Squad 7 and the Accidental Instructor

Knowing that he had nothing to look forward to but another day with the demons at the academy had changed things and it was only the knowledge that there was an end in sight that granted him the strength to continue.

All he had to do was get the brats to Chunin, and then he'd be free... Gloriously free!

Chapter 4 – Interrogation 101

Anko woke up early the next day with a smile on her face and rushed through her morning routine.

'Time to see how good the brats really are,' she thought to herself as she ran towards the meeting area.

"If I'm right about them they'll be…" She came over the last rooftop and her grin widened enough to split her face in two.

Her three students were each practicing the routines she'd taught them the day before. It was so nice to be right. A quick glance at the sun confirmed that the meeting wasn't set to begin for another two hours.

"Morning, Anko-sensei," Sasuke called out, his place at the top of a tree giving him a wider field of view than either of his teammates.

"Morning, brats," she called back. "Decided to get an early start today?"

"It's embarrassing that we're so far behind, Anko-sensei," Sakura explained with a blush. "We just wanted to make sure that we got to the level we should be real quick so you aren't wasting your time with us."

"Meh..." Anko shrugged. "It's a teacher's job to teach, I'm your teacher. So long as you're learning, you're not wasting my time." She beamed down at the three genin. "That doesn't mean I want you to stop practicing in your off time."

"Of course not," Naruto agreed quickly, his teammates chiming in their agreement.

"Good. Got a new trick for you brats today from a friend of mine as a reward for proving me right," Anko announced.

"Proving you right?" Sasuke asked.

"I figured you three would be practicing and I figured you'd come early, didn't figure you'd beat me here so I'm good for breakfast too." She tossed Sakura a scroll.

"What's this, Anko-sensei?" Sakura asked.

"That's a chart of vulnerable spots on the human body. We're going to be learning how to strike them today; remember children, never fight fair. So who wants to be my first volunteer?" Anko's smile widened as her three brats each took a step back. "Sakura, why don't you be first?"

"I think Naruto would rather be first," Sakura said quickly.

"Yes, Naruto's the best choice!" Sasuke agreed.

"But… Damn you guys." Naruto's shoulders sagged. "What do I have to do?"

"Hold out your arm," Anko commanded. She reached out and seemed to slap him on the elbow.

"Arrgh! What did you do to me, Anko-sensei?" Naruto was rubbing his arm furiously.

"Same thing I'm going to do to all of you," she replied cheerfully. The instructor turned over her hand to reveal a strange leather disc in her palm. "It's filled with lead; all you gotta do is hit one of the bones close to the surface. Not as good if you hit a muscle." She reached out and tapped Naruto on the other arm. "Right?"

"Still hurts but I can still use my arm," Naruto agreed.

"It's all about putting the right amount of force in the right place," Anko lectured. "I want you to remember four targets; eyes, throat, stomach, groin. That's where I want you to strike for now. Questions?"

"When do we get to play with finger saps, Sensei?" Sasuke asked.

"We'll move past the basics after you've mastered the basics. Anymore questions?"

Kurenai was mildly surprised to find Hinata waiting outside the door to her apartment when she stepped out that morning.

"Something wrong, Hinata?" she asked in concern.

"No, sensei," Hinata replied with a blush.

The jounin glanced at the sun to gauge the time. "We've got about two hours before we need to be at the team meeting. Would you like to come in and tell me why you were waiting for me?"

A deep blush coloring her cheeks, all Hinata could do was nod in agreement.

"Come on, then." Kurenai took the girl by the elbow and gently led her into the apartment. "Have a seat."

"Thank you, sensei."

"Now what's this about?"

"Could you . . . um . . ."

"Yes?" Kurenai prompted.

"That is, if it's not too much trouble . . . um." Hinata stared down at her hands. "Could you teach me how to use Genjutsu?"

"Of course," Kurenai agreed, a bit surprised by the sudden interest. "May I ask why?"

"I just want him to notice me," Hinata squeaked. Seeing the way he acted with his sensei had driven home just how easy it would be for someone else to come along and snap him up.

So pleased was she by their progress and enthusiasm, Anko completely lost track of time and ended up being a bit late for the scheduled progress meeting with the Hokage.

"Was there something you wanted, Anko?" Sarutobi asked. She'd slipped in while he was meeting with the Instructors and had waited patiently at the back of the room till he was done.

"Mind if I use some of Ibiki's prisoners for a bit of practice?" Anko asked hopefully. "Training Team Anko on striking vital parts of the body and there's nothing like a live target."

"So long as Ibiki is willing to share," Sarutobi agreed. His eye twitched a bit when she referred to herself as 'Team Anko'. Oh well, she seemed to be a lot more cheerful since she'd taken a dive off the deep end and it wasn't like she hadn't already been doing laps around the insanity pool anyway.

"He owes me a couple favors, so he should be," Anko chirped.

"Have fun," the Hokage said, making a mental note to have the hospital do a study on how sanity corresponded to power level among elite ninja.

"We will," Anko agreed. The old man was the greatest, hands down.

Sakura woke up early the next morning and was surprised to find a note from her instructor taped to her forehead.


Team meeting in interrogation room 43, Torture and Interrogation department.


P.S. Talk to Naruto about setting a few traps up around your room. Do the work yourself, get his help and advice. I'll rate how good it is the next time I break into your house.

The letter ended with a doodle that Sakura presumed was meant to be a representation of her instructor's smiling face. Sakura turned the note over and was happy to find a hand written map with directions on where she was to go. Pausing only long enough to grab breakfast to go, she rushed out of the house and to her team meeting. The boys were already there when she arrived.

"Naruto, Anko-sensei says I'm supposed to ask for your help with traps."

"Okay," Naruto agreed. "I'm also supposed to help Sasuke and make mine more lethal." She'd also added that he should keep them funny, because the only thing better than killing intruders was killing them in humiliating and hilarious ways. Anko-sensei was always helping them improve in all areas.

"Thanks," Sakura said. "Do you know what Anko-sensei wants us to do?"

"Practicing the strikes she showed us yesterday on a volunteer," Sasuke replied. "Come on, I know the way."

They signed in at the front desk and were escorted to a dim windowless room which held a large man chained to a chair and wearing a jumpsuit very much like Naruto's.

"Kids?" The prisoner sneered. "You're going to try to intimidate me with them?" He laughed. "Bring it on." With a sneer, he told them exactly what he thought of them and their village.

The three genin filed the man's insults as they waited for their instructor to arrive.

"I'm first," Sakura growled after the man directed a rather vile insult her way. "Got it?"

"So long as Anko-sensei doesn't mind," Naruto agreed.

The prisoner's tirade ended instantly. "Did you say Anko, as in Konoha's number one sadistic Snake Bitch, Anko?" He looked like he was about to wet himself. "As in Orochimaru's apprentice Anko?"

"As in their teacher Anko," Said woman agreed as she walked into the room.

The man licked his lips. "I just wanted to say that I didn't mean any of those things I said about your students and that I'm very very sorry I said them. I'd also like to have a chance to spill all the information you lot wanted me to spill earlier."

"Maybe after they've had a chance to get their practice," Anko replied as she gagged the man. "Pinky, you wanted to go first?"

"Yes, Anko-sensei," Sakura agreed.

Anko reached into her pocket and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. "I don't like these much for missions, who can tell me why?"

"Because they don't let you do Jutsu when you're wearing them?" Sasuke asked.

"Makes it more difficult but yes, that's part of it," Anko agreed. "It's actually because they make it harder to do anything else with your hand and take a bit of time to put on and take off. Who can tell me why I've got them now?"

"Because we're in an interrogation room, not a fight," Sakura offered.

"Right," Anko agreed. "Watch closely, there's a bit of a trick to use these without hurting your hand." She proceeded to demonstrate on the man's floating ribs. "Got it?"

"I think so, Anko-sensei," Sakura agreed.

"Good." Anko slipped the knuckleduster off and handed it to Sakura. "Try to avoid breaking his jaw; we want him to be able to talk later."

"Yes, Anko-sensei."

"And be considerate enough to leave some for your teammates, Ibiki only let me have one prisoner today."

"I will, Anko-sensei," Sakura promised.

"Good girl, now go nuts."

"MMMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!" the prisoner shrieked through his gag.

"I said go nuts, not go for the nuts…but good initiative," Anko complimented the girl.

"Thank you, Anko-sensei." Sakura stopped pummeling the man just long enough to shoot her teacher a bright smile.