Back at the diner, Martha had told everyone everything. She had told them exactly what Jack had told her this morning. How he had taken a case to go and work in the city and how he could only come back once every two weeks. Every now and then, she'd break down in tears and start crying again. But luckily, Ric, or Cassie, or Irene was there to comfort her.

Lucas wasn't, though. He seemed to be in just as much a shock as what she had been that morning. He had had no idea that his brother was taking off like that. Martha could have sworn that she even saw a tear in his eye.

"Why does this have to happen to me?" she cried. "It's not fair. Olivia needs him… I need him, but his boss is too stubborn to see that. I mean, Jack made a mistake. He had no idea that it was in the city. If he had known, he wouldn't have taken it, I know he wouldn't have. There would be no way he'd leave Olivia on purpose like that. He just wouldn't do it."

"There's no way he'd leave you like that either," Ric added, letting her know that she had forgotten herself.

She always seemed to do that now. Whenever she was speaking about Jack, she'd always tell them how much he loved Olivia, but never would she mention herself. If she did, though, it would always have something to do with the fact that she wasn't good enough for him. She didn't seem to yet under stand the fact that she was good enough for him. She was always so confused as to why she was the one that had won his heart. It hurt all of her friends to see her that way, but most of all it hurt Jack. He had no idea why she believed or thought those things, because there really was no answer to it. It was just because she was the one he loved. He couldn't help that he fell in love with her, but he never wanted to fall out of love with her. She just didn't seem to understand that.

And the minute that he walked through the door of the diner again, he realised what was going on. It was only a matter of time before this happened, he knew that. She was an extremely emotional person and when she got upset, she got upset.

"Hey, hey, hey," he whispered, taking Ric's spot next to her. "It's okay, don't cry. I'm still here for three more days. We can make the most of it. How about tomorrow, we go to the beach and then the next day…" He paused. He had just had a thought. On his last night that he was here, he was going to do something special for her. But it was going to be a surprise. She wasn't going to find out until it happened.

Martha held onto him tightly. It was like she was a child being comforted by an adult. But it was how she felt. She felt so weak and helpless. There was nothing that she could do that would make Jack stay. He was going to the city and she was going to have to deal with that in the best possible way. Especially when Olivia got older.

She'd start to wonder why her dad wasn't around that often and she'd have to be the one who had to stay strong for her. It was going to be hard.

"I don't want you to go," she told him. "I want you to stay here." She couldn't bare the thought of losing him again. It reminded her of that day, where she had just discovered her feelings for him. It was like she was getting him and losing him at the same time. She still felt bad for the spider incident. It had only been a joke, but it had been one that had gone terribly wrong. She could have cost Jack his job, his hearing and even possibly his life. She remembered how angry he had gotten with her. He never wanted to see her again. Sometimes she would imagine what her life would have been like if she had told him the way she felt about him to start with. What if she had given into to him sooner? Maybe she wouldn't be losing him right now. Maybe they would be happy if she hadn't been such an idiot and denied her feelings for him. She couldn't even understand how she had done it. Her feelings for him were so strong right now; that she knew that if she had felt that then, there would have been no way that she could have kept them to herself.

Jack held her tight. He knew that. He knew that she wanted him to stay, but he couldn't. He had to go to the city on Monday and she couldn't stop him. "How about we just go home?" he suggested.

Martha just nodded. "Okay," she whispered, standing up. She was about to take Olivia off Lucas, but he stopped her.

"Matty and I can look after her for the rest of the day, if you want?" he suggested. "Well, dad will. We have school, but I'm sure he'll be more then happy to look after her," he added, secretly hoping that they would say yes. He really thought that they needed some time to themselves; just to sort everything out. Plus, he loved spending as much time with his niece as possible.

Jack looked down at Martha. She didn't seem to be even paying attention to what Lucas was saying. Her mind was far away from the diner. "That would be great, Luc," he said. "Thanks," he added, before taking Martha's hand and leading her outside. Instead of going back to the car like he had originally planned, he led her all the way down to the beach. There, they walked along in silence. Both of them had now completely forgotten about the cold. They weren't even feeling it anymore. Was it because the sun was starting to shine, or was it because they had each other? Neither of them knew. All that they knew at that very moment was that they were not going to see each other in ages and it was hurting them terribly. Their world seemed to be crashing down around them. All of a sudden, everything they had been so happy about before now seemed so far in the past. Their minds then trailed to Olivia. She was caught in the middle of this. She wasn't feeling any pain yet, but when she grew older, it would hurt her more than what it was hurting Martha right now. Neither of them wanted to see pain on their little girl. It would be too much for either of them to handle.

They were still so young and hadn't planned to become parents so soon, but now that it had happened, they just wanted her to be happy. They wanted to watch her grow up together. Martha hadn't even reached the age of twenty yet, and already, she was dealing with so much. She had had her heart broken many times, but this one definitely topped the list.

As they wandered back to their car, Martha wrapped her arms around Jack's body. She didn't want to let him go. It made her feel better. If she knew that she had hold of him, then maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't be able to go.