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Cards on the Table

"No, the party actually went really well," Kaito giggled (in a masculine—oh, who was he kidding? He sounded as gay as a day in May, and he didn't care one bit!). "He even liked the plushies I made for him."

"Really? I'm glad. I know you were stressing about that," Shinichi chuckled back. Though, it had been kind of funny listening to his crazy cousin freak out. Kaito was so cute sometimes without even trying.

"So how was your trip to Osaka?" the little spaz switched topics.

Kaito did that a lot. He'd quickly reply to whatever Shinichi had said, and then he would ask the shrunken detective something, draining him of all of the details before they'd move on. Sometimes Shinichi swore Kaito only did it because he liked the sound of the older teen's voice.

"Tell me everything. It's been boring not being able to talk to you for a whole week 'cause of your trip," Kaito whined.

"Not much to tell." The detective shrugged. "Saw the castle; somebody died. Ate takoyaki; somebody died. Went to a restaurant famous for its okonomiyaki; it was delicious, but then somebody died. We hit up Universal Studios Japan, and we went on the Jaws…you're not afraid of sharks too, are you?"

"No," Kaito replied with a shrug as he flipped over onto his stomach so that he could kick his legs back and forth in the air.

"Good. Well, we were on the Jaws ride, and at the end when the shark comes right up alongside the left of the boat, the shark came out of the water, and in its mouth was a corpse that had been—get this—attacked by a shark. It was pretty ridiculous, but that was actually one of the more interesting cases of the trip. I'm never going on that ride again, though."

"Really? Because of the case?"

"No. Even without the body, that thing was downright freaky," Shinichi swore adamantly.

"You're afraid of sharks?" Kaito stifled a laugh, trying to remember how he felt whenever someone laughed at him for the fish thing.

"Not regular sharks," the great detective clarified. "Just that freakishly large mechanical one. Things that are that much bigger than me make me uncomfortable."

Kaito couldn't help laughing that time. He did, however, managed to restrain himself before he made a comment about how, in his current form, Shinichi must be uncomfortable a great deal of the time.

Conan was a midget among midgets, after all.

"Kai-chan, you're so mean," Shinichi pouted, and Kaito could just picture the face that Conan was making.

"Sawwy, Shin-chan," Kaito cooed. "So what else happened on the trip…besides the dead bodies?"

"Hattori and Kazuha fought like children the whole time they were together, we ate a lot of good food, and we took a day trip into Kyoto." Shinichi continued with a shrug.

"Oh? How was it? I've got a friend who grew up there, and she always brags about it."

"It's interesting. Very pretty and very different from Tokyo." Shinichi gave a small chuckle. "Nobody died in Kyoto, so I just kind of got to relax and enjoy the scenery and all of the food."

"Well, I'm glad you got the day off; you deserve it."

"Thanks, Kaito."

There was a noise in the background that sounded a little bit like Mouri Ran calling for Conan.

"Hey, Kai-chan? I've gotta go, but we'll talk tomorrow, okay?" Shinichi whispered hastily. "I promise."

"See ya, Shinichi," Kaito chuckled as the line went dead.

They usually chatted like that for at least thirty minutes every day. When they weren't calling, they were texting, and it had gotten to the point where Kaito's phone was practically attached to his hand.

He found his heart beating a little faster whenever he got a text, and a grin broke out on his face whenever his phone rang.

Kaito was absolutely smitten, and he didn't know what to do about it. He wanted to see Shinichi, feel him, kiss him, and breath in his scent, but it just wasn't possible. He didn't know how Shinichi had gotten to be Edogawa Conan, but he was pretty sure that it was irreversible.

It was impossible for Kaito to see his love as Shinichi, so something drastic had to be done.

Kaito was well aware that his plan could easily backfire on him, so he prepared for the worst before he dropped by the Mouri Detective Agency the first Friday in October.

Ran-san opened the door, and, at first, as was expected, she thought Kaito was the missing detective, but the misunderstanding was quickly cleared up, and Kaito took a deep breath and crossed his fingers before he asked for Conan.

As the little tyke entered and looked surprised, Kaito explained to Ran that the two of them had met at a Kid heist and become friends.

"We were gonna go to the park and then get something to eat together, if that's okay, Ran-san. Sorry I didn't think to check with you first. I swear I'll have him back before dark."

"No, it's okay." Ran waved away his concerns with a smile. "You have fun, Conan-kun. Make sure you don't run off, and do as Kuroba-kun says, okay?"

"Yes, Ran-neechan," Conan called as he pulled Kaito out the door by the hand.

The little sleuth didn't stop until they'd reached a fairly empty park. Conan took a seat on one of the swings and motioned to the one next to his.

Kaito hesitantly sat down.

"I know who you are," the shrunken teen growled, dropping all pretense of childhood. "and you have some nerve coming to me disguised like that, Kid."

Kaito blinked. Oh. Honestly, he'd thought he'd given his true identity away the second he'd sent a picture of himself to his cousin back in June. He'd thought for sure that his brilliant Heisei Holmes would see him and instantly see through him. Apparently not.

"Here, Tantei-kun. Pull on my face." Kaito offered his cheek.

"There's no point. If you don't have to wear a mask to impersonate Shinichi, you wouldn't have to wear one for Kaito either," Conan snorted indignantly.

Kaito gave an exaggerated sigh. "Shin-chan, it's me. It's really me, and I know it's you. What? Do you want proof?"

Conan blinked, looking shocked for a moment before going back to glaring. "I don't believe you. Kaito wouldn't…Kaito isn't…" His brow furrowed as he started to second guess.

Kaito pushed back gently with his feet and began to swing slowly. "You want me to prove that I'm really Kuroba Kaito? Fine. Yesterday, I went over to Hakuba's house to hang out, and he and his housekeeper, Baaya, taught me how to make pineapple upside-down cake. I texted you about it. I think it was right after the one that said, 'Hakuba can be sweet sometimes, but other times he's a real twit.' but before 'How many bodies have you tripped over today, Shinigami-chan?' If you need more, I called you last night to complain about Aoko neglecting me so that she can spend more time following Akako-chan around like a sick puppy. Do you believe it's me yet, Shin-chan?" Kaito stopped swinging abruptly to give his little love a pleading look.

Conan's mouth was hanging open.

"Careful, Dear. You'll catch flies," Kaito chuckled nervously, still unsure about how his revelation would be received.

"You're the Kaitou Kid? You, Kaito?" Conan gawked.

Kaito nodded. "Surprise?"

"What the hell's the matter with you?! You get shot at, and you could be arrested! Just what do you think you're f-ing doing?!" This protective, outraged side of Shinichi was new, and Kaito couldn't lie; he found it kind of sexy.

"It's complicated," Kaito whispered, checking for anyone who might be listening in. "It has to do with why my dad was killed and saving the world from this evil syndicate, but I can't tell you the details because I don't want you to get caught up in this. You look like you have enough problems as is, Shin-chan."

Ever the detective, Shinichi was strongly tempted to ask about this evil syndicate, but it wasn't the time or the place. "We'll talk about all that later," he swore to them both. "For now, what are you doing coming to visit me at the Mouri's, Kaito?"

Kaito blushed, smiling sheepishly as he began to swing again. "I've been wanting to see you…to hang out with you for four months now, but I knew there was no way that full-sized you was coming to visit me, so I decided to come and visit little you instead. Although I had to tip my hand a little to do so, but…it'll probably be worth it in the end. Are you not happy to see me?"

"That's not it at all," Shinichi assured, starting to swing lazily himself. "This whole time I've been trying to devise some kind of way for us to hang out, but…I'm okay with this as long as you are."

"Really? I thought you'd freak and have me arrested on sight," Kaito chuckled softly, kicking his legs back and forth quickly as he reached the peak height of his swing.

"Then I couldn't chase you, you nut job," Conan snorted, smirking fondly at his rival. "Kid's a small fry as far as criminals go, and those heists are the best because they have all the fun mental challenges of a case without the downer of the dead body. Most of the time anyway."

"You know, the only times that someone's died on a heist were when you were there…well…except the Nightmare one, but…maybe you really are cursed."

"Don't say that," Conan whined like the eight-year-old he currently was.

"Poor Shinigami-chan," Kaito teased. "Come on. Let's go to an arcade and get some purikura pictures taken or something. My good luck will cancel out your bad. I promise…. But if it doesn't, you're buying me ice cream as compensation for having to see creepy dead stuff."

Conan just laughed and smiled up at his cousin. "Deal, but if it does, I'll buy you dinner as thanks for canceling out my curse."

"Of course, with your luck, the waiter will probably drop dead on our table," Kaito snickered.

"Don't even joke about that," Conan huffed, jumping out of his swing.


After that, Kaito spent at least two nights a week hanging out with his intended. They went bowling, played mini-golf, went to cafés, saw movies, hung out at parks, visited museums (where Conan kept an especially close eye on his klepto cousin), or sometimes just chilled at Kaito's house.

The play dates at Kaito's house were when Kaito got most of his cuddle time in. They'd curl up on the couch together and watch TV, read books, or just chat. Sometimes Shinichi convinced Kaito to watch some detective movie or soccer, but the Lupin DVD collection that Kaito'd gotten from Hakuba got its fair share of watching too.

Kid heists were the indisputable best for Kaito. It was like foreplay— the adrenaline, running, chasing, flirting, matching wits, trying to outdo one another. Kaito got absolutely high off of it.

The heists always left him sweaty, panting for breath, tired, sore, deliriously happy, and lusting for more. It was an exhilarating experience, to say the least.

He was in love, and it made him want to shout out to the heavens.

Everything about Shinichi made him giddy—the way the older teen smirked, the alluring way his bangs sometimes fell into his eyes, the slightest upward twitch of his lips, his laugh, his smile, his pouty face—all of it, and it was hard to keep it inside.

He had considered confessing the night of the Halloween party his mother had permitted him to throw, but Hakuba, Aoko, Keiko-chan, Akako-chan, and even Mouri Ran and Suzuki Sonoko had been annoyingly present that evening, constantly interrupting him just as he was about to profess his love.

He kind of lost his nerve in November. He'd begun doubting himself, wondering if Shinichi really did feel the same way.

It wasn't until the end of the second week in December when he finally got up the courage to do it.

It was a quiet night, and Kaito was over in Beika visiting Shin-chan while he house-sat for Professor Agasa who was at some kind of conference. Ai-chan had gone along in order to ensure that the good professor followed his diet, so they were quite alone in the cozy little laboratory home.

They were just curled up on the couch, sipping hot cocoa and watching the snow come down, sitting in silence.

Conversation wasn't really necessary; they were attuned to each other, and the silence was comfortable.

Shinichi gave a contented sigh, inching a little closer to Kaito.

It was then that Kaito decided it was time.

He had nothing to worry about. They were soulmates—made for each other, and he knew he was loved just as passionately (or at least somewhat close) as he himself loved.


Shinichi reluctantly pulled back slightly so that he could look up into his cousin's face. He made an inquisitive little noise, cocking his head cutely to the side.

"Shinichi, I've wanted to tell you for a while, but…I'm in love with you," the magician whispered softly, a warm, stupid-in-love grin lighting up his face.




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