"Boy, that sure was some fishing trip," Mycroft said, "Like I don't think I've ever eaten so much fish in my life, how about you?"

John looked at himself in the mirror.

"You do know we didn't actually catch any fish, idiot." Sherlock said. He was in an awkward orange sweater, while John was dressed in purple. Lestrade chuckled, fixing the ascot around his neck.

"Alright, gang, that's enough," he said.

"Ro my gosh!" Crappy Doo said, "Rere's a person out there!"

"NO! No! Anderson, do not speak the rest of this episode!" Sherlock said to the dog, which scowled angrily, 'Stop the car Lestrade."

"But I…"

"Stop the car." The orange clad detective stepped out with his purple clad-companion following.

"Oh my, what a shock, it's a creepy old man," Sherlock said, "Might as well pull off the mask right now. You aren't fooling me."

"Clever ," Jim took the fake face off, "But can you solve the Mystery before the time runs out?"

Johnny was distracted and wondered off. He let out a yell when he was taken hostage by Moriarty's minions.

"Oh brilliant…" Sherlock muttered, "John, why must you always get yourself captured?"

"He makes it so easy too," Jim said with a playful pout, "It's the brave soldier in him, always wandering off alone. He makes an adorable damsel in distress."

Lestrade joined them.

"Moriarty?" he said in disbelief.

"Yes, of course it's Moriarty you twit!" Sherlock shouted. Crappy Doo opened his mouth but Jim shot him before he could speak.

"Thank you!" Sherlock said.

"Can you solve my Mystery Sherlock?" Jim asked, "You don't have much time, and you still have to find the time to save your damsel in distress."

"Nothing could be simpler once I take you into custody," Sherlock said, but when he turned to face Jim, he was gone.

"Jinkies! Lestrade, why weren't you paying attention?!" Sherlock shouted at him.

"Well, I was… until your brother bumped into me with his mile long sandwich," Lestrade said.

"Mycroft! You can eat comically later!" Sherlock said, "The game is on!"

"Sherlock! We're supposed to come up with a clever plan," Lestrade said.

"Yes, and the main character is supposed to be a loveable talking dog. Look where that's gotten us! I am a man of action!" Sherlock said and ran off.

John was tied up in an old run-down barn. Jim was playfully running his fingers over John's face.

"What sort of villain should I be Johnny?" he asked, "Should I conjure a ghostly visage? Or just a frightening mortal man? It's not every day I get to play with the so called 'Mystery Incorporated.'"

"You're not going to get away with this," John said, "Sherlock's way too brilliant to fall for this."

"You think so?" Jim asked, "When Johnny's involved, his reasoning drops a bit."

"What are you implying?" John asked, his face turning red.

"I think you know exactly what I'm implying," Jim whispered.

Sherlock was extremely frustrated that he was unable to locate a gun.

"Four teenagers and a dog run around solving mysteries involving dangerous criminals and none of them carry a gun?" he shouted, "What is this world coming to?"

Maybe it was time for clever planning. Bursting in without a firearm, while he knew Moriarty had one would not end well. And what was the Mystery that Jim spoke of? Nothing seemed missing, nothing was…

Sherlock looked into the distance. A peculiar expression crossed his features. He held his hand out in front of him and walked forward until his hand was pressed against an invisible wall. Memories began to rush into his mind. This wasn't his life… Of course it wasn't! And yesterday hadn't been his life… and neither had the day before… The memories that had been in his head were falsely projected. He was in some kind of program… He peered into the invisible wall and saw a smug Jim Moriarty with a television remote. The color drained a bit from his face. If Moriarty was in charge… What was happening to John.

"John?!" he shouted, and ran deeper into the program, looking for his friend.

"Times up, Sherlock," Jim's voice mocked him.

"No!" Sherlock yelled angrily.

The screen went black