybody off their sleep schedule.

There was no way of telling the time now. The world seemed to have stopped completely, not moving or changing around them as the dead wandered the world, dominating it. Taking lives as it walked.

"I know yer still awake Carol.." Daryl murmured sleepily, shifting slightly. How the hell did he know? He blinked open an eye, looking up at her as his hand snaked to her face, stroking her cheek rhythmically with his thumb.

It was late and Carol could hear Glenn shuffling in from his watch. Daryl sat up slowly, yawning as he did. "Daryl, you need to sleep." Carol said softly, laying a hand on his shoulder as he sat up. No doubt he needed his sleep and by God Carol was not going to deprive him of it.

"I'm goin to make sure yer ok." Daryl said, looking back at her. "I'm gonna take care of you." He said again. He was obviously shaken from the nights encounter. Daryl held her face in his hands as he spoke, saying each word carefully as he did so.

Carol's hands rested on Rose's back as she nodded, holding her close. How could such a sweet creature have possibly come from Merle Dixon, who was the complete opposite of sweet in every way possible?

"But…What if they die?" Carol's voice shook as she thought of the same fate that her children might meet. They would either die before they're born, slaughtered when their young, or bitten when they're older. There is no way for them to be happy. No way for them to raise a family.

"Hell Carol." Daryl almost laughed, but his voice shook a little too as he tried to think of what to say. "I think we'll have some badass kids runnin around, Carol."

Carol laughed out loud as he said that, putting a hand over her mouth to muffle the laughs coming out of her mouth. Rose stirred again, this time waking up as Carol's chest moved. Rose's face scrunched up, a wail starting in the pit of her throat as she woke up.

"Shhhh baby…" Carol soothed her, figuring she wanted something to eat. Casting Daryl a look, she pulled out her breast, offering it to the child who took the offering, settling down again quickly as she began to feed.

Carol rocked the baby slowly, looking back at Daryl, who had averted his eyes, an uncomfortable air around him. Daryl still wasn't comfortable with Rose yet, that was apparent. For Christ's sake, that was his brother's child! Carol pushed away the annoyance that was now forming and tucked Rose in again, hugging her close to her chest again.

"Carol, I promise, I'll take care of you." Daryl said once more, leaning forward, brushing his lips against hers as he spoke. Carol nodded, giving him a kiss.

"I love you Daryl." She whispered as he pulled back, sinking back into the pillows. He gave her his half smile back.

"I love ya too Carol."

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