_Chapter 9 _-
_Half of you, Half of me _

Xellos And Lina, walked ahead of the rest of the group. He had Lina up in his arms and was walking in a steady beat smiling all the way. His master had given him a break for a while. He was glad. The Greater Beast would not have allowed him to care for Lina in this way. But when she did need him again, which would be soon,he had a feeling she would be displeased that he had shared his soul with a human, espically Lina Inverse. But maybe, Lina would be of some help to his master, after all, she would be almost as powerful as Xellos had been, so maybe she would grant him permisson after all. He had gone to Zelas the day before, explained what he indended to do, and asked for permisson. She had told him it was risky, but that she would alert him tomorow when he came to her. He had smiled and had been on his way. Now he, Lina and the rest of the group, were on their way back to Seyyrun, which wasn't very far.
Once he knew Lina was safely in Seyyrun then he would go and consult his master.

She was sleeping soundly in his arms, as the rest of the group glared with hate at Xellos. Why were they so angry? It wasn't his fault. Or maybe this whole thing was his fault.
How many days had it been since they had left the in? Ten? It felt more like Months.
How long would Lina be in so much pain? How long would he keep worrying about her? His smile disapeared. What if his master didn't grant him permisson. What if Lina died? Wait, what was Xellos thinking? Why did he even care?
He didn't . He couldn't. He probably never would. So why was he doing all of this?

*Sometime Later*

Lina awoke to the bright and bustleing sounds of Seyyrun. She knew she was being carried. But by who? She looked all around, and then realised who it was. It was Zelgaudis.

"Zel?" said Lina, realiseing they were alone.

Zelgaudis froze. His face becomeing completely red.

"ahh, ummm...ss-sorry Lina." he said shyly.

"Why are we alone? Why are you carrying me?" said Lina, not seeming upset in anyway.

"Well...Xellos was carrying you..." he said.

"I know..and?" said Lina.

"Well...he said he had to go consult with his master about a 'Very Important Matter' and then he left. I got mad when he plunked you into my arms and ran off so I left the others and told them I could get to Seyyrun faster on my own."


"Yup" said Zelgaudis.

"Good." said Lina.

Then she jumped from his arms and began running down the street. Oh no. he thought. The posin. And with that he began running after her.

"I think were lost." said Gourry to Amelia and Philla.

"Yes, Gourry we are." said Philla, with a sigh.
Amelia began looking around and trying to figure out where they were. Then she saw a path, though it didn't look very safe, but it was the only way to go.

"Well, my friends...it looks like we have no choice! Onward to Justice!" cried Amelia.

"I don't know Miss Amelia...It looks scary." said Philla.

"Yeah..." said Gourry.

"Too bad! It's only way we can go right now! We have to find Miss Lina and Mister Zelgaudis!"

"Okay, if you say so..." said Gourry, who was acting like a four year old.

"Of corse I say so! Now lets go !" shouted Amelia, egging on Gourry and Philla.

With that, the three friends made there way toward Seyyrun, slowly but surely.
With Gourry dragging his feet all the way.

"Pup, I grant you this permisson, even though I myself would never do it. I think it will be good for you to have some permintent company, and Lina Inverse is powerful, she may be of great use to me." said Zelas, The Greater Beast.

"Thank You My Master." said Xellos, and he quickly Teleported to Seyyrun.

Lina Finally Grew too Tried to run, and collapsed onto the ground, unable to breathe.

"Oh god," said Lina as a stream of blood escaped her mouth.

She tried to get up but just ended up back on the ground, sobbing.

Xellos teleported before her.

"Miss Lina?" said Xellos

"Finally...it took you long enough." said Lina, hugging him.

"Well, I'm here now. It's time to break your curse if you don't mind," said Xellos, even though he was happy Lina was hugging him, he couldn't bare to watch her die.

"R-right!" said Lina, weakly.

With that, Xellos took Lina's hand in his, and began chanting:

"Darkness beyound the begining of time, we pray to you. For without Darkness, Light does not exist on this earth, and without light ney does darkness. Blackest Magic From all ends of the earth, grant me your power and let us be spilt and joined. Let me hold the heart and protect the one I share these feelings for. Half of you, Half of me! REALISE!"

Then a huge , white light escaped the spell, and it wa sielent, only for a couple of moments, complete sielence and whiteness...and then...blackness.