(at finn and jake's treehouse)

after a few moments of finn and jake waking up they stumbled upon a tall black haired girl wearing glasses and a long blue jacket, her hair was in ponytail form and her pants wear dark blue, she was staring at them sleep at their bedroom,

"woah woah woah finn!" yelled jake

"what is it?" said finn

"why is she staring at us?" asked jake finn went closer to her,

"uhmm.. miss are you okey?" asked finn

" oh i see your awake, you'd probably know me but im a super fan of you guys"

she said with enthusiasm

" uhmm who might you be?"

"im shadd-the-demon, i just wanna ask you guys some question" she said holding a pen and a notebook,

out of nowhere stumbled peebles and lady raindicorn outside the treehouse

"finn!, jake!" she yelled

"yes princess?"

" be on a lookout on a girl who wants to keep asking questions, she's annoying and irritating" yelled peebles

" WHAT!? IM NOT ANNOYING!" yelled shadd barging oustide the door

"oh my glob! it's you!" she yelled

"what about it?"replied shadd

"your trying to learn my secrets do you?" she yelled

"WHAT!? "

"that's right! your an evil villain who wants to take eveything from me!"

"geez.. judgemental much? " said shadd rolling her eyes

out of a sudden a long black haired vampire arrived at the treehouse wearing a giantt hat,

"haha, totally got you there bonni" said marceline


"hey miss maceline you wouldnt mind if i ask you a couple of things do you?" said shadd

"oh sure no prob bro"

peebles and lady went inside the couch and drank some tea,

"finn! finn!" said a videogame facing toward her

"who is she?"

"maybe and insane candypeople" said finn

"i heard that" said shadd

all of them took a seat before shadd could start interviewing them she heard a loud cry from afar,


"oh glob man it's fp! i totally forgot our date!"said finn

"oh snap!" replied jake

after barging to the door fp was in rage,

"why didnt you come to our date!?" yelled fp

" i was but this uhmm.. insane mental patient want's to interview us" said finn

"oh well then can i join?" asked fp

"yeah sure go ahead no prob" said shadd " oh and maybe we could attach a translator to LR since i cant understand her"

*attach trasnlater*

"better?" said LR

-interviewing time-


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