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Cry of the Raiju

Chapter 10: Return to Takigakure

It had been a few days since the duo had left the home of the Royal Family and Naruto and Jiraya walked steadily along the path from the Capital towards their next destination.

"So, gaki?"

"Yeah, Ero-kyofu?"

"Tell me, in your own opinion, how far do you think you can go by the end of this training trip?" Jiraya asked. Naruto blinked in confusion at the sudden question, his blue eyes looking up into the taller man's black ones.


"You're a chunin now. Do you think you can make jounin? Move into the ANBU maybe? Possibly succeed in your dream to become Hokage as the ultimate fruit of your labours?"

Why are you asking me this?" The new chunin replied.

"You went from the basic academy three and then because you had no to teach you, what with me making sure the village was safe from outside threats with spy network and all, you had to take several years before you were finally able to get to the Kagebunshin. A few months later you learned the tree climbing exercise and it was only until the Chunin Exams in Konoha did you learn Kuchiyose no Jutsu and the water walking technique. Then a few days later you got to the Rasengan."

"What are you getting at?"

"Though you have a great ability to learn by leaps and bounds, what I'm trying to say is that you had once been used to a slow pace of learning as shown by my explanation of the sporadic rate at which you learned new techniques in your genin days." Jiraya looked down at his godson. "You were unconsciously handicapping yourself, my idiotic godson and just by staying with me for a little over nine months has unlocked your potential to learn and grow as a shinobi and as a person. You've never truly been taught anything prior to this trip and it is only until we got to Uzu that you've begun to blossom as someone worthy of your family names."

Naruto stopped walking and looked down at his own hands. 'I was...handicapped?'

"Now answer my question. How far do you think you can go by the time three years have passed?" Jiraya asked. Naruto continued to stare at his hands for a moment as his mind drew blanks every time he tried to think up an answer. The blonde Namikaze smirked and released a small chuckle. He looked up at the white haired Sannin and grinned toothily, an image that reminded the toad Sannin of the boy's mother.

"By the end of this trip, I think, no...I know I can surpass everyone." Naruto said with determination in his voice. "If I get beaten, I'll get back up and then find that person and kick their asses. If I win, I'll them to suck it. I am Uzumaki Naruto after all and nothing will stop me from doing what it takes to succeed in everything I want to do, dattebayo!"

Jiraya nodded his head with a look of pride on his face. "That's good. A shinobi like you needs that kind of drive because it's time we finally turned to trying to finish the Rasengan."

"Really?" Naruto asked. Jiraya nodded.

"We were busy on Uzushio teaching you the basics of everything, building on what you already know and also getting you to learn what you could from the scrolls of your ancestors. But now it's time we focused on trying to work on your combination of shape and nature manipulation."

"Coooooool! Finally I can do what my old man couldn't do!" Naruto then gained a questionable look on his face. "Ero-kyofu?"


"The Rasengan is incomplete like you explained to me earlier during our training in Uzushio, but now that you've brought it up...why haven't you tried to complete it? I'm sure you know how to do it, combining nature manipulation and shape manipulation."

Jiraya chuckled and scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "Actually, Naruto, I can't."


"I can't. I've tried to do it. I've tried to do what your father didn't have enough time to do, but in the end it was impossible for me. I have earth and fire natures in my chakra and every time I tried to combine them with the Rasengan, I either got nothing happening at all or a big fire ball exploding in my face. I couldn't stabilize it, I gave up after ten years of trying, but I just couldn't do it." Jiraya said. "I can't complete the Rasengan."

"B-But...But you're the Jiraya. Ero-kyofu, you can do anything." Jiraya laughed loudly at the the childish admiration that flashed in his godson's eyes. It was these kinds of moments that the Toad Sannin learned to cherish, the few times the blonde ever looked at him with respect and admiration were like pots of gold at the end of rainbows.

Jiraya ruffled the blue eyed shinobi's head. "Your faith in me is touching gaki, but even the gallant Jiraya cannot do everything. And now the task of completing the Rasengan falls to you entirely. That is, until you choose to teach it to someone too."

"I won't let you down, Ero-kyofu."

"I know you won't, gaki. Now then, let's keep walking and I'll explain to you what it is you have to do to complete the Rasengan." Jiraya said as he adjusted his pack. Naruto did the same with a stiff nod and the two males continued their trek to Takigakure.

"So, what is it exactly that you have to do to combine shape and nature manipulation, Ero-kyofu?" Naruto asked.

"Well it's the same process as when you try to use the Rasengan. Minato made the Rasengan with the purpose of building up his ability to mentally multitask. By combining the need to constantly keep his chakra rotating in multiple directions and provide the necessary power into the technique simultaneously, he was able to succeed in doing so. However, like me, your father obviously came across trouble when it came to actually completing the jutsu."

"So I just have to do what I normally when performing a one-handed Rasengan then?"

"Pretty much, but it's going to be difficult."

"How so; I mean, I know it will be, but how?"

"The Rasengan's stability comes from the user's capability to focus on keeping the Rasengan's power and rotation at the mimimum and/or maximum levels needed to keep it active as well as keeping the shape intact. However, when applying the nature chakra, you are splitting your focus a lot more than usual. The addition of nature chakra will compromise your focus and thus the Rasengan will blow up, like you've experienced when you were now learning to use it. However, due to the application of nature chakra, the after-effects of your failures will be a bit worse."


"With my fire chakra, I had some nasty first degree burns on my hands along with the chakra burns. If it weren't for medical jutsu, Kami-sama bless Tsunade for teaching it to the shinobi of Konoha, I wouldn't have much of a right hand left to work with because of how badly it would have been burnt. The earth chakra left my hand's bones weak for some time."

"Well, my chakra natures are wind and lightning. What will that do to me?" He asked. The older toad summoner shrugged.

"No idea. Maybe some electrocution from the lightning, cuts from the wind, only you would be able to see how it goes." Naruto nodded in understanding before holding out his hand in front of him. He closed his eyes in concentration, chakra and wind swirling around in his palm before condensing into the solid mass of chakra that was the A-Ranked jutsu made by his father.

Naruto stared at the Rasengan in his hand. A few moments passed as he simply looked at the spiraling sphere and Jiraya waited for his student to do something. The blonde then narrowed his eyes as he tried to split apart his focus, a dangerous task concerning a focus-based ninjutsu like the one he now held.

"Add...wind...chakra." He grunted out, a bead of sweat trailing down the side of his face. Jiraya watched in fascination as the Rasengan suddenly began to take on a pale appearance, the original blue having begun to fade. His ears twitched when he picked up on the sound of mild screeching, but that was when Naruto couldn't hold it any longer and the partially transformed Rasengan blew up in his face.

The teenage shinobi released a yelp of pain as he was sent flying through the air and into a nearby tree as a gust of wind and chakra accompanied his impact.

"You okay, gaki?" Jiraya asked as he jogged up to Naruto. He clasped Naruto's hand to pull him up.

"GAH!" The blonde wrenched his hand free and cradled it close to his chest. He and Jiraiya looked at the smoking appendage and Jiraya released a hiss to personify his pity for the boy. The blonde grunted in pain as he looked down at his twitching hand. Sharp cuts marred the palm along with a few chakra burns in a spiral shape, but they were quickly healing due to Kurama's chakra.

"Damn it, that shit hurts." Naruto muttered.

"I can imagine." Jiraya said. When the chunin's hand finished healing, a task that took a few seconds longer than usual Naruto noticed, he allowed Jiraya to help him to his feet once more. Naruto dusted himself and sucked his teeth to personify his annoyance.

"Well, that sucked. Now let's try it with lightning type chakra." Naruto said with conviction as he formed a Kagebunshin. The clone formed its own Rasengan and looked to its creator.

"Are you sure this won't be painful, boss?" The clone asked.

"Of course it will be painful, but this will be another good way to test just how durable you clones are. I mean, when during the chunin exams, you guys were able to take on a Shishi Rendan until the final blow." Naruto gave the Kagebunshin the 'Nice Guy' pose, that is, a thumbs up with a sparkle in his teeth. "I have the utmost faith in you, clone me."

"You know, that speech would be very convincing...IF YOU WEREN'T HIDING IN THAT BUSH THIRTY FEET AWAY FROM ME!"

"Mah Mah, you're focusing too much on the details, clone me. Right, Ero-kyofu?"

"Don't drag me into this." Jiraya deadpanned. "This is between yourself and you."

The clone sulked with anime tears flowing down its face. 'Ero-kyofu is so mean." The clone then shook its head and turned back to the Rasengan in its hand. "But might as well get it over with."

The clone glanced out of the corner of its eyes, sweatdropping when it saw Naruto and Jiraya give it a thumbs up for another boost of encouragement. The clone sighed before a look of determination flashed across its face and with a cry of effort, began to channel lightning elemental chakra into the spheroid. The clone continued to focus as it added lightning chakra while the original Naruto and his perverted godfather watched in awe as the Rasengan suddenly began to become transparent. Chakra pooled into its core and bolts of lightning lanced out from the core of condensed chakra and formed a shell of spiraling lightning around it.

"Is that...plasma?" Jiraya muttered. As he said that, the ball of lightning exploded with a sound akin to a crack of thunder. The clone vanished in a cloud of smoke and a storm of lightning and all that was left was an area of scorched earth. Naruto gulped as he looked at the wisp of smoke that rose from his clone's former location.

"Boy am I glad I decided not to do it by myself." Naruto said. "I could have hurt myself."

"Could have?" Was Kamina's rhetorical reply. Naruto could tell the raiju was giving him a deadpanned look.

'Fine, I would have hurt myself. Happy?'

"No, but with this, it shows that you aren't ready for the training I would have done with you during your stay in Taki."

'Huh? Why?' The blonde jinchuriki asked.

"Your training was to help you master your new jutsu made with the fusion of lightning and wind chakra. Your Tenton jutsus, that is. However, from your demonstrations at applying the fused elements to your Rasengan shows that you aren't ready to perform such feats yet. Besides, think of this as your first step of mastering the Tenton."

'How so?'

"When you master the application of your individual chakras into the Rasengan it would show that you have complete mastery over the element. The Tenton jutsu used in the Chunin Exams was a spur of the moment situation and applying your nature chakras to your blade and performing regular jutsu is child's play for anyone with such elemental affinities. But the Rasengan would be like a true mark of mastery as it would help you obtain the focus and skill needed to master the Tenton jutsus." Kamina replied. "Not to mention as an added bonus, you may be able to make a Tenton variation of your Rasengan after making Raiton and Fuuton variations."

Naruto's eyes widened. 'I never thought to make a Tenton variation of the Rasengan. That sounds awesome!' The Thunder Beast chuckled within its host's mindscape and nodded its head.

"Indeed. So back on the road, you've been staring at the smoldering remains of your clone for a while."

With the connection cut, Naruto turned away from the result of his attempt of making the Rasengan a Raiton technique.

"Well I can safely say that the lightning chakra variation produces a more explosive result so you should refrain from using it without my supervision." Jiraya advised. Naruto nodded his head in agreement.

"So that means we'll be putting more focus on the wind type one?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. Plus wind is your primary affinity to begin with so it will probably be easier for you to work with." The Toad Sannin adjusted his pack before walking ahead. "Now let's go, we're burning daylight."

"Alright, Ero-kyofu."


Takigakure no Sato- Waterfall Entrance

Taking a few breaks in between for Naruto to train with Kamina, polish his taijutsu styles with Jiraya and eat, the trip to Taki had taken a bit more than three hours. The sun's golden rays weren't as intense as they had been, something both males were thankful for as they were beginning to work up a small sweat from the heat.

Naruto's ears twitched, his head snapping up from looking at the ground, when the sound of crashing water met said hearing organs. The massive body of falling water was an majestic and amazing as it was the first time he saw it. Its volume covered a large area of the cliff face that lay behind it, its point of origin obscured by the great amounts of trees that grew atop the result of tectonic plates shifting. The lake that formed from years of erosion and abrasion by the waterfall, glistened in the afternoon sun and its clean appearance made Naruto smile.

During the mission to Takigakure when he and his team had to escort Shibuki back to the hidden village, the lake had been dirtied with large amounts of rubbish: Plastic bottles, along with plastic and paper bags and dead leaves and branches. With some help from those two kids, whose names Naruto currently failed to recall, they had helped clean the lake and it was good to see that it remained that way.

Jiraya released a low whistle as he looked at the waterfall. "Still as amazing as the day when I first saw it. No matter how many time I see this thing, I can never get tired of it."

"How many times have you been to Taki, Ero-kyofu?" Naruto asked.

"Not many. I mean, I do have a few members of my spy network stationed here, but I've begun to take a greater interest in it now that I've been able to learn some of the members of Akatsuki." Jiraya said.

"You know them?"

"Not all, but most. I'll tell you when we arrange our living quarters, we got company."

As he said this, the waterfall split neatly down the middle and parted like a pair of curtains. It created a small space, enough for a large man to fit through it. Out from the darkness behind the waterfall, a young shinobi of Takigakure emerged. He looked no older than twenty and had short, spiky, brown hair. His skin was lightly tanned, like Naruto's, and he had vibrant green eyes. His face was slightly rounded by the jawline, but otherwise it was very angular. His build was lean and he wore the standard shinobi outfits of Taki which consisted of a dark blue, long sleeves top, similarly colored pants that ended just above the ankles, black shinobi sandals and a black flak jacket to signify his status as a jounin. The hitai-ate of Takigakure was wrapped securely around his forehead.

"You two are trespassing on the territory of Takigakure no Sato. In the name of our leader, Shibuki-sama, I kindly ask you to either leave or explain who you are and what your business is should you have an appointment to come to our borders." The jounin asked. He then drew a kunai from the weapons pouch attached to his left hip. "If proven hostile, lethal force will be administered."

"Why are they so cautious?" Naruto whispered. "Wouldn't they know who you are?"

"We're shinobi, Naruto. Paranoia is in our nature and not to mention with Henge no Jutsu at many a shinobi's disposal it is only right that they question our identities." Jiraya whispered back. The Sannin's eyes narrowed suddenly and he began glancing around the area. Naruto caught onto his godfather's actions and extended a small pulse of chakra, making it act as a sonar. While not the best at sensory type techniques, the basics of the technique, Ninpou: Chakura Parusu were easy enough for Naruto to understand.

Basically, the user charges a suitable amount of chakra, stores in their core and then releases it in the form of a pulse. The pulse then reflects back to the user when it comes into contact with other chakra signatures. Nature chakra would not interfere because it lies on a different wavelength and only a sage like Jiraya could detect the actual difference.

'One...two...five...ten.' Naruto counted as he felt the chakra signatures in the surrounding brush being found by the Chakura Parusu. "There's ten of them, Ero-kyofu."

"I know and we don't want to cause an incident." Jiraya replied. "Now follow my lead."

Jiraya raised his hands into the air, Naruto mimicking his sensei's actions. "I am Jiraya of the Sannin from Konohagakure no Sato. This young Chunin beside me is my apprentice, Uzumaki Naruto. I am taking him on a training journey and decided that Takigakure no Sato would be a good place for him to train seeing as how a little more than a year ago he helped with your village's coup d'etat."

"Uzumaki Naruto?" The brown haired man raised an eyebrow.

"That's right." Naruto assured the man. "My team and I helped Shibuki beat Suien during the coup. He tried to take the Hero's Water and kill Shibuki, surely those kinds of details will prove that I am Uzumaki Naruto."

The jounin nodded. "Indeed they do. The knowledge of the coup d'etat would only be known by those within Takigakure's shinobi ranks as well as your team and former Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen. However, we will need further proof as to whether or not you are truly who you say you are, Jiraya-sama."

Jiraya nodded and then bit his thumb before slamming it down on the ground with a minimal application of chakra. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu." In a plume of white smoke, a small yellow and blue toad appeared before the white haired Sannin member. It croaked before hopping atop Jiraya's shoulder as the man rose back to his full height.

"The Toad Summoning scroll." He patted the large scroll attached to his back. "I am its sole carrier and one of the only two users. The other being my apprentice."

The jounin of Taki nodded his head before putting away his kunai. "Very well. You are indeed Jiraya-sama and Uzumaki Naruto. Come with me and I will lead you to the village entrance."

Jiraya and Naruto nodded and walked across the surface of the lake as they applied the Water Walking technique. Once they reached the other end of the lake, they followed their escort through the waterfall and into the cave complex that was hidden behind it. The Taki jounin formed a few quick handsigns and the waterfall closed off behind them and trapped them within the darkness of the cave. There was practically no escape as the force from the waterfall would break any person's body and you couldn't split it unless you knew the actual jutsu used to part the waterfall or unless you had complete mastery over wind chakra.

Naruto and Jiraya then looked at their escort as the man reached into his weapons pouch and pulled out two lengthy pieces of black cloth.

"For security purposes, Jiraya-sama, Uzumaki-san, you will be required to wear these cloths around your eyes."

"Why?" Naruto asked. "I didn't have to wear a cloth the last time I came here."

"We were too lenient with security back then, Uzumaki-san. With Shibuki-sama being how he was back then, you can understand just how lax we were with protection." Naruto nodded in understanding. "But now that Shibuki-sama has experienced what happens when someone tries to usurp the leadership status as well as attack the village, he has allowed an increase in shinobi present in Takigakure's forces as well as increasing the amount of precautions to be taken for outsiders entering and exiting the village."

"I see." Naruto replied. "But concerning your shinobi forces, you said that Shibuki allowed for an increase in the shinobi present. What do you mean by that?"

"Well, Uzumaki-san, as you know, Takigakure no Sato is one of the minor shinobi villages. Despite being one of the most, if not the most, successful of the minor villages in the Elemental Nations, we had no treaties or a stable economy. During the early years of the shinobi era, during the times after the Great Clan Wars when the Elemental Nations were now being established, Takigakure's shinobi forces were minimal at best, only numbering in the low hundreds. Five hundred at best and during the Great Ninja World Wars, Takigakure was used as a cannon fodder resource for the more powerful nations, mainly Konoha and Iwa. We hold no grudges now, but back then, using us as the vanguard was a cruel move." The Takigakure shinobi sighed.

"Anyway, after exploiting us for resources and the wars were over, our numbers dwindled to below the hundreds. Suien's coup d'etat didn't inspire anyone to act because we just didn't care. Shibuki-sama was a coward and an unfit leader back then and even when he threatened civilians we joined the throng of hostages to see what would happen, to see if maybe Suien's coup would bring about a change we needed to stabilize ourselves as a village."

"You put innocent lives in danger for the sake of curiosity?" Naruto growled, his eyes flashing red. "Do you know what the repercussions of your actions could have been if my team hadn't been there? You yourselves could have been killed in the coup!"

"We do not expect those who comes from members of the Big Five to understand our plight, Uzumaki-san." The jounin said calmly, but his green eyes showed the anger in them. "And it would be wise to lower your killing intent. Should you have been anyone else or if Jiraya-sama hadn't been present with you, you would be dead as of now."

Jiraya slapped his student upside the head. "Stupid gaki, don't flare killing intent in front of other shinobi." The toad summoner bowed his head lightly. "Forgive my student's idiotic actions. He doesn't understand the delicate touches required for certain situations such as these...mister...ummm..."

"Mashima." The jounin replied. "Mashima Touya. Now please, put on the blindfolds and we can proceed to the entrance to the village."

Naruto and Jiraya nodded and wrapped their cloths around their eyes. The jounin, now known as Touya, grabbed them by their wrists and led them through the cave complex. The three of them walked in silence for a few minutes before they came to a stop.

"Okay, you may remove your blindfolds." Touya said as he let go of them. Naruto and Jiraya untied the cloths from around their eyes and handed them back to the Taki jounin. The two members of Konoha looked around the area and found that they were surrounded on all sides by large tunnels and before them were a series of small crater filled pools. The pools were obviously the water-filled tunnels that flowed underground and only one of them had the ability to enter the village of Taki. If you ended up picking the wrong one, shinobi or not, unless you had the ability to breathe underwater, you would drown before you could swim back.

Not to mention that due to the large network of tunnels that ran through the cave complex, unless one knew their way around or had divine luck on their side, they would become completely lost before they even had a chance to find the pools.

Touya then stood in front of one of the pools and pointed at it. "This is the one which leads to the village. Follow me, and be sure to take a deep enough breath."

Jiraya and Naruto nodded. Touya dove into the pool and the Toad Sannin and his apprentice followed right after.


Takigakure no Sato- Main Village

With a splash, Jiraya, Naruto and Touya broke through the surface of the large pool of water. The three shinobi climbed atop the water's surface walked atop it all the way to the shoreline. Naruto and Jiraya looked down at their soaking forms and frowned.

"Just arrived and already we have to change our clothes." Naruto muttered.

"Don't worry." Touya said. "We Taki shinobi are aware of the fact that we would get wet when moving in and out of the village through the water tunnel, so we just evaporate the water with a simple jutsu. Here, let me get it for you."

Touya's hands were a blur before he ended on the 'Bird' sign. "Suiton: Jōhatsu no Jutsu." In a burst of chakra, the water on Touya's clothes evaporated, a small cloud of steam rising from his now dried form. He then placed his hands on Jiraya's and Naruto's shoulders and dried them off as well. The blonde and white haired pair of shinobi looked at themselves with an impressed look on their faces.

"That's pretty useful." Naruto commented.

"Indeed. Now then, please follow me to Shibuki-sama's quarters. You will need to run things by him before you can even think to make any sort of living accommodations."

The two Konoha shinobi nodded and followed Touya through the village. Naruto looked around the village as they walked through the streets. The village had been greatly improved upon and it seemed Shibuki pulled it off quite well in only a year's time. The buildings were composed of thick stone instead of the wood of the Great Tree and they were much larger and more stable in appearance. Among the throng of buildings, there was many a plot of soil where crops were shown to be growing. Corn, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and onions were growing in separate plots of land. Small apple trees were shown to be scattered here and there as well.

As they walked along the edge of the coast, the Great Tree that was Takigakure's greatest treasure visible for all to see, Naruto glanced behind him and then far in front of him. "The village seems...bigger. Longer maybe, if that makes any sense."

"You have a good eye, Uzumaki-san." Touya complimented. "Indeed, the village has indeed grown. Over the past year, and with the application of many a Doton jutsu from our shinobi who have become specialized in that field of ninjutsu, we had expanded the village's size to allow for a greater amount of things to happen in it. We allowed for expansion in residential areas as population growth began to occur, we had more room to indulge in agriculture, hence why you see so many plots of land dedicated to crops. Shibuki-sama said he will be trying to import animals to rear to gain meat and milk, among other things, to add to our growing farming industries. We've also been making consultations with Konoha on how we can develop a better shinobi academy and improve our shinobi systems."

Jiraya and Naruto released low whistles as they looked at the very active village of Takigakure no Sato. In a year, Shibuki had managed to turn his weak village into a budding metropolis in just over a year.

The trio continued to walk through the village, Naruto waving to the villagers who were either very polite or had recognized him from the coup d'etat. Of course, those that recognized him from the coup ended up alerting the surrounding children of his presence and thus the Naruto fan club of Taki had just had its first official meeting with their hero.

After managing to pry the children off of his body, with much help needed from his godfather, Touya and the children's parents, the trio finally made it to the Leader Tower. Due to it being the living quarters and workplace of their distinguished leader, the Leader Tower was made to be the tallest and largest building in all of Takigakure.

The building was at least four stories tall, made entirely out of thick concrete and had rings of windows wrapped around it. The windows sectioned off the tower at each story, so there were four rings of windows. The non-glass areas of the Leader Tower were coloured in various shades of blue and white and the artist used a large amount of downward strokes so it appeared as if the tower was made of falling water in those areas. The symbol of Takigakure, a downward arrow-like shape which was actually an oddly made waterfall insignia, was displayed proudly on a large circle of red which rested just above the third story mark.

"Okay, seriously. Where are you guys getting this money from?" Naruto asked as he looked at the massive building. The Hokage's residence was obviously much bigger, but considering what Touya had explained earlier concerning Taki's economic status, and financial one by extension, it was very surprising that they had built such a massive piece of infrastructure.

"We export much of the crops we grow along with timber from the Great Tree. The tree is self-regenerating so we can never run out of lumber." Touya explained. "Exploitation of resources and all that. Now then, Shibuki-sama is on the top floor. Just inform the secretary that I, Mashima Touya, sent you to meet with Shibuki-sama and you'll be good to go."

"Thank you, Mashima-san." Jiraya and Naruto bowed in thanks to their escort. Touya bowed back to them.

"It was a pleasure to escort you two. I shall then take my leave." The Taki jounin then vanished in a flicker of movement as he applied the Shunshin no Jutsu.

The two toad summoners entered the Leader Tower and glanced around the area. It was a very quaint area, plain blue walls with a few paintings hanging here and there. A staircase off to the side which led to the upper levels of the tower and in the centre of the room was the mahogany desk where the secretary of the tower was sitting, running through some paperwork.

The secretary was a pale skinned, young woman with dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail. She wore a pair of red framed glasses, a black dress that was very low cut to reveal a decent amount of cleavage from her C-Cup sized bosom. In her mouth, a cigarette was releasing a trail of smoke into the air. Her black sandals tapped against the ground in annoyance as she looked at the paper in front of her.

She didn't even look up from it when Jiraya and Naruto walked up to her. "What do you want?" She asked roughly.

"Hello..." Jiraya glanced down at the woman's chest. His eyes lingered on said bosom for a while before he spied her name tag. "...Kyoko-san. Mashima Touya-san sent us to come see Shibuki-dono."

The secretary raised a brown eyebrow at that. "Touya sent you? Hmm, well then I guess you have business here. Shibuki-sama is on the top floor, his office is at the end of the hall."

"Thank you." Naruto said. The woman looked at the teenage chunin and blew a ring of smoke in his face causing the blonde to exhale forcefully to blow it away from his face.

"You're a good kid, brat. It's good to see some brats still have their manners."

"I hardly use them, but I use them when I think they should."

Kyoko chuckled as she stamped out her cigarette in the ash tray. "I like you, brat. Now go, the old man with you already left."

Naruto's eyes widened when he looked around and found Kyoko was right. The sound of Jiraya's sandals against the stairs alerted him to the fact that the elder shinobi had already left him behind.

"Damn it, Ero-kyofu." Naruto muttered before he raced up the stairs after his godfather. "Asshole, how could you just up and leave me?"

"Because I can and you seemed to be having such a nice time with C-Cup-chan."

"C-Cup...how can you even tell?" Naruto asked with an eyebrow twitching.

"When you're as old and perverted as me, the super pervert within you allows you to be able to read a woman's measurements by merely glancing at her."

"And if she's wearing clothes that hide her figure?"

"The super pervert cannot be denied!" Jiraya exclaimed with pride. Naruto sweatdropped at Jiraya and shook his head.

'Dear Kami, he has no shame.'

The two shinobi walked up the stairs and followed their directions from Kyoko. Once they reached the top floor of the four story building, they walked down the hall to the pair of large wooden doors at the end of said hallway. Jiraya raised his hand up and rapped on the hard surface with his knuckles. After a few seconds, a response came.

"Enter." Was the muffled reply.

Jiraya turned the knob and pushed the door inwards, opening it with an audible creak. When the doors were opened, the sage and his apprentice immediately surveyed the entirety of the room. The room was very spacious, much like Tsunade's office if not a tad bit smaller. The large glass windows outlined the opposite end of the room and allowed for a fantastic view of the Great Tree, the surrounding lake and the areas of the village below. The left side of the office had a large amount of shelves filled to the brim with scrolls and files. The right side of the room was decorated with ink drawings of the previous leaders of Takigakure no Sato, of which there were only three.

An unknown woman, a large man (obviously Shibuki's father), and then Shibuki himself.

The potted plants in the corners of the room added a homey feel to the office. And in the centre of the room was the large mahogany desk which was completely covered in sheets of paperwork. A pair of chairs sat in front of the desk, most likely to be used by visitors.

Shibuki raised his head up as he finished signing his signature on some of the latest pieces of paperwork. With a puff of air from his mouth, he shifted the strands of dark brown hair that had fallen over his dark coloured eyes. Said dark coloured eyes gained a confused look as they focused on the two affiliates of Konohagakure no Sato.

"Hmm?" The leader of Waterfall tilted his head in confusion before his eyes brightened as he took notice of Naruto. "Naruto-kun?"

"Hey you cowardly leader." Naruto greeted the older shinobi with his trademark foxy grin. Shibuki rose up from his chair and walked around his desk before standing in front of Naruto with a wide grin on his face.

"It's good to see you, Naruto-kun!"


The two clasped each other's hands firmly and this made Naruto laugh. "You certainly are stronger than you were before. A year ago you didn't have a grip like this."

"Indeed." Shibuki nodded in agreement. "Your words and actions from the coup d'etat really stuck with me and so I used them as the basis of what kind of leader I should become. And despite it only being gradual, I think the progress Takigakure has made is quite satisfactory in my opinion."

"I'd agree with you on that Shibuki. We met with one of your shinobi, Touya-san. Agricultural and lumber exportation, literally expanding the village with Doton jutsus. You've got a pretty good thing going on, Shibuki. Plus I hear you're going to try and improve your shinobi academy's standards by using our own as a template."

"You've been well informed, Naruto-kun. And your words warm my heart to hear how you approve of what I've been doing." Shibuki grinned before walking back to his desk. He sat himself down in his seat and then gestured for Naruto and Jiraya to sit. They accepted the offer to do so before focusing on the leader of Taki. "Jiraya-sama, first I would like to apologize for not greeting you as I should have."

"No need, Shibuki-dono. You and Naruto are close friends and truthfully, unless the situation calls for it, I'd rather keep the context of a situation as informal as needed." The toad summoner laughed along with Shibuki.

"Well it's good to see a shinobi of your standing still has a sense of humour, Jiraya-sama. Now then..." Shibuki's eyes narrowed as a serious air filled the office. "...what brings you both to my village?" Naruto's eyes widened at the way Shibuki managed to change the atmosphere of the room. Shibuki really had grown up in much more than strength, but as a person as well.

"Well, Shibuki-dono, the reason we have to Takigakure is so my apprentice here can get some training done."

"You are Jiraya-sama's apprentice, Naruto-kun?" Shibuki asked with wide eyes. His eyes widened even further when Naruto nodded in confirmation. "That's very impressive; you must be more skilled and powerful than I thought if you were to become the apprentice of a Sannin member."

Godfather and godson looked to each other and bit their lips to stifle the laughs they wanted to share. They would have insulted each other on the spot and called each other out on their flaws. Naruto still being a bit of an idiot despite his growth and Jiraya for being a super pervert who has no shame. But they kept silent so as to allow Shibuki to continue seeing them in a positive light.

Give credit where credit is due was one of their many slogans.

"Anyway..." Jiraya continued. "...Takigakure, while small in size in terms of the village itself, is actually quite large in terms of open space. We would like your permission to use your lands to practice Naruto's jutsu here in a confined area and also I want to have him practice some of the more...literary areas of being a leader. As you know, Naruto wishes to become Hokage and so by helping you run through your paperwork I'm hoping he will gain some experience in handling situations that do not require physical confrontation. Learning how to compromise as well as knowing how to approve and veto things will make him a better candidate for Tsunade when she chooses her successor during the later days."

Shibuki looked to Naruto with a small smile on his face. "You once told me you wished to become a leader who would want to be recognized by his people. I would be honored to aid the Hero of Taki in becoming a better Hokage-to-be."

"Speaking of that, why am I such a hero here? I had help beating Suien so why do I get most of the credit?" Naruto asked.

"Humility is an admirable quality, but I'm sure you are aware that credit must be given where credit is due. You delivered the finishing set of blows to Suien and ended the rebellion against me and my village. There was many a witness to your Kagebunshin barrage with that red chakra." Naruto and Jiraya forced themselves to not react as Shibuki talked about the usage of the Kyuubi's chakra. "You are a hero here, Naruto-kun. I say enjoy the fame, but don't let it get to your head."

"You're too kind, Shibuki." Naruto scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "And thanks, for being able to make time from being a leader to helping me with my goal to become Hokage."

"Don't thank me yet, Naruto-kun. I'm sure Tsunade-sama has been complaining about paperwork as much as I have and I can assure you...you will feel the full brunt of the evil that is paperwork." Shibuki gestured to the large amount of paper on his desk. "Anyway, I need to discuss some things with Jiraya-sama concerning your living arrangements and whatnot seeing as how you will be staying here in Taki for quite a while it seems."

"We are." Jiraya confirmed.

"You can run out and explore the village. Visit the Great Tree maybe, we're actually trying to work on making it a tourist attraction once we make another secret tunnel entrance above ground since having to swim through underwater tunnels does not exactly appeal to people." Shibuki joked. Naruto chuckled and nodded his head.

"I will, Shibuki. Ero-kyofu, don't stay too long."

"Don't call me that in front of people, gaki!" He slapped Naruto across the face making the blonde yelp it pain.

"Damn it, Ero-kyofu! That hurt!"

"Of course it did! Now get the hell out of here!" Jiraya grabbed Naruto by his collar and opened a window before punting the blonde out of the office.

"FUCK YOU!" Naruto yelled as he made a handsign and vanished in a swirl of wind and spark of lightning as he used his Raiju Arc: Shunshin. Jiraya growled as he shut the window. Shibuki's laughter echoed throughout the office, clutching his sides, to voice his amusement at the scene while Jiraya grumbled about what he would do to increase the torture he would inflict upon his apprentice during their training sessions.

Shibuki wiped a tear that managed to escape his tear ducts from laughing so hard while Jiraya huffed childishly before plopping himself down into his chair once more. The farting sound made by the friction between Jiraya's ass and the leather cushion made Shibuki laugh a bit more.

"I knew Naruto-kun was brash, Jiraya-sama, but to think he would go so far as to be able to insult a Sannin and...and then...you threw him out the window and his reply...by Kami-sama, you two make a splendid comedy duo." Shibuki managed to gasp out. After managing to calm his feeling of elation, the brown haired leader of Taki smiled at the white haired shinobi. "Your interaction shows that you are very close with your student, Jiraya-sama. I only wish that I had been like Naruto-kun when I was younger so that Otou-sama and I could have been like that."

"Pfft, we have our differences, but the brat's my godson. Of course I care for him." Jiraya replied with a smirk.

"So the title of Ero-kyofu is real then."

"I would remove the 'Ero' part."

Shibuki sweatdropped. "Well yes, of course you would. But seeing as you're his godfather, you must have been close to Naruto-kun's parents then?"

"Very. I helped name the boy after all. The name was of the character I made in my first novel, before I made Icha Icha." Jiraya explained. "Though they intended his name to mean 'Maelstrom' and not the ramen topping despite that being where I got inspiration for it." He laughed before looking down at the ground with a sad smile on his face. "I did what I could for my godson. He was born on the day of the Kyuubi attack and he lost everything that day. Parents. Normality. Individuality. He's much stronger than I ever could be as a person because he forged himself in the fires of his own shitty livelihood. Because I had to follow Sarutobi-sensei's orders, being the only Sannin still having a shred of loyalty to Konoha, I was busy trying to keep Konoha from being invaded by outsiders who would try to attack while we licked our wounds. I sent him more money than he knew what to do with and gave him clothes...though anything that wasn't orange he immediately threw out. Idiotic brat."

"I always wondered why he wore that jumpsuit." Shibuki commented.

"For the attention." Jiraya replied absentmindedly. The white haired Sannin sighed before looking into Shibuki's eyes, the pitiful look replaced with a look as hard as steel. "Alright, pity time's over. What did you want to discuss? You may have been able to fool Naruto with that living accommodations bullshit, but you're fifty years too early to be trying to trick me, Shibuki-dono. Now talk."

Shibuki nodded his head and leaned forward. Resting his elbows on the paper covered desk, he crossed his hands in front of his face and met Jiraya's gaze with a serious look of his own. "As I expected of you, Jiraya-sama. I thought you would catch on to the 'bullshit' as you put it. I will talk and it concerns Naruto-kun actually or rather...what he is."

Jiraya rose up from his chair and glared at Shibuki. "You little bitch!"

"Be calm, Jiraya-sama. I do not intend to do anything to Naruto-kun. I am his friend and I will not use him or anything that would betray his trust, but I do need him. As for the unasked question though of how I know, as the leader of Takigakure no Sato, I was given scrolls with information regarding the history of Taki since the times of Senju Hashirama and our first leader, Yatogami Hiyori." Shibuki gestured to picture of the ink drawing of the woman on the wall beside his father's own portrait. "And that includes jinchuriki. So after gaining the information and remembering Naruto's usage of the red chakra during his fight with Suien one year ago, I knew then and there that the boy was a jinchuriki. Deducing he is the Kyuubi jinchuriki would be an obvious thing to discover as well."

"And just what do you intend for my apprentice to do that you need him specifically?" Jiraya asked.

"As you may or may not know, during the early peace times when Senju Hashirama and Madara Uchiha established the first shinobi village, Konohagakure no Sato, the other hidden villages formed as well. Due to the fact that Hashirama's and Madara's powers were great on their own and the fact that Konoha possessed all nine Bijuu at the time, in order to prevent wars and conflicts due to power struggles, Hashirama reasoned to distribute the Bijuu to the other nations. Iwagakure no Sato received the Yonbi and Gobi, Konohagakure no Sato kept the Kyuubi, Sungakure no Sato had the Ichibi, Kirigakure no Sato received the Sanbi and Rokubi, Kumogakure no Sato was given the Nibi and the Hachibi, and in a surprising show of good faith towards the small nation of Takigakure no Sato, Hiyori-sama was given the Nanabi."

"I am aware of that. Continue."

Shibuki nodded. "Yes, and you are well aware that while the levels of severity differ, jinchuriki are treated harshly. Ostracized by society, seen as monsters and not people except by those who are willing to look past the demon and see them as a container of unbelievable power and a hero to protect us from that sort of power. As you said before, Naruto-kun is a person who is much stronger than any of us when it comes to being a solid character. He had nothing and forged himself, forged his own path and he is a person I would be glad to call an ally. However, the same cannot be said for Takigakure's jinchuriki."

Jiraya sat himself back down in the chair, feeling that he'll need to do so as the conversation went on. "What happened?"

"Fuu, the jinchuriki of the Nanabi no Kabutomushi, is a young girl who was made into a jinchuriki while Otou-sama was leader. He chose her because she was the one and only surviving member of Yatogami Hiyori's bloodline and Hiyori-sama was also the first jinchuriki of the Nanabi. Shinobi during the Great Clan Wars and post-wars were monsters and so, like Uzumaki Mito, was able to house a bijuu despite not being a child with a still developing chakra circulatory system. Anyway, Fuu was given the...traditional...reaction by my village when she became the jinchuriki. However, after Fuu turned eight years old and she began to fight when people bullied her, Otou-sama made the decision to put away Fuu. It was a measure used to protect her as well as keep her from becoming a threat to the village."

"You put her away?" Jiraya asked. "Where?"


Takigakure no Sato- Great Tree

Naruto had spent some time and admired the changes in the once quiet village that was now bustling with activity. He spent most of said time merely walking around and cursing his sensei for tossing him out of the window from four stories up. Raiju Arc: Shunshin was a blessing for him to learn and it saved him from enduring what would have been a painful impact with the ground below.

Though, he quickly got bored of it and decided to adhere to Shibuki's request. Hopping off of the roof he was currently sitting on, he landed on another roof before continuing to do so. With a final leap, he cleared the land beneath him and landed with barely a splash atop the surface of the lake. He broke out into a run and headed for the Great Tree.

"Now let's give this little speed boost jutsu a test drive." Naruto continued to run while channeling the elements of wind and lightning through his body. He channeled the chakra to the bottom of his feet and unlike the Rasengan, he didn't need to think about maintaining stability or rotation speed or anything of the sort. Just plain old chakra application.

"Raiju Arc: Raimei." With a deafening boom that was akin to that of muffled thunderclap, a small explosion of water formed behind Naruto as he suddenly took off at a pace. The wind whipped wildly through his hair as each rapid footstep he made created a thunder-like sound. "WOOOOOO NOW THIS IS HOW YOU RUN! EAT THAT LEE!" He pumped his fists into the air.

In under five minutes he had managed to cross the distance between the village and the Great Tree and he stopped applying the chakra needed for his Raiju Arc technique. He continued running as he placed his foot against the bark of the tree and ran up the tree trunk before pushing off to leap to the nearest branch. He continued to jump higher and higher until he reached the very top of the tree.

He took a deep breath as he broke through the leaves, balancing on of the branches and looked over the surrounding trees. He looked up when he felt the wind blow against his face. "So this tree was actually tall enough to grow over the cliffs huh?" His ears twitched when he heard the sound of rushing water and turned around to see the beginnings of the massive waterfall as the water came from two massive rivers that meandered through the forests at the top of the cliffs, vanishing beneath the canopy from their starting points somewhere within the forests and ending at the waterfall.

After burning the spectacular image, one he hadn't seen since his trip to Uzushiogakure- minus the ruins of his mother's homeland of course- into his mind, the blonde jinchuriki hopped down from his perch and landed atop one of the branches harshly. Due to using quick and light steps during his ascension, Naruto never took notice of it, but due to his more forceful landing on the tree branch, he heard the rather empty sounding 'thunk' that emanated from it. Having an enhanced sense of hearing helped with that as well.

"Huh?" Naruto looked at the branch in confusion before knocking on it with his knuckles. The same hollow sounds met his ears. He continued doing so until he reached the trunk of the tree where the hollow thunks were now much softer, but still noticeable.

"Hmmm, if I were any normal shinobi I wouldn't have noticed that this tree was hollow. There's something in this tree." Naruto deduced as he narrowed his eyes at the tree before drawing his short blade from its sheath.

The blade hummed with chakra as he held it vertically in front of him.

"Uzumaki-ryu: Hoshi no Roku Pointo Surrashu!" Naruto slashed the bark of the tree with his chakra lined blade. An upright triangle was made before an upside-down triangle followed after, the two triangles intersecting to make the six-pointed star. Naruto then spun around and lashed out with a strong straight kick that broke through the weakened area of tree bark and left behind a jagged, gaping hole in the tree.

The teenage jinchuriki poked his head through the hole and found the darkness that he expected to find within the Great Tree. He looked up and found darkness and looked down to find even more of it.

"What do you think? Up or down?" Naruto asked.

"Down obviously." Was Kamina's reply. "You never find anything when you go up."

"Kyuubi, what about you?" A few seconds passed and there was no reply from the Kyuubi no Yoko. Naruto sighed. 'Still not talking huh? Well, it's only been a few days and you practically invented the grudge since you're a mass of negative emotions. You're going to talk me someday though, Kyuubi.'

"Well, down it is." Naruto said before he channeled chakra into his feet and scaled down the inside of the Great Tree. He reached into his weapons pouch and pulled out a seal tag which had the kanji for 'Light' written on it. "Fuuinjutsu: Hikari."Pumping a small bit of chakra, small by Naruto's point of view, a small flash of blue light erupted from the seal tag as the chakra flowing through it illuminated the area in front of him like a flashlight.

After a few minutes of walking, the blonde found his seal tag showing him the bottom of the tree. Or at least what he thought was the bottom of the tree. Deciding to let gravity take him down for the last twenty feet, Naruto cancelled his usage of the tree walking exercise and landed on the flat surface.

"So what do you think we'll find in here?" Naruto asked as he pointed his chakra light around the area. "From what I felt from landing, the tree trunk is extremely thick from this point downwards."

"Hmmm...there's something in here." Was the reply from the Raiju. Naruto raised an eyebrow at that before turning around and finding a VERY large stone of some sort. "Wow...that's one big rock." Naruto reached out to touch the stone when his inner thunder beast stopped him.


'What?' Was his question.

"There's something very disturbing about that stone. I can feel a very ominous-like energy coming from it...very ancient and very powerful from what I can sense, but...I don't know what it is."

"Well, that's not comforting at all." Naruto deadpanned.

"Don't be a smartass."

"It's better than being a dumbass."

"True, but still...keep your guard up, Naruto. You'll never know when...BEHIND YOU!"

Naruto dropped his seal tag as he drew his short sword in one fluid motion. A resounding CLANG echoed through the hollow upper regions of the Great Tree, but Naruto's eyes widened when the light from his seal tag showed that it was actually a fist and not a blade that clashed with his sword. The fist drew back into the darkness and Naruto stood by his light source, glancing every which way.

His sword moved in the directions where he felt the killing intent. The clangs of steel against steel-hard fist echoed through the semi-hollow tree. Left. Right. Up. Behind. He had to block from below sometimes to block the uppercuts and the blows to his groin. While not fair, this was an era where foul play gave you victory. No one cares if you get cracked in the balls. If it hurts, it works.

Feeling movement to his left, the blonde reacted and lashed out with his blade only to find a fist impacting with the sharp weapon once more. Getting a better look as he held the limb at a stalemate, he found the skin colour was a light brown. The limb vanished into the darkness once more and Naruto's ears twitched as he heard the movement of footsteps against the wood now.

"Get out!" Naruto's eyes widened when he heard the feminine voice echoing through the area. Because of the acoustics he couldn't pinpoint it, but he felt the chakra signature from behind him. He spun around while channeling lightning chakra into his blade and stabbed it skyward.

"Uzumaki-ryu: Kaminari Shougekiha!" Lightning flowed from the handle and up the blade before exploding out of the tip. A burst of blue lightning tore through the air, illuminating the area. With the light produced by his attack, Naruto finally managed to get a glimpse of his opponent's form. From the curves in her build, he confirmed that said enemy was indeed female, but he didn't waste time in taking her form in completely. He leaped onto the wooden walls and pushed off towards his attacker and flipped in midair.

His axe kick scored home and sent his opponent descending at a rapid pace. The sound of wood cracking met his ears and the blonde landed on the ground after his opponent, aiming to pin drop onto her downed form. However, the kunoichi he was fighting rolled out of the way and Naruto winced as he felt the shock ride up through his legs slightly.

He raised his sword to block the kick to his face before redirecting the limb to the side. The thick wood cracked from the force of the blow and made Naruto very aware of just how much strong his opponent was physically. Naruto charged his kodachi with chakra and spun in a circle that left a visible circle of chakra and light around his body.

"Uzumaki-ryu: Enken!" The circular pulse of chakra slammed into his opponent sending her skidding backwards from the force of the strike, but Naruto didn't stop there as he went with the momentum of his spin to bring his sword in an upward arc while channeling wind chakra and slashed the air in front of him.

"Uzumaki-ryu: Kazegiri!" The visible arc of chakra laced wind tore through the air and slammed into his opponent and caused a small explosion of wind. However, he saw the distortions of air in the darkness as they brushed past his opponent. Said opponent then rushed forward and lashed out with a straight punch. Naruto sidestepped the attack and leaped into the air while front flipping.

"Uzumaki-ryu: Kabuto Warime!" His blade came down as he began his front flip, aiming to cleave his opponent's skull in half in the process. However, his eyes widened when resistance was met with his attack. He landed behind his opponent after flipping and looked at his blade with complete shock.

'There's no blood! What is this girl made of?' Naruto thought as he turned around. The enemy female lashed out with a straight punch to the chest, but Naruto parried the attack with his sword only for the girl's other hand to grab him by the wrist. With an increase in tightness of the girl's grip, Naruto felt his wrist begin to break and so his grip slackened and his sword fell to the ground.

The kunoichi kicked away the sword and Naruto felt his arms go over his opponent's head. Her hip jammed up against his own and provided the needed thrust to hurl the lean muscled blonde over her head and slam him into the ground. Naruto grunted from the pain before he was spun around and thrown against the walls of the cylindrical area turned fighting arena. The wood cracked from the force of the impact and the blonde landed on his stomach before quickly rolling to the side to avoid the punch that would have crushed his skull if the way her fist left a small indentation in the thick wood was any indication.

Naruto performed a windmill and tried to kick his opponent's feet out from under him, but the result was his leg feeling a bit sore. This proved his idea that the kunoichi's entire body was durable and not just her fists and skull. He was grabbed by his leg and found it forcibly straightened out. However, he quickly rotated his body with his leg to free the limb before the kunoichi could act to break it. He landed on all-fours, ass facing his opponent, and lashed out with a mule kick. Both feet embedded themselves against his opponent's stomach and sent her skidding backwards.

He then rushed forward and channeled chakra throughout his body and went into the stance for his Hiryuu taijutsu style. He rushed forward and punched the girl across the face before ducking down while twisting to jam his elbow against the girl's chest. The cough escaping her lips signified she had the air driven out of her lungs. Naruto spun around once more and slammed a powerful kick to the ribs and then crashed his knee into the kunoichi's stomach. After that blow, he continued by slamming his foot down with great force and bent his legs so he was all but sitting on the ground.

With a roar of effort, Naruto brought his fist upwards in the form of a strong uppercut. The uppercut sent the girl's head facing skyward before he slammed another fist against her chin to send her skyward. He ducked down and formed a cross-shaped seal to summon his clone.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" The Kagebunshin leaped off its creators back and swung its right leg in a sweeping upward arc that crashed into the kunoichi's jaw to send her further skyward. The follow up upward kick with the left leg sent her higher into the air. The original Naruto then leaped after his airborne clone and the clone grabbed the original by his arm and swung him at the enemy ninja. Naruto reared his arms back and clasped his hands together. He slammed them down in a brutal hammer blow that sent his opponent straight back to ground zero before he fell after his opponent with a chakra covered fist at the ready.

The fist made contact and a massive burst of chakra exploded out from the point of impact that seemed to rock the entirety of the Great Tree itself and formed a small smoke cloud.

The light finally died out from his fallen seal tag as the chakra within it ran dry just before Naruto made contact, but Naruto's night vision was nothing to sneeze at as he was able to see that his opponent had shifted her head to the side. His fist was now within a small crater and his opponent's lips shifted from a cocky smirk to a ferocious snarl.

"Die!" Was her exclamation. He quickly shifted his left hand and blocked the harsh kick to the groin, but released a small wheeze when the force made his hand slam against his testicles. He formed a clone to cover for him while he was down. He looked between his clone's legs and made out the motions the kunoichi's silhouette was making.

She rose to her feet and tilted her neck harshly, the crack of her neck joints echoing through the semi-hollow tree. As she began dusting herself off, Naruto recovered from his below the belt strike and climbed back to his feet thanks to his clone.

"You okay, boss?" The clone asked. Naruto nodded while taking another deep breath before stretching himself out.

"Yeah. That really hurt though. If I hadn't blocked that I may have been made infertile."

"Hiden: Rinpungakure no Jutsu!" The girl yelled out. Naruto and his Kagebunshin had wide eyed expressions as she raised her hands in the 'Tiger' sign before clapping her hands together. She inhaled deeply and exhaled with great force. Naruto's eyes widened when the darkness was suddenly replaced with white. The brightness from the sudden shift in the amount of light in the area made Naruto yelp in pain as he quickly shut his eyes to keep his retinas from being burned. He was blinded and sneezing because of what the girl just breathed out.

"Naruto, defensive jutsu quickly!" Kamina called out. However, the blonde was too slow to react when the girl formed another 'Tiger' sign and clapped her hands together.

"Hiden: Masatsu Hibana!" The girl suddenly ground her teeth against each other and produced a spark. The small sparks of orange flew from her jaws with a small burst of chakra and then the powder in the air ignited followed by the ear shattering boom of the following explosion.


Takigakure no Sato- Leader Tower

"The Great Tree is hollow despite its sturdy build, growing around the thing we needed to keep hidden from the eyes of our village's populace and made by Senju Hashirama himself. Our village holds a great secret within that tree and in the era of shinobi, secrets are needed so I will not go any further about said secret. Now Fu was told by my father that she was given the power of the Nanabi to protect the village secret within the tree. She trusted my father with her life seeing as how my father was the one who practically raised her. He taught her everything from writing to combat and when he passed away, she took it extremely hard when I told her. Though sadly I cannot say the same for my relationship with her; I was a follower and spineless fool back then and so I treated her like a demon as well. She hates me like all other members of the human race as the Placebo Effect has her believing herself to be the demon that she houses and she nearly tried to kill me. I want her to know that just because she had a demon that she isn't one, that she and the Nanabi are two different beings and that there are others like her who can live their lives and can be recognized for doing great things."

"You want Naruto to talk to her." Jiraya's dialogue was meant to be a statement, not a question from his tone of voice.

"She has been alone and segregated from the rest of the village for six years, Jiraya-sama. She has a hatred for humanity because of her treatment and I cannot think of any other way for her to grow as a person and maybe help her break out of her shell of hatred. Naruto-kun possesses the tongue of the gods, one that can create words that will change the hearts and minds of any who listen when he puts his heart and soul into said words."

"I'll say. The Talk no Jutsu, as I've come to call it, should be labelled as S-Rank jutsu since its 99.9 percent effective." Jiraya joked. Shibuki laughed lightly.

"Indeed. So, Jiraya-sama...may I use Naruto-kun to try and help Fuu?"

"I can allow it. Naruto has only had interactions with one other jinchuriki and that was the one from Suna and so I think interacting with another of his kind will help him a bit." Jiraya replied. "And I don't think you'll need to introduce them. Knowing Naruto's luck, he's probably going to find her by himself."

A muffled BOOM echoed through the air and Shibuki and Jiraya's heads snapped in the direction of its source. The members of Takigakure all looked around wondering what and where an explosion would come from since the Great Tree was completely solid to them and not to mention there was no physical damage to it.

Shibuki turned to Jiraya with an agape mouth and wide eyes while Jiraya chuckled as he faced the leader of Waterfall.

"I told you."


Takigakure no Sato- Great Tree Interior

The kunoichi looked at her handiwork with a smug smirk on her face. The large smoke cloud of shining dust and fire engulfed her opponent's location quite nicely. The boy had put up much more of a fight than she thought, but like all humans...he was weak.

"No one will harm the sacred relic of Taki. Those who come to take Shibumi-sama's treasure will die!" She growled as she remembered the man who had been a parent to her in all but blood and gave her purpose. She was cursed with the idea that she was one for the past six years and so she became one. She was ruthless and she would kill all who dared to harm her master's treasure.

As she went to go stand in her usual spot by the large boulder she was to be guarding, but suddenly her eyes widened when she felt a rush of killing intent. She turned around with shock written across her face.

"Impossible!" She exclaimed. The cloud of shining dust and fire then parted with a pulse of red chakra followed by another pulse of killing intent. The girl gritted her teeth from the wind generated by the show of power.

Naruto climbed to his feet. His body had only been slightly burned, but the fiery red cloak of demonic energy that covered his body quickly healed him. Though he did lose his right pant leg and the sheath for his nodachi fell to the ground. The blonde shook his hair which was now wilder than before. His whisker marks were much darker and his eyes were now a crimson red with a vertical slit for a pupil. His nails had become claws and canine elongated to become fangs.

Thanks to the large remainder of the shining dust, Naruto finally caught a glimpse of his opponent's entire form.

The girl was around his age, fourteen years old. She wore an orange clip in her short, spiky mint green hair that matched her eye color, which was also orange. Her ninja outfit consisted of a short, sleeveless, white midriff shirt with fishnet armor underneath, long white armlets, and fishnet shorts with a short white apron skirt over it. Her Takigakure hitai-ate was worn on her right arm. She also carried a cylindrical object in red wrapping on her back, the purpose of which was unknown.

The green haired girl snarled at him when she felt the demonic energy rolling off of Naruto. Naruto snarled back at her and his snarl only increased in volume when he saw red chakra coat her own body as well.

"You're a jinchuriki?" Naruto asked gruffly. The girl shook her head.

"I lost the right to be human when I made my first kill is what they said. They said I'm a murderer and a killer. So I became the thing they always called me...I'm a demon." Was her reply. The green haired girl's nails became sharper and all of her teeth sharpened, not just her canines. It was then that Naruto noticed the shine that came from her skin as the chakra cloak shrunk down and appeared to cling to her body like a second skin.

"An exoskeleton of chakra. No wonder she's so durable and her demonic chakra only makes her that much stronger."


"Get in close and look straight into her eyes, Naruto."

Naruto chose not to question his Bijuu at the moment since Kurama chose to talk to him now of all times. Not to mention the fox just saved him from being cooked. Naruto unleashed a roar as Kyuubi gave him another burst of energy and a single tail bubbled out from his rear and two long ears stretched from the top as the chakra cloak began to gain a more solid look. A black pigment formed around his mouth and eyes to give him a more feral look.

The girls unleashed a roar of her own as two wings bubbled out from the cloak on her back to give her the gift of flight. The chakra wings flapped rapidly and created a buzzing sound. The two jinchuriki snarled at one another, their crimson and red-orange eyes staring into another with restrained rage. Naruto stamped down on the wooden ground before shooting forwards.

Naruto had risen up a clawed hand and swung it at the girl, but the girl flew around and lashed out with a strong kick that sent Naruto rocketing back to the ground. However, as he fell back to earth he stretched out the arm of his cloak and the large chakra paw wrapped itself around the Taki kunoichi and brought her to the ground with him as he pulled her down.

Both landed in their own respective craters, but quickly tackled each other once more. Their fingers interlocked when they clashed, a shock wave causing the thick tree bark to creak slightly. Naruto looked into the green haired girl's eyes as Kurama instructed him to do, but suddenly a knee slammed into his jaw sending his vision skyward before an axe kick crashed down onto his face.

The chakra exoskeleton really hurt, even with his fox cloak on. The bug-like woman scuttled along the ground before inhaling deeply and unleashing another cloud of shining dust, but Naruto inhaled deeply and unleashed a pulse of red chakra. Kurama's chakra tore through the scale powder and slammed into the mint haired girl and sent her careening through the air before Naruto leaped after her. She grabbed her by her ankles and front flipped to build up momentum before swinging her down into the ground.

However, she kicked her legs free before kicking the blonde in the jaw. The winged girl then grabbed Naruto by his collar and went into a backwards roll. Earth met sky as Naruto was a bit dizzy from the rolling and released a grunt of pain when he found himself on the bottom. Straddled by his opponent, he found his head snapping to the right from the fierce left hook he was dealt. A right hook sent it to the left. This continued a few more times until Naruto got fed up and gripped the girl by her wrists by utilizing his chakra branching ability.

Using the ability of the sentient chakra cloak like he did during his battle with Sasuke at the Valley of the End, the chakra cloak paws branched off from each other and seemed to detach themselves from Naruto's hands. The claws of chakra wrapped themselves around her neck while Naruto's own hands were wrapped around her wrists. His tail then stretched and wrapped around her waist.

The blonde forced his fellow jinchuriki off of his body and then raised her high into the air with his extendable chakra limbs before bringing her back down with great speed. Her cry of pain showed that he managed to pierce through her exoskeleton a bit from the force of the impact. Laying in her person crater, the Taki kunoichi's eyes were closed in pain.

Naruto then walked up to the girl and dropped down to his knees and planted his hands on either side of her head to give her little room to maneuver herself. The girl's red-orange eyes snapped open, but just as she was about to scream in surprise and from the close proximity between herself and her fellow jinchuriki, the blonde's Bijuu acted.

Her pupils dilated as Naruto's kitsune-like eyes stared into her mix coloured ones.


Unknown Location

Naruto blinked his eyes rapidly to remove the spots that appeared. He looked around and found himself in a rather empty area. Naruto looked up as he said this and saw that practically everything, but the floor was shrouded in blackness. It was like there was an invisible spotlight directed from above. There was a pale yellow tiled floor beneath his feet that was extremely clean enough for him to see his own reflection. He blinked his blue eyes...

'Wait a minute...' Naruto looked at his reflection in the tiles again and saw his hair had become blonde and his eyes were their original sapphire blue. "I'm me. This doesn't make sense. I was under a transformation, I know I was. Where the hell am I?"

"Well, well...seems my little experiment worked, kit." Naruto turned around and his eyes were wide when he saw Kurama standing before him. Not in his seal cage.

"How the hell did you get out?!"

"I didn't. I just appeared here just as you did, you loud hairless monkey. Seriously, I thought we got over this when we went through the phases of remaining calm in every situation."

"Yeah sure, let's remain calm when you and your gargantuan inner demon appear in an unknown area when you're in the middle of a battle with some girl who tried to kill you and is currently mingling with a Digimon! You tell me how the fuck I should be staying calm, Kyuubi!" The son of Kushina and Minato suddenly found himself with a face full fur as Kurama slapped Naruto across his face with one of his nine tails. Naruto spun around and fell to the ground, shaking his head to remove the stars in his vision.

"Thanks." He groaned as he climbed back to his feet.

"Any opportunity to hit you is always a treat, kit."

"Huh? Who are you?" Naruto and Kurama turned in the direction of the new voice. Out of the blackness came two figures. One was immediately recognized as the white clothed kunoichi who tried to bash Naruto's skull in. The second figure, well the girl was sitting on top of it which had Naruto and Kurama tilting their heads in confusion at the sight.

The massive beast of an insect resembled a blue, armoured kabutomushi with six green insect wings, along with a lengthy tail, all growing from the end of its abdomen. The stem of the tail was green but the wings were orange. Its eyes seem to be covered by a helmet-like skull, from inside of which, an orange glow could be seen. It also had spike protrusions on its shoulders and a row of slits on each shoulder, and six legs — three on each side. The legs were also covered by the blue armour, with the exception of the extreme ends which were green in colour.

"Woah...that's one big bug." Naruto commented.

"I dislike being called a bug, you insignificant little worm." The kabutomushi spoke in a rather deep voice. Not as deep as Kurama's, but still rather deep. The beetle then tilted its head up from looking at Naruto and focused its...it didn't even have eyes so Naruto couldn't really tell if it even focused on him at all.

"Huh, well well well, look what Rikudo-Jiji dragged in. Kurama, Kyuubi no Yoko, Lord of Foxes and strongest of the Bijuu...you know we still don't like you for giving us a hegemony of power simply due to tail number. Especially Shukaku, bastard complained for years and got into fights with us for that. How many years has it been since we last met?"

"Hmmm, one...two...carry the eight...about two or three hundred years. That was the last time I was ever outside before Madara took control of me and I was forced to fight Hashirama and was sealed into his bitchy wife. Did you know Mito completely sucked? She wouldn't even use my chakra...at all. Stoic bitch never got mad."

"Woah, okay hold up. Hold everything!" Naruto exclaimed, raising his hands in the air. "Kyuubi, you know the bug?"

"Yeah Chomei, how do you know that giant fur coat?" The girl asked.

"Chomei just gave you all of my titles and you still have the audacity to call me a fur coat?! If Chomei weren't there to cover your sorry ass, you pitiful human, I'd have crushed your mental apparition and you'd be nothing but a vegetable." Kurama growled menacingly and bared his sharp teeth. The girl shivered instinctually at the fox's killing intent and natural air of power as she decided to take notice of it.

"Ignoring the comments, still don't like being called a bug by the way, I am Lucky Number Seven, Chomei. Nanabi no Kabutomushi, King of Insects and due to Kurama's tailed hierarchy bullshit, I would be ranked as the third strongest Bijuu. The girl here is my jinchuriki, Fu. And yes, just Fu. No last name."

"You tried to kill us, Goldilocks." Fu spoke rather rudely. Naruto's eye twitched.

"The name's Naruto and seriously? Girl, I just had a wind coated blade to your throat, you really want to spout insults regarding hair colour? Besides, you got moss for hair."

"Fuck you!"

"You wish!"

"You probably don't even have a dick down there!"

"You think I don't? Bitch, I got the fucking Nine Tailed Fox as my Bijuu and per jinchuriki-Bijuu relations, Bijuu tend to give qualities to their jinchuriki to allow them to survive. Hence why we have healing factors and immense chakra pools. And, in the case of us male jinchuriki, well come down from there if you want to see the heat I'm packin'. Besides, you're flat!"

"Flat?! Listen here Goldilocks, I got fucking C-cups, it's just that I have bandages tying them back so that they don't bounce around and get in my way when I go to kick the ass of dickless assholes like you!"

Naruto and Fu glared at each other, gnashing their teeth. The two Bijuu glanced at their jinchuriki and then at each other, sweatdrops forming on the backs of their heads. Well this was going off swimmingly. However, the glaring session soon ended when Fu realized what Naruto just said.

The two jinchuriki remained silent towards each other after that, but still held their glares at each other. Naruto was scooped up and placed atop his Bijuu's head.

"Alright kit, that's enough glaring and swearing...for now. Besides, I think I should explain what this place is."

"Same here. You want to explain, Kurama, or should I?"

"You do it. I'd like to see if you stopped being such a dumbass."

"You suck."

"Says the one who sucked sap straight from the trees during their larval stage." Kurama snapped. Chomei remained silent at that, merely buzzing his wings in annoyance.

"Lazy bitch." Chomei muttered. "Now then, the explanation of where we are is simple. Whenever Fu is placed in some kind of trouble, mental or physical, my chakra immediately surfaces to block out the offender. However, since Kurama and I are both Bijuu, the chakras basically clashed and resulted in the formation of a connection between Naruto and Fu and placed us here. Now normally when something occurs to a jinchuriki, they tend to be sent into their mindscapes, the representations of their seals, etcetera. However, since this happened to both of you little flesh bags and the connection between my chakra and Kurama's chakra had been established, it resulted in the formation of a joint mindscape." Chomei looked at Kurama after finishing his explanation. "Did I miss anything?"

"Well you really aren't that much of a dumbass are you, Chomei?" Kurama grinned toothily when he heard the annoyed buzzing from his younger sibling. "However, to answer your question, you did leave out a few things. The thing you should add is that this is probably a deeper level of the mind's subconscious and is probably the reason why Chomei and I are practically free to roam since in this place, the seals that hold us back aren't strong enough to extend their power into this deep a level of the psyche. It is also another idea of mine that due to the chakra connection between us Bijuu, this kind of thing will most likely only be able to occur between jinchuriki." Kurama added in his two cents. He then glanced up at his jinchuriki. "It is also why the annoying Raiju is not here with us."

"Raiju?" Chomei questioned "You mean to tell me the ancient beasts still exist?"

"Long story short, they do and this brat has one as his teacher. You ain't getting anything else out of me."

Naruto and Fu looked at their respective Bijuu in shock and then to each other. "Damn."

"You aren't going to try and kill me here are you?" Fu asked Chomei. The insect buzzed his wings in annoyance.

"Your leader, the spineless wimp...Shibumi or whatever his name is..."

"Shibuki." Fu and Naruto corrected, though their simultaneous speech caused them to glare at each other once more.

"It's Shibuki, Chomei...Shibumi-sama is one hundred times the human than that piece of shit he calls a son."

"Oi, lay off! Shibuki's my friend!"

"Well considering how much of a piece of shit you are, Goldilocks, it doesn't surprise me!"

"You want to start something, Moss Head?!"

"SILENCE!" Chomei's voice startled both jinchuriki and got them to stop yelling at each other. "Now as I was saying...Shibuki, he told you of what the other Elemental Nations' countries are experiencing, especially the big five. Akatsuki's roaming around trying to catch us Bijuu and despite the fact that we could easily flatten S-Rank shinobi like them, I'd rather not take any chances of being outside my seal with a Sharingan user being in that group. Those eyes can turn a Bijuu into a puppet as well as any Mokuton jutsu that Hashirama-teme could use." Chomei said. Kurama growled at the mention of the cursed Dojutsu, the one that managed to subjugate him. Twice!

"I'd flatten those accursed Uchiha." Kurama muttered.

"Speaking of not killing jinchuriki, Kurama, why haven't you killed this one yet? Word spreads pretty quickly when an old jinchuriki dies and a new jinchuriki is made in these lands. You had two from what we heard so...yeah." Chomei asked.

"I take offense to that."

"No one cares what you think, Goldilocks."

"And no one was talking to you, Moss Head."

"Shut up, kit. Anyway, at first, I kept the kit alive because I didn't want to die. Gave him chakra when he needed it and of course, tried to take control when I did, failed due to the fact that his seal is a Double Tetragram Seal with practically no weaknesses other than the fact that it loosens with either the use of the Key seal or when the kit uses too much of my chakra."

"You know Fuuinjutsu?"

"The kit here is an Uzumaki by blood. Got his bastard of a father's genes in terms of the genotype stuff as you see by the lack of red hair." Kurama replied. "Anyway, the kit has caught my interest once more since a few days ago he made a rather unexpected deal with me."

"You actually paid attention to that?"

"Annoying human flesh bag or not, you do have your moments. I expect you to keep to your word though, that is part of your nindo is it not?" Naruto growled at the Kyuubi for twisting his own moral code against him. "Said proposition is why I'm helping him stay alive now other than wanting to stay alive myself. So I keep him alive to keep things interesting and make sure he comes through to fulfill that promise he made to me."

"So basically...you got softer?" Chomei tilted his head in confusion.

"I didn't go soft you stupid insect!" Kurama roared.

"Awww don't be like that O-nii-chan." Kurama growled when Chomei accented the syllables of 'Onii-chan'.

"Say that again and I will make your punishment as painful as possible."

"Kurama's gone sooooft! Kurama's gone sooooft!" Chomei sang, causing the massive kitsune to wrap three of his nine tails around the bug's neck and proceed to comically choke the bug.

"See how soft I am when I snap your neck!" Chomei and Kurama then proceeded to get into a tussle, their jinchuriki wisely leaping off of their Bijuu's heads and observing from very far away.

"You know, when the bug called Kurama 'Onii-chan', I thought it was just out of spite, but the Bijuu really do seem to act like siblings. I mean what older brother doesn't do that to their younger." Naruto spoke.

"I'll say. The fur coat looks like he's actually used to this. I mean only an experienced elder sibling could administer a noogie like that." Fu gestured to the current situation of a giant humanoid kitsune grinding its knuckles against the skull of a massive beetle. Fu and Naruto continued to watch the two demonic beings fight for a few more moments before turning to each other.

"Look, Fu, honestly we didn't exactly meet on the best of terms."

"You nearly killed me, Goldilocks."

"So did you, Moss Head." Naruto countered. "So, mind telling me what exactly it is that you're guarding?"

"No." She growled. "Shibumi-sama, the father of that spineless wimp, Shibuki, he tasked me with the act of protecting it. A demonic relic from ancient times is what he said it was. He appealed to my title as a demon and so as a demon I found it to be my personal duty to protect the relic from thieves and destroyers like you."

"I didn't come to steal it or destroy it." Naruto stared directly into Fu's eyes. "I just happened to figure out that the Great Tree was hollow and broke into it to see what was down here. Curiosity is all that led me here."

"Curiosity killed the cat, Goldilocks."

"Fuck you, Moss Head."

"As if anyone would want to have a demon as one to do that with." She muttered. "Besides I don't family, friends or lovers. Having none of that actually makes the job of protecting the ancient relic a lot easier. Duty before pleasure and all that."

Naruto nodded, but then his eyes widened. "Wait...you really didn't have a friend?"

Fu glared at him upon bringing it back up. "Shut up, alright Goldilocks! That idiot Shibuki is nothing more than a source of food and clothing every now and then, but he is never a friend. I'm not a human and I'm not a jinchuriki, I am a demon! And you are too!"

"Hey, I am no demon! I know what I am, and the Bijuu and us jinchuriki, we're completely separate beings! Learn the difference because that fact is what separates us from being the Bijuu themselves!"

"You're naive to think that, Goldilocks. The day we got the Bijuu is the day we became demons ourselves and we cannot turn back and that is an ideology I made for myself. Look, you've obviously had a better life compared to the other eight and not everyone has the luxury of having friends so just go back home to your little fantasy land and stay there!" Naruto remained silent as Fu glared at him.

It was true. For twelve years, he had been unaware of his own status as a jinchuriki and if it wasn't for the Mizuki incident, he couldn't even think how much longer it would have been until he was finally told the truth about being the holder of the Kyuubi no Yoko. Sarutobi Hiruzen shielded him from the worst of the village's anti-demon members and he had made friends.

He remembered when he met Gaara. The boy was alone and made into an apathetic weapon of granule powered destruction.

"What, no comment now, Goldilocks?" Naruto remained silent. "That's what I thought. Now let's get our Bijuu and get out so you don't have to talk to me anymore." Fu's voice dropped to a whisper. "No one ever wants to talk to the demon girl after all."

Naruto's eyes widened at that as he remembered his own dealings with the villagers of Konoha calling him things like 'Demon Brat' and 'Hell Spawn'...among other things. However, before he could get a word in, Fu had already walked off to where Kurama and Chomei had finished their little squabble and were walking over to them.

"Damn it Kurama, you almost broke my legs."

"Well that's what you get for annoying me and trying to make yourself out to be a big badass Bijuu, which you aren't." Kurama and Chomei then looked down at their jinchuriki where Naruto was confused and shocked at the same time and Fu was basically in a pissed off mood. Fu walked over to her Bijuu and easily hopped atop the giant beetle's head.

"Time to go."

"Don't tell me what to do, brat. But I guess now that you two seem to have pissed each other off even more now, it would be best to separate you two. Later Kurama." Chomei managed to get it one last whack to Kurama's head with his upper leg, but the Kyuubi quickly lashed out with a punch to the face just as the Nanabi vanished in a flash of red, the yelp of pain echoing through the mindscape area.


Kurama and Naruto vanished as well before reappearing in their original mindscape. Kamina's eyes widened when he saw Naruto and Kurama appear before looking between them both.

"What the hell happened?!" The thunder beast exclaimed. "Kurama had just vanished from his cage with your mental self."

Kurama and Naruto looked at each other and then back to Kamina.

"What happens between jinchuriki and Bijuu stay between jinchuriki and Bijuu." Kurama said.

"I'm sorry, Kamina-sensei, but what happened between Fu and the Nanabi and us is kind of a personal thing."

The wolf-like divine being stared in surprise at his student. Naruto had secrets, he understood that, but during the entire time he was here Naruto had never had to be secretive with him. Kamina could only remain silent and a bit betrayed by his student, but like the boy said...this was a matter between jinchuriki and Bijuu. Divine being he may be, but even Kamina had boundaries he couldn't cross.

The blonde nodded in thanks for his teacher's understanding before vanishing from the mindscape.


Naruto opened his eyes the same time as Fu's and found himself still hovering over the mint haired girl. Naruto rose back to his feet and offered his hand to the Nanabi jinchuriki, but she swatted it away. She climbed to her feet by herself and dusted herself off before glaring at him. Fierce orange eyes met calm sapphire blue.

"Didn't I just tell you to get the hell out of here?"

"Even I do, I'll just come back."

Fu's eyes widened. "Huh?"

"Hearing that you never had a friend...it's a sad existence. I once learned from someone who was once my enemy, someone I could have called a friend that a person becomes truly strong if they find someone they care about, if they make bonds with people. You're a jinchuriki, not a demon. You may make that claim for yourself, but I know better and you're not a demon."

"Yes I am!"



Naruto looked at the green eyed girl and scoffed at her. "And people called me an idiot. I will come back here, I promise you that and no matter how long it takes, I'll show you you're not a demon. See you tomorrow, Moss Head."

And with that, Naruto vanished in a spark of lightning and a swirl of wind.


Kagebunshin no Jutsu- Shadow Clone Technique

Raiju Arc: Shunshin- Raiju Arc: Body Flicker

Raiju Arc: Raimei- Raiju Arc: Thunderclap

Uzumaki-ryu: Hoshi no Roku Pointo Surrashu- Uzumaki Style: Six Point Star Slash

Fuuinjutsu: Hikari- Sealing Technique: Light

Uzumaki-ryu: Kaminari Shougekiha- Uzumaki Style: Lightning Shockwave

Uzumaki-ryu: Enken- Uzumaki Style: Circle Sword

Uzumaki-ryu: Kazegiri- Uzumaki Style: Wind Cutter

Uzumaki-ryu: Kabuto Warima- Uzumaki Style: Helm Splitter

Hiden: Ripungakure no Jutsu- Hidden Technique: Hidden Scale Powder Technique

Hiden: Masatsu Hibana- Hidden Technique: Jaw Spark

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