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Chapter 11: Rising from the Ashes, the Phoenix of the South

Fuu sat on the ground as she stared aimlessly in the darkness of the hollow tree, otherwise her sanctuary and above all else her home. She didn't have the luxury like the normal people of the village to have a nice, warm apartment or house that she could call home. All she had was an underground fort that resided under the hollow tree.

For six years she had lived there, six years in isolation; not having any human contact aside from getting her monthly supply of rations from shinobi that worked under Shibuki, going in disguise, as well as getting clothing and ninja tools for missions. For her, that was as depressing as it could get.

She was a Chunin and would be considered a Tokubetsu Jonin or Jonin after the years of training she had put herself through after the death of Shibumi. However, she knew she wouldn't get that rank in a place like this. Not where the people rejected her like she was the beast inside her.

Fuu, after all these years, lost hope in humanity. She slowly started to hate it and lash out in anger because of the sorrow that she went through as a child. Over time, she no longer felt human. If she couldn't be seen as a human in the eyes of those around her, then she would accept her fate and become the thing that the people of Takigakure saw her as. She saw herself as a demon and acted as such. She was fine feeling that way. Her heart was content knowing that she didn't have friends and that she didn't need to be accepted by others.

Though that soon changed, by the words spouted out by one anomaly that had entered in her life.

Naruto Uzumaki. A Jinchuriki like her, however, he was the host for the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the strongest amongst the bijuu.

It had been nearly two months since she had met him. It had been nearly two months since he had made that promise to her, to always come to see her. To her surprise and annoyance, he stayed true to his word. Every day, the boy would indeed come visit her. Of course, she would do her best to shoo him off, even going so far as to fight him tooth and nail to remove him from the premises that was the hollow inside of the Great Tree. The orange eyed jinchuriki tried to get Naruto to quit bothering her so that she would be left to her own devices, but the blonde was indeed persistent, and she had to give him credit for his tenacious nature and keeping his own word. It was childish for a teenager to truly behave in the manner that he was displaying with regard to something so seemingly unimportant such as seeing her everyday. It was rather admirable and, with a begrudging attitude, she respected him for it that and found it somewhat cute in its own weird, stalker-ish way; though she wouldn't admit to that openly.

It had taken the entirety of his first month of visiting to make her realize that even her everyday attempts at killing him to get him to leave her sanctuary, that he wouldn't stop...and that he wouldn't just stay down and die due to the stupid Kyuubi. As a result, she just decided to stop bothering with him and just focus on her duty to guard the relic of Takigakure. Though, she would admit that there were a few pluses to having the blonde jichuriki's company.

He would bring food, especially her favorite dessert of chocolate ice-cream once he figured it out. He just went with the idea that when stereotypical girls were in depression or lonely, they ate something chocolate, and since he had the childish assumption that EVERYONE loves ice-cream, well...let's just say he got it right. He would also tell her stories about life in his village when he was there and the some of the stories he had of his journeys during his training. Now while she didn't seem interested in his tales, she couldn't help but be somewhat envious about them. Getting friends, traveling outside his own village. She couldn't help but feel jealous about another jinchuriki like herself, living the life she always dreamed about. To be accepted by others.

Yet there were downsides in having him around. He was annoying and bothersome, constantly asking her questions about her life and about what her bijuu, Chomei was like. What was her favourite food besides chocolate ice-cream? Did she know her parents? What kind of genetics gave her orange eyes? Why would she wear white as the colour for her outfit if she was going to assassinate people in the dark? That one was very hypocritical of him since she remembered when he told of his wearing of the neon orange jumpsuit. Overall, Naruto's presence was...it was very...troublesome seemed like a fitting word in her opinion.

The mint haired Taki shinobi sighed as her thought slightly drifted away from the blonde and looked at her sanctuary. While her home was in an isolated location, that didn't mean that the shinobi who hated her would not find her home. The female jinchuriki knew that sooner or later, she would have to move into one of her other shelters underground so that way, the shinobi would lose her tracks.

This was one of the reasons why she hated Shibuki. He lacked the will and aura of authority that his father held: the ability to hold his shinobi on a leash. While they obeyed Shibuki without question, while they waited on hand and foot for him, he held onto their leashes loosely. Unlike his father, he would give them several warnings, something his father did not give to the shinobi.

Shibumi would have physically beaten them down, suspended them with no pay, have their chakra sealed up or give them ten lashes on their back. The rarest thing Shibumi would do was kill them, though this only happened to a handful that went too far in assaulting her when she was a child. She knew Shibumi would only have to do that if truly necessary though. Taki only held a handful of Jonin, and at that time, he was the only true S-class shinobi before he died drinking the Hero's Water.

Shibumi was like a father to her, and while she respected her late surrogate father, she could never respect his son. He couldn't even hold a finger to her in terms of fighting prowess, a jinchuriki that should have been made Jonin years ago.

Her emotions clouded her perception of the world outside and her thoughts dulled down deep inside her consciousness. The emotional toll of the people that abused her in the past gave her post traumatic stress. She could ignore it, and while the pain had lessened over the years, the feeling of anger and envy brought those faint memories of people harshly abusing her verbally.

"Get out of here demon!"

"No one wants you around you stupid demon child!"

"Leave this place now, demon whore!"

Fuu, feeling the intensity of the memories, held her head in panic and felt a wave of anxiety rush into her being. For years she had been called these things and many more. For years she had been ostracized by Taki society and soon it came into her mind that she was a demon...a monster in human form.


Orange eyes widened as the image and words of the Kyuubi jinchuriki replaced the horrible one she fought to keep repressed. She continued to see vivid images of the blonde and she could only ask one question that ran into her mind.


Why was he different from her? What had made him turn out the way he was and not fall into the same state as her or the other jinchuriki like them? Why was he the lucky one?!

"Why?!" She muttered.


A light purplish glow emanated from the sacred item that Shibumi promised her to safeguard. It gave a low vibrating sound which sounded like a heartbeat. The glow died, but erupted once more as it resonated with the emotions of the emotionally unstable jinchuriki.

The Nanabi Jinchurriki, lost in in her panic, dwelled on her thoughts, emotions flaring out. Her anger, her envy...it all came to the surface. The families of the people in Taki, the blonde jinchuriki's optimism...it made her angry that she was the one who was different. That she was the only one who was alone. She wanted to know why she was alone. She wanted to know why he was so damned happy around her, and she didn't have a family. Her anger delved into the Nanabi's chakra and her eyes flared a light yellow and she screamed.

"Why am I alone?! Why am I the only one suffering?!" She cried out in anger, jealousy, and above all, sadness. She had never felt these emotions in years and it was only after meeting Naruto that she had these emotions return to her. The dam had burst and the flood flowed forth with amazing power. She continued to scream before punching the wooden ground repeatedly.

"WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!" With each cry, she punched the ground harder and harder until it thick wood began to crack and break apart.

Ba-bump! Ba-bump!

The shine of the light had intensified; cracks around the sphere were showing as the seal covering it was slowly being eaten away. The light flowed from the cracks and a low sound was reverberating out of the orb. Suddenly, energy began to slowly out of it.


Fu's Mindscape

"Hmm?" Chomei lazily opened his eyes within his exoskeleton covered head. A disturbance had awoken him within the depths of his cage. The Nanabi no Kabutomishi grunted as he raised himself, his wings vibrantly buzzing. The kabutomushi beetle lowered his head and gave a low hiss. At first he had thought it was Fuu's frequent cries of anger, but he could feel something past that...something dangerous within the same room as Fuu. He closed his eyes and focused on synchronizing Fuu's senses with own as his chakra flowed around her. It only took a matter of time to find out where it was coming from.

After a few moments, Chomei could sense the energy clearly now from within his prison and looked up. He buzzed in slight worry; he had not felt this type of energy before. It was foreign to him in his six hundred years of life. What's more...the energy itself was malicious in nature, untamed and wild, and to make matters worse...it was attracted to his own chakra. Chomei had released his chakra out of Fuu's system before she could grab anymore from him, but had not attempted to coax her out of it. Each time he had done so had always ended in failure.

"Get your ass into gear, girl. Shibumi left you a gift that is not good natured." He said as he retreated into the recesses of his prison.


Fuu's anger was still holding on, but it only took minutes before the anger she was holding so deeply died down. The mint haired kunoichi then took notice of the glow of the sphere along with the fact that it strummed a heavy heartbeat-like sound which echoed throughout the vicinity of the hollow tree. The rocky shell of the sphere was close to releasing the energy, the only thing holding its release was the remnant formation of the seal that was holding it at bay, despite it slowly being eaten away by the power itself. It only took Fu seconds to move, but by the time she did, the final strands of the seal deteriorated and the sphere had been engulfed in a violet light which seemed to burst forth, phasing through Fu, and pushed her down to the ground with terrific force. The energy had pushed through the thick structure of the tree, cutting through it like a hot knife through butter, and entered the outside. Within moments, the light had died down and soon the room had become dark once again with the only form of light coming into the area being the sunlight coming from the newly formed hole.

Fuu groaned on her back before she coughed heavily, taking in deep breaths of air into her lungs. The force had driven the wind from her lungs and to also experience a bit of backlash from her head hitting the ground causing her sight to be somewhat disoriented. After a few minutes of getting air back into her lungs, she lifted her upper body off of the ground and placed a hand on her head.

"Ugh..." She hissed while rubbing the aching part of her skull. "What was that?" She muttered before she looked around the tree. She could not see where the light came from, but whatever it was, it was gone now.

She hunched forward onto her knees and coughed a few more times, releasing whatever foreign material had gotten in her throat. As she moved, she felt shards of some sort of solid mass underneath the palm of her left hand. She raised her hand up and focused on the shard, her fingers feeling the texture. Her eyes widened in realization as she found out that the shard was actually a piece of the stone relic she was she was supposed to protect. She felt panic grow inside her chest and she looked around the area to notice the debris of broken shards around the place. She just stared, not moving as she felt tears dwelling in her eyes, almost attempting to force themselves out. She had failed her mission in protecting the sphere, she had failed Shibumi.


Fuu's ears twitched from the sound that had reverberated within the vicinity. She raised her head and continued to hear the soft cry within the shadows. Her orange eyes focused on the shadows only for them to be met with a set of glowing yellow eyes. The shining orbs stared right back at her, unblinking. A bead of sweat moved down the side of her face as she had gazed upon the round, yellow eyes. Her instincts were telling her to flee, but her senses had been dulled, relaxed for some reason as if she wasn't in danger at all.

Fuu sat upright as she kept her orange orbs locked on the golden yellow ones. She tilted to the left and then to the right, observing that the eyes followed her eyes movement. After a few moments the eyes closed and a soft sigh had erupted from where it was. A low, purple dust cloud had spread out into the room and came close-by to Fuu. The female had taken a soft sniff before she sneezed and rubbed her nose. The mint haired female opened her eyes to see the form of the creature was moving towards her.

Out of the shadows the creature had come out from the corner and the faint amounts of sunlight that entered the slowly regenerating tree revealed its form. Its neck was two feet in length, head and in the shape of a bird. Its body was protected by a a type of hard coating which was identical to a turtle shell, but it was not reptilian-like in nature. It had no legs, but it possessed six tentacles which had helped move the creature towards the Taki kunoichi. It was closer to Fuu now, its head placing itself on her lap. The creature made a soft gurgling sound as if to communicate with her, but it was something that not even Fu would be able to understand. Fuu had looked upon the mouth-less creature and slowly placed a hand on its head. It gave no response to danger and slowly, Fuu had rubbed the top of the creatures head gently.

It gave a light coo in delight, allowing Fu to smile at its behavior. "You're a strange one." She commented. "I haven't seen anything like you before." She said to the creature which looked at her. "I wonder where you came from..."

The jinchuriki's gaze quickly went to the coating of its body and her eyes widened as she noticed markings on its body, markings that had been identical to the seal formula that had been placed on the stone relic. She reached forth to touch the markings, but slowly paused as she remembered something long ago. When Shibumi gave her her mission to protect the relic.


Shibumi sat outside in front of the village's largest waterfall, which had been surrounded by smaller sized falling streams. He gazed upon its crystal clear water which sparkled like diamonds in the sunlight. In the large man's hand, he held a black sphere which had previously been resting on the ground. Slowly, he held it out in the direction of a young nine year old Fuu whom had sat in front of the older shinobi with her Chunin flak jacket next to her.

Fu gazed upon the orb and paused as she looked at Shibumi who spoke in a low gruff voice. "Fuu...I have a mission for you. A mission so dire that I think you are the only one who can do this. It is an S-class mission." He looked at her with dark eyes, the serious expression never leaving his face. "I need you to protect this Fuu." He pushed the obsidian rock closer to her. "Watch over it with your life."

Fu looked at the sphere and paused "Shibumi-sama...have you gone senile already?" The child shinobi asked. "You are asking me to protect a rock. A rock! Who gives a Chunin a high class mission to protect a rock?!"

"It is not a rock, Fuu!"

Fu flinched at his strict tone and looked at him. She could see the look in his eyes as she stared off into the waterfall; they were filled with a mixture of emotions such as fear, worry, regret and a hint of remorse. She did not understand what had made the leader of Taki act so strangely, but there was something that had been bothering him, more so than anything, it had been involved with this rock. The leader of Taki pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath to calm himself.

"That is not a rock." Shibumi spoke with much calmer tone this time. "It's something sacred to us, more sacred than even the Hero's Water that we hold in our possession." Fuu's eyes widened.

"More important than the Hero's Water?" She asked with surprise. Shibumi nodded and rested the stone down between himself and Fuu.

"It is, but this treasure is also dangerous. It holds a tale that is darker than the stories of any shinobi war." The large man closed his eyes and relaxed his body as he sighed. "There is story that was told to me when I was a young boy. My father had told it to me, just as his father before him. The story had gone farther back to when the Elemental Nations had been formed, a story that even I had not believed when I was your age." He said as he looked at Fuu.

"Long ago, there was a mythical creature that roamed this land. It fed on the chakra of all living creatures in order to keep itself alive. It was massive in size, it gave off immense power in which no Shinobi could have ever felt since the days of the Great Clan Wars. It was aggressive to the core...wild, and always eating life around it. It burned down wildlife with the power it held and none could defeat it. All who attempted to had failed and fell swiftly to their deaths."

"But they weren't powerful shinobi like you weren't they Shibumi?"

The man smirked, "Understand this, Fuu. The shinobi world in those days of the past were harsh, brutal, and truly savage beyond anything I have ever seen in my life. I would say that many Shinobi in the time of the legend were far stronger than myself, stronger than even some of the Kage today. Shinobi that strong and had fallen to their demise under the beast's power is something to comprehend only in the imagination."

"I do not understand though..." Fuu tilted her head cutely in confusion. "...how can something so powerful disappear if it cannot be killed by natural means?" She looked at him, confused with the details of the story.

"True, it couldn't be killed." He glanced at the stone. "However, there can be other methods in which one could subdue the beast. One reason is quite simple and ironic; one person had used the same manner in which is much similar to your companion inside you. They sealed the beast."

Fuu's eyes widened as she looked at Shibumi and squeezed her fist at the thought of the method. Sometimes she had wished that the sealing arts had died off long ago, but that would be saying too much. Fuu knew the stories of how the tailed beast had acted in the wild, but she couldn't listen to the ignorance of people. She had talked to Chomei before, and as briefly and unfriendly as it was, she could understand why he would be aggressive towards her. He was a being of pure power. It was mankind's ignorance to fear what they did not understand and by instinct, would attack it without hesitation. Fuu paused as she looked at Shibumi before she looked down and stared at the sphere.

"I understand...but what is it that makes this heavy rock connected to the story? It doesn't look like it is some key."

"That's because it isn't a key Fuu, for what you are holding is the very beast itself sealed inside." The leader of Taki looked at Fuu's shocked and fearful expression and gave a small chuckle. "Do not fret Fuu, I think you have nothing to be worried about. My ancestor from many centuries ago had faced the creature and sealed it away with a powerful seal that was forged by a master clan of seal masters which was made to last for centuries. As you can see, it's been holding out quite well. He had hoped that this would weaken the beast enough for when it would be free, the people of the future would be able to smite the beast at its weakest state. For centuries, my family has watched over this with their lives, waiting for the moment the beast would release itself from its prison so they may end what would cause as much chaos as a bijuu."

The large built man placed his hand on Fuu's head as he rubbed it. "I place this duty under your care as the last mission I give to you, Fuu of Taki; Jinchuriki of the Nanabi no Kabutomushi, and great-great granddaughter of our first leader and the first Jinchuriki of the Nanabi, Nanao-sama."

Fu looked at Shibumi and paused as she stared at him. "Your last..."

The man didn't make any movements. He only gave a sad smile. "I would trust this duty with my son, but I know well enough that he will not be strong enough to handle this duty, even if it's a family rite. I am also afraid that I might not be there when the time is needed in order to destroy this creature once the time is necessary. Therefore, I am entrusting this rite to you, to the one person I could trust most and to the one person who may have the power to subdue this creature. Can I trust you on this?"

Fuu looked at the middle aged man as he stared at her. The look in his eyes held honesty and truth, and for the first time in her life...she had felt as though she had gained some new purpose in what she felt was her meaningless life, something that was more important than her being the jinchuriki of Nanabi.

"Y-Yes!" She exclaimed as she looked at the older male with excitement.

Shibumi nodded, accepting her words and it would remain in his thoughts till the moment he died protecting his village from wrath of rogue ninja that attempted to overtake the village.

-End Flashback-

Fuu looked at the creature on her lap and paused. She stared at it with her pupil-less orange eyes and the monster stared at her right back with glowing yellow ones. Fuu had not made any movements whatsoever, to give the monster any sudden instinct that she was a threat. Slowly, the kunoichi moved her hand to her pouch and slowly put her hand inside to grab a kunai. Yet the moment that she had moved her hand to the pouch she had noticed the eyes of the creature go from glowing yellow to shining violet. She was confused before she heard the sound of metal being unsheathed. She froze up, cold sweat dripping down her forehead as she swallowed heavily.

Slowly, Fuu turned and saw three men in the dark. They looked like shinobi by the cold looks of their eyes and the heavy weaponry they possessed.

"Demon." They whispered softly as the stared at Fu with dead eyes, moving steadily towards her.

Fu moved away from the creature as she moved away from her assailants, pulling out the kunai she was about to use on the odd looking creature. She gritted her teeth as she pointed her blade at the shadow encased figures. "Don't make me kill you."

"Demon." They whispered once more and just before she could react they moved into shadow and attacked her. "Die!"

At that moment all Fuu could see was true darkness. With the cold nature of the entities around her, she felt alone and isolated. She acted upon these feelings and she gripped her head, screaming loudly and released a shockwave as her chakra pulsated within the confines of the tree.

She ripped into her attackers, tearing them to shreds. She delivered a powerful downward strike to the skull of one, her chakra exoskeleton coated fist smashing against the bone and allowing blood to flow from the wound. She then gripped the attacker and raised her knee to smash it against her fellow Taki shinobi's stomach before throwing the body against her second opponent. The two smashed against each other, only for Fuu to blur into existence above them, smashing her feet down against their chests, breaking their ribs and impaling their lungs with the bones. The final attacker when to attack her from behind, but Fuu merely turned around and caught the assailant by the neck.

"Demon. Demon. Demon." The attacker continued to whisper, as if it were a mantra.

"That's right." Fuu snarled as she choke slammed the assailant and then straddled him. She gripped the opponent's skull, her thumbs tearing apart his eyes as she stabbed them into his eye sockets. However, he still continued to chant the word 'demon' over and over again. "I am a demon." And with a final burst of chakra and application of pressure, grey matter and blood splattered across the ground as Fuu crushed her attacker's skull.

Fuu then proceeded to continuously punch her opponent's face in, blood coating her knuckles with each strike. The creature in the room with her watched, staring at her with dark calculating eyes. Then it released a soft sound of interest once it saw bubbling red chakra envelope Fuu's body.


Kamina laid his head upon his paws as he watched Naruto train through the young male's vision. Needless to say, the Raiju was pleased with the blonde's rapid development over the last two months. During the short time in which the blonde boy had resided in Takigakure, Kamina had made a harsh regiment which would hopefully increase both the boy's ability to master techniques of his bloodline, as well as shorten the process in which he would have to wait in order for the young jinchuriki to use Tenton properly without making any reckless mistakes. The Raiju would have debated whether or not the blonde's successful attempt in using Tenton was either his hidden potential or just sheer luck. Though, the lightning beast still kept the option open that it was possibly both. After all, he was a being of the supernatural; he could sense things that occurred beyond the life of many mortal men.

The beast had watched Naruto do several different regiments with his clones; doing a handstand with two fingers infused with lightning chakra, several leaf training and waterfall training exercises in order to completely master his wind element; completing several katas in order to retain memory of each step in each of his fighting styles; study battle strategies based upon old war tales in order to improve his mind for tactical warfare in order to create better strategies, and lastly, meditation so that the blonde may find peace with himself and release any emotional turmoil within him so that he may find enlightenment.

Overall, there were approximately 700 clones doing these regiments for the past two months. The rate of the young blonde's progress has been one that the Raiju had not expected it to be. Naruto was a real piece of work, inside and outside the area of training, and Kamina was proud of his student for being so. While he was a perfectionist concerning Naruto's training, it didn't mean he did not care for the boy and did not expect his student to be placed on a pedestal after his training was complete. Kamina knew well enough that him caring for the boy, training him and helping him grow, made him feel something akin to kinship towards Naruto and so he felt a great deal of pride and respect for his young pupil as he continued to grow by leaps and bounds.

Though that wasn't what was currently on the mind of legendary creature. As much as he cared for the boy, he also worried about things outside of our blonde hero. The egg-shaped stone that the Nanabi jinchuriki protected was something that was old, foul, something that he had remembered long ago during the time in which the gods had fought against the Kaiju. It was something he thought he would have never felt again, but he did.

The first time he had felt it, it was with Gojira, but Naruto had tamed the beast, thus the creature had become more docile, possibly due to Naruto's caring nature more so than the fact that Naruto let the young Kaiju go. Yet, this feeling was older than Gojira. It was vile and aggressive, something which made him feel like destroying it while he had the chance and there were few things which could make him feel that way. Whatever it was that resided in what the Raiju assumed was an egg, was old, almost as old as he was...and it was dangerous for it to come out.

"You seem to be thinking deeply over there, Raiju. I would be careful about that." A voice erupted near the thunder beast; Kamina turned to see the bijuu inside the cage and smirked as he saw the cocky grin upon the fox's face. "If you furrow your face anymore, then your face will remain that way."

The Raiju only huffed before he gave a light smile. "I'll be sure to heed those words. After all, I wouldn't want to look your grouchy ass anytime soon." Kamina said as he chuckled when he got a snarl out of Kurama.

The two remained silent, Kurama kept his eyes closed and his lips into a frown before he opened one of his giant crimson eyes and smirked. "So are you going to tell me?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

Kurama scoffed. "Don't play dumb with me, Raiju. I know something caught your interest when we went in that tree and it sure as hell wasn't the other jinchuriki or the bug, Chomei." The fox stretched his limbs inside his cage as he looked down upon the smaller canine figure. "The stone, or whatever it was, caught your interest; you said it was evil and yet even I could not sense ill intent coming out of it."

Kamina grunted as his eyes narrowed "You like to pry into things much, don't you?"

"I was living inside a kid who turned himself into a dumbass before he met you, besides I am stuck inside here so prying would be my only thing to do for entertainment, so fucking sue me." The giant nine tailed beast said as he looked down upon the thunder beast and frowned. "Now are you going to tell me or what?" the Yoko asked.

Kamina looked at the Bijuu and closed his eyes and huffed. "The stone is an egg. What kind of creature that is inside, I am unsure as to what it is, but I have my assumptions that whatever may be inside is not friendly. It is angry, and it wants blood." The divine beast turned into its bipedal form as it sat crisscrossed before speaking once more. "I held many theories in what it may have been; a human spirit, a remnant of chakra that resided from the Juubi long ago, chakra from another source, a fallen god, and lastly, a Kaiju. Though, you stated that you could not sense not evil intentions coming off from that stone allows me to cut off my suspicions of it being a human spirit as well as a remnant of the Juubi. Not many gods exist today as those that survived over the last thousand years have either gone through reincarnation, have weakened considerably or faded. The energy did not bear the same feeling that I got from when I was working under my master, Raijin. The energy does not belong to a member of the fallen gods, gods who lost worship long ago and morphed into beings of pure insanity, either. Yet despite that thought, I figured that if you would have sensed it as well, it would have been foreign to you, but the strength of emotion that remains from a fallen god before its turn to insanity is still strong. So my only option would have to be...a Kaiju."

"A Kaiju you say? Like that runt of a lizard?" It was a question that didn't require answering. Kurama tapped his claws in thought as the Raiju's words piqued the massive Bijuu's interest. "Shouldn't be possible, I would have sensed the emotions that it was carrying off."

Kamina shook his head, "Don't be so sure. Kaiju are different from other entities that had lived in the world and as intelligent as they may be, they are only animals; however, they are more than just that as well. They are forces of nature. While they can be emotional, animal instinct overcomes all, which is why you probably cannot sense it unless you were outside of this cage. Emotions are insignificant to a Kaiju. They only kill other Kaiju for two purposes..." Kamina raised two claws. "...to fight for territory, or to eat other kaiju. They had found humans insignificant, except for the few that found them a threat or held purpose; those very few were the ones to be wary of because they showed a powerful emotion which signified danger to many. I can only recall few that held that, yet there is one that remains of interest. The irony of the situation would be that this region would have been its territory, that is, is my assumptions are proven correct."

"A Kaiju that is infamous. Hmph, one would think that during my years as part of the Juubi I would have remembered Kaiju, let alone one in this part of the Elemental Nations."

"That was because a lot either went into hiding or hibernated; however, this one was different. It came from another land." Kurama raised a non-existent eyebrow at that. "After the Juubi was sealed and after the passing of the Rikudo Sennin..." Kamina narrowed his eyes. "...I would have thought then you were a runt, wouldn't have been paying much attention to anything outside of your inner circle."

Kurama growled. "Only you would think that, you minor diety. Many of my siblings could handle themselves and the few that needed my aid only followed me until they were able to take care of themselves; Chomei being one of the few that followed me or even mutually conversed with me until we were older." The fox's lone eye narrowed as he looked upon Kamina's pale blue eyes. "Now speak; what is this wretched Kaiju?"

"It wasn't wretched as it was renowned. It brought fear to all things in life; you could say it was somewhat like the Juubi, but significantly different. It absorbed energy, so it absorbed chakra from humans and animals in order to grow stronger and maintain its vitality. If I am correct it was over fifty years that it brought tyranny to the humans in these parts before it got captured." Kamina laid his head down once more and thought about it a little longer. "It was called the Phoenix of the South, yet it looked nothing like a phoenix nor Suzaku. The real name of the creature, which I know well...was Iris."

The fox hummed as it placed its index claw near its canines. "Iris...sounds stupid to me."

"In a sense, it would...but its name signifies something that all creatures need; the ability to see. You need sight in order to see the world around you, to see the birth of life and the loss of it. Iris, this Kaiju signifies the eye of life I suppose, if that makes sense."

"It makes sense I suppose; the eye of life, that creature would need energy as its eye to see the light of life, otherwise darkness would claim it." Kurama rubbed his chin and paused, "Have you ever thought what would happen if that egg was, in fact, Iris?"

Kamina paused for a moment as he looked down in thought and slowly nodded. "I would honestly be worried. Kaiju could not be killed by mortal hands in the old days and being that Iris was a powerful Kaiju in its day, I would suspect that when it returns it would be considerably weaker in comparison, so it is possible that it could be killed before it would be able to become fully grown."

Kurama was about to say something once more before Naruto's voice popped in.

'Y-you know...it's really...ngh...not helping my training if you guys are talking' Thought Naruto who was holding his hand in position while doing lightning chakra training. 'I can't concentrate properly.'

"Oh I am sorry, do you want tissue, because you're sounding like a little bitch right now." Kurama said as he huffed at the blonde.

'Oh real fucking mature, you overgrown fur coat! Why don't you go back to licking your balls!'


"Total bullshit/Total bullshit." Both Kamina and Naruto said to Kurama, leaving the fox to roar with agitation as it smacked its hand-like forepaw on the wet floor.

The great Nine Tailed Fox snarled at his humiliation and embarrassment as he held out his hand to show razor sharp claws and a maniacal grin from within his cage, "I cannot wait to make you my personal-"


The giant fox had paused his rant as he heard Chomei's voice cry out to him in the sound of worry. Kurama raised his head and smirked as he huffed out air from his nose. He closed his eyes and called out Chomei a few times, after a few minutes with no reply Kurama had grown slightly cautious of the situation that is at hand. He wasn't the only one that noticed something was wrong, both other parties were dangerously silent, cautious even as they sensed the eerie feeling come onto them.

'Something is wrong with Fuu! I sensed her chakra spike and suddenly I felt Chomei's chakra leak out!'

"I know. Chomei called out to me and I haven't heard from him since. He knows not to call me unless it was something that involved danger for us, something must have gotten to his container for him to call my name on such short notice." Kurama said as he narrowed his eyes.

Kamina narrowed his eyes as well, suspecting only a thing that could have occurred directly. "The egg...it possibly hatched!" He called out to Naruto. "Naruto, stop what you are doing and get to the girl now, she could be in danger!" The thunder beast ordered.

'Right, I'm on it!' Naruto pushed his fingers up as he landed on his feet, his clones dispelled as he rushed forward with a heavy burst of chakra adding to his movements. He had ran at a fast pace towards the region where Fuu had normally resided. The chakra signature was coming off in that direction in waves and it was growing. Something was wrong, something was definitely wrong with Fuu if her chakra was flooding out so wildly. It didn't take him long to make it to her literal tree house, and just as he attempted to move towards the entrance, a burst of chakra exploded out of the tree, causing the tree to disintegrate into pieces as a vile chakra erupted forth. Naruto being pushed back by the force and had been sent flying past several trees before his feet landed on the soft grass which aided in halting his movement.

Debris and smoke had surrounded the place near the explosion and Naruto could not see anything as he had looked up toward the area. He stood on his feet and jumped into the now desolate smoked clearing as he looked around in the smoke. The blonde coughed lightly, the smoke dying off while in his waking search to find his fellow jinchuriki, however, once everything seemed to die down he could not find any form of his mint haired, self-proclaimed, friend. He paused in confusion as he looked around. Naruto did not understand what had happened just now, he could not see his friend, but he could feel the chakra which was still around the area. He took a few steps back as he looked around the large hole where the tree resided. It wasn't until he felt the chakra erupt once more was when he was on full alert.

"Naruto move now!" Kurama called out. Naruto followed his bijuu's words and he leaped backwards. Just as he moved away from where he was standing, something crashed down onto the earthy terrain. Naruto back flipped to the other side and landed on all fours as he stared upon the figure that was now in front of him; blue eyes suddenly widened as he gazed upon the figure and felt small chills run down his spine.

The creature was positioned on all-fours, but it's body structure gave one the assumption that it could switch from being a quadruped to a biped. Five animalistic claws dug into the ground. It slightly resembled an insect due to the giant curved horn which stretched out from its forehead. It was coated in blood red and black skin and from each shoulders, two large spikes jutted outwards at an angle. The oddity also possessed two slim tails that protruded from its tailbone area and a pair of large wings which protruded from between the shoulder area. Its circular eyes and the inside of its concave-shaped mouth glowed with white light, but still served to add to its intimidation factor.

"W-What is that?" Naruto paused as he gazed upon the creature. Said creature gave a small hiss and clicking sound as it stared upon the blonde with a predatory look within its eyes. "Where is Fuu?"

"That Naruto...is Fuu." Kamina said.

A low vibrant hiss echoed across the forest floor which shook the ground, the large amount of chakra that the host held had caused rocks to float into the air, the ground to split, and an ominous wind to erupt around her like a wrathful forthcoming of the end of days.

"That is Fuu?!" Naruto exclaimed in surprise and disbelief. He closed his right hand into a first and squeezed tightly. "Bullshit! I've never seen anything like that, no way that's Fuu!"

"You wouldn't have known Naruto because you have never seen anything like this before until now." Kurama interrupted this time as he narrowed his eyes. "That form is the second stage of a jinchuriki host using a bijuu's powers. I have not known many that had controlled this state, but from experience with your mother using my power and going through this state, well...I should tell you this..." The mighty canine paused. "All my instincts, all my anger and wrath...she succumbed to it, turning into a miniature tailed beast. With Fuu, she is more or less a berserker. Something had triggered her to go through this transformation and something triggered her in going into using Chomei's chakra. I don't know what it would be, but that is something we are going to figure out after we deal with her."

"...Right." Naruto said quietly, still not being able to believe that this is what the power of a jinchuriki was like using a great portion of a tailed beast's power. Not even he had gone through such a state. If there was a time that he would enter it, he would understand what kind of danger he would pose as toward anyone. "Have you tried to contact Chomei to see what was wrong with her?"

"I've been doing that long before we came here. Something is wrong with the both of them. Chomei is silent, it's like something is blocking our communication or he's too damn brainless to not even answer my replies." Kurama narrowed his eyes. "You're going to have to give them a wakeup call. I don't think there is anything else you can do until your perverted godfather arrives. I have no doubt that he had sensed this."

"Same with the rest of the village; I don't think they will be too kind after all of this." Kamina replied "You're going to have to stall; some of your techniques might not doing anything to her, but there is a chance that you still can do some damage to where you stalled her enough until help arrives. Otherwise, keep it safe and keep a good distance away from her and try not to die."

"Thanks Kamina-sensei, your words of advice are sure helpful." The blonde said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. The distraction with conversing with two entities inside his mind had caused him to forget about the berserk jinchuriki for the moment, but he was knocked out of his thoughts as Fuu unleashed a bestial roar. The shockwave caused by the roar kicked up dirt and dust, and sent the blonde shinobi skidding backwards a feet.

"Try not to die, huh?" Naruto mused. Fuu launched herself at high speeds, appearing to flicker out of few. The scary thing was that it was no form of Shunshin nor was it teleportation, it was pure, unadulterated speed. She then appeared out of thin air, her fist already reared back to strike. Time seemed to to slow down for Naruto as he narrowed his eyes. A bead of sweat traced down the side of his head as he placed a hand sign up.

The fist had crashed down and generated another massive shockwave and caused a massive dust cloud to form. The cloud was quickly dispersed by Fuu's rapidly buzzing wings and revealed the Nanabi jinchuriki standing in the small crater she had caused from her attack. She growled in annoyance when she looked at the result of her attack only to find that the blonde was nowhere in in her field of vision. However, her other senses picked up on his location.

She then slowly looked up and snarled lightly, gazing up at the blonde who was now floating in the air. The four tailed jinchuriki did not move as she looked up at the blonde, waiting for his next move.

'Thank Kami that I had mastered the Bukujutsu. I wouldn't have thought that I would need it, but she moved faster than most people I've faced. Not to mention that it was unpredictable.' Naruto swayed higher in the air as he looked down at the four tailed state of the seven tailed jinchuriki. 'I need to be careful. I know for certain that I am faster than her on land...however...' He stopped thinking as he looked down at her, gazing at her wings.

The possessed jinchuriki snarled as she had stretched her wings out before they began to vibrate at high speeds. Slowly, she levitated off the ground, looking back up at the blonde before she had launched herself into the air at her target.

'She is going to have the upper hand in the sky. I'm running on chakra, and as much as I have, I can only go on for so long.' He thought as he flew down away from the insect jinchuriki, hovering just above the trees as he flew at great speeds across the forest. He looked back seeing the flying jinchuriki not far behind him and picking up speed. He ducked under arms of several trees, hovering feet off from the ground as he moved side to side avoiding the tree line in front of him.

He looked up briefly, quickly realizing that the beast was not there, only to hear the beating of its wings across from him. A loud snarl erupted near him as he turned to see Fuu's enraged state coming at him. He ducked lower, missing the main attack by mere inches; however the second attack had soon come into play. One of Fuu's four tails wrapped around the blonde's ankle, stopping his flight as he was forcefully pulled back and dragged through the air by the four tailed creature. Branches had hit him dead in the face, scratching his cheeks a few times, and leaves got into his mouth before they were above the canopy of the forest and into the sky once more. Naruto looked up at the creature before it looked back at him with a wicked smile.

'Why am I getting the feeling that I do not like the way she is look at me?' He thought. His question was answered when Fuu's tail lifted him higher into the air and was swung downward, releasing him as the momentum quickly gained for the force in which the tail threw him.

'SHIT!' Naruto looked back as he instantly saw the ground. He passed the hundred meter mark and was falling faster; within a few seconds he would become silly putty on the ground and Fuu could finish him off easily if he was crippled. Naruto formed his signature corss-shaped handsign and quickly yelled, "Taijuu Kagebunshin no Jutsu!"

Five hundred clones appeared behind him and stuck together by holding onto the original.

The force of the had caused all of the clones to dissipate instantly, and Naruto landed heavily on the ground causing a small crater beneath him. He coughed erratically, trying to get the wind back into his lungs. He could hear the vibrations of the wings above him and he opened his eyes only to look directly in the eyes of the miniature tailed beast. It was a few mere inches away from the Nanabi jinchuriki, her mouth opened and it held a small black ball in it. It then chomped down and swallowed the black sphere. The jinchuriki let out steam as a light slowly erupted from her mouth.

"Shit, dammit boss!" He said as he pulled out a kunai and stabbed himself. Naruto instantly exploded into smoke before the attack launched itself onto the ground.

Not more than ten yards behind the possessed jinchuriki, Naruto looked upon the massive explosion that occurred, the representation of the power which the miniature Bijuudama had held. He stared in shock and awe as a massive dome of red and white light and chakra expanded outwards, engulfing all things in its radius. Naruto's hair whipped back wildly and he was forced to shield his eyes from the dust and dirt that flew through the air as a result of the shockwave from the attack.

'That...That attack would have killed me!' He screamed in his mind and felt beads of sweat come down his face. 'Is she trying to go overkill or what?!'

"Usually that would be a bad thing when facing opponents that are strong...though this is a different matter. I suppose." Kamina said.

'NO SHIT!' Naruto cried out in his mind as he felt the winds die down from Fuu's attack. Once they did, he hopped into the trees to observe the damage, but nearly lost his footing when he gazed upon it. The Kyuubi jinchuriki looked at the destruction that was laid waste upon the earth and couldn't even form a coherent thought. A massive crater was all that was left of the forested area, with a diameter of about three kilometers and a depth of ten feet Trees that had been standing in front the miniature bijuu had been obliterated, vapourized by the impact of the blast and any animal life that had been within the vicinity most likely had been killed off as well.

Naruto then shifted his focus to Fuu's bestial state as he slowly took a few steps forward and calmly looked at her backside.

"Naruto what are you doing?! Don't go near her!" Kurama spoke in a commanding tone.

'I'm going to try and talk with her, perhaps her conscience is still there somewhere. Why not try and attempt to communicate with Chomei once more to see if he can hear you or not? Perhaps he could reign in his chakra enough to help Fuu out.' Naruto told the fox, who in returned gave a growl. 'Come on Kyuubi, we don't have many options left; I don't want to seriously hurt Fuu or get myself killed in order to wait for help to come. Sooner or later Jiraiya will be here and he will have something to subdue the chakra. Besides, this is about helping our siblings in need right?'

Kurama paused for a moment and scoffed before he grunted in acknowledgement. "Very well, try calling her out then...but don't blame me if this plan fails."

He had been trying to distract her or avoid any attacks from her berserk state. Possibly, he had wondered if he could communicate with her conscience if it was still somewhere in there, which he hopefully wished it was. He slowly stepped toward the jinchuriki carefully. He had watched the possessed girl turn her head, the helmet of the beetle head covering her face, but her eyes still looking through the helmet. Naruto stopped moving as he had gazed upon the girl with a slightly worried look.

"Fuu...can you hear me?" He asked quietly, looking at the girl in the chakra cloak. "It's Naruto. You have to give me an answer if you are in there somewhere. I came here to help you, but I need to know if you are still in there or not." His voice soon became calmer, more natural, as he attempted to get to the girl's thoughts.

"I need an answer Fuu. One would be good about now." He looked at her as he briefly waited for a moment; Fuu had not moved an inch in the moments of Naruto speaking, however, nothing came into the girl's thoughts as she released a mixture of clicks and snaps from her throat. With a burst of speed, she was preparing herself to go onto the onslaught and tear Naruto to pieces.

Naruto's eyes widened as he saw the beast come its way towards him. Time felt slow to him, adrenaline pumped slightly as he held his position firmly. He looked at his possible attacker dead in the eyes waiting for the results to occur.


In a blur of red and white, Jiraiya crashed down between the two jinchuriki at high speeds. He looked Fuu dead in the eye and quickly smacked a piece of paper directly onto Fuu's horn before the beast state could react to Jiraiya's movements. The beast gave a low roar of confusion as chakra steamed from its body before it cried out in agony as it attempted to grab the tag, only for the chakra to slowly die off from Fu's hands and quickly afterwards, her entire body. In a few moments, the jinchuriki of the Nanabi had been subdued and fell to the floor face down on the ground, unconscious.

Naruto looked a bit surprised as he stared at the scene that occurred. Shibuki later appeared to his side and placed a hand on his should in order to shake him out of his stupor. "Naruto-kun, are you alright?" He asked in a worried tone.

"Huh?" Naruto was dazed for a moment before shaking his head from the confusion and slowly nodded "Yeah...Yeah...I'm alright. I was just caught up by the surprise, I suppose."

Shibuki nodded, accepting the boy's words, "That's good. We felt the chakra spike not too long ago. It didn't take long for us to get here, we noticed you in the air with Fuu, and Jiraiya-sama had intervened in order to prevent further damage. It's a good thing that you were left unscathed."

"You're definitely right, Shibuki." Jiraiya turned and looked at the blonde with a smirk, "Hell, if I didn't have that containment seal made then we would have had a difficult time on our hands wouldn't we? Just what were you thinking on coming here? Could you not tell that something was wrong here?"

"I did, but I know Fuu. I just wanted to make sure she was safe, but something had concerned Kyuubi and Kamina. They said something occurred to make Fuu act out that way."

Jiraiya raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Really, what would that be?"

"How about that!?" Exclaimed Shibuki as he pointed past them.

The two Konoha shinobi followed the direction Shibuki was pointing in before their eyes widened at what they saw. It was an odd creature with six tentacles opening its chest up as it pulled the female jinchuriki inside its body with said tentacles. The creature slowly closed its plating. It gave a slight cry as its eyes glowed yellow and a light slowly surrounded its body.

"What the hell?!" Jiraiya took a step back.

Kamina narrowed his eyes from within Naruto's mindscape as he stared upon the scene at hand. He gave a low snarl and looked at the creature slowly changing and growing, giving a low roar from within the light.


Chapter End

Bukujutsu- Flying Dance Technique

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