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Story Line: This is sequel to Kira Fate. After all the peace, things have defiantly started to be twisted. What has Gilbert Durandal done that makes Kira crazy? Who is this red head that suddenly appears? And who is Neo Roanoke and why does he look so familiar?. Caution torture and cursing

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The Archangel had arrived in Orb and that when everyone pretty much separated to deal with there lives now. The Archangel was now in hiding along with the Eternal and everything was at peace at the moment again. But just cause the war was over didn't mean the days weren't as busy as ever trying to plan weddings. The first wedding that was put together first was Flay and Kira wedding.

Flay and Kira wedding.

Flay look at herself in the mirror as she had the same wedding Cagalli was having, outside but on the beach. Flay dress was white as it fell off her shoulders, she didn't have her hair up as it was still so short. She spin around once as she was so nervous she really wished her father was here to walk her down the aisle, she move hand to the little bump "Uhh I look so fat".

"You do not" Cagalli walk into the room as it was her bedroom Flay was in as she had a pink dress indicating she was Flay bridesmaids. She went to the mirror "I am fat".

Miri giggle as she lean on the door in the same pink dress Cagalli was in "Your both nuts. Emotional mood swings" she look at Lacus behind her in the same dress.

"Everyone is out there, now we are just waiting for the bride" Lacus smile.

Flay look at Lacus as she breath in and then breath out "Alright I am ready".

The bridesmaids head out as Kira adoptive mother, Caridad, came into the room "You ready Flay?".

Flay nod as she walk out with Caridad to stay by the stairs that lead to the beach.

Star was the flower and ring bearer as she wore a white dress with a pink ribbon around her waist. She throw the rose petals onto the red stretch out carpet that lead to the altar.

Kira was at the altar in the black tux as he looks at his best mans, Yzak,Athrun, Mu and Dearka wearing light blue suits. He than looks at the crowd to notice Sai was there and his adoptive father, Haruma, who getting up on cue to head to where Flay was.

The bridesmaids made their way to the altar to stand in position as there was soft violin music from the violinists.

Athrun look at Cagalli to smile softly.

Cagalli smile back at Athrun just thinking back to their wedding.

Flay was walking now with her arm wrapped around Kira adoptive father. She look at Kira at the altar as she smile. Once she got to the altar Kira adoptive father let her go to sit down.

The priest clear his throat as he begin talking.

Flay and Kira look at each other as they smiled.

Miri looked at Dearka as they were getting married in two days they were very excited.

Star had pillow with the rings on the them as she waited for her cue.

"Rings now" the priest smile at Star.

Star bring the rings over.

Kira take the one ring and Flay take the other.

"Do you Kira take Flay to be your wife?" the priest looked at Kira.

"I do" Kira put the ring on Flay finger..

"And do you Flay take Kira to be your husband?" the priest looked at Flay.

"I do" Flay put the ring on Kira finger.

"Than I announce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride" the priest close the book.

Kira and Flay kiss as everyone cheered. Kira and Flay than run off back to the mansion to their party.


After Kira and Flay wedding, everyone got ready for Miri and Dearka wedding and Shinn and Lunamaria wedding and Murrue and Mu wedding. Once their wedding was accomplished, everything seemed to go fairly quickly. The girls were getting bigger over the months and it seemed that Cagalli was the first to be in labor.

In the hospital

Kira and the others were in the waiting room as they waited to hear news from Athrun.

Flay was so big as she was getting so uncomfy "Cagalli is lucky. I am a week late".

Lunamaria looked at Flay "You think that is bad? I am two weeks late".

Star walk over to Flay stomach to put ear over it to blink "Hey little sister come out of there I want to see you already".

Kira chuckle softly.

Shinn rub Lunamaria stomach gently.

Miri smile to look at Star "Say Star how is school. You're in 3rd grade right?".

Star looked at Miri to nod "School is good, I feel smarter than all the kids there" she giggles.

"Have you made any friends?" Miri blink.

"Not really. I am too shy" Star move hand in hair to look down.

"Aww well I am sure you will make friends' Miri smile at Star.

In the hospital room

The doctor came in "How you holding up Cagalli".

"I want this kid out of me. I can't take it doc how far along am I?" Cagalli bite her lower lip.

The doctor put glove on as she move blanket up to she move hand between Cagalli legs to check "You are very close you 8 centimeters".

"Aww come on" Cagalli complain.

Athrun move wash cloth on Cagalli head "2 more centimeters just think about that love".

The doctor threw out the glove to smile to look the monitor.

Cagalli was having a contraction to moan as she grab Athrun shirt as she breath in and out "After this we will never have another baby!".

Athrun had a sweat drop.

Back in the waiting room

Flay got up as she was tired of sitting to look around wondering where the cafeteria was. She looks at Kira "Kira walk me to the cafeteria I am starving".

Kira nod to look at Star "Star stay with Miri alright".

Star nod to smile.

Lunamaria got up now "I am hungry too".

"Umm Lunamaria" Shinn was looking at the wet spot in the chair "Your water broke".

"What?" Lunamaria blink as she looked at the chair to blush.

"You didn't feel a contraction yet?" Shinn blink.

"No I" Lunamaria all sudden feel the contraction as she moan a little "Now I do".

Nurse come over with the wheelchair "Lets bring her into a room" she wheel Lunamaria away as Shinn follow.

"Aww come on seriously" Flay sound annoyed.

"Don't worry Flay your water will break soon" Miri smiled at her.

Kira rub flay back "Let's go get something to eat" he lead Flay down to the cafeteria to see what to eat "Maybe if you eat something spicy".

Flay grab a muffin, hot dog and soda "I'll just put hot sauce on the hot dog and see if that works" she bring to the table.

Kira pay for the food to go sit down with Flay. He had chicken and fries as he started to eat it "We still have to discuss names Flay".

Flay put hot sauce on the hot dog as she slowly start to eat it "I was thinking Fate or" she looked at Kira "Via".

Kira eat the fry as Via was his biological mother and he thought about it "Via and star. Fate and Star. Mmmm".

Flay giggle "Via actually sounds better" she wave her hand by her mouth as it was hot from the hot sauce.

Kira nod "For sure' he look at Flay and then looked over at the other people in the cafeteria.

Flay finish her hot dog "Mouth is on fire" she drink her soda. She felt a sudden pain in her stomach to move hand to stomach "Oww".

Kira raise a brow "Oww?" he looked under the table to see the puddle under Flay "Your water broke love".

"About time" Flay got up slowly touching her stomach.

Kira chuckle softly to get up "Alright let's get you a room" he lead Flay back to the others as the nurse put Flay in a chair to bring her to a room with Cagalli and Lunamaria. "You guys still here".

"Shut up Kira" Cagalli wine as she was still only eight centimeters.

Athrun look at Kira "Looks like we might have kids at the same time even though Lunamaria is only 3 centimeters and Cagalli still 8 centimeters".

Flay got in the bed as she breath in and out "A huge birthday party than".

"For sure" Shinn smirk to agree.

The doctor come in "Alright lets check on you Cagalli" she put a glove on to check Cagalli as she smiled "Ahh 10 centimeters. You ready".

"Finally" Cagalli close her eyes relieved.

"Don't relax yet Cagalli, you have to push now that is the hardest part" the doctor smile as the nurses came in to take Cagalli out the room.

"Good luck" Kira said.

"Thanks" Cagalli said as she waved at them.

Athrun breath in and then out.

Kira move hand to Athrun shoulder "You will be alright Athrun. Just remember to breath".

Athrun nodded 'Alright here I go" he left.

The doctor was checking Flay as she blink "You're at seven centimeters so fast already. Guess the baby really wants to come out" she giggle "You might be next Flay".

"Aww come on" Lunamaria complain as she was having a contracting.

Shinn rub her back gently.

Kira went back to Flay to kiss her head "Via will come into the world in no time".

The hours went past and Cagalli had her baby boy and she named him Jim. Flay had a baby girl and she named her Via. Lunamaria had a girl and she named her Stella. The three girls were resting now as the boys were looking in the baby room at their babies.

"I still can't believe I am a dad" Athrun look at his son that had blonde hair with green eyes.

"Me neither" Shinn said as he looked at his daughter that had black hair with blue eyes.

Kira look at her daughter that had red hair with black eyes to smile.

"Daddy I want to see" Star pull at Kira shirt.

Kira pick up Star to point "That is your baby sister".

Star smile.

"And don't forget cousins" Athrun smile.

"Cool" Star looked at Athrun and then back at her baby sister.


A month goes by.

Star was now sitting down at her desk in her room as she looked at the sunset out her window "So pretty" she look at her home work in front of her than looked at her pink diary as she grab it to open to a new page as she begin to write.

"Today I actually met a new friend, her name was Lily and she wasn't afraid of who I was when I told her. Guess some people don't mind that I am extended. Sometimes I think that I will go crazy on someone if they don't like me. It's a weird feeling".

Star look up from her diary to look at the side where there was a mirror, she looked at herself to smile. She than heard a cry from her baby sister and heard Flay go to her. She look back at the diary.

"Its been a month since my new little baby sister came into the world and she is so cute! she seems calm around me and she has some strong grip. I couldn't get away from her when she had a hold of my finger. I had to go to the bathroom so bad that I am lucky daddy help me out before I pee in my pants".

Star giggle a little and then continue to write.

"I am glad she came into the world where is no war. Auntie Cagalli says the peace treaty should last this time but I feel if there is another war that I will fight. I decided that I will even though I know my mother and father wont let me".

Star sigh to look at a picture of her and Kira than looked back at the diary to continue.

"I know I wont lose cause I'll be just like my daddy. A strong Gundam pilot".

Star tap her pen a little trying to figure out what else to write and then something came to her as she continue.

"I heard from uncle Athrun that auntie Miri and auntie Murrue are having baby boys! Auntie Miri is naming hers Hawk and auntie Murrue is naming hers Jasper. So excited to have more cousins even though cousin Jim and Stella always cry when I try to do peek a boo. I think they don't like me cause when I do peek a boo with Via she loves it!".

Star smile as she lean back against the chair to think and she couldn't think anymore as she end it there as she write.

"So that's it for now I hope I will make more friends as time goes on and I hope the peace will continue".

She drew a heart and then wrote the date to close her diary and put it in the desk draw so no one else could read it.

"Star come and eat dinner!" Kira shout up the stairs and then head back to the kitchen to where Flay was feeding Via.

"Coming!" Star shouted back to close her school books and walk out the room.

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