"Rose, I just need you to watch the boys for 2 weeks while I go." I begged my sister. I love her to pieces. She is my rock. We couldn't be more different. I often joked about being adopted. She was older by 2 years. She was a classic beauty. She had long flowing blonde hair, sea blue eyes, and curves. She wasn't fat, but she had curves that said I am a woman. I on the other hand had long straight chestnut brown hair and brown eyes. I was straight as a toothpick. I thought after having twins I would have curves. Yeah I was wrong.

"Bells, I will watch them, but I don't want you going off doing something you will regret later. I don't want any more nephews or nieces any time soon."

"I just have to tell him about them and then I will be done. I think the boys are now old enough for me to leave them." Masen and Anthony just had turned 5 months old and I had to go tell their dad about them. He had dumped me and told me that he didn't want anything to do with me. I tried to email him and each time I checked to see if he actually read the emails they just simply said 'unread'. I am sure he deleted everything I ever sent to him. I even wrote him a letter with pictures when they were a month old, just to have the letter sent back unopened stating 'return to sender'. I had to get to him.

"I just know the hardship you went through the first time and I don't want to see upset again. You have the best of him right here in these boys. He will never know true love." Rose stated as she looked down at my sleeping boys. "Who is taking you to the airport?"

"Jake is. He offered. He said that him and Riley are going out to Port Angeles anyways. There is some gay bar there that they wanted to go to. I am so nervous, Rose. I have everything I want to say in my head, but how am I going to get it out in words. I am so confused. I don't want his money, I just want him to be part of their lives and see how wonderful they are. I will even sign a contract stating that I don't want child support. I just want them to know what having a father is like. Sure Jake, Riley, and Jasper are great, but there is nothing better than you own dad." I rambled starting to think of our own dad. He passed away just after the boys were born, from a heart attack. He had made me promise him I would get a hold of Edward and tell him about Masen and Anthony.

"Well then I am going to bed. Have a safe trip and I will see you when you get back. Call me when you need me. I love you Bells. Edward would is stupid if he doesn't want to take responsibility."

Jake came and picked me up at midnight. I had to be at the airport at 3 and it was a two-hour drive. Riley and him were staying at a hotel for the weekend.

"Call me when you get there." He demanded.

"I will. I love you both. Please help out Rose and keep her company. She is going though a lot right now and I don't want her to dwell too much."

"Just what she needs, her gay friends keeping her company. That will just get her so many dates. They may think that she has gone lesbian." Riley laughed. "Don't worry Bella, we will help her and keep her busy."

I arrived in Charleston, SC at 10 am. I knew this would be the best time to arrive. I needed to get to Cullen, McCarty and Newton. I hailed a cab and told the driver where to go.

I was amazed at the sights. We passed so many places. The cab driver was nice enough to point out the Battery, the Market, Rainbow Row, and St. Michael's Cathedral on Broad St. He stated this was what they called the 4 corners of law. It was were there was a courthouse, church, and law offices. This was where my fate would change and I was hoping for the better.

I paid the cab driver and thanked him for his assistance. I grabbed my backpack and started into the building.

"Excuse me. You can't just walk though there." This red head stopped me. I could tell that she had worked here a while.

"Oh I am sorry. I am looking for Edward Cullen. I have some important matters to discuss with him." I stated.

She picked up her phone and called him. "Mr. Cullen there is a lady here to see you…..No I didn't get her name….Ok, hold on….What's your name?" She finally asked me.

"Isabella Swan."

"Her name is Isabella Swan…Yes sir…..Ok." She started to laugh. I hated not being able to hear what he was saying. Hell it had been over a year since we last saw each other and maybe he didn't remember me. "He will see you now." She said as she walked around her desk and took me to his office.

This part I was not prepared for. His copper hair and green eyes looked so distant. Like they didn't even know me. They used to be full of life and love and now they are full of pain and sorrow.

"Isabella. What brings you back to Charleston? Why do you want to see me? I really don't want to see you, but seeing as how you managed to travel here. I am giving you 20 minutes to explain yourself. I thought I was clear on the part that I never wanted to see you again." His voice was still velvety, but yet harsh in tone. I felt my knees get weak.

I took a deep breath and took the picture out of my wallet and laid it on his desk, without saying a word.

"They are cute….." He started to say. He looked at them and looked at me and then looked back down and stared. I knew what he was looking at. Anthony was a spiting image of his father, from the copper hair down to the emerald green eyes. Masen looked just like me. I was so glad when they were born that I could tell the difference.

"Their names are Masen and Anthony. They are 5 months old and you are their father." I said barely above a whisper.

I could see him doing the math in his head. It was 13 months ago that we were together. "I know what you are thinking. I was pregnant before you and I slept together, but here is my medical records showing that they were a month early."

He kept just glancing at the picture he held in his hand. "When the fuck were you going to tell me about them?" He yelled at me.

"Excuse me? Check your fucking emails, or stop sending letters back. You would have known when I found out I was pregnant. I sent you the ultrasound pictures and emails telling you all about them. Don't you get all high and mighty with me. I tried. You never responded. This was the only way I knew that I would get your attention long enough to tell you." I yelled right back at him.

"What do you want from me? Money? I am sure its money." He assumed.

"I drew up this document for you to sign and all I want is for you to be part of their lives. I don't want anything from you."

I handed him the notice stating that I, Isabella Marie Swan, do not want child support for above-mentioned minors. I will never go for child support from Edward Anthony Cullen. It was signed and notarized by the courthouse in Forks, WA.

There wasn't much he could say now that was out of the way. I couldn't help to wonder what he was thinking, as he pinched the bridge of his nose. It was a sure sign that he was stressed. This was a lot to take in.

"I am staying at the Holiday Inn. IF you want to talk that is where I will be. I am staying here until I decided to leave or two weeks, which ever is sooner." I stated as I stopped at his office door. "I just wanted to tell you that I have never stopped loving you, and I am sorry for the way things ended. I just didn't want you to know where I came from. I thought you wouldn't like me if you knew." I walked out the door shutting it behind me. I walked to the hotel and checked in. The ball is in his court.