"Hello?" Klaire asked.

"Klaire, just the wife I wanted to talk to" Gina cheered.

"Me?" Klaire asked, kind of amazed and a bit confused.

"Yes, you. There's a wife party, wives only and it's at my house, nine p.m. sharp" Gina informed her.

"What do the husbands do?" Klaire asked.

"Stay home or gather back at the Hotel for drinks and just…battle it out, for fun" Gina answered.

"So, what do we do?" Klaire asked.

"We talk, just small talk about ourselves but I guarantee you my parties are always a hoot and a holler" Nick promised.

"Well, that sounds wonderful but-…" Klaire tried to think of a way to get out of this.

"You can help your husband" Gina added.

"How?" Klaire asked.

"You see, the reason the guys won't agree is because they need their wives to agree to. Once they agree, they tell their husbands, who go back to your husband and pay the price" Gina explained.

"They pay? Just like that, no questioning?" Klaire asked, confused.

"Yes! You see, in our group, which is extremely large group, the wives are in charge, and they dominate. Amazing, isn't it?" Gina asked.

"Yes, it is" Klaire agreed.

"Anyway, we always love to meet the new wives and you're still the newest. We're just ecstatic to see you" Nicky cheerfully said.

"But you've already met me" Klaire remembered, confused.

"Yeah but you're so silent and reserved and kind of a pushover. We want to know the real you, that is the real you" Gina explained.

"I'm not a push over" Klaire defensively disagreed.

"Oh dear" Gina muttered. Klaire didn't say anything.

"So, are you coming?" Gina asked, full of hope. Klaire looked over at Scott, who glared at her, nodding.

"Yeah, I'll be there" Klaire agreed.

"Perfect, dress formal, nice ball gown!" she ordered.

"Okay" Klaire agreed.

"Bye, see you soon" Gina said and hung up. Klaire hung up the phone and Scott kissed her.