A week after I finally went out with Mike again, on a nightly call with my brother he informed me that he had some vacation time coming up and he wanted to come travel with me for a few days. Not to mention his boyfriend had a modeling job coming up that coincided with where I was going to be on tour. So two weeks later, John and I were at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport waiting for Jojo and Nate to head up to the terminal to meet us.

I was beyond excited to see my brother. So excited in fact that I hadn't been able to sit down when we got to the airport and was practically dancing in my spot and John was laughing at me.

"Will you calm down, dynamite kid," John laughed. "I'm sure he'll be up here soon."

"I can't! It's been forever since I've seen Jojo! And even longer since I've seen Nate, he was away working last time I was there." I said, dancing from foot to foot.

John shook his head, pulling his hat down a little further over his eyes. We'd been trying to be as inconspicuous as possible walking through the airport to avoid large groups of fans. I'd broken that, however, when excitement took me over and I started running towards the gate and the hood of my sweatshirt fell off. We met a small but extremely excited group of fans and stopped for quick autographs and photos before I got too antsy and wanted to get moving again. It turned out we made it to the gate with plenty of time to spare because the flight they were on had been delayed slightly.

"Serah, seriously. Sit down, you're making me anxious." John said.

I wasn't listening because I was off and running again. I'd spotted Nate's sun-blonde hair and knew Jojo wasn't far behind and wanted to get to him immediately. Jojo dropped his bag when he saw me coming and wrapped his arms around me as I collided with him.

"Serah-bear!" He exclaimed.

I squeezed him with all my strength. "My goodness I missed you so goddamn much!"

"I've missed you too superstar girl," Jojo said, kissing my cheek. "It's so good to see you!"

I let my brother go and turned to Nate, throwing my arms around him. "And you! I've missed you too, supermodel!"

Nate laughed and squeezed me back. "Back at ya, darlin'. Good to see you."

Jojo picked up his bag and we headed up the ramp to the gate exit. John was looking around for me when we came back, still laughing when he spotted us.

"John, meet my brother Jojo, and his amazing boyfriend who, for all intents and purposes, is my other brother, Nate," I said, grinning. "Guys, this is John Cena."

John shook both their hands, smiling. "Nice to meet you both. I've heard a lot about you guys from Serah."

"Only good things, of course." I giggled.

"Well its nice to meet you, too," Jojo said. "I've heard tons about you, too. I'm glad to know someone's taking care of our girl while she's traveling."

John smiled. "Of course. Serah's a great girl. It's been real great to get to be friends with her all these years."

I grinned, my arms wrapped around my brother's waist. "Aw, shush Superman. You're too kind."

"You guys ready to get out of here?" John asked.

I nodded and we headed towards the baggage claim to pick up Nate and Jojo's luggage. Once we picked everything up, we headed back to John's rental car and headed to the hotel. We got them a room and bid John goodbye so I could spend time with the two best guys in my life. I settled into the office chair at the desk, spinning around so I could look at both of them.

"Nate, how long do we have you?" I asked.

"The rest of today but I've gotta be on site at five in the morning." Nate said.

"Bummer," I frowned. "But after that are you free to hang out?"

"Oh yeah. Most definitely," Nate said, stretching out across the bed, resting his head on Jojo's thighs. "It's a much needed vacation for both of us."

"I wish I could just stay and hang out with you guys the whole time," I said. "But I'm just so excited that you guys are here."

"So Serah," Jojo said, looking pointedly at me. "Tell me what's been going on with this Nick situation."

"I don't know. It's not like anything has happened," I said, shrugging. "I actually haven't seen him in a couple of days."

"Do you miss him?" Jojo teased.

I rolled my eyes at him, but smiled anyway. "Maybe."

Jojo laughed. "Oh my little Serah. It's so cute to see you so conflicted over this boy."

"Shut up," I said. "It's complicated."

"Isn't that what they all say," Nate joked. "Don't complicate it, darlin. Just go with what you feel."

"See why I keep him? He's a smart man," Jojo laughed, dodging Nate's playful swat. "You know we both understand exactly what the deal is but I also think, deep down, you want something like that. You don't want to admit it but it may be there."

"So... what do you think makes this Nick guy so special that he's worked his way all up in your feelings?" Nate asked.

I shrugged a shoulder. "I really couldn't tell you. He's just... different. He's a sweet guy and he just really seems to understand me. I've spent more time getting to know Nick than I have any guy - except John - in years. He's so passionate about what he does and I can really relate to that with him. We've had a lot of really good, long talks about all sorts of stuff. It's really nice. A change."

"Seems to me like you finally found someone worth you, Serah." Jojo said.

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head. "Don't you even start with that, Jojo. You know it isn't gonna happen."

"Never say never little sister," Jojo said, smiling down at Nate and giving his shoulder a squeeze. "We all meet our match eventually."

I sighed, watching my brother and Nate. They were perfect together, absolutely. Seeing Jojo that happy made me happy. We'd both been through so many struggles and watching him with the love of his life brought me great joy and pride. It also, occasionally made me think. Maybe someday it would be nice to have the type of loving relationship that Jojo and Nate had, one day. But when that day came, Nick might not be there if he had to wait too long. That thought terrified me more than I'd ever admit, even to my brother.

"Do you want to meet Nick?" I asked Jojo after Nate left for his photoshoot the following morning.

"Do you want me to meet Nick?" Jojo countered.

"I... I guess so. Maybe you meeting him will relieve some of the nervousness I feel about the things going on with him and I." I said.

"What are you so nervous about Serah-bear? Just go with the flow baby!"

"I don't even know where the flow is going," I blew out a breath. "But I think the stamp of approval from my big brother will make me feel better if something does eventually happen."

"Well, why don't you call him and we can go out for breakfast. Or lunch if you want to wait for Nate." Jojo said.

"How long is he going to be gone?" I asked.

Jojo thought for a minute then laughed. "I have no idea. Could be before lunch, could be before dinner, actually."

I rolled my eyes at my brother. "Well that's a lot of help."

"Just being honest!"

"Okay, then why don't we do breakfast? He's probably up already and at the gym," I said. "I'll call him and then get dressed and stuff."

Jojo nodded. "Call him up girl!"

I hopped off the edge of the bed, grabbing my phone from the desk. I crawled back onto the bed, pressing my phone to my ear, waiting for Nick to answer.

"Hey stranger." He said, sounding a little out of breath.

"Hey you," I said. "Getting your cardio on this early in the morning?"

"You know me," Nick laughed. "Work, work, work. What can I do for you this morning, pretty lady?"

"Well, my brother and his boyfriend are traveling with us for a few days and I wanted to know if you wanted to come have breakfast with Jojo and I this morning," I said. "After your workout, of course."

"I was actually just finishing up when you called," Nick said. "I'd love to come have breakfast with you guys."

"Great! So why don't you call me when you're dressed and ready and we'll meet downstairs?" I said.

"Sounds perfect. I'll see you soon." Nick said.

"Okay, see you in a bit."

I hung up with Nick, dropping the phone on the bed beside me. Jojo was grinning at me, looking like he was about to explode.

"You are so cute," Jojo laughed. "I can't wait to actually see you together."

"Shut up," I said, swatting at him. "I'm gonna go get dressed, I'll be back in a few."

I kissed my brother on the cheek and headed out the door. My room was a few doors down the hall and once I got back, I jumped in for a quick shower since I'd jumped straight out of bed to say goodbye to Nate before he went off to work. I slipped on a pair of light blue distressed jeans, a black top that was sheer along the shoulders and down the sleeves, and a pair of black flats. I grabbed my purse, shoving my hairbrush inside and headed back to Jojo's room, knocking on the door. He opened it after a few seconds and smiled, waving me inside.

"You are too cute! Now girl please let me do something with that hair." Jojo said, grabbing my shoulders and pushing me towards the desk chair.

"You know me too well," I laughed, sitting down. "I was going to ask if you could."

"Did you bring a brush or something?" He asked.

"In my purse. There's probably some other stuff in there you can use. Hair ties or clips or something, too." I said.

"I got this, don't worry."

Except for one of girls backstage and his boss, Taylor, Jojo was the only person I really trusted with my hair. He worked as a hairstylist at home and was one of the best I knew. He pulled the top of my hair into a braid, gathering the rest into a ponytail that he twisted and pinned into a low bun just behind my left ear. My phone rang as Jojo was putting the last few pins in my hair. He glanced over at it, handing it to me.

"Hello Nick!" I said.

"Hey Serah. I'm all set whenever you guys are." He said.

"Great! We'll be down in a few minutes. Won't be long."

"Good. You know... if you don't mind me saying, I missed you these last couple of days, girl. It'll be nice to see your beautiful face again." Nick said.

I felt my face go red and my stomach did its usual Nick-influenced flutter. "Stop it. I'll see you in a minute."

"Looking forward to it." Nick said.

I hung up and dropped my phone into my purse and smiled back at my brother.

"Ready?" I asked.

"As long as you are, little sister." Jojo said.

I nodded and slung my bag over my shoulder. We headed out the door and to the elevator. The doors slid open when we reached the lobby and I smiled when I saw Nick. Dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, a pink v-neck shirt with his usual black sneakers and his white hair slicked back, he was just too handsome. I smiled at him as we approached and he grinned back, wrapping me in a hug when I got close to him.

"Nice to see you, stranger." Nick said.

"You too," I gave him a squeeze. "Nick, I want you to meet my wonderful older brother Jojo. And Jojo, this is Nick Nemeth."

Nick let me go and stuck his hand out to Jojo. "Nice to finally meet you. Serah talks about you all the time."

Jojo shook his hand, smiling. "Nice to meet you too. I'm sure I hear an equal amount about you from my dear little sister. She hasn't talked this much about a guy in too many years to count."

"That's an honor to hear," Nick said, smiling. "Serah is a truly remarkable girl."

I was positive my face as almost as red as my hair. I smacked both men on the forearm, crossing my arms over my chest. "Stop it you two! I'm standing right here you know."

Jojo just laughed, smiling at me. "Well, jetsetters, where to for breakfast? You're the great travelers, I'm excited to see the places you may know around here."

"I do know this one place," Nick said. "Me and Matt have been there a few times when we come to Atlanta. It's a pretty sweet place."

"Lead the way, Mr. Nemeth. I'm looking forward to this." I said.