Vergil's Return

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Chapter 1 "One Wild Night"

It was a regular night at the Devil May Cry office, the jobs had been few lately so that kept Trish & Dante quite bored. They always tried to find new ways to keep themselves entertained though.

The clock was about to strike 12am, it was almost closing time, Dante was sitting on his favorite chair with his feet on the desk as usual and Trish was sitting on her usual spot of the desk. Since she didn't find any other thing to do, she had brought her new "Devil Red" lipstick to try it on just to see Dante's reaction.

"So Dante, what do you think? Does it look good on me?"

"You know I love red, besides anything looks good on you babe" Said Dante with a sultry voice, a look and a grin that could make any woman to give in. Dante thought to himself this will surely make Trish give me my "reward" tonight. He knew how Trish loved his sultry voice and those intense, deep blue eyes of his.

"You really think so?" She said curling a lock of Dante's hair in a very sexy manner.

"Of course babe, though I'd like to see how it looks right here" He said pointing to his neck.

"Oh really, then let me give it a try" She said with her most sultry voice.

Trish was moving closer to Dante, but still sitting on the desk. She moved Dante's feet down, she was right in front of him with her legs open and her boots resting on the sides of his chair. She unzipped her boots one by one very slowly making Dante gulp really anxious. She still had her lipstick in her hand, she was leaning down to kiss him when all of a sudden the lights went out. Trish dropped her lipstick accidentaly on Dante's lap, but he grabbed it before she tried to get it back. She reached her hand to Dante's lap feeling his hardened lenght.

"That's not your lipstick babe, but you can use this stick however you want, wanna try some?" He said starting to play with her.

There were no lights, but still they could see each other just fine. Trish looked at Dante so passionately and just straddled him on the chair. They looked at each other deeply and started kissing. A kiss so profound they were almost eating each other. She took Dante's coat off and threw it to the side, then off went his shirt. She continued kissing him all over his chest, his neck. Dante not wanting to be left behind, started kissing and nipping her neck too. He forcefully pushed her back to the desk and unzipped her leather corset and threw it to the other side as well as all the stuff over the desk including the phone. Now savoring every corner of their bodies they were so lost in the moment, that they forgot to lock the doors to the shop. But well, who could come in the middle of the night? (just them if you'd ask me, and probably a lot of other people, if you know what I mean).

Dante's shaft was so hard it just hurt him to keep it in his pants. Trish could notice that, so she sat up on the desk staring at his pants. "Need a hand?" She said with a sly grin. "More than a hand I'd say" He said anxiously, sweating already.

Trish unbuckled his belt, took it off and threw it on the floor. She unzipped his pants cautiously, Dante getting more nervous every second. "Do it already!" He said desperate. " Oh, your friend here wants to come to the party" She said teasing him. "Oh he definitely wants to come!" He said.

She loved tantalizing him, it always made it more fun. Lately she hadn't been on the mood for sex. Dante had even asked her if everything was okay. She would always say everything was fine, but well only she knew her thing. But today, she was so willing to. So they both had a lot of energy to release and so much passion and perversions. And now that she was really horny she wanted to make the most of it.

Dante pushed her back again and almost ripped off her pants and underwear. "Whoa, slow down babe" She said with a grin. " I like these pants".

"Hey! That's my line" Said Dante. He grabbed Trish's knees and opened her legs hardly making her scream. He then slid a finger between her legs. " Oh, you're so wet babe" He said licking his finger. "You thirsty? Then drink it all! She said.

Dante started licking her introducing his tongue so deeply getting the most delightful moans from Trish. He was now using his fingers to penetrate her while licking her clit and swollen lips, savoring her sweet juices flowing like rivers.

"Oh Dante, oh no!" She said moaning. "Oh, stop! Please!" Screaming harder. "Oh Dante, wait! Not yet, you're killing me!" She screamed while her legs were pressed against Dante's head and her hips moving rythmically.

"If that's killing, then I want to die" He said with a grin.

She was not gonna let Dante win. Taking advantage of the moment when Dante lifted up, she sat back up, kicked Dante to his chair and got off the desk. She kneeled down in front of him and pulled his pants down without taking them off.

"I want some of yours too" She said still panting.

"It's been calling you all night" He said moving his dick without using his hands, like if it had it's own life. That always gets her crazy, she pretends it's calling her and even puts her ear closer to hear. "It's saying come and get me or get me and make me come whatever you prefer"

"Oh really?!" She said arrogantly.

"Yeah, that's what I heard" He said grinning.

"Well, then I think I'll go for the second one" She said licking his first and middle fingers and eyeing him naughtily.

"Oh, you bitch!" He said grinning horny.

They always loved playing games, their favorite would always be "who comes first", the one who does loses. They would keep the score for the day, and by the end of it the loser pays the drinks, or dinner or does whaterver the winner wants. And Trish was not losing tonight.

She started teasing just the tip with her tongue, just to make him ache for more. She then started using her hands while she slid her tongue up and down all the way to his balls. Now sucking it all and moaning from the pleasure of it all, she started rubbing her tits with her other hand, just to turn him on more than he already was.

"Oh you're so fucking good at this!" He said moaning.

"And you're so delectable I wanna eat you all" She said.

"Yeah baby, suck it out!"

After a little while...

"Oh fuck! What are you doing? Oh your tongue is magical!" He grabbed her head and started moving it up and down. "Oh yeah babe, keep it up!" She continued sucking off then she put her tongue at the tip, and continued with her hand. She always did that when she wanted him to come, she knew how that turned him on. Dante realized he was about to lose so he slapped his face to turn off a bit. "Oh, you're so not winning" He said panting.

"I think I am" She said slyly.

Dante stopped her abruptly, lifted her up, stood up from the chair, grabbed her from her hips and pulled her to his waist. She hugged him with her legs and wrapped her arms around his broad back. They started kissing so passionately and moaning really hard and loud.

"Oh Dante, you're such a cheater" She said panting. "So are you babe" He then pushed her to the nearest wall penetrating her so strongly, getting the most glorious moans from both, ever.

"Oh Dante, Dante! Oh this feels so good!" She said screaming.

"Oh yeah, you're so tight, I love it! "He said panting.

They were both having a very good rythm it was like if they were dancing. Almost reaching heaven.

"Oh Dante, harder, harder!"

He then increased his force hitting just the right spots inside of her making her moan even harder. The hard hits to the wall made some trophies and devil arms to fall down making quite a mess around the place.

"Oh oh oh Dante! Ahhh!" She collapsed.

He moved fast to get her on the desk while she was still coming, her orgasm felt so strong, it triggered his, he pulled himself out and came all over her.

"Oh yeah" he said breathing fast. "I win".

"Oh this is not over yet honey" She said ready for next round. She sat back up.

"I really missed this" He said, stroking her hair. "What?" She said staring at him lovingly. "Making love to you like this, I love it" He told her sweetly. "You're the only one who can keep up with me" Trish cocked her eyebrow a bit annoyed. She hated the fact that Dante had been with other women before her. She wondered why he always had to say something romantic just to ruin it afterwards. "You always have to ruin the moment?" She stood up and headed to the bathroom to clean up. "What, what'd I say?" "Just, forget it" She said emphatically while she cleaned herself up at the bathroom close to the office. "C'mon babe, you know I love you, you're the only one, they were just whores they didn't mean anything to me, I don't even remember them, and that was a very long time ago" He said excusing himself. "And besides, you had been avoiding me lately that's why I missed it" "I said forget it, nevermind" "At least say you love me back" He said while she returned and sat again at the desk in front of him. "You know I do" She just said. "I just want to hear it" "There's no need" She said finally.

"This really made me hungry though" She said changing the subject. "You know what I'm craving for?"

"Nope, what are you craving for?" He said wondering.

"I'm craving for pancakes with chocolate chips and strawberries covered in more chocolate fudge with a lot of syrup, mmmm yeah" She said savoring herself already. "Oh Dante, please, please, please"

"Please what, Trish? I thought you were mad at me"

"I'm not mad, make me pancakes please, and I'll love you more than yesterday" She said pleading.

"So now you love me" He said with a smirk. "Whenever it suits you"

"I never said I didn't"

"I'm cool with that"

"Please, I'm really craving for it"

"You do realize it's passed midnight and there's no light?"

"You have to satisfy my cravings" She said pouting.

"Only if you were pregnant, but that's not the case so..."

"Well..." He didn't let her finish. All of a sudden the lights came back.

"Alright, I'll make you pancakes" He said giving in. "But tell your tits to stop staring at my eyes" He smirked. "You should get dressed" He said while zipping up his pants.

"We're not over yet"

"Okay, then go get a blanket, I don't want you to freeze here, then your tits will stare at me harder"

Trish went upstairs to get a blanket and she wrapped herself with it. She came down the stairs to the kitchen behind the office and sat on a chair staring at Dante while he prepared the pancakes. He looked pretty charming cooking half-dressed. At the same time, that made her crave for something else.

"Have I ever told you that I love your broad back and those muscled arms of yours and oh those abs? Wow" She told him while approaching to him and hugging him from the back.

"Hey, stop that! I don't want you to get burned, you want your pancakes or not?!" He said a bit annoyed.

Trish felt a little weepy and Dante noticed that. She had been feeling kinda sensitive lately and Dante could be really grumpy sometimes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, of course I'm making you your pancakes. You want some cream on top too?" He said to make her happy.

She rapidly changed her expression, smiling from ear to ear and nodding. "Mmm, that would be nice" She said with a sly grin.

"There's just a problem, I don't think we have any strawberries left"

"Oh yes we do, I bought a box yesterday, I was really craving for strawberries with chocolate"

"Hmm, that's a lot of cravings" He said while he fipped a pancake in the air and cocked an eyebrow. "Almost done" He then prepared them how Trish had wanted them and served her the plate.

"You really are happy huh? And hungry" He said smiling back at her.

"I love you Dante" She said sweetly. "You're amazing"

"I love you too, babe" He kissed her lips softly grabbing her chin with his thumb and first finger.

After satisfying her craving, she got a new one. This time for hot chocolate. She loved his hot chocolate, which he had to prepare for her in order to keep her satisfied.

"Anything else for the princess?" He said hoping for that to be it.

"I thought I was your queen" She said complaining.

"And you are, but since I'm a prince or something like that, then you should be my princess"

"Oh, I get it, then that'll be it" She said finally.

Dante was still horny, after watching her eating the pancakes in such a sexy way and moaning the whole time, he couldn't help but to get it hard again.

"So, you ready for the next round?" He said expectantly.

"I'm really full and I think I ate too much, maybe we should leave it for tomorrow"

"What?! No way, I made you pancakes, now you have to satisfy my cravings too!" He screamed. "And I'm craving for you"

"I'll tell you what. Let's go to the couch, cuddle and watch some TV, see what happens next. Let me rest a bit okay?"

"Fine" He carried her in his arms to the couch in the office where a small TV laid on a side-table. He propped up on the couch with Trish laid back between his legs and resting her head on his chest. He reached for the remote and turned on the TV hoping to find something interesting so Trish would get horny again. He had turned off the lights, it was all dark except for the light that the TV emanated.

"Dante, I can feel it" She said after a little while.

"What do you want me to do, rip it off?" He said annoyed.

"Fine" She said turning around to look at him. She started kissing him fiercely. Fighting on the couch to be the one on top; they fell to the floor. He forcefuly moved the table beside them and the couch to have a bit more space. He started nipping her ears and neck, trailing kisses down her body. He then started his play.

"First I whip it out, then I thrust it with great force, every angle, it penetrates, until with great strenght I ram it in" He continued like this for quite a while. They both enjoyed themselves to the max until they both shuddered and exploded into an orgasm in unison. "In the end, we are all satisfied" He said still panting. "And you are set free".

"Oh Dante! I love when you do that, all that energy ahh! Oh I love you Dante!"

"You love me or what I do?" He wondered.

"Both" She said breathing heavily. "I love the whole package"

"What package are we talking about?"

"You, and everything that comes with you"

"Comes?" He teased her. "Yeah, I definitely came with you, oops"

"Dante, would you stop the pun already" She said a bit annoyed.

"I was just having some fun" He pouted.

Suddenly, the doors burst open. The lights of the office were turned off so they could not be seen and they were hidden behind the couch anyway.

"Dante, you home?" A voice called.

"Damn that Lady" He muttered. He put his pants on and zipped them up. The zipper was heard miles away. "What do you want Lady? You do realize it's really late?"

"The doors to the shop weren't locked and besides, what the hell were you doing, you sick perv?" She reached for the switch to turn on the lights. "What the hell?" She exclaimed.

"Idon't have to give you any explanations" He said while Lady burst out laughing. "What? Do I have something on my face?" He said annoyed.

"Have you looked at yourself? Where's the bitch?"

"Hey! Only I call her that"

Suddenly Trish leant out of the couch hiding half of her body wrapped around the blanket. "Looking for me?"

Lady's laughter was cut out instantly. "What is this supposed to mean? What a mess. I thought you were with a whore!"

"First of all" Started Dante. "It's not of your business, second, what did you expect, that Trish and I were friends? C'mon, we have lived together since" He made a pause. "Always"

"But how come I didn't know any of this? I thought we were friends, you guys should've told me!" Yelled Lady.

"We kinda kept it a secret, it's more fun that way" Said Trish. "And besides, we didn't want the demons to know about us"

"Screw the demons, you guys should've told me anyways"

"Well, we're married, now you know" Said Trish.

"What?! Married? And you didn't invite me to the wedding?!"

"Umm I remember you gave me back your wedding ring when you left me, remember?" He said to Trish.

"That doesn't mean we're divorced, we didn't sign any papers did we?" Said Trish a little annoyed.

"You left him? When?" Asked Lady.

"Apparently when I met Dante, you were out of his life, dont' know why and don't care, then we got married bla bla bla" Dante had gone to the bathroom to take a look at himself. "Then I left him and that's where you came back Lady, then I came back too and that's when you and I met, remember, when you tried to kill me? She said cocking an eyebrow with a smirk.

"Hey! Why didn't you tell me I was all covered up with lipstick?" Dante asked Trish as he popped out his head at the bathroom door, yelling.

"Oh, I thought you looked cute." She said grinning. "And besides, you said you wanted to see how it looked, so I let you look for yourself".

"I was joking, it was just for the moment of passion" He said out loud. "Cute, ridiculous" He said to himself as he peered himself at the mirror in the bathroom. His face, neck and part of his chest were all covered up in red lipstick marks. Dante was still listening to the girls' conversation.

"So you were already married back then when we met?"

"Yeah, we were and are"

"I can't believe I never noticed, for how long have you been married?"

"Almost 4 years now" Trish's answers were short and certain.

"What?! Why didn't you ever tell me! You guys don't even seem like a couple, you're always fighting for stupid things and flirting and..." She didn't finish. "Why didn't I see it before?" She said giving up. "And if you guys came back together, why didn't you wear the rings back?"

"Never thought about it and..." Lady didn't let her finish.

"You know what? This is ridiculous, I shouldn't have come. And since you guys don't consider me your friend, I guess I should just go" Said Lady turning to leave.

"Ok ok ok, we should've told you, we're sorry, alright?" He apologized as he came out of the bathroom. "But, what were you here for in the first place?"

"You think the wound is healed just for saying sorry" She cocked an eyebrow annoyed. "Whatever" She said as she gave a deep breath. "I just wanted your help to get rid of a bunch of demons that are wrecking the city. But I see you're a bit occupied so..."

"Can't you get rid of' em yourself" Asked Dante.

"I wouldn't be here if I could, don't you think? No matter the number you kill, they keep coming and their master seems pretty strong, they're just too many, I can't do it on my own. I was wondering if you could call that Nero guy, I think he could be of much help right now" She said giving up.

"Master huh, sounds interesting" He said to himself standing next to Trish who was still behind the couch. "What time is it?" Asked Dante.

"It's passed 4:00a.m." Answered Lady.

"What?! Four hours? I din't feel it did you babe? He asked Trish.

"Mmm, not really, you want more? She said slyly.

"Enough you guys, I'm still here remember?" She said annoyed. "Call Nero and tell him to come here, you guys go get a shower please! And I'll wait for you here. Ugh, this place is a mess, where's the phone?"

"I believe it must be somewhere on the floor?" He said wondering.

"Found it! No wonder you didn't answer my call" Said Lady. "Now call him" She said as she put the phone back on the desk. "Yuck! What's that white fluid on your desk?!"

"Ha, so it got there too" Said Dante cheerfully.

"You guys are disgusting. Is there anything in this place free of fluids where I can sit down?"

Dante and Trish looked at each other dubiously.

"Ugh, whatever, I'll stay standing"

"Hey Lady, why don't you call Nero while we go shower? Asked Dante.

"But I don't know him, and he doesn't know me, you should call him"

Dante grabbed the phone, dialed and gave it to Lady. "We'll go shower, we won't take too long" He said with a sly grin carrying Trish upstairs to their room.

Lady grabbed the phone angrily. "Umm hi, you don't know me, I'm Lady, Dante's friend and we need your help to get rid of a bunch of demons that are wrecking the whole city. I know it's really late, but we really need your help" She said shyly.

Nero was more asleep than awake, he was going to hang up the phone, but then he remembered that Dante had helped him rescue Kyrie and he owed him one. So he promised to be at the Devil May Cry the fastest he could. He told Kyrie he was going to an important mission with Dante, that made her feel a bit more secure; knowing that Dante would be there, she thought nothing could go wrong. She really respected and admired Dante. Nero grabbed Red Queen and Blue Rose and was about to leave, when Kyrie stopped him on his tracks.

"Aren't you getting properly dressed Nero? She asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I forgot I was wearing pajamas" He got properly dressed and headed to the Devil May Cry.

Nero jumped on his bike and drove faster than the speed of mind. It took him 20min. to arrive at the Devil May Cry office. He had a tough ride, killing demons on his way. But that just made him crave for more.

Twenty minutes earlier at the Devil May Cry:

Lady was leaned against the wall beside the entrance doors, with her arms crossed and her glasses on. Waiting. Meanwhile, Dante and Trish were taking a shower. Trish finished fast, she just did what she needed to, then she was scrubbing Dante's face and whole body to remove the lipstick marks, but then he got a little horny again, evidently.

"Dante, control yourself, we don't have time for this"

"C'mon Trishy, just a quickie" He pleaded.

"Enough of this!" She stepped out of the shower and opened the cold water as she closed the hot one. "That'll help, you finish up yourself!" She got out of the bathroom and left Dante alone, freezing in the shower and yes it helped, he was no longer hot, but cold as dead.

"Damn you Trish!" He screamed. "Bitch" He murmured to himself. "I heard that!" She said.

Trish got dressed. Since her clothes were downstairs, she just wore another pair of leather pants and a white tank top. She went downstairs with Lady, grabbed her boots and put them on.

Dante was pretty pissed, he got out of the shower, dressed up and went downstairs too. "Where's the kid?" He said annoyed, coming down the stairs.

"What did you do to him?" Lady asked Trish quietly.

"Don't ask" She said slightly moving her lips.

"He must arrive any minute" Said Lady feeling a slight tension in the air.

"Speaking of the devil!" Said Trish with her most sexy voice. As footsteps were heard behind the doors.

Nero walked in the Devil May Cry. "Hope I didn't take too long. I had to take care of some demons on my way"

"Just in time kid" Said Dante with a serious expression.

"What happened here?" Trish turned Nero so he'd stop staring at the mess they left behind. He was now facing at Lady. "So, you must be Lady" He said to her, as she pulled up her sunglasses.

"Yup, that's me" She told him, thinking of the great resemblance to Dante and Vergil. "Nice to know you, but right now we don't have time for chit chat, maybe later" Said Lady ready to go. She left him with his hand stretched out. He stood still for a moment then just got moving.

"Fine then, let's get moving" Said Dante. They grabbed their weapons and headed for the doors. "Ready for the party? Let's Rock!"

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