Okay, so I know I have a couple of fics that are already in the works, but this one will be a quick moving update as I've already written most of it. I've developed a significant love for Dolph Ziggler and this fic will feature him quite a bit. I hope you all enjoy! 3

Cody rolled over, his arms reaching for the redhead he thought would be waiting for him.

But I wasn't there. No, I was in the shower, ready to get out of there and head to the airport for our flight in two hours. He'd be disappointed, but I wasn't concerned. I never stayed long, he knew that.


He called my name and I pretended not to hear. I'd left the bathroom door open wide enough so he'd hear me in the shower, maybe take the hint. Cody was always a stubborn one about me leaving. I heard the door creak slightly and knew he obviously didn't. I saw his shadow growing smaller across the floor as he approached the curtain. I jumped when he pulled it open, because that's what he'd expect.

"Dammit Cody! You scared the hell out of me," I exclaimed. "How about a little warning next time babe? A cough or something."

Cody chuckled, stepping into the shower behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his lips against my neck. An involuntary moan creeped up my throat, the man knew what to do with those lips of his and I was a woman who appreciated those fine God-given tools he was blessed with. Cody nipped at my neck with his teeth, his hands creeping down my hips, pressing me back against him.

I groaned, but moved my head, cutting off his contact. "Cody, I was almost done."

"Well what's wrong with starting again?" He said, kissing the other side of my neck. "We've got time."

"Sure if you wanna take a cold shower," I teased, and wiggled my hips a little. "Not that I don't think you could use one."

Cody laughed in my ear, his fingers creeping closer to the space between my thighs. I pulled away and turned to him, and kissed his lips gently. I stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around me. I heard Cody groan as I slipped out the door and back into the bedroom. I was dried and half dressed by the time Cody appeared again. He stood against the door frame with a towel around his waist and his hands on his hips.

"What?" I asked as I wiggled into my skirt.

"Why do you always do this?"

I sighed. "Cody, we've been through this a million times..."

"And nothing ever changes?" He interrupted.

"No! And I keep telling you it won't, and you won't let it go," I said. "Nothing is happening between us but sex. I told you that from the beginning and I meant it."

"Serah this is stupid," Cody said, pushing away from the door. "You're incredible. Amazing. Talented..."

"Oh Cody, you know you're my favorite," But he wasn't. "I just don't want a relationship. Not with you, not with anyone. And all those pretty words are nice, but they're not going to make me your girlfriend."

I looked over my shoulder at him and he was giving me that disapproving look he always gave when I walked out his door. Cody was getting clingy, and I didn't do clingy. I stopped having sex with Drew Galloway because he got clingy, too. He's the reason I added recent divorcees to my "no touch" list. I slid my feet into my shoes, adjusting the straps around my ankles and stood up. Cody was still frowning at me and I sighed.

"Maybe this isn't going to work anymore." I said.

Cody's frown deepened. "What do you mean?"

"I told you from the beginning. We're nothing more than physical. I'm not a relationship girl. I don't want a boyfriend. I don't want to be anyone's girlfriend." I said, crossing my arms. "I don't want you to have feelings for me. And if that's where this is going, then I think we should cut this short."

I turned away and gathered the few things I had spread across the room and shoved them into my suitcase. I knew this day would come and it didn't matter one way or another to me. Cody was a friend, a friend who just so happened to help me satisfy my sexual appetite. The sex was good, it was damn good, the feelings however, were not. I pulled my suitcase behind me, prepared to leave when Cody finally spoke again.

"So that's just it? We're done?" He said.

"You say that like we were ever something to begin with," I said and finally turned to face him. "See you at work, Cody."

I opened the door and pulled my suitcase along without a backward glance. Just like that, the convoluted sexual relationship between Cody Runnels and I was over. We went back to being coworkers and I wouldn't think twice about it. Well, I'd forget about it, Cody may hold onto what once was for a while. But to me, it was over.

I headed down the hall and pushed the button to call the elevator. I smiled when the doors slid open and the one and only John Cena was behind them. I'd known John since 2001 when he was on his way out of Ohio Valley Wrestling. I'd started training there and stayed until the company ceased affiliation with them and moved along to Florida Championship Wrestling, where I was lucky enough to be picked up again. John and I became fast friends, bonding over the fact that we were both vintage car fanatics. We'd tried having one of those non-relationships I was so famous for before he got back with his high school sweetheart and got married. Now we were just friends. He was one of the few guys I worked with that I considered my friend, and because of that, off limits.

John looked up from his phone when the doors opened and grinned. I pulled my bag along with me and leaned against the wall. "What's up, Cena?"

"Same shit different day. What's up with you, girl?" He said.

I shrugged as the doors closed and we started to descend. "Not much. I just... broke up, if you will, with Cody."

"Aw, has my little girl settled down finally?" John laughed.

"Bitch please," I rolled my eyes. "You know I don't do that relationship bullshit. No, he was starting to get clingy and I don't like that. I figured it's best just to end it and not have to go through that. We're coworkers and nothing more now."

It was John's turn to roll his eyes at me. He didn't exactly approve of the way I went about skirting around relationships. He thought I had intimacy issues. I had no problem with being intimate, I just didn't want to stay that way.

"So he became a Drew?" John said as the doors opened.

"Yeah. You know how I feel about that stuff. I'm not looking for anything serious," I said, as we headed out of the hotel. "It's just not what I want."

"Is it what you'll ever want, Serah?" John asked.

I sighed heavily. "Probably not. I don't need or want that stuff. But I am a woman with other needs and sex is fun for me. I don't need a boyfriend to have sex."

We paused at John's rental car. "I just want you to be careful kid."

"You're such a sweetheart John, but don't worry about me. I've been doing this for long enough to know when to get out of dodge if I have to."

John chuckled and patted my shoulder. "Well, you know I'm here if you need anything."

I smiled and stood on my tiptoes, kissing John on the cheek. "I know, Superman. Thanks."

John rolled his eyes, but laughed anyway. I waved as I headed to my own rental car. John was always telling me how worried he was about me, being the way I was. As far as I was concerned, I had everything under control.