Notes: First of all: this is a sequel to my other Twilight Princess story, Return of Zant, but you don't have to have read it to enjoy my newest story. There will be mention of what happened, but I will try to make sure none of it is vital to the story. The first two chapters are prologues; sorta just intros to the story. The first one is in Link's point of view, the second in Ganondorf's son's, but the rest of the story will focus on Midna and Link's two children and switch back and forth between their POVs.

The prompt for this story was given to me by TheBlueAlienRobotZombie. Thank you so much for the idea.

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Midna tilts her head back and lets the warm sunlight wash over her face, the slight breeze blowing her hair away from her face. Her eyes are closed, legs swinging in the air like a carefree child's, one hand on her slightly swelling stomach.

Link thinks he could watch her forever.

He's always thought that. And it's never changed. It has been six years since they killed Zant, six years filled with nothing but the occasional minor monster raid. Six years of peace. Zelda rules the land well as queen, and Midna and Link protect it. They always have. They always will.

"Alari," Midna says suddenly, opening her eyes. "Do you like it?"

"Selfless and righteous," he replies with a smile. "It's perfect."

She smiles back, eyes glowing, and leans against his shoulder. "Now you get to come up with the boy name."

"Huh," Link huffs and wraps his arm around her back. "I'm not a name person."

"You'll figure something out," Midna says, and plants a soft kiss on his lips. "I'm heading in for the night. See you in the morning, all right?" She slides off the fence and makes her way down the path, graceful as ever.

Link looks out at the grazing goats scattered around the field. Nearby, Epona shakes her mane and snorts, stamping her hooves to ward off flies.

It's times like this he can almost forget the worst and best year of his life, the blood and monsters and fairies and Zant and Ganondorf and Zelda. He both loathes the memories and savors them, wakes up smiling as often as he screams himself out of nightmares. As awful as saving the world was, he can never forget that if it hadn't happened, he would have never met Midna, and then he wouldn't be married with a baby on the way.

Link knows that his child will grow up to be a fighter, knows it the way he knows his own name. But with a fierce protective feeling in his chest, he also knows that they will never be forced to stab a monster through the heart and feel the warm, sticky green blood run down their arm at seventeen years old. Because he will keep Hyrule safe, he and Midna and Zelda and Rusl and all the others.

He will keep it safe, so that there will never need to be a hero like him again. So that no one else will have to chase after their best friend and instead face the agony of transforming into a beast, or plunge into fiery mines and shadow-covered deserts. His child, and Zelda's, and Illia's, will grow up in the peace their parents helped to create.

Nothing has ever gotten past Link.

And nothing ever will.

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