Finally the last chapter. Sorry I took a while but this chapter involves a lot of Sparda and I took a while to choose the right version of this (to my opinion that is), it's a lot of narrative of Sparda's pov. I made up a lot of crap but I hope you think it's not that bad. If you enjoyed previous chapters I'm sure you'll enjoy at least the last part ('cause it ends as it started). This begins where last chapter ends.

Chapter 15 "The Eternal Return"

After the shock of being deceived by the supposed mayor, Dante realized Vergil had been right the whole time and he didn't want to listen. He still feels a deep loathe towards his father for abandoning them. He thinks that if he is alive now, and he was then, where the heck had he been all these years when he needed him the most. If he was alive why didn't he look for his twin sons? Instead, he procreated another son and abondoned him too.

He's driving his car, heading back home. His head is still in a blur. He takes a glance at the rear-view mirror and he sees Vergil sitting at the back seat and by the expression of his face, he wasn't feeling that different than him; though he looked a little anxious, like expectantly waiting for this whole thing's resolution.

He stops at a red light and takes a minute to look at his beloved wife and son. He still can't understand how could Sparda leave them. He has just less than a day with his son and he's absolutely sure he would never do that to his family. The bond he feels to them is far more powerful than any other power in this earth, let it be angelical or demonic.

They all keep silent till they arrive home. There's tension between them, specially between Dante and Vergil. Trish doesn't want to add more fuel to the fire, so she just sits on the couch with little David in her arms; he's a little uneasy so she lulls him to sleep.

Dante walks to the kitchen followed by Vergil. Trish just gives them some time to talk. They stay in the kitchen for over 20 minutes, barely a sound could be heard. She starts to feel a little anxious, she's desperate to know what they are talking about. Then she hears a door knock and someone enters.

"What's with the deadly silence?" Lady asks.

"Shhh. Sit down. Something happened" Trish motions Lady to sit next to her.

"What happened?" Lady whispers intrigued as she sits next to Trish.

"The mayor's dead" Trish says quietly.

"What! Since when? How did he die?" Lady whispers amazed.

"Since the demon attack months ago. So when you met him he was nothing more than a ghost, a puppet or whatever you want. I have a theory, not exactly sure but I think the mayor was Sparda" Trish says serious.

"What! Are you out of your mind!" Lady quietly yells. "He's dead since I was little, he's a legend..."

"Legend or not, maybe he resurrected just like Mundus" Trish says.

"Who's Mundus?"

"Nevermind" Trish takes a deep breath.

"Then where did all that money come from, and why give it to us?"

"He must have had a fortune somewhere, who knows, and if you think about it, the money was for his sons and well you were the contact so... you got yourself a part of the share" Trish is desperate. "Can you hold him for a minute?"

"Sure" Lady takes David in her arms as Trish stands up and walks to the kitchen.

Right before Trish opens the door Dante walks out.

"Dante..." Trish says unexpectedly.

"What is it baby?" Dante says calmed. It seemed as if nothing had happened.

"Is everything okay?" She wonders.

"Yeah. Why shouldn't it?" Dante says relaxed but there's a change in his tone. He walks out of the kitchen and Vergil follows.

Trish stays still for a minute and just stares at Dante, how he comfortably walks to the couch, David has woken up and he takes the baby from Lady's arms and lifts him in the air.

"Hey, you missed me?" Dante says playfully to David.

"Dante, he's just born be careful" Trish warns him.

"I know. Don't panic, he's strong anyway" He slowly brings him down to his chest and holds him tightly. David smiles. "See, he likes it"

Trish walks to Dante's side and caresses the baby's hair. She smiles and then looks at Dante. She can see a certain concern in his eyes, but he smiles back as saying, I got it all solved don't worry about it.

"Hey Vergil, you wanna go grab something to eat? I'll treat" Lady says.

"Sure, why not? I'm starving" Vergil says relaxed and heads to the door with Lady. "See you later" He says as they walk out and leave. It was more than obvious that Dante and Trish needed some time alone.

"So..." Trish says as she stares at Dante expectantly.

"So..." Dante plays stupid. "...what?"

"Don't think I'm stupid. What did you and Vergil concluded about all this?"

Dante seems bothered for a moment. He takes a sit on the couch and props up his feet on the centre table. He is still holding David and it's like if he passed him all his doubts and fears for David starts to get uneasy.

"You think it was your father?" She asks innocently.

"My father's dead" He says emotionless.

"Ohh, then who do you think the mayor was?" Trish asks despicably as she sits in front of Dante; she moves his feet down and grabs hold of his knees.

"A ghost" Dante says simply.

"A millionaire ghost that wants your well-being?" She keeps staring at him focusedly. "Seriously Dante..."

"Listen, dead or alive, I don't give a fuck. We decided that the only thing that matters is to get the sword back. Vergil is resolving that issue, and in the meantime, we go on with our lives, period" Dante says annoyed.

"I never thought you'd be that careless towards your father, after all he did for you"

"And what is that exactly 'cause I don't remember" Dante's sudden rage made David cry.

Trish takes the baby from his arms and tries to calm him down. "You're not seeing things clearly Dante. You don't know what really happened to him, what he went through and you assume he abandoned you. You should at least give him the benefit of the doubt"

Dante feels so mad all of a sudden, he lifts from the couch and heads upstairs. He knows Trish is right, but he is still too hurt from the past, a past that just can't seem to leave him alone.

"Dante...!" She tries to stop him but the baby cries louder and stronger. She needs to calm him down before trying to do anything. She follows Dante to their room; she puts David in his crib and then sits next to Dante on the edge of the bed. She takes his hand and holds it tightly. "I know how you feel Dante and I want to help you to get through this" She says caring.

"If you want to help, then leave things where they are, buried" He says cold, and turns his face from her.

"If they were, then I would. But the problem is that they're not and you're just evading your problems instead of facing them"

Dante keeps pensive for a while. He's silent and staring to the floor.

"I know that deep down inside you want so desperately to find him, whether it's to blame or to forgive him, just like you felt with Vergil and aren't you friends again, real brothers and not enemies?"

After giving it much thought, Dante decided to just go on with their lives; if Sparda shall come back then so be it and if not, the it wouldn't be a burden in his life.

Vergil spent almost the whole day with Lady; not that they are a very close couple but he had so many things to say, not to her but to anyone and he thought she'd be a good listener and she is. He told her everything that was consuming his brain, all that was happening, about his sword, his father's possible return and his theories about him. And now that Dante and Trish have their baby at home, maybe it is about time to move out and let them live their lives as they should. He was starting to consider moving in with Lady but he didn't want to be a burden for her, to which she said he'd never be; but still he wanted to live alone for a while, relax and do some slaughtering every now and then. With the money he got from the last job (the one the "mayor" paid), he could buy or rent any place he wants. But he wants to take a couple more days to move out from Dante's place.

Vergil arrives late at night to the Devil May Cry shop. Trish was putting David to sleep and Dante was at the office, sitting on the couch pretending he was watching T.V. He couldn't stop thinking about his father. Had he seen a ghost or was it him for real? He's desperate, he needs to know if he's alive and why appear now and not many years back? What is his purpose, his plan?

Vergil interrupts his thoughts. "Good evening Dante" He says polite.

"Huh?" Dante turns to look at him bewildered. "Oh, it's you..." He says disappointed.

"Who did you expect, Sparda?" Vergil says arrogantly as he sits next to Dante. "You're getting a little obsessed with it Dante, you need to clear your thoughts"

"I see you're pretty calmed..." Dante complains.

"Your problem is you need to accept what is happening. Be patient and everything shall be revealed" He says simply.

"Sounds like a phrase from a fortune cookie" Dante mocks.

"Yeah, take it" Vergil tosses a small piece of paper to Dante's face as he stands up from the couch and heads upstairs.

"Even the cookies know. You should've brought me one!" Dante complains.

"Oh, and by the way, I'm moving out..." He says from the stairs.

"What?" Dante shocks. He stands up and follows Vergil upstairs. "If you wouldn't have brought it up, I would've" Dante says cocky, but he's lying.

"How very nice of you" Vergil replies. But he knows him very well like to know that he is lying. But he likes to play the game.

"So...when are you moving out?" Dante asks serious.

"I don't know, probably next week" He says simply.

Dante just nodds and heads to his room. "Good night then"

A week passed and there was still no sign of Sparda, Dante was starting to think he was probably a ghost, so he stopped thinking about it. Things were starting to get better, he was relaxed, happy and satisfied with his life, he has it all; what more could he ask for? Vergil had finally picked a place but he was still taking a couple more weeks to get the keys from his new home.

Everyone is gathered at Dante's place. For a strange reason it's always the best place to gather, plus Trish didn't want to take the baby out. The girls are chatting in the living room while the guys play pool. They're all having fun (naturally). Dante decides to go to the kitchen to get another beer while he waits for his next turn. He comes back to the living room and sits next to Trish. He's relaxed, he puts an arm around her shoulders and plays a little with his son, when suddenly Nero calls him, it's his turn now. He gives a peck on the lips to Trish and rapidly stands up and as he passes across the room, the door opens. He turns his face to look at the intruder and he paralyzes. The shock was such that the beer drops from his hand and crashes onto the wooden floor.

"Sparda..." Dante whispers. Everyone turns to look, as the can makes a deafening sound when it hits the floor.

"Father..." Both Dante and Vergil quietly say in unison.

"What are you doing here? How can this..." Dante's the first to speak.

"" Sparda completes. "So many years we don't see each other and that's how you say hello to your father?" He laments and protests.

"You were dead" Dante says coldly. All that shock has vanished.

"You're right" Sparda says.

Vergil is intrigued about what he could have to say. He feels a certain impulse to go to him. He starts walking forward to his direction. Then Sparda makes something appear through his arm.

"This belongs to you" Sparda makes Yamato appear before their eyes. "Thank you my son, it was very helpful" He says polite.

"So it was you who stole it from me..." Vergil points out.

"Borrowed..." Sparda clears up.

"You're welcome then" Vergil says in an arrogant manner. "I'm glad it was of good use for you"

Sparda starts to slowly walk to Nero's direction. Everyone else is still. "Nero, my young boy, you're really grown now" He says as he ruffles Nero's hair and gives him a pat on his shoulder. Nero is perplexed, he remains still and silent. Sparda walks towards Dante now and tries to touch him but Dante takes a step back. "Do you feel such loathe for me my son?"

Dante turns his face to the side and his eyes stare down. He keeps silent. He feels like a little child again about to be grounded.

"I see you have a great taste for women" Sparda tries to cheer him up, but Dante barely twitches.

"Hmm. Now you're gonna say she looks like mom?" Dante says a bit bothered.

"What!" Sparda shocks. "Absolutely not, she doesn't look like your mother at all. Not even a bit. You don't remember her do you? They are like opposite poles, they don't look alike not on the outside nor the inside, totally different. But I have to admit that your wife is really gorgeous"

Dante keeps silent. He folds his arms to his chest and turns his face as he shuts his eyes.

As Sparda realizes he can't make any progress with Dante, he decides to go with Trish. He moves closer to her; she's carrying her son with one arm, so he takes the liberty to kiss her other hand.

Dante suspiciously turns to look and opens one eye.

"Very nice to meet you Trish" He says courtly. Dante starts to get a little pissed. "My grandson, I never thought I'd live to see this" He slightly chuckles. "How ironic, isn't it" He softly strokes David's hair.

Dante loudly clears his throat showing discontent. Everyone turns to look at him surprised. He makes his move towards his father. "You were dead, and after 20 years or whatever, you come back as if nothing would have happened!"

Sparda turns to look at him focusedly. "That's where you are wrong my son. I'm still dead"

Everyone shocks. Dante gulps, he feels stupid all of a sudden. He knows nothing and he's anticipating to the real situation. He doesn't know what to say now. He hesitates. "Then-then-how-can-you..."

"Why don't you all take a seat. I don't have much time left" Sparda says, then they all do as he says and sit on the couch and wherever they find.

Sparda starts to explain how it all happened and how it all ended. After the battle against his own kind and after he won the war, he returned to the human world to find his deceased wife and no trace of his twin sons. He lamented the day he separated from his family to start a war, a war that even if it was over and he had been the victor, it would never end, for the curse would always hunt his descendants; an evil that would never end. He didn't know if he had done right or had he just aggravated the situation, but to think he was worse than before, just sicken him.

He was alone for he never found his sons. He roamed without a destiny for a long time until he met a young woman that helped him through his misery. He procreated a son with her and right before his birth, a war started again in the underworld, and if he didn't act fast the destiny of mankind would soon perish. A war in which in order to end with the root of all evil, Mundus, he had to seal his own powers and was condemned to a life in purgatory; a living dead that once again wouldn't be able to be with his son. Was he cursed? Were his sons cursed too? For the day Nero was born he couldn't hide his demonic heritage and in a world of vague and erroneous knowledge about demons and the demonic world, his life expectancy was short, for most of the people would consider him the devil. Beign born with red penetrating eyes didn't help much to the fact that he was a devil; the poor mother was murdered for carrying and giving birth to a son of the devil, the people believed so with no knowledge whatsoever. Without knowing that the true evil resided in each and every one of their souls and not in the now orphan child. Without his father to protect him, the life of baby orphan Nero was soon to end, but there was a demon, allied to Sparda in the human world, and as an act of benevolence for sparing his life before, he would save the life of his savior's son. In order to help the baby half-demon to survive to this world, he put a spell on him; a spell that would hold back his demonic powers and abilities until he'd turn 18 for he could have a normal life or at least the most possible and not be hunted by the ignorant community and most of all to hide him from dangerous demons.

Sparda was aware of the assistance his ally provided him, but most of all to Nero and for that he'd be forever grateful towards him. And an advantage or disadvantage (depending on the point of view) of being in purgatory was that he was able to see it all. He could see the life in both the human world and the underworld. He found his twin sons and Nero. He saw Nero was in good hands and even though he could have a hard life, it wouldn't be as hard as the lives of his twins. For he could see them struggling to survive in a world corrupted by evil, that endless evil that possesses mankind. They grew separate from each other, to then battle against each other when they met again; and there was nothing he could do, not trapped in purgatory as he was and powerless. It was a gift for him to see them but a grief to see them suffer and even worse to see Vergil's doom in hell and all for his lust for power; the twins were separated again.

He knew everything about them, all the good and also that bad things that happened to his sons; for his damnation was to be able to see them but not being able to help. He saw Mundus return and thought that if he had resurrected, why couldn't he? Vergil in his struggle to survive hell and in order to become more powerful succumbed to Mundus' ambitions and even though Dante was able to liberate him from it, he was still condemned in hell.

Sparda was more than pleased when Dante eliminated Mundus, once more he was sent to his rightful place. Perhaps Dante had gotten a little help to eliminate him, but the important thing was that Mundus was defeated and that Dante had been able to clear Trish's devil heart. Dante had earned a partner and perhaps more than a partner for life; Sparda couldn't be any more content that Dante had finally settled down, now his only torture was Vergil, for he could see him suffer in hell, for without his sword he couldn't escape from his doom. Vergil was just like him, trapped in a depressing, dark, melancholic world waiting to be saved or destroyed, but they both needed to put an and to that miserable life, and death was not an option, at least, not for Vergil.

Nero's spell had been broken before its time, when a part of Vergil's lost essence found him and possessed him; strangely it possessed only his right arm and his demonic powers remained dormant, which later with the help of Yamato were awaken.

Sparda could see every battle his sons fought and he couldn't do anyhting to help. Finally Dante and Nero met, they didn't know that they were more than just physically alike, and even if they fought against each other at first, they made peace in the end without knowing that they were truly brothers.

He saw all the changes Nero was experimenting and how he loathed what was happening to him for he couldn't explain what it was, and why had it chosen him. He grew up despising demons only to find out he was part demon himself and he couldn't but loathe his new powers, his new abilities. He wasn't sure of why he had those powers and couldn't remember a thing from his early childhood; but during the Fortuna incident he learned to love that power for he found a good use for it. Sparda was pleased with the results, but to know that all that destruction and that battle had been because of him, of his powers that so many demons long to possess. He couldn't allow any of this to happen again, for the only ones that deserve his powers are his sons and their descendants. And now that he knew Dante was becoming a father, he wanted this time to be real, he wouldn't llow Deriel to interfere again. He now had one more reason to escape from his doom and change his destiny. There wasn't much he could do, for without his powers he was like a mere human, but still he had his abilities and that would suffice to kill or at least slip past the guardians of purgatory and cheat his fate. He needed to recover his powers to be able to provide any help to his sons. But there was another problem, if you manage to escape from purgatory you lose your form, for limbo is just a ministry of lost souls. Escaping from it could be just a degradation trip with no coming back; a battle against time to overcome the irrevocable fatality. It was a matter of time before he could lose it all; but he was willing to take the risk. He still had the chance to see Vergil liberate from hell and join Dante and the others in the human world before he proceded with his plan. But what he feared the most was the war that would soon arise in hell. He suffered as he saw his twin sons battle against Deriel, that useless, coward, scum that managed to grow stronger with time. And Trish, poor fragile Trish that had to go through horrible things to survive from him and in the end, she was the one to defeat him. For no matter how strong you are, or if your powers are weak, the spirit is the most powerful of all powers and what drives to go on; that had been his major impulse to carry out his plan.

He finally found his prey, now he could continue with his plan. He managed to evade all the guardians and fight against trapped souls trying to pull him under. He escaped and at the precise time he possessed a human body right after the corpse lost its soul. He had it all settled to still make believe "the mayor" was dead and after the regular procedures of funerals, he returned to the corpse and brought it back to life, now he could help his sons and they wouldn't notice, for his powers were diminished, barely perceptible; but still he had some magical powers to accomplish his goals.

He was there in Dante's wedding and that day, he decided to face his destiny, recover his lost powers and who knows what could follow next. He returned to the demon world once more. It was like a suicidal mission (well if he were alive; though he could die again in this alien body), for he'd have to fight against hundreds of demons of all kinds, inside a fragile human, non-trained body. He had an advantage though; he wouldn't be recognized, he'd be just like another black arts apprentice in search for the legendary dark knight's power. But using that body was hard, it wasn't athletic nor strong, so the only thing he thought of was Yamato; the perfect sword to accomplish his goals. So he lured his sons through demons to the edge of darkness, right at the portal in the Castle. He needed weapons and fast, for he wouldn't last long and all his efforts to help his family would be in vain. He managed to keep his sons away from the demon world and "steal" Yamato from Vergil. He knows him well, and also that he would go after his sword, but at least he managed to keep him away for a while.

He took quite a while to recover his powers and all with the help of Yamato, and just in time for his grandson's birth. After recovering his powers he returned to his true form but still he was dead. Not even the greatest power nor magic could bring him back to life; but he was granted one last wish.

Everyone was paying attention to Sparda's words, they were all perplexed.

"It was you. You brought David back to my arms right after he was born, didn't you?" Trish said shocked.

Sparda just nodds. "Yes..." He whispers.

Dante felt guilty all of a sudden. He had grown up loathing his father for the wrong reasons and now that he knows the truth, he doesn't know how to repay him. He stands up and so does Trish.

Trish anticipates from Dante and stands before Sparda. She embraces him with one hand and thanks him for everything he's done for them.

Dante stands before them too. He's agitated and desperate. He stares to the wooden floor trying to find the right words. "I'm sorry for...hating you all these years..." He said still staring down.

Sparda grins. "I know you never hated me son, you were just upset. But I know what's in your heart so there's no need for words" He says as he approaches to Dante and embraces him. "You were always the sensitive one" He says as he rubbs Dante's back and Dante just holds him tightly.

"Thank you, for everything" Dante whispers to him as he draws apart.

"My pleasure" Sparda says. "I know you're the quiet one..." He says to Vergil. "...but why don't you come and give a hug to your father?" He opens his arms for Vergil. "You too" He says to Nero.

Vergil and Nero stare at each other. What the hell... They think. They slowly approach to Sparda and he embraces them both at the same time, one on each side of him and they embrace him too with one arm.

"Alright, enough. This is the last time we'll see each other like this so let's make good use of the time we have left" Sparda says as he draws them apart.

"I just have one more question, doubt, whatever..." Dante says. "Who granted you that last wish?"

Sparda just grins. "I knew you'd ask. You can never keep anything to yourself, can ya?" Sparda chuckles. "It was granted by the most beautiful angel you could ever see..."

Dante and Vergil are standing beside each other, they turn to look at one another. Are they thinking the same? They suddenly feel a warm touch over their shoulders, they turn their heads to the back and no one's there. They look at each other again and strangely smile. They turn to look at Sparda, he grins and just nodds.

"So what now?" Dante asks.

"You all go on with your lives" Sparda replies.

"And what about you?" Vergil asks. "If you were in purgatory and escaped and now you have your powers back, shouldn't you be alive?"

"I died many years ago my son. But I just couldn't leave this world without the certainty that you'd all be alright. Now that I know you are, you don't need me, now I can finally rest in peace" Sparda says. "Hey, but cheer up! I still got some time to kill"

"So when you defeated Mundus, you died too?" Vergil wonders.

"That's right. I sacrificed my life to defeat him, but still I had things to do so I condemned myself to a life in purgatory without any powers, but it all had its purpose"

"Okay, enough talking. Let's enjoy ourselves while we still have the time" Trish says.

They all listen to Trish and spend the few hours left together. Sparda spends some time with little David and plays with him as if he were his child. He then plays pool with his sons and he beats them three times, until they get tired of losing and quit playing. After laughs and the best of times, Sparda's time in the human world was coming to an end. His skin started turning transparent, he was starting to disappear, so it was time to say goodbye, a long slow goodbye. He says a few last words to each of his sons starting with Dante. In brief, that he was very proud of them all, of Dante for what he has become and accomplished. He's proud that Vergil has finally taken the right path and left aside all that lust for power and envy. And Nero, he's just so proud of him for who he is, who he became without any guidance and for his grand spirit, a spirit that only a true Sparda is capable to possess. Yet, Nero was uncomfortable about something. He wanted to know about his mother; yes, now he knows a bit more about his past, but just superficially, he wanted to know more, he wouldn't let him go without telling him everything.

"Father!" Nero says desperate as Sparda keeps losing his color. "I want to know about my mother, what did she look like, what was her name?"

"Your mother?" Sparda slightly shakes his head and grins. "She was really beautiful, her name was Evangeline. When I met her I couldn't believe my eyes, she was my Eva but with dark hair. Later, I discovered she was my Eva, her reincarnation, resurrection or however you want to see it, it was her but in another body. She alike me was granted a second chance from the heavens, except the Gods granted her the chance to take her form but she had to change something to be different, no one can exist twice in the same plane with the same body, so she changed her hair color and name. She came to life again to-to..." He suddenly feels a lump in his throat. " just...suffer the same fate" He says sorrowful. "Ironic, isn't it? I failed to protect her twice and I failed you my sons. I failed as a husband, as a father..." He stares to the floor with grief. "...Dante..." He puts a hand on Dante's shoulder. "...don't commit the same mistakes I did"

Dante stares into his eyes and he can feel his grief, he just nodds. Sparda's time keeps running out. He looks at David and smiles again. He rubbs David's head and kisses Trish's hand. "You couldn't have chosen a better wife my son" He says to Dante. "Remember me my sons, not as the legendary dark knight, but as your father. Guide your brother..." He says to Dante and Vergil. "Help each other and never let any power brake the family bond you have. There's nothing more important than family. In its due time, my legacy shall be granted to my descendants, for I divest from this body and power to give it to you and your children; for my major legacy resides in you, in your blood, your heart and your mind. Remember you will always have an angel and a demon by your side. Farewell..." Sparda turns into an intense blue light. Right before he disappears, Nero feels a warm touch on his forehead like a kiss; his mother wanted to let him know that she was there too. The warmth lasted for a couple of seconds, even Dante and Vergil could feel a warm breeze throughout the whole living room. Then finally Sparda disappears, he's gone.

Sparda had suffered his whole life and even after death to protect the ones he loved. His struggle was such that he bacame a legend. A demon that lived to protect mankind and died in the struggle. For those who believed, he became the legendary dark knight and for those who didn't, he was nothing more than a demon. And all he ever longed for was just his family's well-beign, for them to live in a better world than hell. He died in the process, but his legacy is such that he will live forever; for the soul lives on. Therefore, his return became the eternal return; for his wisdom, his power and his spirit carry on.

The months passed, they continued with their lives as Sparda said. Vergil had already moved out to live a life of his own; but not alone. For with time he realized Lady was that part of him that was really missing; she ended up moving in with him to a nice, small but perfect house he had bought (now she wouldn't have to pay rent). As for Nero, he was still mastering his abilities. Vergil became his sword master and Dante (no need to point out what he's best for, anyways) the guns master; though if you put Vergil and Dante to fight sword to sword, Dante never loses. As for Dante and his family, well they have a great time together, this new stage of their lives teaches them a lot. They have fun and enjoy themselves most of the time, except for when David gets grumpy and weepy and to be honest, Dante is the only one that can calm him down. So every time that David wakes up in the middle of the night, Trish doesn't even bother to get up, for Dante is the one for the job. Poor Dante, sometimes he can never get to sleep again and the next day he's falling asleep throughout the day, but David wants to be with him and he just can't resist, so sleeping is not in any day's chores.

David is six months now, he's really grown and has learned to speak, not very fluently but okay. He has obviously learned to walk and do a lot of things for himself, like going to the bathroom; he just hates diapers. Trish leaves him in the kitchen inside the play pen (something he hates too), the next moment she finds him running in the office and naked with a fork in hand. She later found out, that he leaps up from the play pen, move a chair climb it to open a drawer, grab a fork and use it to take off the diaper to finally feel "free".

The moment he said his first word he was like four months; before that all he'd say were uncoherent words and babbles. Both Dante and Trish were trying to make him say mom and dad. David would just stare at them like thinking, what the hell do you want? Dante was holding him while he was sitting on his favorite chair behind his desk. There was an almost empty pizza box on it, and Trish was sitting right at the edge of it.

"C'mon say daddy" Said Dante.

"No, say mommy" Trish said.

David just stares at Dante then at Trish and then to the pizza box and say... "Pizza!"

"What!" Both Trish and Dante said.

"No, daddy, not pizza. Say pizza, no not pizza..." He confused. "Daddy loves pizza" He took a deep breath. "Whatever..." He gave up. He grabbed the last slice of pizza with little enthusiasm, he was about to bite the tip when he decided to offer a bit to his son. "Hey, you want a bite?" Dante said reaching the pizza close to David's mouth.

David gave a big bite to that pizza and surprised Dante. He was so surprised that David snatched the pizza from Dante's hand and he barely noticed. He held it with his two tiny hands and started eating it very comfortably.

"No Dante!" Trish yelled. "I've been trying all these years to make you stop eating pizza or at least eat less, like for you to go and make my baby addicted to it too!"

"Sorry babe, some things are just inherited by blood..." Dante mocked.

Trish shook her head and just gave up.

David's seven months old now, and Trish wants to throw him a party, so she leaves him with his daddy and goes out with Lady and Kyrie to buy all the things for the party.

Dante doesn't want to be alone so he calls Vergil and Nero so they keep him company. It didn't make any difference, for Dante fell asleep on his chair holding David who is also asleep on Dante's chest. He had his feet propped up on the desk and since he had gone to a job earlier this day, he has his guns holstered near his hips; he forgot to put them away.

Vergil and Nero are playing pool and they're not paying any attention to either Dante nor David. Then the girls arrive with the things and Nero approaches to Kyrie to help her out with the bags. He grabs the bags and intends to go to the kitchen, but something distracts him and he stops at the middle of the office. Suddenly David wakes up and takes one of Dante's guns.

Everything happened so fast. Holding the gun with both of his hands, David shoots. Dante wakes up due to the loud gunshot almost at his ear. He reacts fast but he doesn't expect his son to be the responsible for the gunshot. The first thing he did was holding his son tightly and reach his hand to his holster to take a gun, but surprisingly he found it empty. He rapidly turns to David and he was holding the gun which was a little electrified and smokey.

It all happened in a mere second. Dante still had the chance to see it all happened. With an incredible aim, David hits his target. Poor Nero, he became his target, right in the head between the eyes. The girls and Vergil shock.

"David!" Dante yells. David is still holding the gun with a wicked giggle.

"Nero!" Kyrie runs to Nero's side, he has collapsed on the floor.

Dante pictures the whole scene; he wants to say head shot! That's my son! But Trish will surely kill him, she's probably pissed already. So he just waits for her reaction.

"Dante!" Yells Trish.

Here it goes. Dante can't really think of a way to escape from this one. "I'm sorry, it won't happen again, I swear I didn't notice when he took..."

"He has my powers!" Trish says excited as she interrupts Dante.

"What?" Dante shocks. "You're not pissed?"

"Of course, but it's my baby's first shot and with my powers and he has perfect aim" Trish says still excited.

"Yeah I know, and I almost missed it!" Dante replies.

Poor Nero sits up and rubbs his face, he still feels his head spinning. "Man that hurt" He complains quietly. "Why don't you throw him a party?" Nero says bothered and sarcastic.

"Actually we are, but now we have one more thing to celebrate!" Says Dante.

"Great, the baby shoots me in the face and you throw him a party, what's next?" Nero says as he recovers from the assault and stands up. The wound has already healed.

"Hey, I get impaled by my own sword and I don't complain about it!" Says Dante.

"Shut up Dante!" Both Trish and Vergil say.

"Oh and Lady has also shot me in the head once" Dante continues, trying to cheer him up.

"You wanna make it twice?" Lady jokes with Dante.

Nero just shakes his head. "What a family I've got"

"Hey, you're okay bro so just relax" Dante says to Nero as he approaches to him and pats his back. He's carrying David with one arm and he is still holding the gun. "Hey!" He says to little David. "You give me that!" He snatches the gun from David's hands. "You don't shoot to the family alright?"

David just nodds and makes a sad face as Dante takes the gun away from him. "I can't imagine how you're gonna be when you turn five..." Says Dante. "You little devil..." He mumbles as he lovingly stares to his child.

They made the party; they laughed, ate and had a great time until it was time for everyone to go home.

It was late at night, everyone had left already. Trish had just put David to sleep, then she went to bed too. Dante was already waiting for her. It has been quite a while since they last made love and Dante was so horny that he couldn't wait any longer to blow his load all over her.

Trish laid on her side showing her back to Dante. He turns to look at her; ohh that perfect figure he can't wait to possess. He approaches the most possible to her to make her feel him, feel his hardness rubbing at her ass. He slowly slides his hand throughout her whole side, feeling the perfect curves of her luscious body and her soft skin as he reaches her bare legs. She's wearing just a nightgown and quite short by the way; Dante felt so hot that he went to bed wearing only his underwear (leaving almost nothing to the imagination), a short, tight, black boxer with its deserved opening in front of course, which was about to loose the beast for it couldn't keep inside the cage of his undergarment. It starts bulging and bulging until it frees itself from the confines of his crotch, slapping at her almost nude ass (for her gown was all rolled up till her hips and her thong was revealing more flesh than what he needed to explode). Trish barely twitches.

Dante smoothly runs his fingertips throughout her bottom, he can't help to squeeze. He slowly moves his hand to her side and then down between her legs.

Trish opens an eye and suspiciously glances at him. "What are you doing Dante?"

"What does it feel like I'm doing?" He whispers as he starts rubbing her clit. His fingers start to get wet. It feels so smooth that he can't stop. He slides down his fingers to her opening, not inside of her yet, but just feeling that wetness and softness of her lips and clit. "Ohh baby, you're so yummy..." Dante whispers horny, almost savoring already her sweet juices.

"Dante, not now!" Trish quietly yells.

"What!" He suddenly stops. "If you're this wet you can't say you don't want to. First it was the quarantine, then..."

"Dante, lower your voice" Trish whispers upset. "David's asleep"

"Then..." Dante whispers. "...the baby was too young, you didn't have the time, you were tired... if it's not now, then when?"

"Dante, we're not having sex with David in the same room!" She says quietly.

"Then I think it's about time for him to sleep in the next room and you can't say he's too young, if he's old enough to shoot a gun, he can sleep in his own room"

"Maybe, but I'm not taking him to the other room right now"

"I never thought our sex life could be ruined, not even when you were pregnant we stopped. I have needs you know"

Trish just takes a deep breath. She's still showing her back to him.

"Trish..." Dante whispers softly. "Tell me you don't want me and I'll leave you alone. Feel this and say you don't want it inside of you and I'll let you sleep" He says as he forces his shaft between her legs, slightly brushing her wet pussy.

She inhales deeply. "Dante..." She whispers as she exhales her breath. She shuts her eyes and opens them again. "...just don't make a lot of noise..." She turns her whole body towards him and stares profoundly into his eyes. She makes her move and kisses him desperately.

Dante holds her tightly against him as they devour each other. He pulls down her panties and takes them off. He grabs hold of one of her legs and lifts it up as he forcefully penetrates her making her exhale a deep and strong moan.

"Shhh... keep it down" He whispers as he keeps pounding her slowly and so deeply.

"How do you...expect me to...keep it down when..." She says moaning as Dante begins to kiss her to make her shut up. But even kissing, she kept moaning and Dante couldn't help it either, not while she keeps doing it for he gets even more horny. He pounds her harder hoping David has a deep sleep.

After a while of strong thrusts and moans he stops suddenly; his chest moves up and down for his breathing is accelerated.

"What is it Dante?" Trish says panting.

Dante keeps silent for a couple of seconds. "Nothing..." He grabs her from her hips and turns her over. She rests on her left side as Dante slowly penetrates her from her back, feeling how it slides inside of her inch by inch so smoothly and tightly. He puts his left arm around her neck and turns her face towards him. Their lips meet in a suffocating kiss and at the same time he ventures his hand inside her gown and caresses her soft breasts with such delicacy, but they're so soft and creamy that he can't help to squezze. Her hard nipples start to spurt milk that rolls down on Dante's fingers. He slowly brings his fingers into his mouth savoring her sweet brew; it is like an elixir for him for it gives him more strength and vigor (no wonder David gets stronger and more agile every day). Dante pounds her harder now, she can't help to moan even a little so Dante covers her mouth with a hand as he presses her lower abdomen with the other. The sensation inside of her is just so strong and sensitive, she can feel every inch of his shaft pounding her contracting inner muscles. She feels desperate to scream but she can't, so she just tries hard to get Dante's hand off her mouth.

Dante makes quite a struggle to keep his hand over her mouth, but the feel of her muscles thightening his dick is just so fascinating and pleasurable that he feels his powers weaken. He can't help but to surrender to satisfaction. He can't control now; he moans into her mouth as they kiss again, completion is just a blink ahead.

Dante's respiration is accelerated; he puts a hand over Trish's chest feeling her heart almost bursting out.

"Dante..." She pants. "Come inside of me..."

He never stops. The feel of her inner muscles pulsating strongly and her face of deserved pleasure just assure him the evident. She bites her lips as she breathes strongly, deeply and deliberately. She feels how Dante's cock pulsates inside of her as he blows his considerable amount of load. It spills out with such force that she can feel how it hits and flows inside of her.

"Ohh Trish, oohhh, ahhh..." He sensually breathes in and out. He slowly pulls out of her and leaves her all wet (he got his underwear all wet too anyway). He covers themselves up with the sheets.

Suddenly a sound was heard in the darkness of the room. Dante frowns confounded. He turns to David's crib and he's not there. "David?" He wonders where he is. Then suddenly, David leaps up on their bed, and reaches to their side as he bounces excitingly.

"Wo! You scared me Dave! It's settled, you'll get your own room tomorrow" Dante says in a mix of annoyance and concern, and a little hesitation. Since when was he awake?

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