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"Please, I swear I didn't know!" Elizabeth squealed, squirming under Daryl, hands pinned above her head. He wasn't going to hurt her as he had hurt Randall, but he was going to get fucking answers if it killed him. Elizabeth squirmed under Daryl's iron grip as he pinned her to the floor. Daryl gave her a vicious shake, growling as he did so. Rick had stood off to the side, watching Daryl, restraining himself until he couldn't anymore.

"Daryl, that's enough." His voice rang with authority as he moved to pull him away from Elizabeth. Daryl didn't move, still on top of the squirming, tear stained woman. She was pale, her eyes dilated with fear as she gazed back at him. This woman may not have known that Carol was pregnant, but she was going to kill her anyways.

"She's not Randall!" Rick warned, narrowing his eyes.

"Well she sure is acting like him!" He snapped, glaring at her. She had messed with his family. Time to pay. The woman bit her lip, letting a small whimper escape her as Daryl shifted, pulling her up by her wrists roughly.

"Randall was a loser." She finally spoke, her voice cracking as she cringed under the icy glare Daryl had given her.

"Wait, you knew Randall?" Rick questioned her, arms folded across his chest. The woman nodded.

"Who didn't know Randall? He was a loser in High school, still is. Or at least was." Elizabeth added after a beat. Daryl had pushed her against the wall, letting go of her as he backed away. Elizabeth rubbed her wrist where some purple bruises were beginning to form.

Daryl had sworn never to hurt a woman, but she deserved it. Daryl tensed, listening anxiously for any signs of trouble from the other cells. Carol was resting now, but her temperature had gone up in the past hour. Maggie, Glenn and T-Dog still weren't back with the supplies Hershel needed and Daryl was beginning to think they were trapped.

"Why were you sent to kill us?" Rick asked her seriously, gazing at her. Elizabeth pressed herself harder against the cement, fear etching itself across her face. Daryl didn't think she ever planned on getting caught, or maybe The Governor was going to punish her if she ever got away without killing them all.

The candle Rick lit cast an eerie glow around the room, the candles flicking flame dancing across their faces as they gazed at the petrified woman.

"He ordered me to do it. He said, kill them all or don't come back." Elizabeth said after a long pause, examining her fingers now. There was blood on them, under the finger nails too by what Daryl could see. He didn't know if It were her own, or somebody else's that she had already killed, nor did he care or ever come to come about if this woman was ever injured.

"Who ordered this." Rick asked her, a hint of aggression in his voice as he realized what she was saying to them. Someone very powerful was out to get them. The Governor didn't sound like anybody he'd ever heard of, but if he was ordering people to kill them, he was going to be a problem. A pretty big fucking problem pretty fuckin fast.

Elizabeth didn't answer, her mouth pressed together in a tight line. She didn't want to give anything else away Daryl supposed. It was chilly in the cell and Daryl cast a glance at Rick, who was openly glaring at Elizabeth now as he willed her to speak. Rick was no man to mess with. You were trying to kill his people. His son, his friends and family.

Before Daryl could move towards Elizabeth to hive her another taste of the cold cement beneath his feet, he heard Hershel shouting from the cell he was in. Stopping cold, Daryl whirled around. Carol could be in trouble. Walkers could be at their doors. Of course! Walkers!

Elizabeth had fired that gun and then Rick tried to shoot at her. That gun probably attracted walkers from miles around with the sound of her gun and his. Rick blew out the candle, picking it up as he scrambled out of the cell, leaving Daryl with the prisoner.

Daryl followed quickly in pursuit, shutting the cell door behind him as he went and locking it. They had found the keys to all the cells when they went through the place. The keys came in handy now when Daryl think they wouldn't have. He didn't have time to think of that as he scrambled down the narrow hallway, listening for Rick and Hershel.

What if Carol was dying. Or the twins. Or something was wrong with Baby Rose. Daryl shook his head, overcoming a wave of fear that shook him violently to the core. Daryl gripped his knife tightly in hand, heart hammering as he entered the cell, expecting to see a dying Carol. Yet he only found Rick and Hershel in the corner of the cell, fiddling with an old prison radio.

Carol looked weak, yet her pulse was normal and the steady rise and fall of her chest reassured Daryl that she fine. His heart slowed somewhat and he realized he had never felt this protective of Carol the day he found her, writhing in pain under his brother as he raped her.

Rose lay in bed with Beth, curled against the young girls side as she slept, sucking her thumb. Daryl couldn't help but smile at the child, watching her a moment before realizing she would wake later, hungry for milk only Carol could provide for her. He smiled again, watching her yawn before he heard Hershel again.

"They radioed in Rick." Hershel said quietly as he fiddled with the dials worriedly. Rick nodded as he leaned in to listen to what the man had to say.

"They found what we need for Carol…." He reported. "But they're trapped in the Hospital."


The cell door slammed shut behind Daryl with a loud clang as he turned around, his eyes laying on Elizabeth who was staring wide eyed at him.

"My pal Rick ain't here to save you." Daryl said menacingly. "I've come for answers, and I'm gonna get 'em"

The woman looked back at him, putting on a brave face as he neared her. She obviously didn't want to be intimidated by him. Her green wide as she pondered what move he was going to make against. Any of them would hurt her, she knew. Of course she knew.

"Are there more of your group." Daryl asked, towering over her as she sat on the cell bed. Elizabeth stared up at him, making it obvious that she did not want to answer the question. Maybe it was because she would be punished, maybe killed, or because she didn't want to give up her group.

Daryl's patience was quickly wearing thin. He had had almost no sleep last night from the stress and worry that was eating away at him as he watched Carol sleep. He never knew you could care this much for a human being as much as he cared about Carol.

"Are there more of you?" Daryl growled at the woman, pulling her off the bed. He wanted to make her suffer for what she had done to his family. Make her suffer and feel the pain Carol was feeling.

"Yes." Elizabeth breathed, her body tensing as she prepared to hit the ground, yet Daryl's hands never left her wrist.

"Why did The Governor send you?" he asked, already knowing the answer. He just wanted to make sure he had heard correctly last night. Elizabeth swallowed nervously as she looked back at him, opening her mouth to speak.

"To execute the humans living in the prison." She answered dryly, her voice rasping as she took in breath.


The way she said it made it sound like they were pesky rodents or fleas, something to kill because they were troublesome…Or not welcome. Was this the same group Randall was from? Maybe whathisface, the Governor was leader of Randall's group. They were a group of nasty sons of bitches too.

"Why!" Daryl asked the question, tightening his grip on her. The sunlight that filtered through the bars of her cell danced across her face, making her green eyes water as she looked back at him.

"Because Blake is going to take back what belongs to us."

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