Wish upon a shooting star

By Rick Castle

The valley of peace is having there usual days nothing bad is happening it's just being plain, Mr. Ping is working at his noodle shop and there are some customers. My name is James West I am a twenty-one year old red fox, my life was terrible and I feel like I caused my parents to get into fights.


"Barbara you are nothing but trash! I can't believe you got fired." My father yelled at my mother as he threw an empty beer bottle on the ground.

"They fired me because of you! Shawn you drink too much I tried to take care of your sorry ass! Damn it I can't take this bull shit any more I'm grabbing James and leaving you for good." Screamed my mother at my father.

"James pack your bags, right now please?" said mommy crying.

"Why mommy?" I said to her while hugging her leg,

She kneeled down to my level and told me that my step-daddy is drunk and we are leaving him forever.

"Please, James just pack your bags please?" mommy said in a trembling tone.

"Okay I will mommy." I walked to my trunk and duffle bag and started packing clothes, some toys, books, photos & a big leather journal.

We walked to the docks to catch a boat ride, as we were in line for tickets my dad grabbed my mommy from behind pulling her in a choke hold.

"You should take care of me baby." My dad yelled.

"Mommy! Get off of her you drunken bastard!" I yelled.

Daddy heard me & pushed mommy into a lobster cage, I started to back up. Then I started running.

"I think I lost him." I said to my self as I looked from behind a corner to see if he was gone I decide to run towards my unconscious mommy, he grabbed me from the head, as started hitting my with a leather belt. I screamed from the hard stinging welts from the belt that pierced my body.

"You should watch your mouth young man." My father yelled as he hit me hard in the face with the belt.

My lip and the inside of my mouth started to bleed.

"Drop dead asshole." I said while spitting blood in his face.

"Alright son you asked for it." As my father was going to welt me in the face, he got stabbed in the heart by a harpoon. It came from a harpoon gun it malfunctioned and killed him. I ran away from the murdered panther saying thank you.

"Mommy wake up please!" I said while crying and trying to shake her, as I thought that giving up is my next option I grabbed a bucket of water and threw it on her. As mommy gained consciousness she looked at my face she was shocked.

"Mommy. Shawn is dead, he got stabbed by a harpoon." I said while showing the dead panther.

My mommy and me got a boat ride to when-shy it's five miles from the valley of peace to live my new life with my aunt and uncle they were the nicest people in my family. My aunt is a snow leopard and my uncle is an owl, I know it sounds like a weird family.

My aunt was my mom's adopted sister; my uncle was an Olympian in the Olympics'. As we knocked on their door they were shocked to see us abused. Mommy told them about what happened to Shawn,

" I am so sorry my sister I can't believe you married that asshole." Auntie said while giving her a glass of lemonade and an ice pack.

As I listened to their conversation while sitting on the love seat, my uncle asked me if I was ok about him sitting by me, I said it's okay he told me a story about his life in the Olympics, he told me that he won 22 gold medals and an award for being the most decorated Olympian. My uncle was in mixed martial arts and he told me that he fought bravely and there was a tough Olympian five minutes into the fight his attacker done a double round house as he was getting up but that did not stop him he fought like twenty-one men and he won the gold.

"James remember this when you are in a situation that you feel like you are going to give up on life. Remember this and repeat it in your head. Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." My wise uncle said.

End of flash back

"Welcome to Mr. Ping's noodle shop what can I get for you?" Said the elderly goose as he took my order with a quill and notepad.

"I would like to have a bowl of secret ingredient soup, five chicken dumplings and a glass of water." I said politely while having a fake smile.

"That will be fifteen yen and table seven will be your table. For here or to go? Said Mr. Ping while I sat at the table quietly.

"For here please." I answered with respect, as my order came quick I pulled out twenty yen, as I ate the secret ingredient soup it was good, as I finished my lunch the dragon warrior walked in saying hello to his father. As I watch the Po hug Mr. ping a tear shed by my face. Then I left the twenty-yen on the table and ran out and I was wearing a green suit with black biker boots.

"Master everyone says hello." Po said as I walk out the door, I walked to a weeping willow tree and sat under the crying leaves and branches.

"I hope that my luck can get changed." James said as he was tuning his acoustic guitar. There was a picture of him and his girlfriend but the portrait was split in two and pasted on a broken heart in his fedora.

Wake up to a Sunny Day

Not a cloud up in the sky

And then it starts to rain

My defenses hit the ground

And they shatter all around

So open and exposed

But I found strength in the struggle

Face to face with my troubles

When you're broken

In a Million little pieces

And your trying'

But you can't hold on any more

Every tear falls down for a reason

Don't you stop believing' in your self

When you're broken.

As the guitar was playing the tune, I was singing, then an elderly snow leopard walked up with a little pouch of gold and threw it into my hat.

"That is so beautiful." The leopard said while turning around and walking the other way.

Little girl don't be so blue

I know what you're going through

Don't let it beat you up

Hitting' walls and getting' scars

Only makes you who you are

Only makes you who you are

No matter how much your heart is aching

There is beauty in the breaking


When you're broken

In a Million little pieces

And your trying'

But you can't hold on any more

Every tear falls down for a reason

Don't you stop believing' in your self

When you're broken

Better days are going to find you once again

Every piece will find its place

When you're broken

When you're broken

When you're broken

In a Million little pieces

And your trying'

But you can't hold on any more

Every tear falls down for a reason

Don't you stop believing' in your self

When you're broken

Oh when you're broken

When you're broken

When you're broken.

As I finished the song there was an audience I did not even know about they were cheering and they threw gold and silver coins into my hat and they were putting yen bills in my hat as well. As I was putting my guitar back into my case there was applause from a wolf. The wolf had red and green fur; to me he looked like a Christmas wolf.

"Hello I am Igneous and you have a beautiful voice young man." The ruby and emerald dog said while putting a pouch of gold coins and paper yen in my case.

"Igneous my name is James West and this is my first time in the valley of peace." I said while smelling my leather jacket and feeling my pin that has a circle and inside the circle is a bird catching an arrow with it's beak, then the pup asked me if I have any where to go? I said no.

"Not a problem. Do you want to spend the-"

We were cut off at mid-sentence by croc bandits. The leader stepped forward wielding a battle ax.

"Give me your money." The leader said, Igneous stepped forward and punched the boss bandit in the face,

"Fung why do you have to be a bandit? You will get worst bandit of the year award." The wolf said with a cocky tone.

Fung then rose and yelled attack, then the green and red wolf summoned two of his swords and James pulled out a pistol sized crossbow and loaded the string with a dart that had yellow jacket venom in the arrow head. As I cocked the mini crossbow he pointed it at one of the bandits and shot him in the neck.

*William scream*

The bandit went down hard as a board of wood. Igneous was kicking the scales off those crocs butt's; Fung and James were fighting, his axes got stuck on a piece of bamboo that is when James kicked Fung in the balls.

"Ok you want a piece of me?" James said while igniting his light-saber and slashing the top of his helmet.

"Why?!" the gator yelled. Igneous walked to my side as I was about to turn him into dog sushi.

"Oh it's you." James said as he was about to slice his new friend.

"This isn't over guy!" Fung said while screaming as he and his gang. Igneous turned to me and asked me the question again and I said yes.

As James and his new found friend walked to the jade palace my jaw dropped to my feet. Because there were like a thousand steps to climb up, that kind of gave me an idea.

"Igneous do you like flying?" I said as my broomstick appeared in my right paw, as I mounted it a patted the back seat telling him to hop on. As we take off he wraps his arms around my abdominals holding on for dear life.

"You can open your eyes now we are at the top." James said with an annoyed tone.

There was a red panda and a red fox that looked at me like I was a priceless artifact.

"Igneous who is your friend?" the fox asked Igneous.

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