Half of you, Half of me.

By: Emmi Metaulium

Chapter 10

A girl with Clear Blue Eyes

Zelgaudis's eyes finally adjusted to the light. He looked around, and everything looked completely normal. So what was that giant flash of light? Where was Lina?

He ran around the corner of a building and he began to panick.What if shes already dead!? He thought, freaking out. And thats when he saw her. Lina. She was lieing on her back in the middle of a big wide open field.

But her clothes were completely different, and her long orange hair was blowing out all around her, and her usual headband was gone. She was in a light, blue dress, and her eyes were closed. But other than that, she looked like the same Lina he knew.

He rushed down into the field and knelt beside her.

"Lina. Are you OK? Wake up." he said, shakeing her alittle.

Then her eyes flittered open, but they weren't the normal crimson red, they were blue, the clearest, prettist blue Zelgaudis had ever seen.

"Hey Zel." said Lina, smiling at him, "What's up?"

"Lina, your eyes...they're completely different." he said.

"What?! They are?" said Lina putting her hands up to her eyes.

"And when did you get those clothes ?"

"Ahhhh...I dunno..." she said, blushing and looking at the sliky blue dress that fit her snugly.

"Did Xellos...?"said Zelgaudis.

"I think so." she said, a concerned look on her face. Where was Xellos? If he had performed the spell shouldn't he be here with her?

"Zel, where is he? " she said.

"I haven't the slightest clue."

"I think I might be half mazoku now. And he must be half human. So where is he then? Did he die? "

"Well, If your alive then he has to be. And he really likes to appear at random times as we know. I'm sure he's listening to us talking right now Lina. I'm sure he's fine."

"Your probably right." said Lina, smirking.

"So where do you think he might be?"

"Hmmm...Maybe following the others?"

"Maybe. But why would he do that?"

"Because he got separted from me when he cast the spell, and he was near them. And he knows that Gourry and Amelia somehow always end up with us. I don't know for sure thats what happened...it's only a guess.."

"So basically, what your saying is, we should try and find Gourry, Amelia and Philla right? "

"Yeah, one way or another."

Then Lina stood up , and in one secound she disapeared.

"WHAT?!" said Zelgaudis.

Xellos followed close behind Philla as they entered the city of Seyyrun. He hadn't looked at himself in a mirror since the casting, but Philla and The others had recconised him, so he guessed he didn't look too different. It felt so strange to be part human. Now he could love and hate, and he could actually taste human food. But his powers had weakened alittle only to be replaced with some of Lina's Power.

His thoughts were interupted by a sound from behind. The others weren't even phased by it , he guessed they hadn't heard it. He turned around, ready to use magic and fight if he had to. But instead of finding an enemy, he saw a girl. She had Long, Beautiful Orange hair that went all the way down to her hips. Bare, small feet.

And he noticed her eyes. The girl had Clear blue eyes. And she was staring at her hands. She looked confused. It was Lina.

His Lina. The girl who he had given half of himself for. Now she was standing before him.

Xellos had barely changed. He looked almost exactly the same. Except for one thing, his eyes. You could see it in his eyes that he wasn't the same. They were the same color, shape, size. But they shined differently. He was practically burning holes through her with those eyes. Lina felt small. She didn't know what to say. All she could do was stand there, and stare at him. Had he always been this beatiful?