A secret is uncovered about Anastasia's baker beau.

A/N I always thought an emperor was grander and higher than a king, so I had it that the kingdom has become an empire, and Cinderella's royal papa-in-law is now emperor, and yes, I decided that in this universe, the prince does have a name (Owen). And no, I do not own Cinderella and I am doing this strictly for my own enjoyment.

Cinderella was getting fancied up for a special event, as was her stepsister Anastasia.

"Oh, Albertina!" called out Anastasia, and Cinderella's fairy godmother appeared in a shower of silver sparkles and a chant of "bibbidi-bobbidi-boo."

"You called, pretty maiden?" the plump, silver-haired fairy asked Cinderella, smoothing out a fold in her blue vestments.

"Actually, I did, Albertina." Anastasia answered. "I'm wondering if you can do something with this."

With that, she handed the fairy godmother the pink satin gown that Cinderella had planned to wear to the royal ball that enchanted evening. The one that her animal friends had helped make over. The one that Anastasia and her sister Drizella had so mercilessly shredded. Even though the dress Albertina did conjure up for her was much more beautiful, Cinderella still cringed at the memory. And the thing that was the most hurtful to Cinderella about that whole incident was that her stepmother had allowed it.

Albertina took the ravaged garment in her hands and started chanting.

"Sala-ga-doola, menchika-boola, biddibi-bobbidi-boo."

A flash of light and the torn dress disappeared, replaced by a sparkling pink confection of a ball gown enhanced with bows, beads and crystals.