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Story line: This is sequel to Kira Fate. After all the peace, things have defiantly started to be twisted. What has Gilbert Durandal done that makes Kira crazy? Who is this red head that suddenly appears? And who is Neo Roanoke and why does he look so familiar?. Caution torture and cursing.

A/N: The story is going to be different from the actual second season ^_^. The new character is not from this Gundam series obviously it's from another which is called Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. I just took her first name but the last name is different which you guys will find out in later ;). Also I might add there will be other Gundams which I will also explain when they come later. So I hope you guys enjoy ^_^.

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Chapter 1

It has been four years since the war has ended. The PLANT has been rebuild and is ruled by chairman Gilbert Durandal. On earth the peace has been kept.

A blonde hair girl walked the streets of Orb with two other guys as she was twirling around.

The two guys look back her and just let her be as they were on a mission.

The blonde bump into a guy as she stumble to the ground "Oww' she mumble.

"Are you okay?" the young male hand extend out for her take as his red eyes looked at her.

The blonde girl looked at the young male as she takes his hand as she looked at the male.

"Come on Stella!" the two boys shouted.

"Coming!" Stella ran past the male and headed toward the two males.

"Who was that Shinn" a young male with blonde hair came over.

"I don't know, her name was Stella I think" Shinn blink.

"We have to head back come on" the young male with blonde walk away.

Shinn look at the direction Stella went than walk away.


Cagalli hit the table as she looked at the Orb representatives "Are you saying we should trust Gilbert Durandal ".

The guy with purple hair would get up "Yes he could help us protect us from any battles".

"Luna you are nuts-" Cagalli got interrupted by Athrun.

Athrun stood up "If we join forces with Gilbert Durandal than we will confuse our people. Not only that if Gilbert Durandal betrays us we wont have a chance".

Luna look at Unato and then at Cagalli "I think your wrong we can benefit joining him. You can also benefit by marrying me".

Athrun glare at Luna "She is married to me and if you keep this up we will lock you up".

"Tch" Luna fold arms to be silent now.

Cagalli sat down "End this meeting now" she would watch everyone get up to leave.

Athrun walk over to Cagalli "I don't trust Luna".

"Me either, keep an eye on him" Cagalli got up to move arms around Athrun neck to kiss his lips gently "Ever since Gilbert Durandal came into power, its been hectic around here. We haven't gotten time alone".

Athrun smirk "We have time alone now" he kiss Cagalli.

Cagalli kiss Athrun back to lean against the table.


The snap of a camera was heard as Miri was seen by the Gundam docks taking pictures of the random stuff.

"Hey what are you doing over there!" a soldier pointed at Miri.

Miri had a sweat drop as she runs off as she hide in would the sheds.

"Miri?" a voice was behind her.

Miri look to blink "Lacus? What are you doing here?".

Lacus walk over "I like to check the Gundams that are being made. There pretty amazing. What are you doing?".

"Trying to take pictures" Miri smiled to show the camera "So how is Kira and the others?".

Lacus smile "Well I am dating someone. Kira is being his usual self just quiet. Murrue is working as a enginner along with Andrew. How is Dearka? Are you still with him?".

"I am still with him. He is actually working here with Yzak building the Gundams" Miri smile "He tells me constantly to not take pictures here but I don't listen" she giggles.

Lacus shake her head to all sudden hear an explosion as she runs out with Miri to see three Gundams coming out.

"Hey Stella how is your Gundam" the young male asked.

"Working well Auel. Sting what about yours?" Stella looked over at Sting.

"Its good, let's get out of here" Sting flew over.

"Not so fast bastards" Yzak in the Duel came out of no where attack Stella.

Stella moves back and attack Yzak.

"Stella" Auel was about to help but Buster interfere.

The Buster attack Auel.

Sting grip the controls "Tch who are these guys" he notice Lacus and Miri as he pointed his gun at them.

"Shoot" Miri grab Lacus hand to run back inside to head toward the Gundam to get inside it.

"Who are they?" Lacus got squish in the Gundam.

"Don't care we need to get out of here" Miri close the cockpit "Dearka taught me how to use the Gundam so this should be easy".

Lacus looked at Miri "You sure about that" she notice Sting made a hole in the shed "Ahh get us out of here".

Miri turn the Gundam on to move as she ended up crashing into Sting.

"Who is the idiot in that Gundam" Yzak grip the controls as Stella hits him.

"That would be me and Lacus" Miri said to come on the screen to smile.

"Miri" Dearka sounded annoyed "Didn't I tell you to stay away from you".

"Can you two argue about that later!" Lacus scream at them as they got hit by Sting into the shed.

Stella, Auel and Sting than surround Dearka and Yzak until another Gundam came into view to hit Stella, Auel and Sting one at a time.

"Who is this now" Yzak clearly annoyed.

"My name is Shinn and I am the pilot of the Impulse. Here to help" Shinn appear on their screen.

"We didn't need your help tch" Yzak glare at Shinn.

"You apparently needed it cause you were losing" Shinn looked at angry now.

"Listen here you punk-" Yzak was interrupted by Dearka.

"There getting away" Dearka saw the three fly off.

Stella was panting as she grip the controls.

"Let's get these back to base before someone else interferes" Sting said.

Miri and Lacus Gundam got up, Miri smile "See we made it".

"Barely" Lacus sulked.

"Are you two alright" Dearka went over to them.

"Yeah we are" Miri smiled.

Yzak looked at Shinn "Some use you are. We had them".

"Shut up" Shinn glare at Yzak.

"Enough guys" Dearka said as he got out of the Gundam.

Yzak came out and notice Shinn was coming out, he notice the red suit "Zaft soldier...".

Shinn went down to look a Yzak.

Dearka saw Miri and Lacus coming down as he hugged Miri and then looked at Shinn "So your a Zaft soldier".

"Yeah. Work for Captain Minerva. You two should join" Shinn smirk.

"No thanks I don't play well with little kids" Yzak lean against his Gundam.

"We aren't little kids" Shinn made fist.

"Shinn report back to base" the Captain said on communicator.

"Yes ma'am" Shinn went back to the Gundam "Guess I will see ya around" he left with his Gundam

"Tch damm kid" Yzak shook his head annoyed.


There was a young girl standing by Flay grave as she heard on the communicator that the three were successful in getting the Gundams.

"Katejina you can come back to base" the voice on the communicator said.

"Yes sir Neo" katejina said as she looked up to see the sun peak out the clouds. She was wearing a white skirt, pink tank top, black sneakers and she had a big white hat on that hid her hair and eyes. She look at Flay grave and then would walk away.

Kira was on his way there when he pass Katejina. They were in white light as Katejina smirk "Kira"

Kira had wide eyes as her voice sounded familiar and he turn but he didn't see her anymore "Who was that...?" Kira look around and then head to Flay grave as he put flowers on her grave and then Mu, Tolle and Nicol. He look at Flay grave "There is still peace Flay. I am surprise how long it lasted" he sit down "Haven't seen Cagalli and Athrun in a while they must be really busy. Everyone is doing fine though" he felt the nice wind to close his eyes.


Stella, Auel and Sting arrive back on the ship to get out of the Gundams.

Neo clap his hands "Very nice you three".

Stella run over to Neo and hug him "We really did good Neo".

Neo smile "Yes you did Stella".

Stella smile to watch the two walk away.

"Go with them Stella its time for you to sleep" Neo pat her head.

Stella nod to follow Auel and Sting to the capsules.

Katejina stand beside Neo to watch the three fall asleep in the capsules.

Neo look at Katejina "Don't worry there is a Gundam for you to Katejina its being built".

"I can wait. There is no rush" Katejina smirk.

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