A/N: I was so amused by Jim Moriarty's story time in Reichenbach Falls that this came into being.

"Hi boys and girls! Have you seen my kitten, Sherly? Oh! There he is! Come on in!"

Jim Moriarty picks up a comical black cartoon kitten version of Sherlock Holmes who looks very annoyed. He hisses and attempts to scratch at the playful host, who only snuggles him close.

"We are so excited that you are here today," Jim says, letting Sherly down to scamper away. Jim leans in close. "Today is an extra special day. Sherly's friend Johnny is coming to play. But sometimes when Sherly and Johnny are together they can be naughty. Can you help me make sure that Sherly and Johnny play nice? You can? Great!"

The doorbell rings and Jim jumps over to the door to open it. Another comical kitten comes into view. This one is yellow and quickly scampers over to the first. A mailbox suddenly springs into the room.

"Mail time!" it exclaims. Jim takes the letter out.

"Oh my goodness boys and girls! We just got a letter, we just got a letter, we just got a letter, wonder who it's from!" Jim sings, opening the envelope, "It's a letter for you Sherly. What do you think it means?"

Written in big red letters on the piece of paper are the letters "I," "O," and "U." Jim is grinning from ear to ear, while the little black kitten slowly backs away.

"What do you think it means Sherly?" Jim asks, moving closer. Sherly moves forward and slashes at the screen, leaving three red claw marks.

"What a great idea! We'll play Sherly's Keys to figure out what the letter means!" Jim exclaims, "We are gonna play Sherly's Keys because it's really fun! Now remember boys and girls, Sherly's claw marks will be on the keys, Sherly's keys, and if you see Sherly and Johnny being bad, will you tell me? Great! Hey, you know what we need to play Sherly's Keys right? Our handy dandy… smartphone!"

Jim takes his phone out of his pocket and shows it to the screen. There is a text on the screen that says, "20,000 pounds, for the safe return of my family." Jim pulls it back.

"Oops… that's for something else," he says. He begins to hit digits into his smartphone. "Now, we want to figure out what Sherly's letter means, but in order to do that, we need to find the keys; Sherly's keys. Let's go!"

Jim walks through the cartoon house and into the kitchen. A set of red claw marks mark a big kitchen knife.

"What? You see a key? Where?" Jim asks, looking around, "Over there? There it is! You're great at looking!"

Jim takes a picture with his phone.

"Hmm… a kitchen knife. What do you think it means? You know what? I think we need to find more keys," Jim says. "Uh oh… Look at Sherly and Johnny. They've gone and set up a trap to trick me. That's not very nice, is it boys and girls? You know what we have to do when Sherly and Johnny aren't nice? It's time for a time out."

Jim steps around the trap and grabs Sherly and Johnny by the scruffs of their necks. Very quietly he says, "I owe you… no matter where you are, I'll burn you." Johnny bites his hand and the screen goes black.