A cold gust of wind blew through the empty streets of Italy, a young man with pretty reddish orange hair was sitting in his living room, eating pasta. He wore a indigo colored uniform, and a blue tie to go with it. There was a curl on the left side of his hair and most girls just find it adorable. Suddenly, rain crashed down to the land and the windows started being splatted with big blobs of water, Feliciano jumped from his chair as thunder boomed and lightning flashed.

"Ah...zes is scary...", he squeaked as he stuffed a mouthful of pasta into his mouth to comfort himself.

"Eh, don't worry Italy, Germany will be back tomorrow!", he said cheerfully to himself, his italian accent was strong but his english was understandable, he then finished off his pasta and walked slowly into the kitchen and dumped his plate into the sink, he yawned and ambled upstairs to bed. The only thing you could describe about this Italian is that he can't do anything right, but even though he's useless and never folds his laundries, he can still cook and draw with mad artistic skills. Feliciano curled his one hair that would not stay down with his finger as he pulled the covers over him and fell asleep.

It hasn't been over three hours yet and another thundery thunder roared, Italy squeaked again as he woke up. He can't sleep with all the bad weather these days, but the creepier thing was that it seemed that the lights were on in the living room, he could see a dim light under the little gap beneath the door. He thought he had already double checked that he turned it off before he went to bed. Clumsily, he got out of bed and peeked through his bedroom door, indeed. The lights were on in the living room but it was dim and blue, a chill zoomed down Feliciano's spine as he gulped and slowly walked downstairs. The lights were on, but it wasn't the light bulb. A small blue flame flew around the room like a fairy as it searched threw the owner of the house, when it slowly realized that he was at the corner of the room, it flew straight towards Feliciano and stopped in front of the him.

"Ah...Ciao?", he said quietly, the fire made a chuckling noise and with a puff of blue smoke, a piece of paper and a blue feathered pen appeared,

"Huh? Whats this?", he asked,

"Contract...", the flame said in a cold voice, it had a mixture of Italian and German accent,

"Whats it about?."

"...good things..."

"Eh? Really?! Do you get lots of pasta and pizzas?."

"Yes, anything you want, and in exchange, something important", the blue flame grew bigger,

"What could be more important then pasta?! Si! I'll sign ze contract!", Feliciano smiled as he wrote down his name, the blue flame seem to get bigger by the minute as it said thank you and disappeared into the darkness.

"Ve~ what could be more important than pasta?!", he grinned to himself as he skipped to bed.

Morning came more quickly then what Feliciano had thought it would. He yawned and got up. Today was exciting for him, Ludwig was finally going to come and take him to a place where he's never been before: Russia. The two nations were going to talk about a new weapon they have been discussing for two weeks now and Ludwig promised to take Feliciano with him. Feliciano smiled to himself as he got dressed and zoomed downstairs, his eyes went wide as plates of pasta filled the living room floor, couch and tables.

"Mama Mia! This is so wonderful!", he yelped with joy as he grabbed a fork from the kitchen and started devouring huge plates of pasta. The afternoon came more quickly then he thought too, after finishing of half of the pasta in the living room, Feliciano decided to just watch TV and wait for Ludwig to come back. He first ate all of the pasta that was on the couch and then plopped down and pressed the remote which was located on the edge of the couch. The TV screen flashed and suddenly, tiny cartoons appeared. Another thing about this Italian is he's like a pet, so pretty much most things can entertain him. But after three hours of watching small cartoon things, he is getting pretty bored,

"Zes is getting boring...Germany promised he would come in the morning...", He sighed as he turned off the TV and turned to his right to grab another plate of pasta.

"Maybe I could call him!", Feliciano bounced up and down as he skipped to the telephone and pressed a few buttons on the little electronic device. He waited as the phone beeped every three seconds and finally it reached the other end,

"Hallo?", a voice appeared threw to the other end,

"Hey hey! Germany! Its me Italy!", Feliciano jumped up and down,

"I'm sorry vhat?", the voice asked, the German accent was strong and powerful,

"You promised you'll take me to Russia with you! And you'll come and get me today!."

"I'm sorry, I think you might have ze wrong number..."

"What?! Oh, sorry, I'll try dialing again", he sighed as the call finished, again, he pressed the numbers and the beep started all over again,

"Hallo?", the voice appeared again,

"Eh...Germany? Is zat you?", he asked, just to make sure it was the right person,

"Its me Germany, who is zis?."

"I-Italy", Feliciano muttered loudly,

"I'm sorry, I don't think I know any Italians...", the voice mumbled,

"Huh?! You got to be kidding! Don't you remember our promise?!."

"Vhat promise? I think you've got ze wrong person..."

"G-Germany...", the line broke after Feliciano pushed the red phone button, he sighed and felt like crying. But thats not stopping him, if Ludwig is not going to go to him, he will go to Ludwig. Feliciano has been to Germany a few times when Ludwig took him with him. But the fact that all Germans are scary to him makes it harder for him to step out of his house rather then going to Germany and being all brave and tough. He tightened his fist and grabbed his white flag as he headed for the door, this is going to be the bravest thing he's going to do in history and thats leave his house and go to Germany by himself. He stomped outside, forgetting to lock the door, he moved on and called a taxi.

"T-To ze airport please", he said quietly in Italian,

"No problem", the man answered back as they headed towards the airport.

Moments later, Feliciano found himself inside the huge building. His boss always sends him some tickets to go to places just in case if he needed to go do business, but since he never goes on trips because he's scared, he would usually not need them but this time he needed them. His hand willingly grabbed the latest tickets his boss has sent him and skimmed through them quickly,

"Eh, China no, Japan no, America no, England no, France no, Germany si!", he quickly stuffed the rest of the tickets back into his pocket and headed to the check-out area.

The line was massive and by the time Feliciano was on the plane, it had already taken him two hours to just get on board.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please buckle up your seatbelt", the little TV screen located on the back of each one's seat played altogether, Feliciano buckled up his seatbelt and then started swing his legs like a child.

"Excuse me, sir, would you mind not shake that much?", A woman next to him tapped him on the shoulder,

"Veh~ Ciao pretty lady", He winked, his curl bounced as the lady blushed and turned back to her seat, Feliciano chuckled as he yawned and went to sleep.

One more thing about this Italian, he can sleep through anything as long as it doesn't disturb him. But this time, he felt like falling. The ground disappeared and the world collapsed, he was now in a black room. With no light, just pitched black darkness. Suddenly, a small blue flame appeared,

"Ciao!", He smiled, "The pasta was great!".

"I'm glad you like it", the flame said,

"Gracies very much! So, what was the important thing?."

"Eh, thats the whole point of me coming here, this is the important thing", the blue flame grew bigger and eventually took over the atmosphere, Feliciano looked around and found himself in a field filled with sunflowers. All his friends were waving at him and he waved back, but after the blue flame made a chuckling noise they stopped. Instead, they began to walk away into different directions. Each glaring at each other with hatred and horror.

"Huh? Hey! Whats ze matter everybody?", Feliciano squeaked, they all turned to look at him in disgust as they walked away,

"G-Germany!", Feliciano ran and caught up with Ludwig, he tapped him on the shoulder and with quick German instincts, he turned around and pointed a gun towards the Italian,

"Go aveh, I don't know vho ze hell are you so stay back!", he snapped,

"Eek! Please don't shoot me! I'll tell you anything! Just don't kill me!", Feliciano squealed as he woke up from the nightmare. Deep breaths he took, but that didn't stop him from thinking back how Ludwig was going to shoot him.

"...Its just a nightmare...", he muttered as he looked around and saw how everyone was sleeping peacefully like angels,

"I'll just go back to sleep and everything will be ok...", he mumbled as he closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep.

"I said go aveh!", Ludwig's voice was loud and clear, Feliciano backed away, his face was filled with fear,

"J-Japan!", he turned and ran.