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Drabble Summary: What kind of things might Hakkai ponder while trying to ignore the noise around him?

Hakkai: On the Topics of Travel & Blood

Today is another normal day. I'm driving in the middle of nowhere; Gojyo and Goku are arguing; Sanzo is threatening murder; and poor Hakuryu is just putting along in silence. I honestly wish we had another mode of transportation so my little friend wouldn't have to be put through much stress, but the alternatives are limited and there is no way in hell I am riding a bicycle to India. Especially, since the only ones that seem to be sold around here are more appropriate for school aged girls than fully grown men. I would really hate for people to get the wrong idea about us.

Speaking of alternative transportation, is it possible for Kougaji's dragons to really be that much faster than Hakuryu? Kougaji and his group have caught up and confronted us on multiple occasions despite the fact that they are coming from a destination we have been traveling well over a year to get to. I suppose part of the reason could be because they experience a lot less…problems…in the air, but that still doesn't explain the discrepancy. I closed my eyes. Perhaps I'm just overanalyzing the situation. Either that or the map I've been following the past few months is mislabeled and/or outdated. It is possible since the key only charts our journey as being some 500 such miles, but I hope that's not the case. If it was, I'd have to hunt do-er, find, the cartographer and politely ask him to correct his mistakes so other drivers like myself don't have to have their sanity tested on a daily basis for months by their kind, considerate friends. One of which was now firing bullets at Gojyo for mocking his chastity. I really hope those stray bullets don't hit someone. I'm still trying to figure out where Sanzo buys the seemingly endless supply since they're never on my list of things to get and I know for a fact that he didn't have that much ammo 4 days ago. The funny thing is that we've haven't been in a town for over a week.

I shook my head slightly at the thought of the angry monk. To be entirely honest, I'm not sure how he's still alive. We all have had brushes with death during this journey, but Sanzo should have been killed months ago in the confrontation with Shuei; but not by Shuei himself. On the contrary, the "Merciful" Goddess would have been his murderer. Gojyo may have had "spare blood", but between he, Goku, and myself, his blood was the ONLY one that could NOT have been compatible with Sanzo's. Biologically speaking, the best donor for Sanzo would have been Goku since his blood type is O. I may also have been a matching donor since I am AB, but this also brings up another question. Even though Gojyo is half human, he is also half demon so wouldn't his demon blood have affected Sanzo in some way? Perhaps, that's why Sanzo has been grumpier than usual? I chuckled to myself. Oh my, I'm overanalyzing again. I suppose the phrase "divine intervention" explains it all. The ruckus in the back seems to have finally quieted down now. Ah, sweet silence.

"Um, Hakkai?" started Goku. He sounded a bit disturbed.

"Yes, Goku?" I replied with a smile.

"How are you driving with your eyes closed?" I slammed on the breaks.