Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Covert Affairs, I'm just borrowing them. However the characters of LTCMDR Sonny Walker, and Agent Alana Minnetti are mine.

Chapter 1:

As Annie laid unconcious in the hospital bed Agent Auggie Anderson tirelessly sat by her bed. He had just come a long exhausting meeting at Langley, trying to convince the DCS Arthur Campbell, and his wife DDPD Joan Campbell that Annie was not a traitor, but thanks to Lena Smith, her former supervisor both Arthur, and Joan thought Annie was a traitor. He sighed deeply as he dug out his highly encrypted IPhone, and called the one person that could help Annie.

LTCMDR. Sonny Walker had just stepped out of the shower, when his highly encrypted IPhone began to beep, he grabbed it, and said, " Go forWalker."

Auggie said as he stepped out into the hall, and leaned against a wall, " Hey Sonny I have a problem."

Sonny asked, " What's up?"

Auggie replied, " Annie's in some major hot water."

Sonny was instantly on high alert as he asked, " What happened?"

Auggie told him everything that had been going on. When he was done Sonny said, " I'm on my way."

And with he terminated the call. He stood there, and stared at himself in the mirror for several minutes. He was a tall powerfully built man standing at 5'11", and weighing 200#, he had a deep bronze complexion, very broad shoulders, and a narrow waist. He had longish wavy auburn hair, a short thick auburn beard, and cold flashing midnight blue eyes that seemed to miss nothing. He had a SEAL Trident tattoo on the inside of his right forearm, a frog skeleton on his right shoulder blade, and a blood red Celtic cross on his left shoulder. He also had stainless steel dog tags around his neck, and a MTM Black SEAL on his left wrist. He walked into his bedroom, and put on his Service dress whites, and meticulously spit shined black dress shoes. Then he grabbed a black Level 3 SERPA Light Bearing Duty Holster, and put it at the small of his back, the he grabbed his stainless steel .45 Wilson CQB LE 1911, checked the magazine, upon seeing it was full he slammed it home, racked a round into the chamber, and holstered it. Then he grabbed his IPhone, and secured it to the left side of his belt, grabbed his Emerson CQC7 tactical folder, and put it in his right hip pocket. Then he slid into his dark brown Navy G1 leather flight jack, slipped on his mirrored Oakley sunglasses, grabbed his cover, and sprinted to his cobalt blue 2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, started it up, and sped to Langley.

Hope y'all like this story